July, 2004

Bushes quiver where shadows lean,
and not a sliver of moon is seen

Feeling: Bored


Two days ago I finished reading The Long Winter which is the sixth book in the Little House series. It was a good book. It seems as the main character, Laura, gets older the books start to deal with more adult topics. This has its benefits, but also its failings. Part of the charm of the first book is that it makes you feel like a child again.

This is the last weekend at Silverleaf this year and it's supposed to rain. After that is the Shiabruck's faire, then a couple times at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, then the Montrose Blueberry Festival, and finally the GVSU Reniassance Festival. Faire season isn't over yet!

Rilo Kiley is coming to Michigan October 1st! I am -so- going to be there!

You see all my light and you love my dark

Feeling: Pensive


Played some DDR last night. Beat a few new 7 and 8 footers on heavy. I'm getting very close to beating my first 9 footer.

My gurus have gone and answered some more of my reader's questions.

July is almost over. That leaves less than two months until the beauty that is autumn.

Time rushes by never ceasing

Feeling: Okay


I ended up not setting up my friend's computer which was cool. Instead, I watched Quantum Leap and spent all night cleaning the meta data in my music collection. That's so pathetic! I really need to make some friends that aren't computers.

Am I the only person who thinks that people who make blogs for their pets are insane? I've seen several blogs that people write from the perspective of their pet. What kind of wack-jobs are these people?

I ordered a new 128 MB xD memory card for my camera. After searching online for prices for the exact same item here's what I came up with:




Best Buy




$60 + shipping


Circuit City

$70 - rebates



$31 + shipping


And to think, I once bought hardware from these places.

If you've ever seen my Harry Potter page you'll know what everyone knows about it. It sucks. Then why, may I ask, is it the most popular page on my entire site? Over half of the web traffic of my site comes from that page. Why people, why? It's junk. There are so many other sites that are much better! Check out mugglenet.com, it's so much better!

Working on mysteries without any clues

Feeling: Okay


Fencing practice last night was great. I finally got to have a few actual matches. It's amazingly different from boffering, but still a blast to play. I even scored a few hits on some of the better players, some by accident of course.

I have to setup a friends online service tonight and also change my address at my bank. They make it awfully hard to do. You'd think it'd just be a simple form with old and new address, but no, they want every piece of information about me, social security number, divers license number, semen sample, etc.

I've added some content to the A Wrinkle In Time page including the trailer to the miniseries.

Check out these really surreal flash games at jimmy-k.com/amanita. Highly creative and quite unique. It makes me think of Gobliiins.

I've made an interesting little page that makes me nauseous just looking at. I call it brainwash.

Temptation is the better part of valour

Feeling: Drained


The arcade lock-in was a blast. In fact, I think this one was the best one yet, because it's the first one where I didn't feel the need to sleep halfway through. I was totally pumped because I beat some new heavy songs including CRASH! I arrived home at 7:30 AM and slept until 2:30 PM to get ready for the faire.

I arrived at Silverleaf at 5:30, just before it ended. However, the after faire party was lots of fun. I don't remember falling asleep that night, but Sunday was a blast. I kept meeting people I hadn't seen since the previous summer. For most of the day I was surrounded by women. Alas, they were all off-limits either by age or relations.

Also, my new camera arrived today! It'll never replace the love that I have for my old camera, but I think we'll get along well. So next week, I'll finally have some faire photos.

I made a doggie.

I used to be a little boy

Feeling: Sleepy


Tonight is a lock-in at the arcade. DDR will be played by all. I'll be bringing Kendra so we can all play Stepmania, what fun! I'll get to see people's reaction to my Sweet Dreams step file. Then, after I wake up sometime Saturday afternoon, I'll be heading out to the Silverleaf ren faire again for the third weekend. I have a feeling my body is going to revolt, but it'll just have to get over it.

My gurus have gone and answered a new question.

Here's to goodbye, tomorrow's gonna come too soon

Feeling: Blah


I picked up the first season of Quantum Leap last night. I really loved that show back when it was on TV, and it'll be nice to see it again. I do appreciate that all the old TV series are being released on DVD now. I'm still waiting for them to release MacGyver.

