June, 2003

Go boom!
Feeling: Content Content 2003/06/30

On Sunday morning I made a run for the border, (the Michigan border) and picked up a goodly amount of fireworks! If you know me well, you'll know how much I adore things that catch fire and go boom. This will be a very fine Independence Day. I've added a new perspective on fireworks and why they are illegal in most states. Also, Saturday I beat the game "Section Z" for the NES. I've typed up the game map that I made, as well as chalked up another victory in the Games I've Beaten section. I attended my cousin's open house on Sunday, congratulations Josh. Good news! After taking too long to find a director, Harry Potter: And the Prisoner of Azkaban is finally in production!

HTML is a bad "language"
Feeling: Cheery Cheery 2003/06/28

It's Saturday, and have I got a great bonus update for you! I've written a dandy of a poem called "Ode To My Hat". It's actually a happy poem for once! I also went through and renamed every index page to Index.html, like I should have done when I first started. I made a re-direct page for every single one as well in order to make sure people who come through out of date search engines don't get 404 errors. Boy, it's times like these when I realize how massive my site really is. My eyes hurt from staring at so much code. I'm sure with all the changes I've made that I've created a broken link or two, so if you see one do be so kind as to e-mail me so I can fix it.

Well I'm not the world's most masculine man
Feeling: Happy Happy (still!) 2003/06/27

Whee, it's Friday! Friday's are always good, because you can stay up late and go out and all that fun stuff. Me? I'll go home and hang out with my computer, Sonja. I need a life.

Yet another question has been answered by our gurus. I've also converted some of my older pages into the new style-sheet format. Several new unusual city names have been added.

And I'll drive and close my eyes in Michigan
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/06/26

I watched a movie yesterday called "Shaolin Soccer", which was an amazingly hokey Kung-Fu movie, where a group of washed up Kung-Fu brothers form a soccer team and use there super Kung-Fu powers to try and beat the Evil Team. Much laughter ensued. I've got some more info on Section Z and I think I'll beat it tonight. I was also informed that I might be able to get a new used car soon, which is a nice bonus, because my Neon is on it's last leg, er... wheel. I went through and updated all the pages of my Perspectives Section. The gurus have also answered another question. I've almost completed my mask! I had sanded down the lumps a few day ago and I added the last coat of paint last night. I have to let it dry, then spray a varnish over it to protect it still, but it's almost done.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
Feeling: Nerdy Nerdy 2003/06/25

Last night I almost beat the game Section Z, which I played for several hours as a child. Section Z is a very innovative game for 1987, but was missing just a small bit of work that could have made it a classic. Anyway, I got the majority of the sections mapped out, so I'll probably be able to beat it today, we'll see. The Gurus have answered another question regarding the delicate topic of religion. I also had a strange dream this morning, which I've added to my Dream Log. I've added a strange little page that uses JavaScript to scroll the background image of an HTML doc. Check out these examples 1, 2, 3.

Gorillas are for eating, don't you know it's true
Feeling: Playful Playful 2003/06/24

Ask a Guru has another question answered. Last night I beat the game Bubble Bobble. I didn't get the good ending, which you can only get with 2 players, instead I got the bad ending, which is actually much harder, because you have to beat the end guy all by your lonesome. So, chalk up another game beaten for me! Most of my pages have been updated in the past couple days, as I have been making my page more reliant on cascading style-sheets. Those of you with old browsers have no doubt noticed. I also updated TAG's Guide to Perfect Programming with slightly more recent programming techniques.

They make me sick, you make me sicker
Feeling: Morbid Morbid 2003/06/23

Sunday I was both bored and eating gummi bears. So I decided, there aren't enough comic strips that feature gummi bears. Now, don't get your hopes up, I don't think this will become a daily strip or anything, but here is my great Gummi Comic. I've updated The Art Page with better links and updated some of the text, no new work yet. The Ask a Guru section has again been updated. We are now showing people how to find illegal abandonware software, whee!

