March, 2005

Catch me as I fall

Feeling: Sad


I cleared MAX 300 again last night. I also bought a new plant to replace the dead one. This time I actually transplanted it into a larger pot and gave it some plant food so I may get a few more months out of it.

My computer keeps locking up on me. The symptoms are the same as on my previous processor that died. I'm really getting fed up with AMD on this. The heatsink and the fans are all AMD approved, but it continues to die on me. My new heatsink should arrive soon which might fix the problem, or the processor might already be damaged and simply be trash.

Yesterday, while recovering from his quintuple bypass, my grandfather had a massive stroke that effectively destroyed the right half of his brain. At best, he'll lose all control of half of his body, at worst he will die. Much of my family has left for Florida to be with him. I still don't fully register it.

Anyway, my problems aside, I've added three new book reviews for The Art of Shen Ku, The Education of Little Tree, and The Incredible Journey. There are two more game reviews as well for Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Super Mario World.

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!

Feeling: Happy


I did it! I vacuumed yesterday. I'm so proud of me! Isn't it great how when you procrastinate something long enough that it seems like an amazing feat for doing something you should do normally?

I played some more DDR yesterday and hung out at the arcade until close. I'm such a geek, I need a life.

There is a new Ask A Guru question. We do this because we love you.

According to Playbill the RENT movie is supposed to be hit theaters in November, 11th.

On this day back in 1964, Jeopardy was first aired. Giving the average American a flair for pointless trivia. Today is also the birthday of the psycho painter Vincent van Gogh.

The heart of rock and roll is still beating

Feeling: Happy


I spent yesterday playing DDR, doing laundry, and finally assembling my new vacuum. Although, I have yet to vacuum, by the time I got it all put together it was too late to use it.

The Supreme Court is supposed to issue a ruling today as to whether or not peer-to-peer file sharing should be illegal. Not like it matters. Just because something is illegal doesn't mean people are going to delete Kazaa or Bittorrent off their computers. That's the beauty of true P2P, it isn't centralized and therefore cannot be stopped. However, this ruling is also supposed to decide whether the recording of medias like TV and radio should be illegal as well. Even if the people profiting get stopped, the free software industry will keep it alive no matter what. Throw in the towel RIAA/MPAA, you've lost.

There are four new game fonts, Ninja Kid 2, Pacmania, Shoryuken, and Ultima.

The book links section has been updated to be more verbose.

There goes your freedom of choice,
There goes the last human voice

Feeling: Content


I spent the weekend with Kimberly in Battle Creek, which was tops. There is a place over there called Peter Piper Pizza, which is holy ground. For ten dollars you get an endless pizza, salad, and pasta buffet, and 30 songs of DDR. I want one nearby so that I can spend every night there. I also got to prove my mad skillz as a computer geek by helping her get data off her old hard drive. Kimmy makes really good casserole.

Also, over the weekend, I cleared MAX 300. Only four songs left until I can say I've truly spent too much money on DDR.

I'm the kind of person who likes to sing along with the music I listen to. Because of years of amateur singing, I don't sound exceptionally bad when I sing (I still suck, don't get me wrong), but this has led several people to believe that I am capable of singing karaoke in public where people would actually have to hear me. I was thinking of a few songs that I actually can sing fairly decent and I made a list of them. They can be seen at the bottom of my music biography.

Voyeurs have a bond, an honor among thieves

Feeling: Excited


Brain: So, did you vacuum last night like you were supposed to?
Dean: Um, well, I kind of had to play DDR.
Brain: Did you vacuum when you got home?
Dean: I was out late talking to a cute girl at a restaurant.
Brain: That's my boy!

I've added some new game reviews including, King's Quest 4, Lemmings, Metroid, and Might and Magic 4.

There is also a new section about me called Things That Make Me Happy. I'm sure you can guess what it's about.

But who cares? It's the weekend! Go out, do stuff! Enjoy these two precious days.

We'll crucify the insincere tonight

Feeling: Happy


Well, I finally passed Paranoia Survivor. I rule. Next on the list is Max 300.

I picked up a vacuum cleaner yesterday as well. Not that I like cleaning, but my apartment floor is -really- dirty right now so I think I'll actually vacuum it today. Or maybe I'll do something fun instead because vacuuming sucks.

I've added ten new facts about me. There's a new poem called Love Song.

For any of your current or previous military types you'll love Skippy's List of things you're not allowed to do in the U.S. Army.

