September, 2004

And I hope you're blue too!

Feeling: Invincible


Bought some new jeans last night, played some DDR, practiced guitar, lifted weights, played some more Ultima 7. Twas a fun day.

Rilo Kiley this weekend, and next weekend is the last faire of the year, the Grand Valley Renaissance Festival.

Chalk up one more answered question from the gurus.

It's the perfect time of year

Feeling: Happy


Played some DDR last night and cleared a few more heavy modes.

I spent a few hours resorting my magic cards. Basically, I took every card that I usually use in deck building out of my giant collection and I now have a much smaller amount of cards to work with. I also emptied my rare binder and tossed those cards in with the rest of my new box of cards.

In Ultima 7, I made it through most of Moonglow last night. I spoke with Pneumbra and protected her from the harmful ether. I'm currently in Terfin looking for the ethereal ring.

I've been spending time finding out the benefits and flaws of the Electoral College. It's an interesting system and I never really knew why it works the way it did. If you are unfamiliar with the process there is a clearly written description of it here. However, that page only explains the process, not the reasons. For a detail description of the pros and cons of the Electoral College go here. I'm still undecided as to where or not the Electoral College is a fair way of determining the president.

You laugh at me because I'm the same as everyone else, I laugh at you because you think you aren't as well

Feeling: Happy


Today is the perfect example of an autumn day. It's 58F, overcast, and slightly moist. Not cold enough for coats, not warm enough for t-shirts. In my already budding Halloween spirit, I picked up "Hocus Pocus" on DVD.

I getting closer to finding out about the Black Gate. I'm through Vesper. I also cleaned out the cyclops caves and the Vesper mine. I arrived at Moonglow just before bed time.

My gurus have answered another question.

Eternal life is worth any sacrifice

Feeling: Happy


I had an enjoyable weekend over in East Lansing with Dave and Eric. Most of it was spent playing Magic and buying some new cards which have nicely increased the power of my decks. Always fun. I'm kicking butt in Ultima 7 as well. I worked through Destard, passed through Jhelom, and am now on my way to Vesper. I also picked up the pirates treasure. My guitar practicing is going well. Although I still horribly suck and can only play six notes, I can play those six notes almost accurately.

The currently spotlighted item is the Back to the Future Trilogy. How awesome is that?

Rilo Kiley concert is this weekend. I'm so geeked to go!

For a good laugh, check out this site that makes cartoons based off the title of spam emails.

I'm in a Grand Blanc state of mind

Feeling: Sleepy


Played some more DDR last night. No new songs, but I did get an A on The Legend of Max on standard.

Woke up around 5:30 this morning. I'm not happy about it, but it does make my eyes sting, so something good came out of it, right?

There is a new graphic piece called Blue Tube. Original, I know.

I've added a few more topics in the pointless database.

Several new movie images have been added to the Harry Potter page.

Need another reason to vote for Bush? How about his proposed plan for Jesus Day?

Demented as the motives in your head

Feeling: Okay


Dinner last night came from Damons, an expensive, but mighty tasty, rib joint. For the first time in a long time I had leftovers from a meal. Weird.

I have to be at work two hours early tomorrow. I'm not too thrilled about that, but such is work.

For those who haven't played Homestar Runner's game Peasent's Quest, what's wrong with you? It's a wonderful game quite reminiscent of the old King's Quest games by Sierra Online.

It's all about the pumpkins

Feeling: Festive


Welcome my friends to autumn 2004, which I'm sure will be the best autumn this year!

Last night, Kimberly and I watched the movie Reality Bites and then went bowling. I always have a good time with her.

Of course, with it being the first day of autumn, I had to update All Things Halloween.

Happy happy joy joy

Feeling: Cheery


Kimberly came over last night and I was able to finally celebrate her birthday which occurred on the 18th. Happy Birthday Kimberly, you're not dead.

I'm still playing Ultima 7. I've made it through the stuff in Minoc and after I get through Destard I'm going to Jhelom. I love this game, although I can see it needing many improvements. Now that it's open source, so to speak, I just might make them, or at least submit them to the programming team.

Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn! Isn't that great!

I have new respect for musicians

Feeling: Creative


Saturday, on a total whim, I bought an acoustic guitar. Nothing special, I went for the cheap one, but it's a real full six-string, made of wood and stuff. Why did I do this? Well, when people first look at me they expect me to be able to play guitar. Maybe it's the long hair, band shirts, or torn jeans, who knows. Anyway, when they find out I can't play they get all disappointed like I just killed their first born or something (which is possible). Anyway, in order to not disappoint, I've decided to try to learn to play the guitar.

Actually, I've always wanted to learn to play the guitar, ever since I listened to rock music, but it's hard to learn without a guitar. Thus, the buying of one. For now, I can play six notes and my fingers -really- hurt.

I've created a new palette for my default graphics. My last one is a couple years old, so I decided to make a new one.

Only two more days until autumn! Most of my friends aren't too thrilled about this, but I'm excited!

I played a bunch of Ultima 7 over the weekend. Those guys over at Exult are so cool.

Not all those who wander are lost

Feeling: Proud


I beat my second 9 footer in heavy mode last night! IRRESISTIBLEMENT has been defeated. I've got a little over 20 more 7 footers left to beat before I have them all.

I've added a new would-be girlfriend, the adorable Jenny Lewis. Speaking of Jenny, Rilo Kiley has a new music video out for "It's a Hit", which can be seen at their web site.

Does any one out there know of a good free DVD ripping utility? I haven't really looked for one yet, but I want one.

Car = Bad

Feeling: Annoyed


Even after having the work done on my car it still acts pissy when I first start it. I guess I'll have to take it in again for that. Computers are so much better than cars. At least with my computer when something is wrong I can easily fix it.

The Dragon Warrior page has been updated with several game maps. I've added some True-Type fonts to the Star Wars and Star Trek pages.

I'm sorry I'm hard to live with, living is the problem for me

Feeling: Content


Last night I played some more DDR and covered my shirt from top to bottom in sweat. I'm proud. I cleared several new 7's and 8's. I'm getting closer to passing every 7 footer in the game, only a few more.

I've built a web server from used parts lying around my work, and now I have my own web server for Last night I loaded her up with Windows 2003 Server. She still needs a little work and a lot of software before she's ready to go online, but she's alive. Her name is Aranha, which is Portuguese for spider.

I got my car looked at. Oil change, new tire, and everything should be good now. Except for the hideous dents.

For you fans of the Simpsons, take a look at the complete map of Springfield.

A few new updates to All Things Halloween.

Gotta write a hit, I think this is it, it's a hit

Feeling: Annoyed


I'm very disappointed in my car not fixing itself. The front driver's side wheel is making funny noises now, and I don't remember giving it permission. Oh well, I needed to take it in for service anyway. Stupid non-self-healing car.

I finally got around to updating the unusual city names page with all the submitted names. I also cleaned out several of the older ones which weren't that interesting.

Once again I've added to All Things Halloween. More movie and book reviews this time.

I have never never never never never never never never

Feeling: Happy


My weekend was a blast. Friday night I went to East Lansing to hang out with Dave. Saturday we went to the Bancroft Harvest Festival, which should really be renamed to "festival that has boffering". Sunday was a nice lazy day. I hit the mall and picked up several nice books. Today is Monday the 13th. Now that's an unlucky day!

I added again to All Things Halloween. I hope to have most of the standard content finished before October starts. I'm already getting a lot of hits on the pages, and I feel bad that people find them, only to see them partially empty.

Check out the new spotlighted item, it's the awesome book, Dune.

The highway's still jammed, darn traffic

Feeling: Happy


Last night I played some more DDR and cleared a few more songs, 7's and 8's. I also watched CSI on Spike TV. I'm quite thrilled they're airing it every night now. That show is so cool.

I've updated All Things Halloween again. I'm trying to get as much on the site as I can before October so I'll have plenty of information for potential visitors.