I worked on my Stepmania song of Sweet Dreams last night. I've almost finished the standard and heavy versions. I think the next time I make a song, I'm going to try to cut the song so it isn't so long. Making a four minute step file is very time consuming.

I've added some new pointless database entries, as well as a way to determine which ones have been added. Now you don't have to memorize which ones were there before!

Here's to the nights we felt alive

Feeling: Annoyed


When I got to Best Buy last night I remembered why I keep telling myself to stop going there. Everything has an annoying mail-in rebate. I don't like businesses who are hoping that I will forget to mail in the rebate so they can charge me more for a product, or even if I do mail it in, deny the fact that I did, and still screw me out of money. Oh well, I found the same thing even cheaper at pricewatch.com.

It was nice to see a portable music players are starting to support Vorbis.

There are some new and updated pointless database entries as well.

Why does it always feel so wrong

Feeling: Annoyed


I think I'll go out tonight and look for a new camera. I would like an Olympus E-1, but you know, I don't think I can afford it. I still need a DVD burner as well, maybe I'll kill to birds with one bird killing thingy.

There are several new entries into the pointless database.

It looks as though Ultima X has been dropped by EA so they can concentrate only on Ultima Online's new expansion, Samurai Empire. Ninjas in Ultima, WTF? Also, the Origin web site is now just a redirect to the UO site. I guess it's only a matter of time before EA drops the Origin name all together. It's so sad to watch a company that meant so much to me growing up be defiled in such a manner. We Created Worlds is right.

There is someone in this world who I hate

Feeling: Angry


I'm back from the faire and I would be posting several pictures of the weekend except for one tiny flaw. Someone stole my camera!

I was buying something at a vendor and set it down in front of the person working there, but forgot to pick it up after I left. Ten minutes later, I remembered that I left it behind and went back for it, only to find that it was gone. I checked with lost and found and the vendor several times, but it never turned up. Argh! It's so aggravating to know that someone would just take something without even trying to find the rightful owner. I paid over $300 for the camera and accessories and now it's all gone. Whoever it was that stole it, I hope your pictures turn out bad! If anyone ever sees a metallic gray Olympus digital camera with a speck of dust inside the viewfinder, please hurt the person who has it.

Well, enough venting. My guru's have answered another question.

The new spotlighted item is Rilo Kiley's album, The Execution of All Things. This is to get ready for their next album with will be out next month called More Adventurous.

Fencing practice tonight, hopefully I'll get to work out some of this aggression.

Forgot the title

Feeling: Happy


My sister asked, in a politically correct way I assure you, for a background similar to my graphic piece, Green Spider. The new background is called Whirlpool.

Tomorrow is the second weekend of the Silverleaf Renaissance Festival. It feels like I've been there more than only one weekend. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

God is a Liberal, God is a Democrat
God wants you to vote Republican

Feeling: Nerdy


I tried out a new hair style yesterday. It involved messing up my long hair with lots of gel. It looked pretty cool it made my hair really curly, which looked spiffy. Also, I look good in mascara.

It bugs me when people who don't know me very well tell me that I'd like something. I was talking to a girl about movies and before I told her any of my favorite movies she told me that I would like movie X. How does she know I'd like it? She has yet to know my taste in movies. She doesn't know my taste in humor, action, or drama and yet she thinks that just because she likes a movie, I'd like it as well. I'm not mad, but it's kind of silly to tell someone that they'd like something when you don't know what they like.

I've updated the unusual city names page with the most recent reader's submissions.

I've added some new entries into the pointless database and added a lot more content to several existing entries.

Proud to be a Hufflepuff!

Feeling: Content


I kicked some DDR butt last night! I cleared Sobakasu Freckles, Colors, and Absolute all on heavy!

I've completed my sorting quiz to determine which Harry Potter house you would belong to. I spent a lot of time on it creating questions that judge your actual character as a person instead of your favorite color. As expected, I came out Hufflepuff. It's fitting, I'm loyal and just. I'm not a big enough glory hound to be a Gryffindor, I'm not vindictive enough for Slytherin, and I'm not boring enough for Ravenclaw.

If you want to find out what house you belong to, check out my house sorting quiz.

I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes

Feeling: Inept


Do you know what bugs me? I can remain calm and composed when talking with most women, provided they are a friend or I'm not interested in them. However, when I'm chatting with a girl who I'm interested in and I don't know, I babble and sound like a socially inept loser. I really hate that.