Back in 1989 the Exxon Valdez crashed and dumped over 11 million gallons of oil into the ocean near Alaska. I still have the pictures of the oil soaked wildlife in my head.

Shhhhhh! There's a crazy lady with a hat! She's got big teeth!
She tied me up! And then I...oh! Ooooo! A sparkly!

Feeling: Happy


Yup, some more DDR last night. This time I got to play in the company of Gwen, which made it even more exciting. I'll probably play some more today as well.

I had a very strange dream this morning which has been catalogued in my dream log.

I've been working some more with MEncoder, trying to get the darn thing working properly. I figured out how to rip my DVD to my hard drive in straight VOB format, but I really don't want 5 GB movies. The encoding process is awfully complex.

I think I should buy a vacuum cleaner today. And how about that kiddies, I didn't even need spell check to spell vacuum. Thank you Mrs. Hessel, I didn't forget.

Tuesday, I saw her down on the beach
I stood and watched a while
And she looked and smiled at me

Feeling: Nerdy


DDR last night, as if there was any doubt. Added a few more personal bests, nothing special.

Because I'm such a nice guy I have forced my brood of slave guru's to answer more of your pathetic questions. See how good I am to you?

I've created a wish list to house all my worldly desires. If, for some strange reason, you feel this uncontrollable urge to buy me something you will find the things that I want on said page. And with only 19 days until my birthday, you'd better get cracking!

Actually, I don't want anything for my birthday. I didn't even realize it was so soon until after I made the list. I'm still a greedy little bugger, don't get me wrong, but I don't want your obligation gifts, they make me feel cheaper than I already am!

I spent much of last night playing with MEncoder (part of MPlayer) trying to rip DVDs to my hard drive. I had no idea it was such a complicated process.

Men want girls with good taste,
Calm, obedient, who work fast-paced
With good breeding, and a tiny waist

Feeling: Happy


My weekend was a whole lot of fun. The LAN party was a blast, even bigger than before. Gwen was there and we got to talk and game together as well as play some Magic. Saturday, Angel came over and we watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail, always a classic. Sunday, we went to the arcade to play DDR which was a blast. Still haven't beaten Paranoia Survivor, but I'm getting better at it.

Today is the first full day of spring. It's cold and wet, but the snow is almost gone. There will probably be one last snow storm before it gets warmer though, there usually is.

I also picked up a copy of Mulan: Special Edition over the weekend. One of my Disney favorites.

Is it any wonder you are too cool to fool

Feeling: Excited


Brain: What did I tell you yesterday?
Dean: How should I know, you have my memory.
Brain: Oh, right. Well I told you no caffeine before bed.
Dean: We were only up until 1:30 AM, quit complaining.
Brain: I'm the one who does everything at work, so we do things my way.
Dean: But I get all the best DDR scores.
Brain: Touché.

I spent the evening in the company of Gwen which was very nice. We played several games of Magic and went to dinner at the Olive Garden.

I've written an essay called Rarity as Evidence. Its purpose is to show that the rarity of an event is not an indication of anything except its rarity and that you shouldn't attribute it to unrelated claims. Sounds exciting doesn't it?

Tonight is the Flint area LAN party which I will be attending for the second time. I'm really looking forward to fragging a whole bunch of people.

If I were the sun, you would be in shadow

Feeling: Happy


Brain: Caffeine before bed makes sleep difficult.
Dean: It's 2:00 AM and I'm wide awake, are you sure?
Brain: Quit being a smartass and go to sleep.
Dean: Shut up brain... Ow, my head hurts!

Yesterday, I played some DDR (AA on Sobakasu Freckles!) and then went to dinner. As luck would have it, I arrived at the same time the cute server was taking her break, so I was able to have another conversation with her for about ten minutes. Sheer ecstasy.

I also spent some time coming up with a new computer game which I'm sure I'll never finish, but it looks pretty cool. More details later.

In a dream I had this morning I was trying to convince my old gym teacher to let me back into my old high school gym class. He finally allowed me to and I went to my old locker which still had my stuff in it. The current activity ended up being ballroom dancing. WTF?

I've posted a poem I wrote back in 2001 that I found sitting on my hard drive. It's called Break Time.

And obviously, there is a new say no image.

We're the same, we're five years old

Feeling: Okay


There are four new game fonts posted. 04b_21, Arcade, Crackman, and DeluxeFont.

I finished reading Jack London's "The Call of the Wild" yesterday. It was short and simple, nothing to write home about. I'm currently reading his next book, "White Fang".

