July, 2003

Who let the canines out?
Feeling: Creative Creative 2003/07/31

I've got most of the engine of my interactive fiction game working. I still have to write the code to handle combat. I've got the very beginnings of the story added, and you can walk around a few screens. You may notice that it looks similar to my old game eDungeon because I used a lot of graphics from it. But the game play is going to be totally different. Anyway, you can see the structure and play with the engine.

I also updated my Dream Log with a dream I had back May about getting a new house. It's at the bottom of the page.

Only two days until the Shiabruck's Medieval Festival! Yay for boffering!

I'm not that basic I swear
Feeling: Nostalgic Nostalgic 2003/07/30

Is there anyone in the Grand Blanc area who would like to get together every so often just to play old computer/video games? We can catalouge them and try to beat them together. Anyway, if you do, send me an email. I'm just remembering the good old days when I would go over to a friend's house and we'd play a game together to pass the time. Ahh... glory days.

I fixed an inconsistency in the Pencil Grading section thanks to Mark Dukas for pointing it out.

I'm currently working on an interactive fiction game in JavaScript. I doubt it'll ever be completed, but I'll probably at least get a working engine made. I'll have a simple quest in about a week.

Eliminate and abolish redundancy!
Feeling: Cheery Cheery 2003/07/29

Okay, ren faire week three has been posted.

Thanks to Phill Wiggin for giving me some more information on the Dragon Warrior Levels.

I finally made the entire Old News archive compatible with my new style sheets. I've almost completed every single page, phew.

And when you jump up, the earth wants you back
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/07/28

The Ren Faire was great and I was even able to get in a little bit of boffering after hours, but the real boffering fun will be at the Shiabruck's Faire next weekend. I'll have the whole break down of last weekend and several pictures posted tomorrow.

I did some minor cleanup on the Janitor's Rule page.

My Lyrics List is now up to 300.

If you want better things I want you to have them
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/07/25

I got to see my old friend Tabree and her husband Josh last night. They're up from Cuba for awhile. It was pretty cool catching up with them.

Tomorrow starts the last weekend of the Silverleaf Renaissance Faire. I'll be there hanging out and looking cool in my snazzy garb.

If you think I'm bulletproof you're right
Feeling: Drained Drained 2003/07/24

The recount of my fateful night at the Rilo Kiley concert is now online.

I dumped a bunch of lyrics into my lyrics list, 264 so far.

Did you ever wonder what I would look like in the South Park world? Probably like this. Want to make your own? Look here.

I'm a bit behind on my emails. So if you're expecting something, I didn't forget I just haven't had time. I should be caught up by Friday.

Did I mention I hate cities?
Feeling: Dead Dead 2003/07/23

The Rilo Kiley concert was amazing, but the city of Detroit was unforgiving. I haven't slept since Monday. Stay tuned tomorrow to see the full list of my exploits, as well as pictures from the concert.

Because of my massive lack of sleep, I plan on going home and napping for a few hours in preparation for bedtime. No cool updates today.

It's late and the sun keeps shooting through pine trees
Feeling: Excited Excited 2003/07/22

Last weekend's Renaissance Faire trip is now online. I got a few new spiffy pictures posted.

I'll be at the Rilo Kiley concert in Detroit tonight. They have recently become a favorite of mine and it'll be nice to finally see them live.

I started reading the book "The Red Tape War" last night. It's pretty good so far, but a little hard to follow.

Titles make one late for dinner.
Feeling: Drained Drained 2003/07/21

I finally got around to updating Lukrain's Boffer Guide. I've added lots of outside links and wrote up a few more guides.

Finished up "By the Shores of Silver Lake" on Saturday. It was a good book, but not the best of the series.

The Renaissance Faire was good, this time I took Freya Lorelei with me and we had great fun. Full details and pictures will be up tomorrow.

I've started playing the old RPG "Eye of the Beholder I" for the PC, and it's going pretty good. Although I miss having a co-pilot with old RPG games, they are still a lot of fun.

This site has been approved by the A.T.F.
Feeling: Overwhelmed Overwhelmed 2003/07/18

I saw the movie "League of Extraordinary Gentleman" last night which was an average film. Although the plot was good, and the characters were great, there was so much blatant disregard for physics and reality that it was hard to swallow. If you are a fan of classic horror literature you may find the story quite blasphemous.

I added a small archive of song lyrics to the other artists page. I hate lyrics sites because of all the pop-ups and ads, and they always have a bunch of stuff I don't like, so I decided to create my own just for me. It's been growing for awhile and just sitting on my hard drive, so I thought I might as well post it so I can get to it from anywhere.

I'll be in Ann Arbor this evening hitting a bit of the Art Fair. I hate the horrible driving issues that it creates, but I love the art.

You've got to go through hell before you get to heaven
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/07/17

Several new Unusual City Names have been added.

I also added a few new emoticons. I'm up to 45 so far.

I updated several more pages to comply to my new style-sheets. Only a few left.

Looking for wisdom? Check out www.internetbumperstickers.com.

I know it's only rock 'n roll, but I like it
Feeling: Okay Okay 2003/07/16

I've decided that I really like shopping for pretty much everything, except clothes, and I really like shopping for groceries. I now have apple sauce.

While eating dinner alone last night I cranked out another depressing poem called The Time of My Life. Don't read too much into it though, as I was a bit upset when I wrote it and I'm feeling better now.

