October, 2004

Lake Huron rolls, Superior sings
In the rooms of her ice-water mansion

Feeling: Festive


A word from the wise. If you starting eating food that is burning your tongue, and push the food to the roof of your mouth, the roof of your mouth will burn as well, causing great pain and blistering, so don't do that. I'm so smrt.

I had a very annoying dream this morning.

I keep getting spam that says it can get rid of porn emails. First of all, I don't get porn emails. Secondly, if I did get porn emails, why on Earth would I want to get rid of them? Think spammers, think!

I just remembered that this is a four-day weekend for me. I took off this Friday and Monday a few months back so I could have an extra long Halloween weekend. I'm sure I'll enjoy it. My old friend Heather is in town from California, and I get to see her for the first time in a year.

If I don't make any updates while I'm away, Happy Halloween to everyone, and enjoy this festive wallpaper.

October 26th, 6:00 PM, Eastern Daylight Time.

Feeling: Okay


Thanks to Sarah for bringing this to my attention. The new Rent movie is trying to cast several of the original Broadway cast members for the movie! This will appeal to most Rent fans. Take a look at playbill.com.

The Gurus have answered a new question. Take a look, be amazed.

My Bionic Commando editor is coming along nicely. I'm learning an awful lot about C# as well, which is an added bonus. Hopefully, I'll have a version of it posted some time next week.

I've added my pictures from the arcade lock-in. If you were there check them out. If you weren't, well I'm not stopping you.

Now Rocky Raccoon he fell back in his room
Only to find Gideon's bible

Feeling: Okay


I've posted the Bionic Commando ROM hacking documents which can be seen at the bottom of the Bionic Commando hacking page. I'm also working on a ROM editor. It's going slowly, because I'm writing it in C# which I'm still very new at.

Woke up to the sound of pouring rain

Feeling: Sleepy


I seem to have forgotten what sleep is. I vaguely remember it having something to do with darkness or beds or something.

So yeah, the arcade lock-in Friday night was awesome. It was a costumed lock-in, I showed up in a suit and tie and played the "prom date" look. DDR in a suit isn't as easy as you'd think. I should have pictures up soon. I stayed there until 6:00 AM, and went to get breakfast at Big Boy because they have a staff of cuties.

Got home sometime around 8:00 I think, slept off-and-on until around 6:00 PM, and got ready for the other party. My costume this time was basically a transvestite. I wore red latex pants, fishnets, darling makeup, shaved my beard, and put my hair in pigtails. A cute little girl mentioned that I talked like a boy (I wonder why). Stayed at the party until... I don't remember but it was late, and then hung out with Angel for several more hours. I don't remember sleeping Saturday night either.

On Sunday, I went to the mall because I was in the mood for cheap Chinese mall food. I picked up a new LotR poster while I was there. The rest of the day was spent on the couch watching television in a daze. I went to bed around midnight, which is actually pretty good considering.

The new spotlighted item is Alice Cooper's Mascara and Monsters. It's a very nice album which is basically a greatest hits from the beginning of Alice up to the Trash album.

I'm working on a nice and pretty HTML version of a Bionic Commando ROM hacking document. I should have it posted soon.

The sound and amplification, listen

Feeling: Sleepy


I had a strange dream this morning that involved an Alice Cooper concert. The full write up is in my dream log.

I created fifteen mixed CDs last night spanning my favorite songs covering my favorite artists. I made sure that no CD contains more than one song per artist, and I broke out upbeat and downbeat songs to make sure each CD had a good mix of each. I did all this because I'm so cool.

I have two Halloween parties to attend this weekend. The first one is an all-nighter tonight at the arcade. The second, is in Owosso Saturday evening. See, I am cool after all.

Are you both masculine and feminine?

Feeling: Sleepy


I totally rocked out on DDR last night and added several new eight footers to my repertoire. I should be adding a few more tonight as well.

There is a new Say No! image, obviously.

I added fifteen new images to my Harry Potter page. I still wonder why it is the most popular page on my site even though it's so tiny and grossly out dated compared to the other Harry Potter sites.

A hundred numbers on my wall,
Some with names I sometimes call

Feeling: Cheery


Yesterday evening was spent in the company of a lovely lady. As such, yesterday evening gets a gold star.

