June, 2004

I know you sexualize me like a young thing would
And I think I like it

Feeling: Flirty


Yesterday, I played DDR for a few hours, then I went and skated for another. My calves are much bigger than I remember them being.

I've added three new 500x500 graphics to the art page.

It's getting awfully close to Firework Day and I still don't have any. I need to make a run to the border soon.

You're not real and you can't save me

Feeling: Proud


I've added the ogg vorbis files to the Secret of Mana music page. I also added a bunch of new midi files. Those together make my site the most complete Secret of Mana music site on the entire Internet. Go me.

I went to a fencing meeting up at the Flint YMCA last night. I chatted with the people there and they seem like a nice group, so I might take lessons in the fall.

Evanescence has released their new single "Everybody's Fool", and it's music video is available for download at their site, evanescence.com.

Good news! As of yesterday, "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" is being filmed! The movie is scheduled to be released late December 2005. Visit narniaweb.com for more information.

And, as usual, more topics have been added to the pointless database.

I wash my hair and I kid myself, I look real smooth

Feeling: Pensive


Friday night I passed my first Oni difficulty song in DDR. Although only an 8-footer, I passed Afronova (from nonstop megamix) twice. I deserve cookies.

I went to work Saturday morning, but only for awhile, because I had to make it to my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary party. After that I went to my father's and hung out. Finally, I made it home and began recording the Secret of Mana game music into a usable audio format.

On Sunday, played some more DDR, I went shopping, and finished recording all my SOM songs into ogg vorbis format. I'll probably put them online soon.

There are several added entries into the pointless database.

I have added ten new items to the facts about TheAlmightyGuru.

The new spotlighted item is my band Queen's three Greatest Hits albums together as one handy item. Only 8 bucks an album, it's a good deal!

And I heard you say the past was much more fun

Feeling: Nostalgic


Last night I started going through my SPC files (ripped SNES music). Video game music has such an effect one me, there is so much nostalgia behind it. I tend to associate the music with the memories of playing those games a long time ago in my parent's basement, or over at a friend's house. It's a good feeling from my past. Woah, I think I'm turning into an über nerd!

For those of you who would also like to hear some of your favorite game tunes, hop on over to my video game music page.

I've also added several new entries to the pointless database.

Just try and stop us!

Feeling: Rebellious


Help spread the word! Capitol Records has placed some malware on the latest Beastie Boys album for release outside the US and UK which effects your computer's ability to rip CDs. Is it only a matter of time before they release it in our home countries? See the full report at The Register.

I finished reading two books yesterday, "Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Saw There" by Lewis Carol, and "Farmer Boy" by Laura Ingalls Wilder. They're both children's books, but that doesn't make them bad, now does it?

The guru's have answered a new question.

I've also added several new topics into the Pointless Database. There is now a Database link in the main navigation box as well.

For crying out loud she screamed unto me

Feeling: Nerdy


I went shopping last night and picked up some new stuffs. I was a bit bummed because they didn't have those cool flosser things that are so much better than normal dental floss. I also forgot to get vacuum bags. I finally got around to cleaning my car out as well.

I also passed a new 8 footer in DDR. Holic on heavy, I own you!

Anyway, I've added several new entries into the Pointless Database. It's growing quite nicely.

I need to remember to change this

Feeling: Happy


Yesterday was a day of recovery from the weekend. I spent most of the day ripping my CDs onto my hard drive and playing ROMs. Today, once again, I'm full of fire and vinegar.

I've reached an all new high! I've created something that on the outside seems incredibly useful, but in fact is truly pointless! It's the all new Pointless Database. It's chocked full of useless topics and knowledge you never needed to know.

As of right now it's still fairly barren as it is just myself writing an encyclopedia sized database. I'm creating a little page for every person, place, thing, and idea I can think of. Oh yeah, I'm cool.

The real catch is that as of now, it's not even database driven!

Video games demand to be played

Feeling: Drained


Friday night I played some DDR and went bowling with the other mall rats. Just for the record, God beat Satan at bowling. Saturday morning I went to work, got a bunch of SNES and Genesis ROMs and played some games. Played a cool game called Demon's Crest. Early Sunday morning I left for Ohio to spend the day with Kimberly at Cedar Point. We hit every major coaster, and also spent some time playing DDR in their arcade (as pathetic as that is).

