January, 2004

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome
Feeling: Okay Okay 2004/01/30

I went to the store yesterday and picked up a night stand (which I had to assemble, lame) which looks much better than the old chair I was previously using. I also got a hard cover copy of Harry Potter: And the Sorcerer's Stone (my original copy was soft cover and I always like having a permanent version of the books I like).

I had another strange dream last night which I put in my Dream Log.

More questions have been answered by our loyal gurus.

I added a picture and an explanation to my poem Twilight Trains.

By the way, today is a TAG holiday, it's Compassion Day. Today is the day you should show some compassion to someone. Go out and help someone in need.

Who do you love? Me, of course
Feeling: Okay Okay 2004/01/29

Problem solved, crisis adverted. I picked up more popsicles to refresh my dwindling stock. You can all breathe normally again. I didn't run out.

I finished reading The Prisoner of Azkaban again. It's even better the second time, and it helped clear up a few questions I had from the last time I read it.

I've been rambling again. Wow, it's amazing how one train of thought can derail so many times.

I've added ten new facts about The Guru because I'm bored.

Two people correctly answered the Guru's Quandary last night. Good thinking people.

Don't you know everything's alright, yes, everything's fine
Feeling: Unusual Unusual 2004/01/28

I've added a new dream to my Dream Log. It just proves that I am one crazy kat.

I've added several new lyrics to my Lyrics Archive. 1,400 and counting.

Also, I've added the Ograrian font, as well as a document about how the language works. Check it out.

Long-haired freaky people need not apply
Feeling: Okay Okay 2004/01/27

No answers for the Guru's Quandary. Is this one too hard?

Return of the King has been nominated for eleven Academy Awards. Huzzah, Go LotR cast and crew!

The guru's have been nice enough to answer yet another question.

I've taken one the alphabets I've created for Legendworld and created a True Type font out of it. It's still in it's beta stages, but I'll try to post it tomorrow for your viewing pleasure.

I love my Powerglove, it's so bad.
Feeling: Nerdy Nerdy 2004/01/26

I got a Nintendo 64 on Saturday. I played Mario 64 and Star Fox 64 for about ten hours over the weekend. I'm such a geek.

Sunday I got my hair cut with genuine surgical scissors that were used for heart surgery. You can't get a morbid cut like that at salons people.

Well, the first week of the Guru's Quandary is over. If you weren't able to answer the question you can check the page for the answer. Also, a new question has been added for this week. Good luck with it.

Feeling: Flirty Flirty 2004/01/24

I got all decked out last night to go to dinner. I was wearing some torn jeans, lots of clunky jewelry, put my hair down, and wore my Rent shirt. The hostess (who was very cute) started chatting with me about musicals. I'm such a stud.

Two people emailed me last night saying the gurus answered a question incorrectly. They claimed that there are other birds with claws on their wing aside from the one mentioned. This is true, there are others, but the answer never said that there was only one and the question didn't ask for more than one, thus the answer is still correct. My guru's rule!

Either way, I had them make mention that there are other birds as well, just to prevent any other misconceptions about their supreme intellect.

I think I'm a banana tree, oh dear
Feeling: Bored Bored 2004/01/23

Many new unusual city names have been added, thanks to all the people who have submitted them.

You have only two more days until I stop accepting answers to The Guru's Quandary. Good luck.

Badger badger badger...

But I still haven't found what I'm looking for
Feeling: Cold Cold 2004/01/22

With wind chill, it's -13F. That's cold.

I really like visiting college towns. I'd never want to live there, but I love visiting. The reason; college towns are always swarming with chicks. It's a veritable smorgasbord of women, and women are fun to look at. Yeah, I've got problems, I know.

More questions have been answered by the gurus.

I've added some new desktop backgrounds to the Art Page.

Another person answered the Guru's Quandary. Most impressive?

Ever had a bad streaking experience? These guys have.

Must rip face off
Feeling: Cold Sore Cold Sore 2004/01/21

The biting winds combined with my past cold has given me another cold sore. Dammit I hate these things! When will our brilliant doctors be able to cure viruses?

