January, 2005

Love is how it's lost, not how it's found

Feeling: Okay


I'm getting annoyed by the constant problems from my mail servers at work so I'm switching over to gmail for my primary account. So future emails should be sent to thealmightyguru@gmail.com. I'll keep my previous account up forever, but expect to see it phased out soon. I've already switched all the links on my site.

Okay, weekend recap. Friday evening, I played DDR. Nothing new. Saturday, I worked in the morning, then really went to town washing the passenger side floorboard of my car. I'm pretty sure I finally have it clean of any mildew. After that, I went to dinner and was able to chat with a very nice server, albeit too young for me (as usual). Sunday, I went to the mall and bought some shoes that I didn't need, but I just felt like buying shoes (I'm such a girl). I ran into Amanda, or should I say, she robbed me of my bandana (the bruise on my hand is lovely, by the way), I also met Rachel and Jen. I shopped around with them and we eventually raced over to Courtland to play DDR. We hung out for awhile, which was great, but the mall closed and everybody left. I went home and beat Half-Life, kind of a dull ending.

I've added two new humorous pictures. Astrology for Dummies and a stupid medication warning.

I've updated the unusual city names page. I'm still about a month behind with the submissions so bear with me.

I've added a LAN review for Terminal Velocity, the very first game published by 3D Realms.

Tell me do you think it'd be all right
If I could just crash here tonight

Feeling: Lonely


I tried Max 300 last night... there is no way I'll be passing those songs within 25 days.

On this day, in 1986, the space shuttle Challenger exploded killing its entire crew. I still remember the mourning that occurred.

Hey, need to check your non-web-based email while you're away? Check out mail2web.com. It's a free web based emailer that supports any SMTP / POP3 style email server.

I've made some minor modifications to the Harry Potter House Sorting Quiz. I think I was getting a few too many Hufflepuffs. The changes should even things out a bit more. After retaking it, I ended up Hufflepuff again, but for my personality I think it's dead on. If you've taken the quiz you might want to take it again to get your new results.

Why is it than even though my life is going great right now, I'm feeling very unhappy and alone. It's not like I am alone, I see friends every day. And it's not like I have any reason to be unhappy, I have plenty of security and stability in my life. Yet every night I go to bed wishing I had something more. This isn't a sissy emo-style cry for help, so please don't send me those "I'm here for you" emails. I know you guys are there for me. I just feel like I'm lacking something... And what better place to disclose your feelings than on the Internet where everybody in the world can see them. I hate blogs they're so lame.

Now I'm only left with my own jealousy

Feeling: Annoyed


Last night I cleared So Deep. That was the last 9 footer I needed, and the only other songs left to pass are Maxs and Paranoias. As I don't really expect to pass any of them any time soon, if I do, it's just icing. I still have 25 days. Perhaps I can beat one.

I've added a new LAN game review for Age of Empires.

And lookie here, my gurus were nice enough to answer another one of your simple questions.

On this day, in 1888, The National Geographic Society was founded. We must thank them for their uncountable amazing pictures of animals, landscapes, people, cities, and sagging breasts.

Sometimes mappoint.com isn't that great at giving directions.

It was so easy living day by day

Feeling: Happy


Well, I cleared Orion .78 Civilization Mix. Now I have a mere 7 songs left to pass before February 20th to have completed them all. It won't happen, but it's a nice thought.

My car seems to be smelling a lot better, but there is still an annoying scent after a some time. I think I'll try cleaning it again today.

Love, thy name is Avariella

Feeling: Elated


First of all, Avariella is back home safe and sound, she's a little shaken up, but no worse for the wear. A fellow arcadian was kind enough to turn her into the staff who presented her to my loving arms yesterday. Ultra special thanks to the person who returned her. More DDR was played last night in the presence of Kimberly who showed up after her orthodontic appointment. I was unable to pass new songs, but I'm getting better at older ones.

Take Two Games has just purchased Sega's sports game franchises for $24 million. I hope Sega isn't having any financial difficulties. I hate to see them go, they make cool stuff. Well, I don't mind seeing their sports games go.

I've added a LAN review for Soldat and updated the LAN Review Info page.

Today I get to go and renew my lease at my apartment. Hopefully it won't take long, so I can play DDR afterwards.

Avariella, Avariella, where for art thou Avariella?

Feeling: Anxious


I cleared Stoic and Sakura over the weekend, putting me into the single digits for remaining DDR songs. The real sad news is that I'm a terrible parent. I left my baby, Avariella, at the arcade even after reminding myself not to forget her, and I don't know if she'll still be there when I arrive there today. I really hope so.

I spent Sunday with Kimberly in Battle Creek which was cool. I helped her clean her apartment and then we went to some indoor park where they had a motorized rock climbing wall. I climbed 77 feet, but I'm sure I could have easily got 100 if I wasn't goofing off as much. I also learned that Kimberly is better than me at arcade basketball, wow that's weak!

I've updated the LAN games review information page.

Extra coolness! MacGyver season 1 is on DVD! I need to pick it up.

She just laughed and said, Oh you're so funny. I said, yeah.

