April, 2004

My eroticism is your oblivion
Feeling: Creative 2004/04/30

See the pretty little DDR emoticon.

I got in a few hours of boffering last night with some new people. I always like fighting against new people, it keeps the game fresh and exciting.

Okay, I sat through the lines at the secretary of state, and $105 later, I now have a tiny sticker and a small piece of plastic. What a bargain!

I've added several new pieces of data to Legendworld. I've created the different types of mana, revised the timeline, and added some more info to the angels.

I've updated the Sneakers page, The Dark Crystal page, and the Labyrinth page.

Breakin' the law, breakin' the law
Feeling: Rebellious 2004/04/29

I woke up an hour early this morning expecting to get some important stuff done. Although I was up and about, everything else was closed. Does the DMV purposely have impossible hours? They're worse than the bank! I'm driving illegally now (I think I left my driver's license at the pool hall), and I need to get a sticker for my plate or I'll be illegal twice fold by Saturday.

Remember how I said there was sleet yesterday? Well in the morning it was 30 degrees, and in the evening it jumped to 74 degrees. Only in Michigan can you have a shift of 44 degrees and think it normal.

I've updated the Highlander page and the Doll House with new media.

I've finally posted the pictures of last weekend's boffer war.

I've added a new would be girlfriend. This time it's the beautiful, but dangerous, Ziyi Zhang. Wow, I'm so pathetic. I so desperately need a -real- girlfriend.

Capitalism is our friend
Feeling: Cold 2004/04/28

Today, in order to make up for the snow, we get sleet. You have to love Michigan!

I picked up a DVD of the live action Jungle Book last night. Went home and chilled as I watched it. My body is now feeling back to normal, so I should destroy it with a few hours of DDR tonight. I think that's only fair.

I've updated the Who? What? Where? page (my Clue shrine) with links to buy Clue, as well as the Ghostbusters page, and the Good Omens page.

My enslaved gurus have also answered another question.

I've also added a spotlight menu on the side. This is where I will showcase media that I like. Seeing how I just watched it, The Jungle Book is still fresh in my mind.

It's snowing, WTF?
Feeling: Cold 2004/04/27

I've updated the A Wrinkle In Time page with some new content and also links to purchase the books.

The same goes for the Back to the Future and Blade Runner pages.

The Bionic Commando Database has been updated with cover art from every version of Bionic Commando and also a few places to buy used copies of the legendary game.

You find you're not the only stranger in this town
Feeling: Injured 2004/04/26

The boffer war was great, and I'll have the full pictures and info up tomorrow. After the war I went to Grand Rapids to hang out with Katie and Nikia. We had a fire, played some games, went horseback riding and did all sorts of fun stuffs. I'm quite sore from all the physical activity, but it's not as bad as last year.

I just setup an account to be an associate to amazon.com. That's right, I'm an evil capitalistic pig who desires money to oppress the blue collar workers of America! Actually, I won't be putting any advertising on my pages, but I will now link to some of their products. This won't create any inconvenience, but it will give the random surfer the ability to purchase some everyday fandom stuff that I like.

Have you got the time to find out who I really am?
Feeling: Excited 2004/04/23

TheAlmightyGuru's Earth Day Adventure is online. It will take you through what I did yesterday.

Tomorrow is the big boffer war hosted by Shiabruck! I'm sure it'll be just as much fun this year as it was last year.

Seems like I should be getting somewhere
Feeling: Serene 2004/04/22

More rain yesterday. As long as it's out of nature's system by Saturday, I'm okay with it. After the storm, I went skating for over an hour. The wind made it rather difficult, but I need to be in good shape for the war.

Hey, today is Earth Day! Time to treat mommy nature with respect. Go do something to make the Earth feel better. The great thing about Earth Day, is that you can celebrate it any time you want, all that matters is that you celebrate it.

My Maze Runner game has been updated. It now has multiple monsters and they no longer get stuck.

I've added four more other artists to the art page.

Well, I think I'll got clean up some trash today seeing as it is Earth Day.

For crying out loud she screamed unto me
Feeling: Drained 2004/04/21

It rained last night which is a good thing because that means less rain for the weekend. I also hung out with Dave and we did some boffering and played DDR.

I have an alpha version of my latest online game up. It's called Maze Runner. It currently implements a randomly generated maze, the ability to walk through it with the arrow keys, the ability to beat it, and a little monster that randomly runs around trying to kill you. It loads kind of slow because it's JavaScript, and the monster is still really stupid. He will always get trapped in a hallway with two dead-ends because he doesn't take turns unless he hits a wall.

