May, 2004

Oh well I guess it would be nice, if I could touch your body

Feeling: Playful


Last night I finally got around to watching The Two Towers with cast commentary with Sarah. Once again Billy and Dom stole the show with their kooky antics. Oh those silly hobbits. Also in the fantasy news, Harry Potter 3 comes out next Friday. Can I get a w00t?

My new monitor showed up today and I just ordered it last night, bonus for me. It's a 17" CRT, res: 1600x1200, dot pitch: 0.25mm. Nothing too special, but certainly better than my last one.

I've also updated the Indiana Jones page with the product links.

My computer has more gigaflops than your computer

Feeling: Proud


I played some DDR last night and passed a few new songs. I also spent a lot of time with Kendra. Did I mention she's amazing?

I've added more to my Reference page. It now has medical dictionaries and WhoIs lookup. I also finished creating icons for every site.

It's a machines world, don't tell me I ain't got no soul

Feeling: Happy


I picked up a PCI modem as well as a new mouse yesterday. It's an optical mouse which is great except for the annoying red light coming out of the mouse's butt. I know it's optical, I bought it, must I be plagued with a bright red light that reminds my eyes when they're blinded by it?

I spent the entire night at home on my computer again. Did I mention that I love Kendra? I need to get some exercise though. I haven't done anything strenuous since last week.

Hey Kids! Did you ever wonder how TheAlmightyGuru can get information so quickly? You too can have access to unlimited amounts of data thanks to his Reference Page. It gives you the ability to search for anything you ever wanted without having to visit hundreds of different search sites.

I command your very souls you unbelievers

Feeling: Cold


Last night I finished copying over the last of my data from Sonja. However, to my dismay I noticed that my old modem uses an ISA slot, and Kendra of course only has PCI. So it looks like I'll be needing a new modem. I'm kind of thinking about a cable modem now, but if they check the lines they might find out that they've been giving me free cable for several months and expect me to pay for it. Pay for cable? Pishaw!

I finally got around to playing Ultima 9 now that I have a computer that can run it. My initial verdict, I don't much care for it. The items aren't as detailed, the physics engine blows, and the voice acting leaves much to be desired. Of course, I've only made it through the fortune tellers test, so a lot can change.

I've updated The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy page with product links, some new pictures, and some more information. I'm anticipating the movie coming out.

I put some more work into the Queen page as well.

I hope that you die tonight
Just close your eyes there goes the light

Feeling: Bad


So for the weekend... On Friday I stayed up late loading Kendra with all the data from Sonja. Saturday, I went to work and played some network games of Doom 2 and Age of Empires. Later that day, I went to Grand Rapids to hang with Nikia, Katie, and Bobby. We went to the park which was flooded quite nicely. There were actual rivers of freezing cold water flooding over the walking paths which we foolishly waded through. None of us made it through dry.

Later that night I decided that I would slide down a banister on my arm which rubbed off a lot of skin. Not a fun thing. On Sunday, we went horseback riding which was quite fun. Later we went to the mall, trying to find a DDR machine, but alas they were all hiding, but I did see a really cute goth girl walking around the mall. I should keep quiet though, I don't want to make Kendra jealous.

I've updated The Fat Man page with product links and a cleaner interface.

The currently spotlighted item is The Last of the Mohicans, a movie which I've always loved. Plenty of action, romance, and drama.

I want a proper cup of coffee from a proper copper coffee pot

Feeling: Cheery


I don't need a girlfriend anymore, I have Kendra. She will take care of me. Oh yeah, Dean has a new PC!

My guru's have answered another question.

I'll pluck your fig's 'til the fig plucker comes

Feeling: Happy


Kendra is coming along nicely. I almost have her fully loaded with all the cool stuff she needs. Soon, I'll finally be able to go to a LAN party without being embarrassed, huzzah!

Kimberly came up from Ohio yesterday so we got to hang out all day which was very nice.

I've created Snow Crash page which of course is dedicated to the book.

