August, 2003

And dying, to me, don't sound like all that much fun
Feeling: Okay Okay 2003/08/29
Boromir Aragorn

I got paid today, which means I'll actually be able to cover rent for next month, which is good.

Like the cute little LotR pixies?

Good news for Harry Potter fans! Goblet of Fire already has its director and production is scheduled to start in April 2004! Also, check out this production photo of Prisoner of Azkaban. Hermione is laying the smack down on Draco!

See my lonely life unfold, I see it everyday
Feeling: Blah Blah 2003/08/28

I had another depressing / pathetic dream this morning. I guess I've retained a lot of bent up negative energy in my psyche. Or as I like to refer to it, I'm still pissed.

Simpsons third season is now out on DVD, and I can't afford to buy it. Grr! I demand that money be given to me on a silver platter. I'll take the money, and then sell the platter.

I've added another 50 lyrics to my lyric archive.

I've also added several new Unusual City Names.

And some more Zonorian Items.

I'm just a teenage dirt bag baby
Feeling: Bored Bored 2003/08/27

Lately I've been making some images for Zonorian: The Underground Threat. It's a nice game, not much to do yet, as it's still in beta. You can see some of my creations here.

I had another bizarre dream this morning. Check it out.

I wish I were a space man
Feeling: Nostalgic Nostalgic 2003/08/26

Dinner yesterday evening consisted of pickles, salad, tuna, pretzels, creamed corn, and juice. I really wish I had more money for real food.

I feel the urge to do something creative. But, I'm sure it will go away as soon as I start.

I've posted a new poem called One Night Only I wrote two weeks ago. I'd have to rate it as a PG-13 poem as it's sort of an erotic gothic tale. Nothing too vulgar though.

Don't you know me, I'm your native son
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/08/25

My weekend was boring and fun depending on when you talked to me. Friday night I don't remember, which should tell you how eventful it was. Saturday was another wow fest, I think I watched a movie alone or something equally exciting. Sunday, I hung out with Dave and Dave, we did some boffering and chatted and such. Good times.

I made some minor updates to The Yars' Revenge Page. It's pretty much finished now.

Added over fifty new lyrics to my archive as well.

You've got great expectations
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/08/22

I had to stay up extra late last night to pick my friend up from the airport. When I woke up around 8:00 AM my brain didn't function properly. I kept thinking that the only way to get my alarm to stop buzzing was to let it keep buzzing until it shut itself off. After a few minutes I came to my senses and remembered that you have to actually turn it off.

Everyone else was doing it, so I jumped on the band wagon. I've given some more "colorful" explanations to hand signals. So check out the new Basketball Hand Signals.

This is where I advertise a web comic. Check out A Modest Destiny at:

Your voice it chased away all the sanity in me
Feeling: Annoyed Annoyed 2003/08/21

Computers are the devil! That's all I'm saying about that.

Make sure your clock shows the correct time!

I've added 10 new Zen images.

Today I actually have time to do stuff. Of course, most of the stuff that I'll be doing will involve cleaning my apartment. Gosh, my life is just one great thrill ride after another.

Take my word I'm a madman don't you know
Feeling: Sleepy Sleepy 2003/08/20
Lime Cheques

Yesterday evening was spent in Clarkston with Brian and Sarah and a few other people. We played some Magic:TG and video games, and I installed Windows XP on their laptop. I didn't get home until rather late and I had to get up early this morning, bah.

I've made a new graphic called "Lime Cheques". See it on The Art Page.

I'm taking dinner at my parent's tonight. Wow, how unusual. Maybe I should take pictures of this event or something. Doubtful.

Feeling: Invincible Invincible 2003/08/19

Yeah, I got a new car. It's a red 2001 Dodge Neon. I like it. It's cool.

It set me back a few dollars. I was taking bottles back last night and I'll be eating ramen noodles for awhile, but it's worth it! It's so pretty.

There are now 800 lyrics in my Lyrics Archive. It amazes me how many songs I know. I really need a life.

Science fiction, double feature
Feeling: Cool Cool 2003/08/18

Lots of stuff happened last weekend. Friday evening I met up with the Shiabrucks and took in a few hours of boffering which was a blast.

Saturday I hung out with Hilary and her friends. We took in some dinner and saw the movie S.W.A.T. which was pretty good.

Sunday was back to Montrose for more joyous boffering. After that I had dinner with Katie and Nikia. They posed a new question to the gurus which can be seen on the Ask A Guru page.

I'm tired of screwing up, tired of going down,
tired of myself, tired of this town.
Feeling: Injured Injured 2003/08/15

Yesterday everyone south of my location lost power, but we didn't. However, I woke up this morning and all the power was out for me as well. Being without power sucks, but it means a day off of work. So I got up and walked to my phone and as I reached to pick it up, all the power came back on. Life's not fair.

I took out eight bags of garbage last night and I still have more to go, but my apartment is slowly getting cleaner. I think I injured myself taking out the trash (as pathetic as that sounds). I've got this dull pain in my side right under my ribcage. I wish it would go away.