The next version will have a smarter monster, multiple monsters, and various maze sizes. I may also add a way to kill the monsters.

I've got skeletons in my closet and they're rattlin' tonight
Feeling: Sleepy 2004/04/20

Played some DDR last night and passed two new six footers.

I've given a nice update to the Legendworld page. The Catmen race in particular has been worked on.

I'm working on a new javascript game where you get to travel through a maze. If that doesn't sound exciting enough, I'll put monsters in it!

Is she perverted like me?
Feeling: Drained 2004/04/19

The lock-in went very well. See the full recap. Saturday, after waking up around 4:00 PM, I decided the only way I would get to sleep at a decent time would be to work my body really hard. So I skated for almost ten miles which tired me out, but I still didn't get to sleep until around 4:00 AM. On Sunday, I got up at noon and spent much of the morning lazing about. I finally got out and met Dave and Dave in Clarkston. We did some boffer practice and chatted about all sorts of stuff. I finally hit the sack at around 2:00 AM.

I've added a new list of hand signals. This time I've wrecked havoc of the wrestling community.

There are five new zen images in the list now. Whee!

The art page has been reworked. I've broken it out into a few sub pages and added a new page to showcase other artist's work.

This sociable sound demon screwing into an obtuse angle easily
Feeling: Cool 2004/04/16

The arcade lock-in is tonight. I think I'll take a nap after work, then go stock up on junk food and such before heading to the arcade. Wow, I haven't been to a lock-in in years, it'll be just like high school all over again! (And I'm sure the girls will avoid me still!) I got some more DDR practice last night. I finished a few new six-footers. Go me!

I've added a new would-be girlfriend. It's everyone's favorite federal agent, Gillian Anderson. After looking at the list so far, I find it rather odd that with six ladies all their last names are at the beginning of the alphabet. I didn't do that on purpose, it just turned out that way. How strange.

And do you do you do, do you love me too?
Feeling: Playful 2004/04/15

More DDR last night, big surprise there I'm sure. I created two Excel documents which contain all the songs of DDR Extreme and DDR Solo 4th Mix so I can easily pick songs while I wait. Tomorrow, I'm going to a lock-in at Aladdin's Castle (an arcade) at the mall. It's nine hours of constant video game playing all night long, whee!

The gurus have also laid another timeless pondering to rest.

I've added three new movie reviews as well.

Pretend a cool subject line goes here
Feeling: Creative 2004/04/14

I played DDR Solo 4th Mix last night. It seemed a little easier than normal DDR mode, but I think that's because it doesn't have freeze arrows which can make a song much harder. Some of the difficulties are grossly mislabeled as well. I played a 4 footer that was filled with 8th notes and corner double steps. Either way, it was enjoyable, and I'm getting better.

I'd update, but then I'd have to do stuff, so that'll just have to wait until tomorrow.

Like the mountains in springtime, like a walk in the rain
Feeling: Flirty 2004/04/13

I played some more DDR last night. I'm really starting to pick up the five footers. Happy joy.

I'm only twenty-four for three days and already the old age factor is a problem, doh!

Our amazing gurus have answered yet another question.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end
Feeling: Happy 2004/04/12

So now I'm 24, and you know what that means right? Neither do I.

The weekend was a blast. Kimberly came down and we spent the weekend playing several games including DDR, Commander Keen, and various other video games, as well as some conventional card games. We also watched movies/TV and skated several miles.

The guru's have answered another question. I also pushed some of the older questions onto their own page.

No answers ever came for the Guru's Quandary. The answer of last week is up, but I don't have a new one this week because I'm lazy and I didn't come up with one.

I removed the site map. It was becoming too much of a hassle to keep updated. This site isn't that hard to navigate through anyway.

Tomorrow I'm 24, yay
Feeling: Happy 2004/04/09

Guess what I did last night. That's right, I played DDR! I cleared a few more five footers so I'm happy. Soon I'll be ready for sixes.

I picked up a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics last night for ten bucks. Go me.

I watched the movie "Stuart Little" a few years ago and I wasn't impressed with it. It was too different from what I remembered from the book from second grade. I finished rereading the book last night, and although I still don't care for the movie, I now realize that the book isn't any good either. I remember it being a great book, but instead it was very strange, a little boring, and lacked a coherent plot. I doubt I'll ever recommend this book ever again.