I'm a daddy

Feeling: Content


She shall be known as Kendra and she shall be strong and good. Kendra is, of course, my new computer's name. The meaning of the name changes depending on the source, but the English name is something to the effect of "magical child of water". Her motherboard is a deep blue color, hence the name. Oh, she's so beautiful. I'll have pictures up soon.

I finished reading Snow Crash last night which was a awesome book. I wish it was just a little longer so a few loose ends would be tied up, but the book is a masterpiece plain and simple.

It turns out I'm more popular than I realized. All my web statistics have been calculated from only looking at my main page. After adding a new web counter that tracks all of my pages it seems that my original number of 30-40 hits per day is actually more like 1000 hits per day.

I've updated my Morse Code page to the latest style sheet and added the new at symbol to the list.

I've also updated the Harry Potter page with it's products, new pictures, and new links.

She's finally here!

Feeling: Excited


The last of my computer stuff arrived today, hurrah! Now I get to put it all together. I still haven't thought up a name for her yet, but that'll have to wait until she's born (i.e. first turned on). I still want to get a new DVD burner and probably a new monitor soon too.

I've read a bunch more in Snow Crash last night. Man, this book is awesome. I also burned a new DDR album. This time I actually set it up properly instead of just tossing the songs in any order.

Mucho updates to the Books page. I've broken it out into multiple pages and added a lot of new content.

I'm winkin' at witches and howlin' at moons

Feeling: Content


The weekend was fun. Apparently they have open karaoke at the local bowling alley on Saturday night. Some people should never try to sing. On Sunday after playing DDR a large group of us all went to get sushi together. It was a lot of fun, but I think we pissed off the staff there. We're such uncultured Americans.

I've added four new palettes to the 8-bit palettes section, and I also added some more commentary to it. I also gave the electronic music page a small face lift.

My current spotlighted item is the book Snow Crash, which I'm currently reading. The book is a very funny cyber-punk novel.

I'd also like to plug the Nintendo Review Project. Which is a daunting task by one individual to write a short review for every Nintendo game released in English.

But who can decide what they dream, and dream I do

Feeling: Anxious


I now have the RAM, hard drive, and video card for my new computer. I'm only waiting on the case and motherboard and I'll be all set. Then, I'll finally be able to use a computer made in this millennium. It's making me a little antsy. Yesterday, I worked on finding all the remaining DDR songs I don't have so I'll be able to play Stepmania with every song.

I've added a new section to the games page. The section is dedicated to the 8-bit palettes of old PC games.

Do you ever long for true love from me?

Feeling: Playful


I did some boffering last night as well as a few miles of blading. I said 'hello' to about ten people last night as I was skating around my apartment complex, and not a single one even acknowledged that I was speaking to them. I'm convinced that they are either afraid of me or hate me. Maybe they hate to fear me.

I'm working on my style-sheets a little, so if you see some pages that look a little strange that's why. I'm trying to shrink down some of the background code so everything will load a little quicker.

Let me run with you tonight

Feeling: Rebellious


I played more DDR last night. I beat a couple new seven footers. Go me. It's amazing how much more of a work out it is playing harder songs. I never sweated so much on the four footers.

The guru's have answered the time old question about buns and wieners.

I've added another one of my would be girlfriends. The lovely Liv Tyler.

The Dune page has been updated with all the latest Dune products.

It was a dark and stormy night

Feeling: Content


Ironically enough, it was a dark and stormy night when the movie started. So after three years of waiting, I finally got to see A Wrinkle In Time. My final verdict... I actually liked it. I was expecting a terrible mockery of my beloved children's book, but instead I found that the miniseries followed relatively close to the book. There were some omissions, adjusted timelines, bad CGI, poor acting, and alterations to certain characters, but in the end, the message of the book remained the same and the movie itself was rather entertaining. Needless to say, I've updated my A Wrinkle In Time page.

I've added some more to the film reviews page. I added two new movies and the ability to buy items as well.