Feeling: Sleepy


I had to be to work a half hour early this morning. My eyes are still protesting. I hate getting up early, especially when I've been up late. There is no justice in the world!

I've added some reviews to the LAN Party Game Reviews page. The first review, of course, had to go the the game that started it all, Doom. There are also reviews for Doom 2, The Ultimate Doom, and Doom 95. There is also a page in the works which has information about how the review is setup.

Today I get to attempt to clean the horrible mildew growing on the floor boards of my car. Wish me luck.

Somehow I cannot hide who I am, though I've tried

Feeling: Happy


I -still- haven't beaten Sakura! I'm doing better at it though, I can almost always make it past the initial slowdown. Soon, very soon. In Half-Life I killed a big metal monster thingy.

Okay, I finally have the pictures from the LAN party up.

Today, the evil one, sometimes referred to as George Bush, is to be reinaugurated into office. All I can say is that my state did their part, it just those other states that dropped the ball.

How 'bout them transparent dangling carrots

Feeling: Sleepy


Yesterday, I worked 13 hours. Whee. We stayed extra late in order to get all the servers back up and running. On the plus side, however, it looks like my dedicated web server might finally go online. Also, my email's back up and running as well, so I can get back to my correspondences.

No DDR last night, but I did get quite a bit further in Half-Life. I killed some big tentacle spiky thing.

On this day, back in 1983, Apple released the Lisa, which was their first home computer to feature a mouse and a GUI. The 1 MB of RAM beast sold for a cool $10,000. Look how far we've come.

I'm in the process of compiling a large list of LAN playable games. Now that I have a computer capable of playing large multi-player games, I feel it's my duty to catalogue them. Unlike most of the lists you see these days, mine will actually include older pre-TCP/IP games. As a retro gamer, I would be doing the world a great disservice by neglecting them.

With all the strength of a raging fire

Feeling: Sleepy


I came -so- close to beating Sakura on heavy last night. I screwed up at the final slow down about five steps away from the end. How frustrating! I also played a lot of Half-Life. It's a decent game, but I think I'm already beginning to tire of it. That's usually what happens to me with FPSs.

More moving tonight. Now we have to move all the servers to the new building since the T1 has finally been hooked up (only five days late, thank you Ameritech). The new building seems to be coming along slower than we wanted. Today we actually had heat. Heat, in January, in Michigan? It's overrated.

There is even a possibility that I'll actually get my web page updated tomorrow. None of you can read this yet, but I'm writing it anyway because I can.

Moving is a bad thing

Feeling: Sleepy


The LAN party on Friday evening was pretty cool. It wasn't so much a LAN party as a pirate party because the majority of people weren't playing games as much as making copies. Also, half the people had their hard drives shared. As such, I now have a lot more computer games than before. I'll have pictures up soon.

Saturday was moving day. Well, what can be said about that? Have you ever moved around twenty computer workstations, desks and all in the dead of winter? Yeah, it blows. I'm not too thrilled about the new building yet either, but it may grow on me. Everything is still in a big pile, and we won't have everything situated for at least another week, but at least all the heavy lifting is done. While I was eating dinner I had a cute lady serve me my food. Ah, simple joys.

On Sunday there wasn't a power of Earth that would prevent me from sleeping in, and I finally got out of bed at around noon. Picked up two used books Carl Sagan's "Cosmos", and Isaac Asimov's "Science Past, Science Future". Then, I went to the mall and picked up a new work shirt and hung out at Borders for a few hours. When I got home I decided to start trying out my new games. I'm currently playing Half-Life, which is pretty darn cool and a little creepy.

We are the ones who are gonna last forever

Feeling: Happy


I cleared Cartoon Heroes last night, so only 10 songs left. I also noticed that it will be a -long- time before I clear Paranoia Survivor. That song is pure evil.

I finished reading The Neverending Story last night. This is one of those strange books where I actually prefer the movie over the book.

I'm heading out to the LAN party tonight. I hope it goes well and I meet some new people. Preferably female and lonely.

Today also represents the first airing of The Simpsons on FOX all the way back in 1990, when I was a mere ten years old. What a long strange trip its been.

I've added the flags for Greece, Indonesia, Switzerland, and Thailand to the High Resolution Flag Database.

I also added links to my music and book collection pages to my other pages respectfully.

Who said that my party was all over?

Feeling: Happy


When I returned to my apartment last night the cable company had left a note stating that they had fixed some lines for my cable. That was nice of them considering that I don't pay for cable and get it for free anyway.

Chalk up another DDR victory, I passed Xenon last night. 11 songs left, with 38 days to clear them.

Plenty of rain for the past few days which has slowly turned into snow over the course of the day. It's still pretty warm for this time of year, but we're expecting a nice freezing weekend, which is when I have to help the office move. Typical.

I'm prepping for the West Flint LAN party tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll be able to convince a few people to play Soldat.

Don't say we should be parted 'cuz we only just got started

Feeling: Okay


No new DDR songs last night, but I did do plenty of homemaker stuff. Laundry, dishes, cleaning, shopping, etc. I need a maid.

