April, 2005

You think you're smart, you're not, it's plain to see

Feeling: Smart


It was a dark and stormy night. The garlic bread crept up to my bedroom after having just toasted itself in the oven. It was dripping with yummy buttery goodness. It sneaked over to my bed where I was innocently sleeping, the scent of fresh garlic wafting off its golden brown face. With a muffled scream it jumped into my mouth and ran down my throat. I almost choked as the tasty garlic bread slipped into my belly. So, as you can see, I tried not to eat it, but I was forced to.

Obviously, I've created a new say no image.

I finally got around to updating the unusual city names page. A big "thank you" to everyone who submitted a city name, and if I didn't get you this time, I'll get you next time.

I've also converted all my emoticons from GIF to PNG format. For the few of you who even know what I'm talking about, you most likely don't care. Well who asked you anyway?

My quiz list is now 1700+ questions. Unfortunately, this week I can't do anything with my web server.

Now your world is way too fast, nothing's real and nothing lasts

Feeling: Happy


I've added a page to house the music from the SNES port of SIM City. When Nintendo ported the game they did an amazing job with it, making it exciting and silly. They really did a good job on the music as well, which is why I logged it.

Wow, it's already Wednesday. Two more days until the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy comes out! And next month is the Rilo Kiley concert! Whee!

For you Doom fans out there, here is something you may have missed during the craze. The Doom Comic. It is so unbelievabliy bad that it makes you wonder how anyone could write it, but it's there.

Doesn't matter now but I'll shout out loud for everyone to see

Feeling: Happy


I've written a new essay called Why Vorbis? which explains the reasons for using Vorbis for your standard compressed audio format instead of MP3, WMA, or any of the others. It's supposed to be written so that the average person can understand it. So, if you're an average person, and you don't understand it, let me know. I'm also set a bunch of my download pages to link to it.

I've added my flawless pick-up line to my Deanisms page.

Hey, there is a relatively new compression utility on the block called 7-Zip. It has a very nice compression ratio, zips better than PKWare, and stores close to RAR. The real beauty is that it's free under GNU. I might start using 7-Zip depending on how well my own tests go.

I've been touting that the English language needs to become less gender specific for quite some time. We have he or she, but we don't have a genderless pronoun. So imagine my delight when I was looking through random pages in the wikipedia and across the entry on gender-neutral pronouns.

You raised her so well and now she's calling me dad

Feeling: Happy


I spent my weekend in Grand Rapids with Nikia and Katie which was a blast. We saw the movie Kung Fu Hustle, which is amazingly funny, and also played some DDR. Well I played more than them. We talked and visited a few people, and generally had a gay ol' time.

I was unable to do anything big for Earth Day because Earth is being a jerk right now by pelting us with snow. When it warms up a bit more, and I can actually see the trash, I'll clean it up.

Back in 1953, Watson and Crick figured out what DNA was all about and published their findings. This has created plenty of controversy from crime and punishment, to cloning, to genetic altering. Good stuff.

Passed the point of delirium

Feeling: Annoyed


My new processor arrived yesterday. I took out my old one, popped in the new one, and lo and behold, it doesn't work either. I don't know who to hate, Newegg or AMD. Looks like another RMA, whee.

Because I love you all so much I forced my slave gurus to answer another one of your inane questions.

If you have plenty of free time you can watch an amazing flash animation depicting the current console gaming systems trying to kill the PSP in a mock up very similar to the ending of Final Fantasy VI.

Happy Earth Day to all, get out there and do something earthy.

The bloody Red Baron was flying once more

Feeling: Happy


Okay, I now have my DDR high score list online. Check out all my max combos and be amazed. If you've never played DDR before, you won't care, and if you do play, you're probably better than I, so it won't matter. See, it's a win-win situation!

American legal crybaby alert! Shame on you grocery store for putting a sale on buttered garlic bread! That forced me to buy twice as much of the tasty stuff as normal. Now I have to eat it all, and if I get fat from it I'm suing you!

I now have 1600+ questions in my trivia list. w00t!

On this day in 1918, The Red Baron was finally shot down by Snoopy, uh, I mean ground fire.

Oh yes, tomorrow is Earth Day! Live long and prosper Mother Earth.

Illusions of your fantasy

Feeling: Happy


Just yesterday I was thinking that I haven't updated my dream log in quite some time and this morning I had a nice crazy dream which has been logged.

Last night at the arcade I was able to pass Paranoia Survivor and Max 300. I'm getting better at them. I'll probably play some more again today. I need to get some major practice at Sakura, So Deep, and Cartoon Heroes. I'm also working on an on-line personal high score list to house all my DDR accomplishments. I should have that up tomorrow.