Last chance for the Guru's Quandary. Saturday night is your deadline.

I've added a reviews section to the film page. It's still small with only three movies, but I've got plenty to add to it.

Hi, my name's Dean, and I'm an addict
Feeling: Okay 2004/04/08

DDR again yesterday. Learned a couple more 5 footers. Go me.

Finally, the A Wrinkle In Time miniseries is going to be aired! ABC has set an official air date which is May 15th 8/7c during the Wonderful World of Disney. It's about frickin' time, the movie's been finished for two years now. It looks like it won't be the full 4 hours, but instead a heavily chopped version to fit in a 2 hour time frame. Annoying as that is, I'm just glad that I can finally see it. Of course, I've updated my A Wrinkle In Time page accordingly.

I want you back to come and feed my appetite
Feeling: Sleepy 2004/04/07

More DDR again last night. I was able to beat four 5 foot difficulties! I'm so proud.

Yesterday I was making a sandwich. I pulled out some bread which felt warmer than normal. Warm bread, with no reason for it to be warm, how odd. Then I looked at it and noticed how incredibly moldy it was. The warmth came from the fact that it was rotting. How appitizing. Luckily, I didn't eat any.

Still no answers to The Guru's Quandary. Is it to hard.

I've added some more of other people's quizzes. I'm trying to think of a new idea for a quiz, but I can't come up with anything. Any suggestions?

Heaven is a '57 metallic gray! Nobody get in my way!
Feeling: Sleepy 2004/04/06

I played some more DDR last night. I even passed a few standard difficulties.

I was awoken this morning by a strange reoccurring buzzing sound. After several minutes I realized it was my alarm clock going off the way it does every morning. I stared at it for awhile, wondering why it was buzzing, and then I remembered that it's supposed to do that. Then, I thought about how I could get it to stop buzzing because it was preventing me from sleeping. After a few minutes of staring blankly at the blaring clock, I remembered that you're supposed to push a button or something. So, I started bashing my hand into it, but to no avail. Eventually, I remembered where the snooze button was. A few minutes later I finally pushed it. Does this happen to anyone else in the morning?

The ultra talented guru's have answered a new question.

I've also added another one of TheAlmightyGuru's Would Be Girlfriends. This addition is the statuesque Claire Forlani.

Want to create a pretty little avatar of your face? Take a look over here.

Slash and burn, return, listen to yourself churn.
Feeling: Happy 2004/04/05

Daylight Saving Time has once again wrecked havoc on my sleeping cycle (I, won't mention that I stayed up late every night of the weekend). My eye's were very patriotic this morning (red, white, and blue) from lack of sleep.

I spent the weekend in Bay City hanging out with Kimberly. We did all sorts of fun stuff like balancing across the railings of bridges above rivers, walking along railroad tracks, and teasing the animals at a military training building. It was safe wholesome fun.

I've posted the answer of last week's Guru's Quandary. The new question has been posted as well.

I've added a little to the Bionic Commando Database including the Bionic Commando Windows cursors and the box scans of Top Secret.

I've also added several new additions to the Indiana Jones page.

I finally cleaned up a bunch of old redirect pages that I had online for a long time now. It seems the search engines have finally removed them from their databases.

Here I am
Feeling: Happy 2004/04/02

Over the counter addictive stimulants. Where would we be without you?

The redesign of the Unusual City Names page has been completed. I think the new format look much more appealing.

I've also cleaned up the links page a little more.

I've pushed the month of March to the old news page.

There is also a new color scheme. If you don't see it reset your style to default. Yep, it's another blue style. The old blue has been renamed to "Dark Blue" to avoid confusion.

So you say I got a dirty mind, I'm a mean go getter
Feeling: Happy 2004/04/01

In fact, it seems that most web sites are powered by electricity. Who knew?

I played roughly 28 songs of DDR last night. Oh how I love that game, such fun. I can now pass even unknown four-footers with high grades, and I even passed a few five-footers.

I'm in the process of redesigning the unusual city names page. I should have it finished tomorrow. It will look a lot better.

Wow, March is already over, that was fast. My birthday is fast approaching. It's a totally meaningless birthday as far as the government is concerned. Stupid government not giving me any new rights for turning 24. I should get special privileges because of my new wisdom, and it should be something cool like a license to kill.