I added the latest "current" to the main page now.

I'm weak but not giving in
Feeling: Okay Okay 2003/07/15

I've added my whole weekend at the Ren Faire to my life page. Lots of pictures and stuff.

Hey, the gurus were asked another question. Even though it was about anime we still answered it, but we feel we need to shower now.

I could fall in love all right as a rock 'n roll star
Feeling: Injured Injured 2003/07/14

I'm quite sore from the Silverleaf Ren Faire. It was loads of fun, but several things were missing this year. I'll have the full report up tomorrow.

I've given a nice large update to my Clue page and have renamed it to Who? What? Where?. It still needs a bit of work, but it's coming along nicely so far.

Stairways to Heaven, only $9.95, get yours today!
Feeling: Excited Excited (still!) 2003/07/11

Tomorrow is the Silverleaf Ren Faire!

I finished my mask last night! I just have to wait for the cement to dry and it will be ready for wearing just in time for the faire. I'll try and get some picture, but they probably won't be up until next week.

I finally updated The Matrix Page with some new information and pictures about Reloaded.

Feeling: Excited Excited 2003/07/10

Only two days until the Silverleaf Ren Faire!

For some time I've been working to make all my pages adhere to a style-sheet. Now I'm showing off my efforts by switching styles. There are still a few pages that don't use the style, but I'm slowly updating them.

I saw "Pirates of the Caribbean" last night. It was very good, with lots of buckle swashing. It had a few parts that were lame, but aside from that it was downright cool.

Strap your hands across my engines
Feeling: Excited Excited 2003/07/09

Only three days until the Silverleaf Ren Faire! They really need to update their webpage, it looks terrible! Anyway, I've got my tickets, I've got my garb, and I'm ready to go!

I watched the movie "Gangs of New York" last night. It was really good. Daniel-Day Lewis is a very good actor.

I started reading "By the Shores of Silver Lake" last night, which is the fourth book that follows Laura's childhood.

I've added ten new Zen images for your viewing pleasure.

The Indiana Jones trilogy has finally been scheduled for a DVD release, in November 2003. Indy 4 is slated to be released July 4th, 2005. For more rumors on Indy 4 go here.

I can taste you on my lips and smell you in my clothes
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/07/08

For future reference to all spammers! I'm not in debt, I don't want real estate, and my penis is fine. However, I appreciate your concern.

Anyway, I've added the happening of my Independence Day to the Life Page. It contains the full review of last ID4.

I've also added several new unusual city names.

I added the Nintendo game pack scan to The Willow Page.

I lost myself in a familiar song
Feeling: Sleepy Sleepy 2003/07/07

Independence Day was great, the weekend was great, and I have the bruises to prove it! I'll have the entire recap of my Independence Day posted tomorrow.

Ask A Guru was getting too big, so I broke it out by past months. Keep those questions coming in!

I saw "Terminator 3", which wasn't that great. I never felt afraid or trapped like I did in the first two. It just didn't have the psychology that the first two had. It watched just like a basic action movie. One major flaw was how "human" the new terminator was, which made her much less scary.

I also saw "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas". It was good, but not monumental. It was a bit odd to see how they mixed Greek and Arabian mythology though. Michelle Pfeiffer voiced Aris very well, of course she rules anyway. I didn't much care for the ending, but it's worth renting.

I stayed up last night and finished "Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix" which was an amazing book, certainly worthy of the series.

I beat the NES game "Tecmo Bowl"! I was playing as New York, and I had to beat Chicago in the Tecmo Bowl, which is not very easy! That's 53 games beaten!

Ride a white mare in the footsteps of dawn
Feeling: Rebellious Rebellious 2003/07/03

As you can no doubt tell, I did a slight redesign to my navigation buttons. I rather like the new look, how's about you? I've also done some restructuring of directories. The Old News Page has been updated with the month of June. There are also a few new Unusual City Names.

Tomorrow is Independence Day! Let's all celebrate our freedom to do what we want by breaking the law with illegal fireworks.

Kids, say no to drugs
Feeling: Embarrassed Embarrassed 2003/07/02

Whilst attending the dentist last night I caused a bit of alarm when I had a violent reaction from the nitrous oxide. As my dentist prepped me for my fillings, I noticed the gas seemed stronger than normal. Everything was going fine until I noticed that I wasn't fully conscious, a feeling I remember from other dentist visits. Everything was slowly turning black, and I felt like I was going to lose consciousness so I tried to fight against it. They removed the gas when I started flailing my arms and legs and they had to restrain me so I didn't hurt myself or them. They lowered the level of gas and after that everything was fine. Then I got the bill (over $300), I guess I knew what it was going to cost me and that's why I flipped out. Sadly, my future plans of becoming a junky will never be realized.

Anyway, onward and upward. I've added a new page for the book Good Omens. A very funny book about the Apocalypse.

Dylan, Berlin, Bay of Pigs Invasion
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/07/01

It's almost Independence Day, but unfortunately today is dentist day. Seeing how I'm not British, my teeth actually have to look good. The guru's have answered another question, as well as added proof as to how they can answer every question. I updated The Harry Potter Page with more and better pictures and cleaned up the dead links. The Poetry Page has been revamped to used style-sheets. I also marked my favorite poems.