October, 2003

Happy Halloween!
Feeling: Festive Festive 2003/10/31

It's Halloween, yay! This is one of my favorite holidays. You get to dress up goofy and eat candy until it comes out your ears!

Here are some morbidly funny Halloween comics for your enjoyment.

I'm off to a party tonight, so no updates. I hope you all enjoy the holiday.

I feel so muddy
Feeling: Creative Creative 2003/10/30

I had a dream last night that my aunt and uncle left their house and gave it to me, except for the basement which was owned by some crazy landlord lady who kept telling me I couldn't have cats. Of course, I don't have a cat, so it wasn't a big deal. But later in the day a stray cat came in the door upstairs and was all nice to me, so I decide to keep it. I told the cat that if the lady comes upstairs that it had to hide, but when she came up, sure enough, the cat walked around in plain sight and got me in trouble. The moral of this dream is that cat's are stupid.

Anyway, my MUD is coming along really well. I have a multiple client server working with basic chatting abilities already. I'll try and get a prototype online early next week so other people can test it. Hopefully, by then you'll be able to properly log in with a user name and such.

Had this been an actual post, you would be entertained
Feeling: Creative Creative 2003/10/29

Last night I pulled down a MUD server and started playing with it. This got me thinking that I want to create my own MUD based on Legendworld. So I think I'll start doing that. I don't really have much experience writing MUDs, but this will be a good way to learn about them. I should have a very basic demo MUD up soon.

Gosh this is kind of a lame post. Umm... Here, check out this web comic, it's a very funny one, but it also has a captivating story. If you're a strong willed woman (and I know a lot of you are), you will really appreciate The Queen of Wands.

And I'd c'mon like a regular superstar
Feeling: Festive Festive 2003/10/28

I feel pretty, oh so pretty. View my darling pictures from when I was dolled up for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. 1 - 2. I'm such a stud (who can also break into people's houses).

There are only 3 more days until Halloween! Oh yeah!

I almost killed the Blue Wizard in Magic:TG last night, but a bug in the game turned his weakened 1/1 Leviathan into a 17/1 Leviathan with trample. How the heck do you stop that?!

The Guru's have answered another question. Oh yeah, we're smart.

No one gets out of here alive
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/10/27

Rocky Horror Picture Show was a blast, as usual. Lots of decked out freaks in drag is always good wholesome fun. I'll have pictures of myself up as soon as I fix my USB card.

On Sunday, I hung out with Kaite, Nikia, and Bobby. We hit a few parks on the coast of Lake Huron between Port Huron and Lexington. We climbed along the rocks, skipped stones, and did some artsy stuff. It's always great fun to hang out with them.

Daylight Saving Time is no longer in effect, but I wish it were. Unlike most people, I don't get up very early and I tend to stay up late, so standard time gives me less daylight. You people need to start sleeping in longer! Stick it to the man!

I have to do some more apartment research today, so no updates.

Rose tint my world, keep me safe from my trouble and pain
Feeling: Excited Excited 2003/10/25

"School of Rock", well, rocked. Jack Black was overly eccentric as usual, but the plot was pretty good, and the script was very funny. I was also happily surprised to see that Adam Pascal of Rent fame had a cameo in the movie.

I'm off to see RHPS tonight in Ann Arbor. As usual it's a cold wet night for it. Ah well, it will still be awesome.

Editor's Note: Not TheAlmightyGuru pictures have been removed.


It's astounding, time is fleeting
Feeling: Excited Excited 2003/10/24

Tonight, I'm going to see "School of Rock", and tomorrow I'm going to see "Rocky Horror Picture Show" in Ann Arbor.

I've added five more Zen Images.

I'm currently working on a new style-sheet because the leaves are almost all gone, and this layout will clash with snow.

Is there anyone out there who can give me a primer on Quantum Mechanics? I'm reading about it in "A Brief History of Time" and I'm not getting several aspects of it.

Evil fates, how you mock me
Feeling: Cold Sore Cold Sore 2003/10/23

Son of a female dog! I have another cold sore and it's only been a month since the last one! Grr, someone create a cure for these things, I'll give you all my money!

I've added a new document titled Why Conservatives Love Guns. It's a sarcastic essay inspired by a very funny essay titled Why Liberals Don't Like Guns.