On the lighter side, the guru's have answered yet another question.

Somebody correctly answered the Guru's Quandary last night. See, it is possible. Who else knows it?

My co-worker Jon told me about this. Microsoft, give us a break!

Your smile can smooth me
Feeling: Flirty Flirty 2004/01/20
This web site is made from 100% recycled ones and zeros.

I started reading Harry Potter book three again last weekend. I'm actually surprised at some of the stuff I forgot from the last time I read it. It's such a good book.

I played some more Parasite Eve last night as well. I just made it out of the Hospital after killing the boss there.

I've added a new section to the Art Page for desktop backgrounds.

I've added another chunk of facts about The Guru.

And for you smart people, test your abilities to find the answer to the Guru's Quandary.

I'm walking on sleepy clouds
Feeling: Sleepy Sleepy 2004/01/19

My weekend was tiring, but I accomplished very little. Friday night I went to The Fortress in East Lansing with Dave. We played several games of six-player Magic into the wee hours. I arrived home around 5:00 AM.

I left my apartment to go to the mall on Saturday just as it was getting dark. I picked up a memory card for my PSX so I could finally play Parasite Eve, which I did for four hours. I also made a kewl hematite bracelet.

Sunday was another late rising morning. I went to the library to research my first real Guru's Quandary. Which is now online. Good-luck with it! Only one person got the right answer to the last question. Beau answered 'Elephant' which is correct. More specifically, the largest land mammal is the African elephant.

I'm walking on sunshine!
Feeling: Content Content 2004/01/16

I have happy boots! Hooray for me! Last night I bought a pair of solid black leather steel-toed work boots! A few of you might know that I prefer boots over any other kind of footwear. However, I haven't had a good pair of boots in a few months, but now that problem has been rectified with my new happy boots!

I had a dream last night that I met Avril Lavigne at a Renaissance Festival and that she really wanted my body. Hmm... I think she's a bit young for me in real-life though.

There is a new section on my site called The Guru's Quandary. It's basically a weekly trivia page for my viewers. New questions will be updated every Monday. There is an easy test question there you can answer until Monday, when the real question will be posted.

After fighting them back with a stick, I forced my gurus to answer another question.

I'm no longer sick
Feeling: Happy Happy 2004/01/15

I mean that physically of course. There's nothing that can cure my bizarre mental sickness.

After a bloody round of torture, my gurus have answered another question.

I added a new section to my Links Page regarding the great state of Michigan. Yee-ha.

I added five new Zen Images as well.

Today I'm going to finally deposit my Christmas checks. I've been holding off until I got my deposit back from my old apartment so I could do it all at once. I hate having to drive to Clarkston for my bank, but I'm too lazy to switch to a local bank. Although, those neat gifts that banks give for opening accounts are certainly tempting.

I'll be what you make me, I'll do what you like
Feeling: Cold Cold 2004/01/14

I was awoken this morning from a dream that was very James Bond esq. It involved me being chased by a gun toting woman, but in the end I survived and she died. Go me!

It's been snowing all day and it shows no signs of stopping, and it's really cold. I don't know if I like this. I should buy a scarf. I think it would make me look more distinguished, as well as keep me warmer. I want to get a Harry Potter scarf, but I don't want a Gryffindor one (the colors are icky), but that's all they sell.

I've added a little more to the Section Z page. It still needs a few more screenshots, but it's coming along.

I've moved all the pictures of my handmade junk into the Art Page because, though it may not be exceptional quality, it's still art to me.

The gurus have answered another question regarding Marxism. Wow, the questions are getting deep!

The navigation buttons on the left have been replaced with text now, so they reflect the current stylesheet. They're not as easy to work with, but they look better, and it will allow me to do more drastic sheets.

I've joined a webring called Michigan Weblogs. Go Michigan!

AHH! It's Tuesday the thirteenth!
Feeling: Sleepy Sleepy 2004/01/13

I had to get up an hour early for work today because of a new client. I prefer sleeping over working.