My quiz list has just passed 1500 questions. I'm such a nerd.

Well, show me the way to the next whiskey bar

Feeling: Okay


I think I have all the remaining traces of any viruses off of Kendra. Wow, why can't human viruses be this easy to deal with?

My quiz list is now just shy of 1400 questions. I hope to get started on a web version this week.

Last night I decided to go out to dinner at some place new. After eating at the same places over and over again, I was getting a little tired of the same food. So, I hopped into my car and drove down a road I usually ignore, until I came to a place to eat. The sign said "bar and grill", but when I got inside I found that it was much more bar and very little grill. I sat down at a table and started reading. A waitress eventually asked me what I was drinking. I was turned down for iced tea (a bar without tea?) I ended up getting a Coke. An annoying barfly kept trying to strike up a conversation with me. But every time he finished a sentence I returned to my book. He was drunk at 8:00 PM and smelled of pot, so I wasn't about ready to waste my time on him. Of course, he kept talking, and I kept ignoring him. He said several humorous things like how he felt he was the best musical composer alive, and that he was much better than Carlos Santana. Anyway, I asked the server what they had to eat, so she brought me a laminated sheet of paper which served as their menu. At least they had burgers. I stayed a little longer than I normally would at a restaurant just to see what it was like, but it only confirmed my belief that bars are a waste of time, and certainly not my style.

On this day, back in 1971, the first space station was launched. It was called Salyut 1. Also, in 1995, the Oklahoma City bombing took place.

Microsoft is -still- a cold hard bitch

Feeling: Annoyed


So after a full reload of XP I ended up getting a virus (Pinfi) while downloading the the latest security patches. Isn't that funny? Here I am downloading patches to prevent viruses from installing themselves, and a virus sneaks it's way in, just before I finish updating. Why must you suck so much Microsoft? Is it because you were abused as a child?

Anyway, the lock-in was a blast. I had to leave a little earlier than usual (4:45 AM) so I could work on Kendra, but I managed to enjoy myself and get plenty of pictures.

On Sunday I did some walking through the DNR reserve in Grand Blanc for the first time this year. It's actually quite clean still. Earth Day is this Friday, and I intend on cleaning up some place. I spent some time at the library as well.

Microsoft is a cold hard bitch

Feeling: Annoyed


I got home last night intent on doing my taxes with a day to spare. I turned on Kendra and she booted into XP, and I only got a desktop. No icons, no start bar. WTF? I booted in Safe mode and ran scan disk and defrag. Did another normal boot, nothing. I did a Windows repair, which forced a full reload, and also broke half of my programs. So now I can boot, but I still can't get online, and half my programs and drivers no longer work. So now I'm frantically trying to get my taxes done while also facing the dread of reloading Kendra from the ground up. To make matters worse, the arcade lock-in is tonight and I won't have a PC to entertain myself. I'm actually considering loading LINUX. How scary is that?

During my lunch break today I was able to e-file my taxes. I think I got everything setup correctly and on time. Talk about cutting it close!

There is some good news. My grandfather is out of the hospital and in a nursing home. He's still in an unstable condition, and will require constant care, but he's alive.

Tonight is the arcade lock in, and I'll be without poor Kendra. I might not even stay the whole night so I get up Saturday morning to reload her and finally get my web server running. 1200+ questions.

There's a little black spot on the sun today

Feeling: Okay


Dear Canadian Geese, I'm happy that you are back because your migratory patterns indicate warm weather. However, if you fail to cease your annoying honking I will be forced to consume each and every one of you grass eating avians. Your friend, TheAlmightyGuru

Some major stuff happened on this day throughout history. In 1828, Noah Webster copyrighted his first dictionary, and to this day children don't read it. In 1865, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. In 1912 the unsinkable Titanic sank. In 1970 the oxygen tank on the Apollo 13 exploded, but the astronauts made it home safely.

Did I say an hour for security updates? If only it were that quick. My web server is still coming along, but dear me is Microsoft buggy! 1100+ trivia questions!

It's a god-awful small affair

Feeling: Okay


Waking up in the morning is difficult enough, but to be awoken by people hammering and sawing on the balcony outside my apartment is enough to make my go homicidal. Apparently, today was fix-up-the-building-day which needs to be done at 8:00 AM. Bad apartment people, bad!

There is a new ask a guru question with a high quality answer. Whee!

My web server is nearing completion. Soon very soon my precious. Oi, is it ever annoying to load a Microsoft sever machine. After an hour of loading the OS, you get an hour of security updates. Oh yeah, my quiz database is now 900+ records.