Well, I finally found Terra. She was at the top of that building in Zozo. Luckily, I remembered the shortest route to her and I picked up some Magicite for my troubles. Hurrah for non magic users getting magic! However, I still need to get the Thief's glove for my homeboy Locke, and the Chainsaw for Edgar.

I've added four new flags, Armenia, Austria, Romānia, and Sierra Leone.

But love is only a feeling anyway

Feeling: Okay


I cleared three new songs last night! Dynamite Rave Oni, Dance Dance Revolution Oni, and Insertion! Wow, my steps are amazing. I've cleared every oni song except PSM. A mere 12 songs left to reach my goal.

I was reading a book about physics last night and I'm trying to get my mind around particle spin. I understand 1 spin, 2 spin, and 0 spin just fine, but is there anyone out there that can explain 1/2 spin to me?

In FF6 last night I made it Jidoor and I'm on my way to Zozo. Then I hung up my new blue Christmas lights in my room. I used thumb tacks to make them look all pretty, but now my thumbs are killing me!

I've created a FAQ for the Ask A Guru section. If you don't like it, FAQ you!

No, I don't think it's wrong, it's just gone to my head

Feeling: Pensive


I had a nice full weekend. I cleared Tears and V for Extreme (oni) in DDR, 15 songs left. I have concluded that if I don't beat every song in a year, there should only be six songs that I don't clear and those are the MAXs and PARANOiAs.

I attended my mother's-side family Christmas party (just a little late). I also made it quite a ways into Final Fantasy 6. I am currently on my way to Kohlingen after beating all three scenarios.

Things I learned this weekend:

  • Drunk old ladies at hockey games are hilarious!
  • I still suck at Super Smash Brothers Melee.
  • Waxing your chest hurts a lot.
  • Women are crazy!
  • I'm crazy for liking women so much.

My gurus have gone an answered another series of simple questions.

They just released a Collector's Edition of Sneakers on DVD. Thus, I'm giving it the spotlight for this week.

I've added a shrine description to Icarus on the games page.

You don't need a ticket to fly with me I'm free

Feeling: Cheery


I cleared two more songs in DDR, "Ska A Go Go" and "Tsugaru Apple Mix". 17 very difficult songs left. The bruise on my hand has almost healed from when I failed "Orion .78 Civilization Mix", so that's good to.

My books arrived yesterday. I ordered "The Illustrated A Brief History of Time" and "The Universe in a Nutshell" hardcover boxed set. Two amazing physics books by Stephen Hawking.

There are some new unusual city names in the list. I'm still backed up on them so if you don't see your name yet, keep checking.

I started playing Final Fantasy VI last night. This is around the fifth time I've started the game intent on beating it, but this time I really plan on beating it. Honest, would I lie to you?

People who threw away the will to live

Feeling: Happy


I finally cleared Leading Cyber last night, so 19 left. I think my victories are going to be few and far between from now on because I only have the ultra hard songs left.

It seems to be a trend for me adding video game music, so I've added another set. The beautiful music of Chrono Trigger has been posted, in Vorbis format of course, to the electronic game music page.

There are also four more flags added to the high resolution flag page, and there is a small update to The Fat Man page.

Did you ever wonder why we had to run for shelter
When the promise of a brave new world
Unfurled beneath a clear blue sky?

Feeling: Happy


Last night was great. I got to see Kimberly for the first time in months. We played DDR together and talked late into the evening. I always enjoy her company, even if she makes fun of my voice. I also woke up feeling considerable healthier; still not totally over the sickness, but getting there.

In DDR I cleared two more songs putting my remaining count at 20! I'm almost there!

I've added the complete Final Fantasy VI soundtrack in ogg vorbis format to the electronic game music page. I feel in love with this music when I first heard it so many years ago.

There's a silky moon up in the sky

Feeling: Okay


I only got a chance to play two games of DDR last night. No new songs, but I did get some more AAs.

My voice still hasn't fully recovered. It's quite annoying. How will I serenade all the chicks without my pipes in good working order?

I've added a review of the junk game Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods. Actually, the only reason I created the page was to house the music from the game's soundtrack which is ace. I also switched the Street Fighter 2 music from Super SF2 to SF2 Turbo on the electronic game music page. After listening to them both I decided SF2 Turbo's music was much better.

The month of December has been pushed to the old news.

The dead are alright with me

Feeling: Cheery


Okay, so here's the exciting things I did this weekend. Friday evening, I played DDR, and then went to a video game party with Angel where I played Fusion Frenzy for the first time. It was a pretty fun game. I also lost my voice, which I still haven't fully recovered from. I did write a nice poem about the day though.

Saturday, I didn't do much. Unable to talk, I basically just grunted at the few people I had to interact with. I did some shopping at Meijer and cleaned my apartment a bit. How exciting.

Sunday, I played more DDR. I finally passed Drop Out and Healing Vision (Angelic Mix). 22 songs left to clear, sweet!.

There was some trouble in the flags page with the way IE handles SVG files, so I zipped them all to work around the problem. Someday IE will support SVG, probably the same day they properly support PNG! There are also six new flags.