Last night I went to the library to look at women books. I found a very interesting book about Halloween that covered its origins to present day. It even had old party games from ancient festivals. It was very interesting, and yet I can't remember the title for the life of me. (ed note: The Title was "The Real Halloween")

My enslaved gurus have sarcastically answered another one of your great questions.

It's my life, it never ends
Feeling: Okay Okay 2004/01/12

The weekend was a blast. Saturday afternoon I picked up Bobby and headed out to Grand Rapids to hang out with Nikia and Katie. We went to the mall and climbed a 47-foot wall which was quite tiring (I'm so weak!). Later we played several card games including Egyptian War. I did average at the others, but I won every game of Egyptian War, go me. On Sunday we went climbing again and then went sledding. It's been a few years since I went sledding and it was great. I'm still sore from a couple of spills.

I've come up with twenty new facts about me.

I did some updating to the Videogame Music page.

Don't try to fix me I'm not broken
Feeling: Blah Blah 2004/01/09

I've been moved now for over a month and sometimes when I wake up at night I think I'm still in my old room. It's not until I look around that I remember that I'm in a different place. Strange.

I need to get some new furniture for my place. Maybe I'll take a look at Goodwill tonight.

Guess what? More updates to the Section Z page!

You're not real and you can't save me
Feeling: Sick Sick 2004/01/08

This morning I awoke to an incredibly morbid dream involving two people with solid silver eyes who went on a killing spree in a mall. I still have images of mutilated corpses and body parts of dead babies in my mind. It's rather disturbing that my mind can be so sick and I don't even know where it comes from.

I really wish this cold would go away too. It was gone for a few days, then it came back. It's nothing bad, just congestion and a sore throat, but it's annoying regardless.

I scanned an old picture of me in braids. Aren't I just the cutest thing?

And yet again, more updates to the Section Z page.

I have no idea and I must create
Feeling: Okay Okay 2004/01/07

I really hate being bored. I know that most people don't like being bored, but I really hate it. I always get annoyed at the fact that I'm wasting precious time that I will never get back. In order for me to feel like I'm actually making something of myself I have to be doing something productive. I have to be learning or creating something and it's really hard to do that all the time.

Still more updates to the Section Z page.

There are some new unusual city names as well.

I moved December to the Old News page.

My my my, once bitten, twice shy babe
Feeling: Happy Happy 2004/01/06

My old roommates came by and picked up the last of their stuff. I'm also finished with talking to my last place as well. I'll be getting my full deposit back, yay! Everything feels so much more complete now.

I got to play some Magic with my homies. We haven't played in awhile and it was good to sit down and duel. Of the three games, I won once with my big green creature deck. Horary for Blastoderms!

Again, more updates to the Section Z page.

How much sauce is in a 'can'
Feeling: Happy Happy 2004/01/05

Over the weekend I got to hang out with Kimberly which was much fun. We made lasagna which turned out very dry, but still edible. I will no longer trust recipes that don't give exact size amounts. I also saw Return of the King for the third time on Sunday.

Michigan weather is awesome. It was nice and warm Saturday, no snow. Sunday it came down with a vengeance. There was only a few inches, but it came so fast that it made the roads very dangerous.

Anyhoo, there are more updates to the Section Z page.

I have to talk to my old apartment people one last time before I get my deposit back and I'll finally be rid of it.

If you hunger for what you see you'll take it eventually
Feeling: Okay Okay 2004/01/02

For New Year's Eve, I stayed up alone watching cartoons and eating popsicles. When I heard people shouting from the other apartments, I knew it was 2004. Yay.

New Year's Day was much more exciting because I helped reshingle my parent's roof. Yay. Ah well, at least it's the weekend again.

I finished my chainmail choker. It's using a 4 in 1 weave. I don't care for the way it latches, but I couldn't find any nice ones that could handle being tugged so I just used tightly bent rings.

I'm working on a new page for the NES game Section Z which is an old favorite of mine. It's still rough around the edges, but the main structure has been created.