Every time I start to feel lonely I wish I had a girlfriend. Every time I see a cute girl and start flirting with her I'm glad that I don't have a girlfriend. I see only one way to solve this problem. I require about one thousand girls willing to offer me love, sex, and adoration on a constant basis for the rest of my life. Why can't all problems be this simple to solve?

It's just your accidntel deth

Feeling: Sad


Yesterday, there was a death in the family. My pocket PC, Avariella fell a few feet onto the ground and died. She was even in her protective case and everything, but she died. I lost her memory which was a real bummer because all my DDR high scores were on her. It won't be long before I'm able to surpass all my scores, but it looks like I'll be plotting them on paper for awhile. Le sigh.

I've added a bunch more unusual city names thanks to everyone who has submitted. I'm still backlogged so if you don't see yours yet, it will probably be there the next time.

I've renamed a few directories on my web site to remove simple words (e.g. thedarkcrystal is now simply darkcrystal). Normal viewers probably won't even notice, but the googlers will get broken links for awhile.

After watching the news on TV and then listening to NPR/PRI on the radio I've come to the conclusion that TV news sucks.

Holy shnikies! I forgot that the Flint area LAN party is this Friday! I've got to get Kendra in proper working order soon!

Five days until spring. Tick tock, tick tock.

And now my sorrow seems so far away

Feeling: Happy


Friday, I played some more DDR, as usual. Saturday morning I did some shopping, and then Kimberly arrived. We went to Goodwill together to buy some new used clothes. Afterwards we went to dinner at a restaurant. Our server was really cute, and Kimberly, to my great embarrassment, left her my number. I highly doubt she'll call. Afterwards we went bowling where I bowled a 146 which I think is the best I've ever done. Sunday, we ate lunch at Ya-Ya's then played a couple games of DDR. We went to Meijer to buy spaghetti stuff and returned to my apartment to watch Big Trouble in Little China and cook spaghetti for dinner. All together, it was a very nice weekend.

I've added four new game fonts from the games 1943, Silkworm, the SSI RPGs, and TRON.

I'm walking on sunshine and... Argh! My feet are on fire!

Feeling: Cheery


I went out for dinner last night and I ended up sharing a table with one of the cute servers while she was on her break. That was tops. Butterflies and everything.

I've added four more game fonts for Afterburner, Earthbound, Illusion of Gaia, and Wheel of Fortune.

I've also updated my lyrics archive which is now 1,700 strong.

Today would be the birthday of Douglas Adams, acclaimed author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, if he hadn't let us all down by dieing. Well, he did leave behind one amazing legacy with his books, radio shows, and movie which will be coming out April, 29th.

And the webpage is alt dot com

Feeling: Cheery


I have my Rilo Kiley site up. Nothing spectacular because there are already amazing RK sites online already. It's just there to house media and links to the cool fan sites.

Sarah informs me that the people over at the RENT Movie Live Journal Community were able to get some pictures of the filming of RENT. Adam Pascal with long hair? Amazing!

Alexander Graham Bell made his first successful telephone call on this day back in 1876. Little did he know that we would later use it for the sole purpose of downloading porn.

What have I become my sweetest friend

Feeling: Content


Sometimes I feel like I'm worthless. Sometimes I feel that I don't make a difference, that I'm insignificant, and that nobody would notice if I just up and died. This is not one of those times. Today I feel like I really made a difference, and today I am thankful that I have the intelligence and wisdom to be a trusted friend. I helped make a change in someone's life by giving them the courage to help their self. Today, I feel like I matter.

I played some more DDR last night and picked up some new high scores, but still no Paranoia Survivor.

I'm currently working on a new page for one of my more recent favorite bands, Rilo Kiley. I should have it up by tomorrow.

That's what love is

Feeling: Loved


I recently received an email from my sister which you can read below. It has been mildly censored.

"what the -uck is wrong with you are you some kind of -ucking faggot or what? don't you know you are making our family look like -uckin queer bate mother -uckers? you -uckin transvestite faggot. i love you but damn dude do you have to look so -uckin queer? what's up with the -uckin bra do you need a thong to go with that? anyways i love you and i want to borrow your red leather pants if you not to tall. love you bro."

Isn't that sweet? My sister loves me! I bet you're all wishing that your family felt the strong sibling bonds that we share.

I played some more DDR last night, and started reading Jack London's "Call of the Wild". It's the fifth time I've attempted to read a Jack London book, and hopefully, I'll actually finish one this time.