I said let's all meet up in the year 2000

Feeling: Okay


Last night I finally finished reading "White Fang". I started reading that book around ten years ago and just couldn't finish it because it became too boring. I started reading it again two other time since then, but it wasn't until just a little while ago that I decided to push my way through it and finish it. Well, it certainly was a dull book. Long drawn out descriptions of what a wolf is thinking about in his average day to day life. Well, at least now I can say that I've read it. I was thinking about adding it to my list of movies that are better than their books, but the movie is so amazingly different from the book, they're not even comparable.

I've created a new section about me that holds all my Deanisms.

My new server should be up and running this week! You may experience a few dead pages while my new web server copies over. I still have to load several things on my sever like a good logging program, PHP, Perl, a SQL program, etc. So don't expect to see anything amazing over night, but this is a big step at making my site more independent.

On this day in 1961, the human race left Earth when Soviet Yuri Gagarin became the first person to enter outer space.

Smoke some fags and play some pool,
pretend you never went to school

Feeling: Okay


It's official, I'm 25. Being an "adult" isn't as cool as I thought it was when I was a kid. I had dinner with my mother which was nice. It was difficult trying to come up with things to talk about aside from my grandfather's condition. Kimberly was nice enough to plague me with balloons for my birthday, thank you dear.

I was keen enough to pass both MAX 300 and PARANOiA Survivor on the same day on Sunday. I deserve cookies.

Ultra big bonus today! I've got my new web server online. It still needs a bigger hard drive before I can put it live to the Internet, but it's almost ready!

My quiz list is now up to 800+ questions. Hopefully, I'll get PHP/SQL up soon and stump everyone with unknown trivia.

And it's only doubts that we're counting

Feeling: Blah


I spent some time with Angel last night. We played DDR and listened to music all night which was fun. Also, my new CPU arrived yesterday too. And it even came with a shiny new heat sink. Of course, the heat sink that I ordered has yet to arrive. I'm trying to cancel it, but no luck yet. I'll probably still have to pay the restocking fee.

Did you know that 78% of all the instances of the word irony are incorrectly used? Isn't that ironic? No, actually, it's not. To find out more about the correct and incorrect usage of the word irony read my new essay.

This is the time to remember, 'cause it will not last forever

Feeling: Blah


I went skating for the first time this summer, and wow are my legs sore. I only went about two miles, and thanks to DDR I wasn't tired in the slightest, but my inner thighs were, and still are, very sore. I guess DDR doesn't work those muscles very well.

My quiz program is now at 600+ questions. I've added a new feature to it where it can store images as well in order to give visual cues. I might add audio and video as well later on. When I finally get my new web server I'll even be able to put the program online, but for now it resides on my hard drive looking pretty.

But to and fro through my dreams I go.

Feeling: Blah


I've been shown a very cool web site with free -legal- games for download called Liberated Games.

I'm often asked how it is I have mush useless information in my skull. Well, I engage in a lot of activities that force me to absorb information like reading and watching education television. However, I decided that my knowledge isn't as great as it could be, so I've decided to start quizzing myself. To do this, I'm creating an database of electronic flash cards. I'm up to 400+ questions, but hope to have it around 10,000 shortly. The questions cover all sorts of topics from what does Hg stand for on the periodic table of elements, to what is the capital of Puerto Rico. Don't you wish you were this cool?

The Olympic games were restarted in Athens on this day back in 1896.

It's gettin' dark, too dark for me to see

Feeling: Sad


I spoke with my grandfather last night for the first time since his stroke. I always remember him having a powerful booming voice that could be heard a few rooms over, but now he was having trouble even muttering a few words. It was very painful to hear him like that.

I moved March to the old news page.

I'm gonna ride the night into the morning sun

Feeling: Sad


Well, my grandfather is no longer accepting treatment. He is too proud to want to live out his remaining days in a nursing home under total care, so he's just going to let himself go without any help from machines. I really don't blame him, in fact, I respect him for it. I'm sure I would do the same thing is his place. He's a good grandfather and I really love him.

However, could everyone please stop sending me apologies, I really don't like them. I appreciate that you care about my feelings, but I don't want you to be sorry for me because I am not sorry for myself.

I've updated the other artists a bit more by filling out the existing ones and adding a few new ones. I also recropped the images, I think they look better this way.

Who am I to feel blue?

Feeling: Sad


My processor is dead. Again. It can make it about 5 seconds into the boot process before halting. There goes another $150. Computers suck.

Yesterday, at the arcade, I felt pretty cool. There were a lot of new people there, all playing beginner and light mode, and I was the only one there who could play heavy. I wasn't trying to show off, but I didn't have much of a choice because I was so much better than everyone else. I felt so good for a few hours. Then some really good players showed up, so I felt like a n00b again.

I've updated the other artists section of my music page to include more information about the bands I like than before including pictures. I still have a lot of artists to add.