Also, very important news, my car's odometer rolled over to 50,000 miles on the way home. It was a life-altering experience.

I've added a new spotlighted item, the book Good Omens. It's a very funny book which I think everyone who has a sense of humor about religion should read.

I've added three new movies to my list of reviews.

Hotdog burps don't taste very good

Feeling: Cheery


Yesterday, I passed my first ever 8 footer on DDR! I deserve a cookie. This means that I have improved a foot of difficulty every 14.75 days since I began playing. I make these calculations because I'm a nerd.

I've added a bunch of new unusual city names thanks to every who submitted them.

O'Reilly has published a very cool poster which shows the evolution of all the major programming languages beginning with the very first, FORTRAN. Take a look at the PDF.

I need to get out more

Feeling: Okay


I played some more DDR last night. I was really doing good on the seven footers. I tried two eight footers, but was shot down each time. I still need a little more practice. I think I'll have it by the end of the month.

I'm currently working on writing a program that will aide in the creation of custom Stepmania files. It's my first program ever written in C# so it's going rather slow.

Although I have plenty of other things that I could be posting right now, I'm lazy, so I won't.

My computer thinks I'm cool

Feeling: Nerdy


I totally rocked the Zelda 2 rom last night and hacked the internal sprite lookup for the title screen. In your face terrible Zelda 2 programmers.

You know I just realized that I've been single for over a year now. How sad is that? I need a girlfriend or people are going to start to wonder about me, because I'm sure they don't already.

I've made a little comic out of the picture I took while camping of the rabbit and turtle which can be seen here.

Like the little pixel portrait? Make your own at ABI-Station.

You watch me singing this song, you see what my mouth can do
And you wish you were the one I was doing it to

Feeling: Flirty


Last night I played a whole bunch of DDR. Most of the songs I played were seven footers, and I passed most of them. I also passed several new heavy songs.

I did several loads of laundry yesterday and have more to do today. When I woke up in my tent last weekend I had a flea sucking blood out of my arm. So I'm making sure that everything is properly washed.

I also started hacking Zelda 2's title screen for a friend who's making a hack of the game. What really bugs me is that the rom has the alphabet listed about eight times in the chr data, but they had to duplicate tiles in the title screen. Who were the morons who worked on this game?

For those who are interested in programming check out www.256b.com. It's a site full of computer programs that are under 256 bytes in size.

I've added more pointless data. I now have a listing of all the popular compression formats. Right now it's just an overview of the different formats. Eventually, it'll have how the different compression methods work, and some benchmarking on the different algorithms.

Nightswimming deserves a quiet night

Feeling: Drained


The celebration of Camping Day was a success. For all the details check out the review.

I downloaded Winamp last night, and I much prefer the lite interface over Media Player's overhead. The play list feature is much easier to use as well. The only problem with it is that it won't associate file types properly. I even tried turning them off on Media Player.

My gurus, even with shackled hands and bound arms, have answered another question.

I watched Blade Runner on Sunday, which inspired me to put it in the spotlight.

Finally I figured out, but it took a long, long time

Feeling: Excited


Last night at the arcade I finally beat Healing Vision Angelic Mix on standard again. I also beat Across the Nightmare on Standard, and a few new heavy songs. I'm rather thrilled about it.

I had a strange dream this morning, which was similar to one I had a few days ago. I documented it in the dream log.

I've updated the Electronic Music page with a new title, Guardian Legend for the NES. I've also added a few new links, and stored some new files locally for faster download time.

Tomorrow is Camping Day, which I plan to celebrate. Hopefully, all the rain is through, because camping in the rain isn't all that fun. I'm still not sure exactly which park I'll be at yet.

And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space,
'Cause there's bugger all down here on Earth

Feeling: Sneaky


Kimberly was in town last night so we got to hang out which was fun.

My official holiday Camping Day is this Saturday. For those of you who listen to every word I say and religiously do whatever I tell them, you too will celebrate this holiday.

I've also added some more music lyrics to my database. It's now at 1,500 and holding.