I'm heading up to East Lansing tonight to hang out with Dave O. On Saturday, I'll be killing small children in the boffer list! Fun fun fun!

The highway's jammed with broken heroes
on a last chance power drive

Feeling: Happy


Last night I defragged my hard drive. It was fun. Now if only I could get this excited over running maintenance on my car, which it needs yet again.

Well, my memory is still as sharp as a razor that was just sharpened to be razor sharp. Yesterday, I tried to list out my entire CD collection from memory and I only forgot two out of the eighty-seven. Not bad at all.

I've added some pictures of my trip to the Michigan Renaissance Festival.

In the humor page I added a way to tell the difference between items created by moi, and items created by others. You can usually tell which ones are created by me just because they're so much better, but this is just to make sure.

I don't blame you, I do the same thing, I get lonely too

Feeling: Okay


A new question has been answered by my gurus.

There's a new pretty pink picture added to the art page.

I typed up my complete music collection of CDs, records, and various other items. I'm probably missing a few because I did the whole thing from memory.

I kind of want to take guitar lessons. I'm not really sure why, but playing the guitar seems like it's something I should do.

All of your failures are training grounds

Feeling: Happy


The long weekend was quite nice. I took my cousin to the Michigan Renaissance Festival, which I'm pretty sure she enjoyed. I was also made aware of some of the more cool places to be on the Internet. It seems I'm becoming less hip in my old age. Kids still use the word "hip" right? I met several people who I knew, but I missed out on a few people I was looking for. How typical. I'll have pictures up tomorrow.

I've updated All Things Halloween with some more info.

I'm now spotlighting the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which if you haven't read, you are not allowed to call yourself a nerd.

It finally happened. The word "nude" has surpassed "guru" as the most searched for keyword on my site. It seems odd because there isn't a single nude picture on my entire site, yet every page contains "guru" in the URL. I owe my success to Carly Patterson and Paul Hamm. Thank you.

It's your gradual descent into a life you never meant

Feeling: Happy


Played some more DDR last night. I'm getting close to being able to play with the big boys. I cleared a few new 7 and 8 footers. I've almost completed every 7 in the game, only a few left.

Acclaim, the video game publishing company, filed for bankruptcy yesterday! It's kind of sad, they've been making games for so long now, but soon they'll be gone. You can see a list of games they published at Moby Games.

I've added a new game to my video game music page. I can't believe I forgot to add Super Street Fighter 2. I also updated some information and added some links for the composers.

I pushed the month of August to the old news page.

This weekend I'll be taking my cousin to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. She's never been to a festival before, so I'd thought I initiate her properly.

I am flawed if I'm not free

Feeling: Happy


For some reason, even after waking up two hours early yesterday, I ended up staying 2 hours late. Not really on purpose, I just couldn't fall asleep. It was rather annoying really.

I found the plug-ins for Nero to support many different codecs. If you use Nero you may want to take a look.

I've also added a new page called Guru Approved. Basically, it will list all the applications and formats that I think are ace. I'll give mini reviews about each topic and compare it to other common applications that many people use even though they are inferior. Although it's still a bit empty and plain, I'll give it a nice facelift and add links and downloads soon.

The need to destroy things creeps up on me every time

Feeling: Proud


I set a goal for myself and I succeeded in that goal! Last night I finally passed Break Down on heavy mode. That's my first 9 footer in heavy mode ladies and gentlemen. I even passed it on my first try (for that day anyway). I'm so cool, women want me, and men want to be me.

I had to be to work this morning at 7 instead of my usual 9. I only get around 6-7 hours of sleep normally, and taking two more off that has left me rather zombified today.

I set up my DVD burner last night and got it all working. I still don't have any DVD-Rs to burn with, but it's nice to finally be able to burn CDs again. I was a bit disappointed that Nero doesn't have native Vorbis support, but I found a plug-in for it.

I've added a new name to my would be girlfriends, it's the mega-hottie, Kirsten Dunst.