The hottest day of summer so far was drawing to a close
Feeling: Elated Elated 2003/06/21

So I was coming home from Dearborn Heights last night after helping a friend study for her GED and I noticed something odd. Is every road in Michigan under construction? I-75 was down to one lane and I-94 was totally closed off for a few miles last night. Can't we just make roads out of stainless steel?

Wow, today is like Christmas, only warmer. It's the first day of summer and cool stuff is happening. First, my copy of "Harry Potter: And the Order of the Phoenix" arrived. Also, I got a very hard to find CD in the mail from Gavin. w00t! Currently, I'm munching on a Wendy's Frosty, oh yeah. In about an hour I'm going to do some more skating, and I might get some boffering in today too. Wow, what could possibly go wrong? (I'll probably get hit by a beer truck for saying that.)

Oh, bonus! I picked up some new blades today, they are so rad. Better bearings, better wheels, better straps. They glide so much better than my older ones. I was barely even winded after 5 miles! Sweet.

You've got a hub cap diamond star halo
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/06/20

I finished reading "On the Banks of Plum Creek" last night. It was a very good book, which I should have read a long time ago. But as I child played too many videogames. Darn you wasted childhood! Anyway, the gurus have answered another question today. For when you're bored, check out this mucho funny site www.davezilla.com.

This week I've bladed 5 miles each day for a total of 20 miles. Also, Wednesday and Thursday nights I was able to get some boffering in. Tonight, however, I'll be spending my day in Dearborn Heights visiting an old friend.

Mall parking lots on holidays
Feeling: Blah Blah 2003/06/19

I must make a small rant now. My drive to work is only 10 minutes. I have 5 preset radio stations that I listen to in the morning. In the time it took me to get to work, all 5 stations played nothing but commercials. Why must they do that when I drive to work? There's a conspiracy I'm sure of it!

Anyway, another question has been answered by our gurus regarding pop music. I've re-formated the Pictures Page to include a description of each picture now. I also gave a slightly different navigation bar for the zen images. It now uses pretty images instead of boring buttons. I also added five more pictures to the master list. I added two more MIDI files to The Secret Of Mana Page.

You can't start a fire sitting 'round crying over a broken heart
Feeling: Bizarre Bizarre 2003/06/18

I've skated ten miles this week, five Monday, five Tuesday. Hopefully, I'll hit another five today if it doesn't rain. Nothing better than having your entire body dripping with sweat, whee! One of the more naughty questions has been answered by our gurus today. I've made a minor update to The Willow Page. Just some clean up and a few more links. I also added a little navigation bar for the Zen pictures.

I need a lover that won't drive me crazy
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/06/17

A rather bizarre question has been answered by the gurus. I've added another layer of paint to my mask. I think two more should be enough. I purchased the movie "Big Trouble In Little China" last night. To be proper, I ate Chinese food while I watched it. I'm a sucker for hokey kung-fu movies. I made a minor modification to the random image list.

Sometimes in the morning, I am petrified and can't move
Feeling: Contemplative Contemplative 2003/06/16

A new question has been answered by our gurus. My mask is coming along very well, it now has eye holes and its first coat of paint. I also received my "programmers are better than everyone" T-shirt on Sunday. I beat some of my personal best times in the game Punch-Out!! I've added some more unusual city names, there are actually people who live in George, Washington.

I have no keyboard and I must rant!
Feeling: Frustrated Frustrated 2003/06/13

Today is Friday the 13th which, for some reason, many people attribute to being unlucky. I don't see how people can still hold to such childish superstitions even in this modern era. Our civilization is obviously not as advanced as we like to think. </rant>.

Yesterday, whilst driving to the bank I was flipping through the radio and the same song was being played on two different stations at a mere two seconds apart! It was really strange to hear Kansas with a sort of echo like that!

Lots to do this weekend, so I'm off...

Lots to do today
Feeling: Nondescript Nondescript 2003/06/12

I have several errands to run today. One of them includes actually depositing my tax returns that I've been hanging on to for the past month now (my bank is far away). I ordered my season ticket to the Silverleaf Renaissance Faire last night. I'm getting really excited about it. I also have several bills than I need to get paid. I've made several more emoticons, check them out.