I finished book one of Lord of the Rings last night (that is the first half of Fellowship). All I can say about Tolkien, is that he is extremely descriptive, but extremely slow.

I've added a new piece of art called River which is a picture I took that I digitally hand altered.

Retro chewing satisfaction
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/10/22

Whilst at a gas station last night I found some retro gum for sale! It was the old Clove, Black Jack, and Beeman's gum that my grandmother used to give me as a kid. If you've never had it before, you're missing out. Clove is obviously flavored with cloves, Black Jack is licorice, and Beeman's is a mild wintergreen, like those little pink candies.

I went to my parents to fix my car and it turns out it was just my battery, which was only $42 to replace. Bonus.

I also saw my mother for the first time in a month, and you know what? My mom is really pretty. I'm not just saying that because she's -my- mom either. I don't get to see her very much anymore, so maybe I didn't notice before, but she really looks pretty.

A new Ask A Guru question has been added, oh yeah.

I shaved my beard last night for the first time in over a year. I look young, but weird. My chin isn't used to being shaved, so lots of small cuts. I don't look like Jesus anymore.

Cars doth suck
Feeling: Annoyed Annoyed 2003/10/21

Last night, for no particular reason, my car battery went dead. I didn't leave anything on, it just up and died. I had to get a jump this morning, and by the time I made it to work, it was dead again. I hope it's a battery problem and not my alternator, but knowing my luck, it's the alternator.

Anyway, my dune jumping pictures are online. Check them out.

Editor's Note: Not TheAlmightyGuru pictures have been removed.

I can fly, at least I like to think I can
Feeling: Sleepy Sleepy 2003/10/20

I had a great weekend. Saturday, I worked a little, went to the library, and reloaded my computer (Sonja). At the library I picked up "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking. I've been meaning to read it for years now and I finally got started.

Sunday, I drove to Grand Rapids to hang out with Kaite and Terry. We did some hiking at a great park with lots of hills and rivers and then went to the coast of Lake Michigan to do some dune jumping (which involves throwing yourself off a cliff into the sand below).

I'll have pictures of the weekend up tomorrow, I was too tired when I got home last night to bother with it.

Editor's Note: Not TheAlmightyGuru pictures have been removed.

Autumn rules
Feeling: Content Content 2003/10/17

I went walking in a wooded wonderland yesterday after work and took several nice pictures. You can see them here.

I created a cute comic out of one of the picture which can be seen here.

I added some more lyrics to my lyrics archive as well. 1,200 total now.

Link to TheAlmightyGuru

I created a new link image too. It's blue. Yeah. To see the rest check out the bottom of the links page.

You can change your mind, but you can't change me
Feeling: Festive Festive 2003/10/16
Blue Splash

I made another piece for my graphic art series. I love these things little images, they're take about 10 minutes, so they're nothing to be proud of, but they're just a lot of fun to make.

I've also tacked on a links section to the Humor Page, and added more stuff that already existed elsewhere.

Only fifteen days until Halloween! My how time flies!

I redesigned my 404 page. It's a bit more intersting now.

One thing's for sure, love stinks, yeah, yeah
Feeling: Annoyed Annoyed 2003/10/15
Michigan Pop

There are a lot of weirdoes out there who like to call pop, soda. You people are freaks! Especially those who call all pop, Coke. It's called: Pop! Get it right.

I've had several dreams in the past few weeks where I'm smoking. This is really odd, because I've never smoked in my life and I never will. So why in my dreams? Freudians are not allowed to answer this question!

I've updated the Unusual City Names page with several new city names. Thank you everyone who has submitted a name.

Tuesday... afternoon...
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/10/14

I need to start researching for a new apartment. I've compiled a list of all the possible places around, but now I've got to start calling said places. I need an agent to do these trivial matters for me.

There is more pointless data. I now have a list of the traditional and modern anniversary gifts.

I also created some important rules to live by.

Now I'm so happy, I do the dance of joy
Feeling: Elated Elated 2003/10/13

This weekend rocked, and I've got the bruises to prove it! On Saturday I hit the library again and got plenty of ideas for new projects. I also found out that there is a DNR protected area of woodlands that stretches from the library to right behind my apartment complex! I've been wanting some local wilderness to explore since I moved here, and I found some literally in my own back yard!