I've added some more to All Things Halloween. And for those of us who are counting, only 11 days until Halloween!

I've noticed that I haven't played DDR since last Friday. This dilemma must be remedied. I'd hate to lose my girlish figure.

Overlook this supposed crime

Feeling: Sleepy


Thanks to Bryce Chamber I now have the newest music for Dransik in MIDI format. I'm missing the MP3, so if anyone has them, please contact me.

Oh so cool! A Bionic Commando map editor has been made! It still needs work before it's totally useable, but it's awesome! Check it out! Now that a simple map editor has been made, I can continue mapping the game. Area 1-1, Area 1-2, Area 3-1, Area 3-2.

If you're tired of losing battles with yourself

Feeling: Okay


Over the weekend I played Magic, played DDR (and beat Afronova on heavy!), played some D&D 3.5, configured a friend's computer, and didn't sleep enough.

There is a new page called More Links which contains all those links that I didn't feel like adding to my main links page because they just weren't cool enough.

There is a new image in the Say No section. Yes, I'm anti-mullet.

Giang Hu is a world of tigers and dragons, full of corruption

Feeling: Cheery


My gurus have cracked open the famous Buddhist koan in their latest question answered.

More DDR last night. Passed several new 8 footers.

While researching who I'm going to vote for, I found a cool web site that asks you a series of political questions and rates where you stand for a left or right wing economy and an authoritarian or libertarian social structure. It turns out I'm more liberal about social issues than I thought I was, but just as left wing about economical issues as I expected. Go me. Anyway, if you want to rank yourself visit the The Political Compass.

I'll be heading to East Lansing this weekend to hang out with my friends and play some Magic: TG. Hopefully, I can get my "Sacred Matrix" deck up and running.

If you're happy and you know it, I don't care

Feeling: Festive


Did you know that if you beat Solitaire on Vegas mode you only win $208. What a rip-off.

I picked up Max 300 on standard as well as a few other songs last night. There are still multiple 8 footers I need to pass, but I don't think I'll have too much trouble on most of them.

All Things Halloween has been updated again. I added the section on vampires and also added two new video games.

Autumn is in full swing here in Michigan. The leaves have turned and are starting to fall, the weather is getting colder, and it's getting dark earlier. Soon, the Great Pumpkin will come to all the pumpkin patches leaving goodies for all the true believers... Did you ever wonder if Linus was a cult leader, and that he was going to someday lead this big mass suicide on Halloween for the Great Pumpkin?

I'm a clone, I know it and I'm fine

Feeling: Happy


Egad! It's Wednesday the 13th! Bad luck for everyone!

Last night I finally cleared the last of the 7 footers in DDR Extreme. Only 8 footers and higher remain for me to conquer, and conquer I shall! I'll be there again tonight to add some new eights.

You know what's funny? Hotmail lets you to block junk email addresses, but you can't block any junk email that comes from a Microsoft address. They claim that by blocking Microsoft you'll miss out on important information. Apparently, wasting money on an MSN account is too important to miss.

Everybody's out on the run tonight,
but there's no place left to hide

Feeling: Happy


Last night I saved Britannia from the evils of the Guardian. I finally killed off Hook, Elizabeth, and Abraham. Of course, that wiley Batlin escaped to the Serpent Isle. The Guardian is kind of pissed at me now for foiling his plans, but you have to expect things like that from him. He is a giant red muppet after all. On a side note, do you think the designers had a thing for liches? I had to kill about five on the Isle of the Avatar. Chalk up one more game beaten.

Cleared a few new stages in DDR again last night. I also practiced on my guitar. I can almost play a mangled version of jingle-bells. Go me.

There are a few more reviews on All Things Halloween.

I figured I'd create a new Michigan advertisement as well. In case you missed the pervious ones they're on the humor picture page.

Before this river, becomes an ocean

Feeling: Flirty


I did some damage in the world of Britannia. I destroyed all three generators, killed the liche at the Shrine of Sacrifice, completed the Forge of Virtue, and made my way to the Isle of the Avatar, just before the celestial alignment is about to take place. I'm about ready to wipe out the Fellowship for good.