There is a new art graphic called Rainbow Square. Original title isn't it?

Today is International Women's Day, a global celebration of double standards. Because I'm for equal rights for all people regardless of ethnicity, sex, or religion, I'm get rather annoyed at any celebration that purposely segregates a group all the while claiming they are celebrating equal rights.

If you weren't so wise beyond your years I would've been able to control myself

Feeling: Pensive


My weekend was both amazing and sad. Friday evening I picked up Gwen and we went to the arcade for some serious DDR shredding. Afterwards we went to dinner and got to know each other better. Saturday, I went to work, then later went to the arcade again for more DDR, and again met up with Gwen. We played DDR and hung out for the rest of the night, she's such a sweetheart. At midnight I headed to East Lansing for one last group game of Magic before Eric and Dave left for California. Dave will be back, but Eric has left for good. I'll miss him. I didn't get home until 9:00 AM, slept until 3:00 PM, and returned to the arcade for a few more games of DDR. I did some grocery shopping afterwards and picked up the new Garfield DVD.

My body took some damage over the weekend as well. I got sucker punched in the stomach, a nice bruise on my arm, and several crushed blood vessels on my forehead. Add on DDR for the legs, weights for the arms, and leg lifts for the abs, and I'm a happy cripple.

I've added four new game fonts including a DOS 320x200 clone, the Magic: the Gathering fonts, a Scrabble clone, and Vector Battle.

February has been moved to the old news page.

And the freeways, they go coast to coast
They've taken away all my good friends

Feeling: Nostalgic


After work I took my car to a garage and had the new wheel put on. With my car fixed I felt safe enough to go to the mall and play DDR for the first time in a week! I started out a little rickety, but I quickly came up to speed. For the first time ever, I got a bonus stage, all by myself by AAing Living in America! Yay me!

This morning I was at work and my computer started making this terrible beeping noise. I didn't know what it was, so I closed all the programs and it still kept beeping. I tried to reboot it, but it just kept on beeping. I powered it off, and unplugged it, and it -still- kept beeping! I looked for a reason for it to keep beeping over and over again, and then realized that my alarm clock was beeping and I was still in bed. That's so cruel!

My gurus have answered another question. That's right, they rule.

I just found out today that my old high school chum Eric is moving to California. Another childhood friend leaves the old stomping grounds. We used to be many, but now only three remain here in Michigan.

Sharing sin makes it that much sweeter

Feeling: Okay


I'm quite surprised at the amount of attention my compatibility traits page got. I didn't really think much of it when I posted it, but it's become quite popular. As it seems, I'm destined to become gay because of the most compatible people all seem to be men. And I was really hoping I'd be straight.

I just never stop rambling do I?

I almost killed an old lady who pulled out in front of me while exiting a funeral home. Depending on the perspective this scenario could be both ironic and coincidental.

I picked up the new wheel yesterday, and today I can finally get my car fixed just in time for the weekend.

Only 17 days until spring!

I'm getting tired of snow, more sunshine thank-you

Feeling: Okay


Yesterday, my stepfather called me to tell me he found a new wheel for my car which I'm picking up today. In my dream this morning, the wheel was made out of cardboard, and it didn't work that well (for obvious reasons). I hope the real one is actually made out of metal. I can't wait, I'll finally have my freedom of driving back again.

Due to the overwhelming amount of people trying to date me right now (it's almost up to one!), I've created a list of compatibility traits that my would-be girlfriend should look at prior to expecting a date. The list is long and tedious (as expected), but if you actually meet the conditions, please don't hesitate to call me.

On this day in 1873 the US Congress enacts the Comstock Law which basically states that it is illegal to send books that contained naughty language or pictures through the mail. Thankfully, that didn't last.

Also, today I finally get the joy of celebrating Angel's birthday with her, a mere five days late.

Yay, another winter storm advisory, they never get old

Feeling: Bored


Still waiting for a repair for my wheel. You'd think with a car as common as mine that it wouldn't be hard to find parts for it, but no such luck. I'll probably have to buy a new one from a dealer. Ugh, rather pricey.

I've got my new American Gods web site up. It's has two sections. The main page is for people who have yet to read the book, while the spoiler page has my personal opinions about different sections of the book that coincidentally enough, contain spoilers.

Today is the birthday of the first national park ever, good ol' Yellowstone turns 133 today. Also, the Supreme Court voted to abolishes death penalties for people who were juveniles at the time of the crime. It's about time too.