September, 2003

I could fall in love all right as a rock 'n roll star
Feeling: Nondescript Nondescript 2003/09/30

A new question has been added to the Ask A Guru Page.

Work today was brutal. I spent several hours looking for a bug that ended up being cause by invalid input from a third party company. We finally fixed it after many failed attempts, and we bloated the customers tables with invalid data, which I had to remove. It sucked. Big time.

Now I'm off to East Lansing to pick up my friend and hang out. Hopefully, We'll get a few games of Magic in. Tah.

Breathe deep the gathering gloom
Feeling: Blah Blah 2003/09/29

The weekend was nice. Saturday was spent working and then documenting my boffer fighting style. I was at my neice's dedication on Sunday morning, which ended with free food, so it was fun. After that I went to Planet-Rock in Pontiac, but I showed up too late to get a trainer. Ah well, it seems I need a belaying partner anyway, so now I have to convince one of my friends to try out rock climbing, which could prove difficult as most of them don't like physical activity.

I did a slight redesign on the Film Page. It's now broken into multiple pages and has a list of my favorite movies as well.

This weekend is the last Renaissance faire of the year (Grand Valley), so I'm both excited and sad because of it. I guess it's okay considering that it's gotten too cold out to remain outside for prolonged periods of time.

Feeling: Contemplative Contemplative 2003/09/26

The Gurus have answered another question. They have once and for all laid to rest the whole elephant and mouse debate.

I've also tacked on some more lyrics in my lyrics archive. I'm up to 1,100, consisting of only songs that I like.

My niece is getting dedicated this Sunday, so there will be a nice little gathering for it. Should be a nice family thing.

I have my own life and I am stronger than you know
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/09/25

In case you haven't noticed, yes there is a new format. Ain't it purty? We are now in the season of autumn (my favorite season) so, I decided to make the site look a bit more festive.

Today is just a cosmetic update. I have plenty of stuff to work on, but the new style-sheet took too much work to warrant any other updates.

And if I'm very slow, she makes me so
Feeling: Pensive Pensive 2003/09/24

A lovely question has been answered by our gurus.

Dave came over last night and we did some boffering, chatted about martial arts, as well as had a few debates over politics and religion. I love being able to speak intelligently with people on those issues, as opposed to simply being called a heathen.

I need to get some more physical activities. I'm so out of shape right now. I was wheezing after only a few minutes of boffering, and I woke up sore after only an hour of combat. Of course, exercise by yourself sucks, so now I need to find a partner/partners to exercise with.

Who knows where my dreams will end, I'll follow as they grow
Feeling: Okay Okay 2003/09/23

Another question has been answered by The Gurus.

Life seems to be missing something for me right now. When I'm busy I don't notice it. However, when things slow down, and there I am on my own, I have this empty feeling that nags at me. I really need to get out more and find some stuff to fill my time. Maybe I'll get in some blading before it gets too cold.

Hey, it looks like good 'ol Alice Cooper has a new album coming out called "The Eyes of Alice Cooper".

All better
Feeling: Cold Sore Cold Sore 2003/09/22

I am no longer sick. w00t! However, I now have a cold sore, thanks to my sunburn, blah.

The weekend was kind of mellow. Saturday put me at the Michigan Renaissance Festival with Shiabruck and we had a good time walking and talking. I did a few things that I normally don't do including climbing the wall (I'd always wanted to do it, but never took the time.)

Sunday let me sleep in and do some cleaning. I also did a little bit more Bionic Commando hacking.

Over the weekend I received several Ask A Guru questions, one of which has been answered today. Others will follow.

I also resized many of the Zen images to look a little nicer.

They make me sick, you make me sicker
Feeling: Sick Sick 2003/09/19

Still sick, but already getting better. Yay for immune systems! In fact, I like my immune system so much that I made a little cartoon about it. Gosh, I treat my immune system well. I don't know many other people who make cartoons about their immune systems.

I did some more hacking of Bionic Commando last night and found two rather important things. First, I can now hack most of the game's sound effects. But my favorite hack, is now I can alter how much damage the player's weapons do! This will help in evening out the power of the game's weapons.

The sound document is now up.

I'll stop the world and hack with you
Feeling: Sick Sick 2003/09/18

Thanks to a work place full of sick people, I now have a cold. Nothing major, just a sore throat and sinus pressure, but it's annoying anyway.

Last night I started doing some more hacking of Bionic Commando. I figured out several more parts of the ROM including the portrait setup, the layout of the items in the selection menu, and the layout of the overview map tiles. I'll do some more work tonight and see what else I can find.

I've posted a document on hacking which music is played in the game. Check it out.

Why do you treat yourself so bad
Feeling: Lazy Lazy 2003/09/17

Just another pro-Michigan image. Maybe I should try to sell them to the state? I'm sure they'd look good at our capitol (or is it capital with an 'a')? They both have similar definitions.

I need more stuff to do. I come home from work and often times just sit at home and collect dust. I have plenty of hobbies, but none really sound worthwhile at the moment. Maybe I should just stay at work longer.

I also tacked on a few more Unusual City Names.

I'll live my days instead of counting my years
Feeling: Sleepy Sleepy 2003/09/16

I've done it again. Good old Michigan has never before had such great advertising. I seriously think I missed my calling.

Dinner at the parents was pretty good. Left-overs save me from having to buy dinner today, so that's a bonus.

I've added another 55 songs to my lyrics archive. It's actually starting to become difficult to find new songs now.