What we do is what you wish to do

Feeling: Excited


I've been talking about it for over three years and tonight on ABC at 8/7c the A Wrinkle In Time Miniseries will finally be aired! Sure, it looks as though they totally butchered the book and they're only showing an edited two hours of the full four, but I'll be watching it anyway. Also, they may actually release the full miniseries on DVD which would be nice.

On Saturday I went to work and ordered the parts for my new computer. Once everything arrives I'll have a shiny new PC. Later on Saturday, I went down to Clarkston to do some boffering. There were about six of us beating the crap out of each other. Then, Dave and I went to play some DDR. Both of us got better. He beat his first light difficulty and I beat a few new seven footers. On Sunday I paid for all the activity with sore muscles all over.

Someone backed into my car last weekend. My (used to be) pretty car has dents on both sides now, sigh.

I've added a previous link to show all the items I've put into the spotlight.

I've updated the Unusual City Names page with the latest contributions.

I'm working on setting up a forum called "Genesee Subculture". It's going to be a board where geeks, punks, goths, etc. can all talk about the happenings in the Genesee County (Michigan) area. I have it online now, but I'm not going to start any official advertising until I'm more familiar with the internal workings of the board.

Boom boom boom boom, shoot you like a bambar

Feeling: Cool

2004/05/08 is three years old today! Whee!

I watched Van Helsing last night, which was pretty good. Not amazing, but good. I also created a preliminary DDR album. It contains over 40 tracks from the DDR games. What fun! I'm such a geek.

They afraid of Sushi K, cause their audience go away

Feeling: Nerdy


Last night I played some DDR, but the majority of it was spent creating a master list of every DDR song. A friend game me a CD with almost every song on it, so I compared it to my partial master list and found I was still missing some. Of course, my list itself isn't complete either because nobody has a full list of every song that isn't grouped by mix. So, I still need to do a bit more research before I have every song.

Hey, tomorrow turns three years old! Can you believe it? Any site can stay online for two years, but three takes dedication and a webmaster who has no life.

Woodshop workshops at a halfway house for hemophiliacs

Feeling: Happy


More DDR yesterday. I beat several new songs and some new seven footers. I deserve a cookie.

I've added three new movie reviews to the film page, and updated the Little House page with product links.

And when you jump up the earth wants you back

Feeling: Happy


More DDR last night. Looking back, I saw that at the beginning of April I was proud to beat five footers, and yesterday I beat another seven footer. In one month, using only the arcade version of DDR I have raised two feet of difficulty and only played half the days. Go me.

I've updated the Narnia page with the new product links.

I did a lot of work on Legendworld. I've added information of the religions, changed some of the angels around, updated the information on the main characters, and reworked the entire structure of the page. It's now broken into multiple pages.

Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what's right - Isaac Asimov

Feeling: Happy


Yesterday, I played DDR and for the first time I passed some 7 footers! I'm so happy. But I'm also ticked! Last night my video card on my computer started going bad. The screen started getting all fuzzy and blue. I pulled out the card, cleaned it, and reseated it, but now it's slightly slanted on the screen. The Almighty Guru is not amused.

I'm in the plans for getting a new computer anyway, as mine has been acting up ever since I filled the harddrive a few days ago. Priorities first though, I have to take my car in for service today. Hopefully, there won't be anything majorly wrong with it.

I have updated The Matrix and the Willow page with the new links.

I pushed the month of April to the Old News page.

Can anybody find me somebody to love?

Feeling: Content


Kimberly stayed at my place for the weekend before leaving for Ohio this morning. She's moving down there for the summer to work at Cedar Point. While she was here we played DDR, shot some pool, saw Ella Enchanted, and I subjected her to Indiana Jones, which she had never seen before.

On the topic of Ella Enchanted, Anne Hathaway was gorgeous in the movie. In the story she is cursed to do anything that people tell her. I'm sure I wasn't the only person to have nasty thoughts about that. She even sings a Queen song! Sweet.

The guru's have answered a new question concerning dogs and their bellybuttons.

I've also updated The Neverending Story page with all the new product links, and added a few different media versions. I also spotlighted the movie as seen on the left.