Sunday saw me in Owosso with a few hours of boffer fighting with several friends. We also played a spirited game of 'ball'. Which is a game we made up using a tennis ball and a hexagonal pavilion. Of course, my body certainly isn't used to an entire day of activity so I'm sore all over now, but it was worth it.

I have new stuff too! I've forced my gurus to answer another question.

I also tacked on a bunch more data into Legendworld.

Oh yeah, I know how to read
Feeling: Goofy Goofy 2003/10/10

I've been moping around my apartment wondering what to do, when I remembered that there is a public library a mere five minutes from my place. I've grown so attached to the Internet for all my information needs, that I entirely forgot about the library. I hung out there last night for a couple hours looking at several interesting books.

I'm currently looking for a new apartment. My lease runs out the day after Christmas (how sweet) so I need to find a new place before then.

Tonight I watch the collectors edition of "The Fellowship of the Rings" with commentary turned on. Big fun!

In-line skating heals all wounds
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/10/09

Blading takes away bad pain and gives good pain. It's still quite warm for October, which I'm okay with.

I've updated The Dark Crystal Page with some new stuff, and cleaned up some old stuff in it as well.


Life is not fair is it?
Feeling: Frustrated Frustrated 2003/10/08

Grr! I need to blow off some steam. I'm mad at the world right now and the thing that really sucks about being mad at the world is there's nothing you I can do about it. Maybe I'll go blading, it's warm enough today for it.

Maybe I should take up drinking so I could have a stiff drink... Nah. It's not worth it.

Well, I added several more lyrics, and I also made the lyrics archive it's own page off the Music Page finally. It uses in-line frames, but I think any browser out there should support them by now.

Concerning hobbits
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/10/07

I've started reading "The Fellowship of the Ring" which is pretty good so far, even with the over verboseness of Tolkien.

Lukrain's Boffer Guide has some new content finally. It's been awhile since the last update.

Our guru's have also answered another question which can be seen at the Ask A Guru Page.

I'm back in the saddle again
Feeling: Flirty Flirty 2003/10/06

Minor updates to the Humor Page. It still has a long way to go.

The faire wasn't great, but good company made it better. I was fortunate enough to be able to sleep indoors this time, thank you Lady Silverwolf. The boffer police was there making sure we didn't fight around other people (heaven forbid the public learn what combat was like). So we moved to the parking lot and played there. I picked up a nice chainmail necklace and a couple other baubles.

I finally finished reading "Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea". Although there were a few dull parts, the majority of the book was both exciting and informative. I learned a lot about the subject and would recommend the book to those interested in the topic.

I've decided to rid myself of the hordes of spam I get (100+ over the weekend), so I'm going to ignore my second email address which was guru@provide.net. If you use that email address you should switch over to thealmightyguru@gmail.com.

It's nice to know that women still find me attractive. Go me!

You will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not
Feeling: Excited Excited 2003/10/03

Tomorrow is the Grand Valley Renaissance Festival which also marks the last festival of the year in Michigan. I'll see you all there.

I've added a new main page covering my funny side. It's aptly titled the Humor Page. Gosh, where do I come up with these artistic names? As of right now, it's mostly old stuff, only now with a home.

I also added pseudo-search ability. I say pseudo-search because it uses google's cache, not my actual web page. So you won't get up-to-date searches, but it works for now.

September has been moved to the Old News Page.

So I'm looking for a girl with a gun and a job and a house
...with cable
Feeling: Happy Happy 2003/10/02
Michigan Weather

It finally happened. I got out to my car this morning and was greeted by a layer of frost. Evil cold weather is upon us. Such is Michigan weather though.

Yesterday I got to play some sealed deck Magic with Dave and Eric. For our "sealed decks" we each pulled 100 cards out of my box of worthless cards, which made for some very bizarre games. Who would think that glacial chasm would be the most valuable card?

The guru's have answered another question which can be seen on the Ask A Guru Page.

I move like a tiger on Vaseline
Feeling: Cheery Cheery 2003/10/01
Purple Splash

We are now at the beginning of my favorite month of the year. Whee!

There is a new graphic piece on The Art Page called "Purple Splash".

I was in a nice big five player game of Magic last night which really lifted my spirits. Good fun with lots of nerds with bad hygiene, gotta love it. I also picked up some issues of Dork Tower that I was missing.

Also, Eric is now in town, so I'm sure we'll come up with some fun stuff to do. I'm now the owner of a PS1 (perhaps a bit late in the race).