I also finished reading The Education of Little Tree. It was an amazing book which tells a very nice story. It was funny, thought-provoking, and quite bitter-sweet. I really liked it, regardless of the controversy that it created.

The Grand Valley Renaissance Festival was, for the most part, typical. It contained the same vendors as usual. I was bummed that the chainmail lady from last year didn't have a booth, so I'll have to deal without for awhile. I did pick up a nice necklace though. And once again, I had a collar put on me and was led around for while. You'd think I'd get tired of it by now, but who am I kidding, I adore it.

They should've seen you, should've known you
should've known what it was like to be you

Feeling: Happy


Cleared a few new songs on DDR last night. I hope to pass every 7 footer before the end of the month.

I cleaned out Destard last night, and also slew a few dragons along the way. Now I'm traversing through the maze that is Despise. My, how I hate this dungeon.

There are a few more topics added to the pointless database.

There's blood in my mouth
cuz I've been biting my tongue all week

Feeling: Elated


Played some more DDR last night and cleared several more songs. I have only a handful of sevens left to clear.

Rilo Kiley was on the Conan O'Brien show last night, which I stayed up until 1:30 to see. It was so cool to see them on real TV I'm so happy for them that they have gotten so big. Unfortunately, the audio wasn't that great, the instruments were really toned down making Jenny's voice a little too loud, it just didn't mesh well. They played Portions For Foxes instead of It's a Hit, which makes sense.

I visited the Time Lord last night, worked through the Enterprise, I mean Serpent's Hold, and made my way the entrance of Despise. Such a lovely place. I still have some unfinished business in Destard and The Isle of Fire, which I might clean out first.

Anyone in the market for a nice heart attack? You can pick up a 6lb. burger at a pub in Pennsylvania. I kind of want to go there just to buy it.

I've been looking the the archives of John Romero's web page and it's put me in the game creator's mood. Every time I read about the good-old days of programming and game creation I get back to that feeling. I really want to create a real computer game, but that market is just so impossible to get into these days, and it's practically impossible to find armature artists / programmers / designers / and composers willing to waste their time on my bizarre ideas.

Another liche bites the dust

Feeling: Evil


In Ultima news, I cleaned out the abandoned prison of Wrong and wiped out the liche. There are still a few others in the game, and I've got their number.

For those of you who have long hair and use metal-free hair ties, Scünci brand totally rock over Goody brand. I recently bought some non-metal Goody ties and they kept breaking, so I bought some Scünci ones and they are much stronger. Just FYI, us long-hairs have to stick together.

I need to do some DDR today. I haven't played in six days! Oh, the humanity!

Horance, I pwn you!

Feeling: Happy


Spaceshipone won the X Prize yesterday. If you're unfamiliar with it, the prize was ten million dollars awarded to a private company who could send a vessel into space twice in a two week period while carrying the equivalent of three people in weight. You can get more info here.

Well, I finished out Skara Brae, freed Horance the liche, and destroyed the Well of Souls. I returned to Alganar and picked up his notebook, and now I'm on my way back to the wisps. I love this game.

That silent killer known as frost was out this morning. It was cold. In fact, it still is kind of cold. Not too cold, but not warm either.

It's official! RENT is in preproduction for a movie! It's about time too! Keep an eye on the IMDB page. You can see more information in this article from Playbill.

I pushed the month of September into the old news page.

We should become more adventurous

Feeling: Content


The concert just totally rocked my socks off. It was amazing! My full write up can be seen here.

In Britannian news I've made it past New Magincia and into Skara Brae. The place gives me the creeps, especially that evil lich Horance.

I need to go shopping for annoying hygiene stuff today. I used the last of my conditioner, and I need that to live.

The new spotlighted item is the first book in the Harry Potter series. So in case you've been in a hole for the past few years you can bring yourself up to speed.

I am the champions

Feeling: Proud


It seems I've sold 33 copies of the 7th Guest and 8 copies of the 11th Hour from my web page through amazon. I feel so pleased that I'm part of keeping the faith with old games.

Last night I picked up my first AA grade in DDR. I cleared Afronova on standard with only 32 greats, go me!

With it being the first day of October I felt it important to update All Things Halloween. Ahh, October, thirty one days of fun.

Dare I say it... Rilo Kiley tomorrow!