As you sit around feeling sorry for yourself

Feeling: Happy


After doing a bunch of laundry and ironing last night I've come to the conclusion that I need a maid. So if any women out there want to do all the manual chores around my apartment, I'll pay you a dollar an hour. Also, you must wear the required uniform: a modified French maid's outfit. I'm sure you can use your imagination as to how it's modified.

I've added a few new items to the Reference page. It now has product searching and several other various databases to search through.

It looks like Indiana Jones 4, which was supposed to start filming this summer, might not become a reality. Check The Raider for info. However, there is still some hope with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

You give it all but I want more

Feeling: Happy


Yesterday, I picked up some plywood so I can mod my dance mats. I had them cut, and then I sanded them down nicely. I think I might paint them. After that, I just need to fasten the pads to the boards.

The gurus have answered a new question about fashion, if you can believe that.

If you're like me you think that Nostradamus wasn't a load of rubbish, and certainly not a false prophet that dumped a load of crap on paper and called it truth. Thusly, you'll be really annoyed by a hilarius site called the Nostradamus Quatrain Generator where predictions that are remarkably similar to those made by Nostradamus are randomly generated.

On the same vein, I've added some more topics and updated some old ones in my list of skeptic terms page.

Michigan seems like a dream to me now

Feeling: Okay


Okay, quick weekend recap. First, Prisoner of Azkaban was very good, but felt very rushed. A huge amount of the book was left out (which I expected), but all the real critical stuff was there. However, by only having the critical stuff, they had to crunch everything in. I hope the DVD will slow down the pace a little with the added footage. If you saw the movie and haven't read the book, you are no doubt confused with it. This can be remedied by reading the book, which is my new spotlighted item.

The arcade lock-in was a blast. Check out my full review.

Sunday was spent at Dave's sister's open house. We boffered, played volleyball, and ate lots of good food. His mom is a rockin' cook. Also, Paula is in town for the week and I got to see her.

Also, my PS2 to USB converter arrived and works beautifully. I had to load their drivers, but once I did all was well. It's a single USB cord, but allows for two PS2 controllers which is hella-cool. I also picked up two Mad Catz beat pads. This also means that I don't have to buy a new gamepad for my PC, I can just use my PSX controllers.

Harry Potter was a highly unusual boy in many ways

Feeling: Excited


Prisoner of Azkaban is out today!

Also in the news, there is another lock-in at the local arcade this weekend, which I'll of course be going to.

I don't go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me.

Feeling: Excited


In DDR last night I passed Cartoon Heroes and Captain Jack on standard (both 7 footers) multiple times. I also max comboed Break Down twice.

Prisoner of Azkaban is out tomorrow, ah the excitement. Our favorite little wizards look so grown up now.

This space left intentionally blank.

There are worse ways for a guy to spend his time

Feeling: Cheery


Oh yeah I rocked in DDR last night! I finally beat Healing Vision (Angelic Mix) on standard. It's probably the hardest seven footer I've beat to date. And because I like to be anal about these things, today is my 102nd day since I started playing DDR. This means that I've averaged gaining one foot of difficulty roughly every 15 days, so about two feet a month. How many people can claim that?

I ordered a PS2 to USB adapter today. Supposedly it works well with all the different pads. I hope it does anyway. I'll let you know when it arrives.

I've fixed a small bug in the Morse Code page. Thanks to BillC4 for pointing out the problem.

I pushed the month of May into the Old News page.

Only two more days until Prisoner of Azkaban! Whee!

Only dead girls like me

Feeling: Morbid


The extended weekend was fun. Saturday allowed me to play some LAN games with a coworker. It also allowed me to celebrate one of my own holidays, Physical Day, which is a day of trying to stomp out obesity problems. I played DDR for a few hours, but I played very hardcore. I played very fast songs with a whole lot of air and shadowed almost everyone else. I was quite tired at the end of it all. The next holiday is Camping Day witch occurs on the 12th.

Back to the LAN game. It's a home brew, but amazingly exciting to play. The game is called Soldat. If you like playing computer games, I strongly suggest that you download the game because it totally rocks. I spent most of the weekend playing it.

I've added several new names to the unusual city names page. Thanks to all those who have submitted.

My gurus have answered a question about tickling and DEATH!

Also, the new spotlighted item is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. If you haven't yet seen it (and shame on you if you haven't) you have only until this Friday until The Prisoner of Azkaban comes out!