And I got my defenses when it comes to your intentions for me
Feeling: Content Content 2003/09/15

Saturday was just too darn cool. I boffered for the majority of the day, chatted with many friends, was given a "kill team" badge from Lord Dark, and got burned like bacon on the griddle. Thanks to odd application of sunscreen I now have a hand print tan-line on my stomach.

After the several hours of boffering the Shiabrucks had tear-down, and a large group of us went to get pizza. I finally found out just how hard it is to change clothes while driving (easier than you would expect).

Around 11 PM we started to part ways and go home. Sadly, there is only one more faire left this year for boffering until next spring.

On Sunday I broke down and picked up a copy of The Simpsons: Season 3. I watched them for about 5 hours while nursing my burns with aloe.

Today I'm eating dinner at my parent's house, so we can celebrate my sister's birthday (four days ago). Hopefully, there'll be steak.

I fell into a burning ring of fire
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/09/12

Sometimes I'm so creative it scares me. I should have been hired for advertising by the state department.

Tomorrow is the Bancroft Harvest Festival (aka Boffering!). Oh I can't wait. Massive amounts of killing small children. What could be better?

Wherever I may roam
Feeling: Lazy Lazy 2003/09/11

This weekend is the Bancroft Harvest Festival, but more importantly, it's the Saturday of boffering! I've got to get some practice in tonight and tomorrow lest I be smote upon the ground by other fighters.

More pointless data has been added. I now have a page dedicated to The Meaning of Roses.

Also, I added more songs to my lyric archive. I now have 1,000 lyrics in it.

Horseradish is yummy
Feeling: Playful Playful 2003/09/10

I got to hang out with my old friend Andrea yesterday evening. It was nice catching up. We stopped at Borders and I picked up a very nice book on evolution in the bargain stack. Why can't all stores have a bargain bin where everything is under ten dollars. Then, I could go to the local car dealership and pick up a new bargain car every few days, it'd be great!

Check out The Horseradish Information Council for info on the root.

I updated some info on The Dragon Warrior Page, thanks to Terence.

It's cute the way cheerleaders S-P-L-L everything they say
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/09/09

I've added several more song lyrics to my database and cleaned up a few old ones.

I gave some minor updates to several pages, fixed some broken links and spelling errors, the typical house cleaning.

I really don't have much more to say today, so I'll be off then.

You're only dancing on this earth for a short while
Feeling: Cheery Cheery 2003/09/08

I spent the weekend up in Mt. Pleasant, home of Central Michigan University, with Brian and Sarah. Rapturous fun was had by all. Sometimes I wish I could live in a college town because there were tons of babes. Sometimes I'm glad I don't live in a college town because there are tons of babes. Scary.

I don't remember this morning's dream very well, but it involved myself working at Kroger, Alice Cooper, a bunch of foreign people with counterfeit money, and my pretty red car in the snow at night.

Curious as to what the strange file extension sitting on your hard drive is? Check FILExt. It lists almost 15,000 extensions and what they're for.

Any tidy birds wanna snog?
Feeling: Flirty Flirty 2003/09/06

So I saw this bloke sitting at his flat while wearing trousers waiting for the post... Yes, those Brits talk weird! However, now your can understand them with the English To American dictionary!

Let's pretend, my January friend
Feeling: Cheery Cheery 2003/09/05

I left my apartment this morning and it was cold. I exhaled and sure enough I could see my breath. It's summer. You liberal hippies have got this global warming thing all wrong!

Anyway, the Guru's have another unanswerable question posed to them.

My game is coming along. I now have several bits of code working and debugged. I still need a lot of graphics made, but I have enough to start working with right now. I now have a working title "Avvunephide".

I should say no, but that's kind of hard when she's ready to go
Feeling: Creative Creative 2003/09/04

I started working on my new game last night. I've got movement working (still a few bugs), and the ability to collect items. I'm working on background graphics, as well as making some game sprites. Always a tough part of the process. Lone wolf games can be so taxing at times.

I still have many ideas I want to implement. The real problem is knowing where to draw the line before I try to make the game do everything. I may have a screenshot or two in not too long. I'll see what happens.

You haunt me even in my dreams
Feeling: Creative Creative 2003/09/03

Well I beat Seiklus last night with 100%, I rule. The game is so amazing, I think I'll plug it again today. It had several parts where I got stuck for awhile, but after reading the readme file I eventually figured it out. Wow, the game is too cool. Totally, I'd say it took me about 3 hours to beat the game. Certainly not a long time, but for a homebrew game with such detail, it is amazing.

Sadly, the game has little replay value, but Seiklus has inspired me. I've decided to create another game, or at least start one and get bored of it. I've got some plans for it already, and I'm working on the mechanics and story line. I'll keep you informed one the progress if any.

I have seen the top of the mountain, and it is good
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/09/02

Three day weekends are spiffy. Most of it was spent doing important things like, paying bills, cleaning house, and making my car happy.

I did some fun hanging out with friends, but the highlight of my weekend was finding an amazing game called Seiklus.

Seiklus is one of the most innovative games I have played in years. It's beautifully drawn, highly detailed, and amazingly creative. It is an exploration game like nothing I have played before. There are several unique areas, puzzles, and quality fitting music. I demand that you play it.

Clippinger Chevrolet, a car dealership in California, and a client of the company I work for, was burned down, on August 22nd, by eco-terrorists protesting SUV's. The irony of the arson was that with all the burning plastic, rubber, insulation, and other hazardous chemicals they caused more pollution than the SUV's could have caused in their life time. Just another example of why eco-terrorists are stupid.

Moved more Old News. Someday I'll have a PHP server.