Anyway, my fencing practice last night was informative, I spent time with foot work and parrying. It's quite different than boffering, but I think I'll enjoy it just the same.

I'm currently working on a new online quiz which should be up tomorrow if I can figure it out by then.

No promises, no demands

Feeling: Drained


The ren fest was a blast. It took all the energy out of me and I'll require the rest of the week just to recover from it so I can go and do it again next week. So now, I'm sore and sunburned and I've got fencing lessons tonight. It's like I accidentally chopped up my hand in a meat grinder, and now I have typing class. Anyway, a word of wisdom, sleeping on a four foot bed when you are almost six feet tall is painful.

Getting back to the faire is always a good feeling. Lots of fun, food, and fantasy. Not to mention beautiful women in clothes that accentuate the breasts. It's like being a kid in a eye-candy store. Ha! Eye-candy store, I'm so clever.

Driving to the faire felt a little strange. I remember the way very well because I've driven it so many times when I was dating Larissa, but I haven't gone down that road in a year. It was kind of surreal remembering the drive and knowing that the reason was different and would never come again. It's hard to explain.

I've added ten more entries into the pointless database bringing the total number of entries up to 100!

Dancing bears, painted wings, things I almost remember

Feeling: Lazy


I've broken out the Harry Potter page into multiple sections. This will give me more room for expansion of the things I have planned.

Renaissance Festival tomorrow! Whee! It's been a whole week since the last one.

Here comes the rain again

Feeling: Gloomy


Here we are in the middle of summer and it's only 61 degrees and drizzly. Those global warming people are such liars!

Last night I picked up a book on world religions. It covers all the major ones, so it'll be nice to have some more knowledge on such a profound topic.

I've added more to the pointless database. It already has 90 entries.

Whilst looking through my logs I noticed that somebody hit my site from a search query that said "Cartoon porn witch where you do not need to sing up to look at". Yes, they wrote sing instead of sign. Maybe they actually meant sing. Maybe they're looking for cartoon witch porn and they're bad at singing or something. I'm not sure which is worse, the fact that someone was searching for that, or that my web page has those words on it!

I thank the lord for the night time

Feeling: Pensive


My guru's have been nice enough to answer another one of your pathetic questions. Of course, they had little choice, I genetically engineered them to do it!

I pushed the old news to the graveyard.

This weekend is the opening day of the Silverleaf Renaissance Festival. I'm looking forward to being back at the old faire once again.

I need to play a new game. I'm rather bored with my existing ones, and I want a game that I can play and beat. Nothing too long, so RPGs are out. Possibly an action game of some sort. Anybody out there have any ideas?

I want to be a pyro

Feeling: Happy


The Ludington faire was a little empty last weekend. The rain scared most of the people away, and there weren't even that many vendors. However, I still enjoyed myself. I chatted with some friends who I only see at faires for the first time this year. It was a good feeling all around to get back into the swing of things. As far as purchases, I now have a Celtic knot cross, a new hematite bracelet, and a large red dragon sheet. All cool stuff.

Also, in mundane life, I spent my day off cleaning. Whee, exciting. At least my apartment doesn't look like trash anymore. I also picked up the Simpsons 4th season on DVD. Although, I'm kind of bummed. I never got a chance to light off my fireworks, so I still have plenty of stuff that needs to be blown up.

I've added and updated several entries into the pointless database.

First faire of the year

Feeling: Happy


So here is my firework collection for this year. Looks pretty impressive, no?

The electronic music page has been updated with Winamp plugins for NSF, SPC, and OGG decoding.

Over the weekend I'll be at the Western Michigan Renaissance Festival in Ludington. I've never been there before, so I hope to enjoy myself and meet some new people.

I've created some cute little Windows error messages that you don't see very often. Take a look.

I do it all because I'm evil

Feeling: Rebellious


Yesterday, after work, I drove down to Ohio and picked up $118.00 worth of fireworks. I've got some nice stuff this year, and even a 2000 count roll of fire crackers! This should be an interesting 4th.

My gurus have gone and added another answer to the Ask A Guru page.

I just found out I get Monday off. w00t!