I'm going to check out the Montrose Blueberry Festival this evening, to see what I can see.

55 more lyrics have been added.

How does it feel when you're out on your own
Feeling: Sleepy Sleepy 2003/08/14
Censorship is Bullshit!

Yesterday I was visited by Kimberly Sue, a girl I met at the Rilo Kiley concert last month. We hung out all day and chatted and such. She was very sweet and fun to be with. Most importantly, she brought me a blueberry pie! Mmm... pie.

Sonja must have gotten jealous with another girl around, because she refused to burn CDs properly, but I'll have a frank discussion with her which I'm sure will end with her either burning CDs, or her untimely death. Whichever is fine.

The eternal wisdom of the gurus has again been called upon. Check out the Ask A Guru page for more.

Another 50 lyrics have been added.

It's mine! It's all MINE!
Feeling: Excited Excited 2003/08/13

Paula is gone now. It was sad saying good-bye, but now the apartment is all mine. I need to clean it, then rearrange some stuff, and in the end it will be a nice happy place just for me. Now I can walk around nude any time I want, which I won't do, but I can if I wanted to and that's what matters.

More lyrics have been added to my archive, 650 so far.

Leaving home ain't easy
Feeling: Excited Excited 2003/08/12

Today is my roommate's last day in Michigan. She leaves today for California and I'm seeing her off. It will be weird having the whole place to myself, but I'm kind of excited to be living on my own for the first time in my life. I'll miss her of course, but I'm still excited.

So after today I can throw wild all-night parties and bring home girls every day. Of course, I don't have any rowdy friends, I go to bed at 11:00, and I don't care for girls who go home with guys after just meeting them... Gosh, I'm boring. Anyone up for a stimulating game of chess?

Another question was answered by our gurus! So make your way over to the Ask A Guru page.

Another piece has been added to The Art Page. This one is called Stuff. It is an ink drawing of lots of stuff, hence the name.

What do you know? You know just what you perceive
Feeling: Okay Okay 2003/08/11

This morning I awoke to a very bad dream. It wasn't scary or anything, I actually like scary dreams, but instead the dream was depressing. I won't bore you with details, but revolved around people from my past telling me that I'll remain alone forever. But then I realized that I'm TheAlmightyGuru, and I rule. Problem solved.

Saturday was filled with errands and boffering, which left Sunday totally empty for being bored. In trying to be unbored I was able to get a few things done.

I finally made a quality Ultima Album covering Ultima VI, VII, and VII part 2. All high-end MP3 format, no lame MIDIs for me.

I have a new piece of art aptly titled Bumps.

People stared at the makeup on his face
Feeling: Playful Playful 2003/08/08

I now use cookies to check the status of the side menus for return visits. Thus, if you close a menu and come back, the menu will still be closed. Cookies, not just for breakfast anymore!

I've also updated The Unusual City Names Page.

70 more lyrics in my lyric archive.

Superior, they said, never gives up her dead
Feeling: Flirty Flirty 2003/08/07
Fire Crystal

I spent the day yesterday with Brian, Sarah, and their family. Got some boffering in, played a couple of games of Magic, and played with their dogs. Good fun with good people.

I made four new small graphic pieces on The Art Page. Check them out.

I've added 50 more lyrics to my lyric archive. I'm up to 500 now. Boo-yah.

All the world's a stage and we are merely players
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/08/06

I added 100 more song lyrics to my lyric archive. It actually has a reasonable amount now. Still many more to go.

Are you an investor? You may be interested in what you missed out on in 1978. Check out this quality company.

I've updated The Quizzes Page with a few more quizzes and retook a few.

To apathy, to entropy, to empathy, ecstasy
Feeling: Cheery Cheery 2003/08/05

My account of the Shiabruck's Medieval Festival is online. I'm ready for more boffering now.

I also added 50 more song lyrics to my lyric archive and cleaned up some older ones.

Titles are overrated
Feeling: Content Content 2003/08/04

My weekend at the Shiabruck's Medieval Festival rocked. I met lots of old friends and a couple new ones. I was able to do lots of boffering, which was great (the blisters are still healing). The impending rain held up for most of the weekend as well. I'm a little sore and a bit tired, but it was certainly worth it. I'll have a write up tomorrow.

For those of you who loved Dransik, but stopped playing when it went Pay-to-play, check out Zonorian: The Underground Threat. It's still in Alpha, and there isn't much to do, but it looks promising.

I moved July to The Old News Page. I really need to automate that process.

I've also added a way to max/min the menus with those little controls on them. It probably only works in IE 6 though.

'Quasar' is a cool word
Feeling: Excited Excited 2003/08/01

I added some more Emoticons. I'm now up to 50.

I'm making some more head-way on my Interactive Fiction Game. The story is coming along and I have a little bit more of the game engine complete.

Tomorrow is the Shiabruck's Medieval Festival! I'm gonna get to kill people again! Whee!

I don't like the Buick Open. I don't like the people who go to see it. I don't like the people who play in it. Especially that Tigger guy. You create too much traffic for Grand Blanc. Go home, nobody likes you!