New eMotions and minor structure change
Feeling: Pensive Pensive 2003/06/11

As you can see, I've added cute little emotion icons (all hand made!) to better show how I'm feeling. I expect lots of cheer-ups when I'm sad from now on, got it? I also moved the date down a line so I can now have longer titles, and the date is now formatted Year/Month/Day instead of the USA's inefficient Month/Day/Year. So in other news, I've added several new Unusual City Names. And another question has been answered by our gurus about the origin of a word.

And yes, I know how lonely life can be2003/06/10

It's Bob and Bub, the cheery dinosaurs from Bust-A-Move! Say, "Hi!" Anyway, a new answer has been added to the Ask A Guru! section. The guru's are now answering pop culture questions. All the music pages have been updated with style-sheets. I started reading the book "On the Banks of Plum Creek" last night. I'm also starting work on a paper machè mask. It's turning out pretty good so far. I should have it finished by the end of the week.

So you think you can tell, heaven from hell2003/06/09

Saturday was spent in Owosso at the Curwood Festival. Most of my time was spent in the Shiabruck list doing some nice boffering. I was going to go Sunday as well, but it was rained out, so I went down to Clarkston to visit Brian and Sarah and their two dogs. I got to play some Magic aginst a new player for a change, whee! I've added several new Song Quotes to The Music Page. There are five new images in The Random Images Page.

Renaissance faire is fast approaching2003/06/06

This is why I hate going to the dentist... For the 20 minutes I was there I was charged $26. Next month when I go there it will cost me about $120 to get some fillings. Plus, now my dentist thinks I should stop drinking pop because it's damaging my teeth or some other nonsense. When are they going to make inexpensive metal implants? Anyway, after the dentist I did 5 more miles of skating. Then, I pre-ordered "Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix". A very simple question has been answered in the Ask A Guru! section. Only 36 days until the Silverleaf Renaissance Faire. Is that right? My how time flys. Now I'm getting excited! I need to get my costumes planned and my season ticket ordered.

Toothpaste. The other white meat2003/06/05

Another question answered in the Ask A Guru! section. Also, I've made minor updates to The Fat Man Page. Just some clean up really. I'm off to the dentist today. Like most people I hate going to the dentist. I think it may have something to do with the dental propaganda they try to sell you by making it seem fun to get your teeth cleaned. Take a look at this scary image I stole from a dentist's page. What kind of crap are they trying to pull? Oh well. I only drank 5 cans of pop today, so I'm good. Hopefully, I can get this small chip fixed in my tooth.

Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find2003/06/04

Hey, I already received a question for the Ask A Guru! section. A fellow Bionic Commando buddy is trying to see how well I can do with the trick questions! Ooh, the little sneak! I've moved the month of May to the old news page. It's cold and rainy here again, but my hope is still alive because June showers bring July flowers, or something to that effect. I moved my cheery quote to The Guru page, to remove some clutter to my main page.

Dieser Titel ist nicht derselbe wie die anderen2003/06/03

As you may notice, the new stuff for today is the section: Ask A Guru!. All your life long questions can now be answered by me vast mind chocked full of wisdomy-goodness. I've also updated a couple of other pages with minor fixes and fun junk.

It always rains like hell on the loser's day parade2003/06/02

Saturday I attended my brother's pig roast. Lots of fun, lots of food, rather cold. But there was a fire! I ended up cutting half of the pig up. It's amazing how much meat is actually on one of those animals! Sunday was nice an sunny, and I was outside for most of it. I did some more skating and a lot of boffering. This morning I actually woke up sore, which hasn't happened in awhile. I'm finally getting back in shape and hopefully I'll lose this gut that I picked up over winter. It's June now and the weather is -finally- getting nice. Those "global warming" people are off their rocker! So what's new? First, I've made a plasma generator program in VFP. Here's an example of what it can do. I've updated my Dream Log with a dream I had last week. Also, I've added more pointless data. This time I've written a small essay on pencil grading. You know how you see number 2 pencils, and HB pencils, and the like? Well I've figured them out!