June, 2005

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea

Feeling: Annoyed


Yesterday was awesome. I spent all evening with Amber. We went to dinner and got to know each other better. She's a liberal. Poor thing. Even still, the majority of our political views are similar, which is spiffy.

Another book arrived in the mail yesterday, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. I now have a nice build up of books to read.

So that whole denial of service issue ended up causing me to work the entire day to fix all the problems that occurred. Sure it was fun taking down a corporate web site, but actually having to fix it afterwards is a chore.

Today is going to be a homemaker day for me; cleaning and getting groceries. My apartment needs it anyway.

No time for a title

Feeling: Excited


So what did you do at work today? Me, I inadvertently caused a denial of service attack to a section of General Motors' web site. They really need better servers.

We've been having some truly wicked thunder all afternoon without any of the yucky rain to mess it up. Sweet.

No time for updates today because I'm leaving right after work to see Amber. Swoon.

I'm trying to earn a set of feathery wings

Feeling: Happy


Two of the books I ordered arrived yesterday. Long Dark Teatime of the Soul, and the Harry Potter School books set. I'm a bit disappointed in myself though. I spent a few hours researching old ISBN numbers to get the first edition printing of the Douglas Adams books, but I foolishly ordered the cheap reprints of the Harry Potter school books, even when the hardcover editions are still being made. There is no point in even returning them because the cost to ship them back and have the new ones shipped will cost more than what I paid for them. Oh well, I probably buy the hardcover ones later and give the reprints to some Harry Potter nut who doesn't have them.

I had a dream this morning where I dyed my hair brunette and went to the library, only they were changing it over to a book store, and I really wasn't upset about it.

I've added a few more facts about me. I'm sure you're all just dieing to read them.

I get to go see Amber tomorrow! Squeel!

It's just another night at the Vampire Club

Feeling: Sleepy


The lock-in was a total blast. There were arcade games, computer games, console games, mind games and all other kinds of games in between. I've posted the pictures I took.

Thank goodness for second chances. I was at Borders Saturday evening, looking for a book to read over dinner, and I ran into the same cute girl I met on the 21st. I took advantage of the second chance to properly introduce myself, actually she beat me to that, but I ended up talking with her for a good twenty minutes or so. I learned that she was in one of the reenactment groups I was familiar with, which was cool because I ended up seeing her again on Sunday at the Shakespeare Faire in Kearsly Park, Flint. Friends aside, the faire was rather dull. Although, it did remind me, yet again, of why I will most likely never join a group.

Jamie, the girl from Borders, also showed me the guilty pleasures of the Anita Blake book series. Guilty pleasures, ha! I slay me! Slay, oh, a double pun! Nobody is getting these jokes, I'll stop. Anyway, the book, it's pretty good so far.

Today the US Supreme Court ruled that P2P file sharing companies can be held responsible if their product is used for illegal activity. If only the Supreme Court showed that same type of attitude towards handgun manufacturers or tobacco companies. So, what does this mean to all of us who use file-sharing programs? It means that instead of having large companies creating file-sharing program, we'll have anonymous individuals doing it. Wow, what a change.

The Supreme Court also ruled today that cable companies do not have to let third party companies offer Internet service over their lines, thus ensuring their monopoly. In light of the the US SC's brilliant decision making skills I've created this pretty graphic.

You said the brains I have went to my head

Feeling: Excited


Crowley always found Satanists embarrassing. You couldn't actually be rude to them, but you couldn't help feeling about them the same way that, say, a Vietnam veteran would feel about someone who wears combat gear to Neighborhood Watch meetings.

The quote comes from Good Omens, which I've updated the page once again with twelve more covers.

I've also added several pictures of Laura Ingalls Wilder and family to the Little House page.

You've probably seen this sign before, but I just had to post it anyway.

Arcade lock-in tonight! Whee! Games and geeky teens everywhere, and per usual, I'll be the oldest person there. It's going to be great!

Laugh along even though they're laughing at you,
and the stupid things that you do

Feeling: Okay


Awhile back I met a woman who owned a snake and allowed another person to hold it. The person holding mentioned that, "you could feel the snake's ribs." To that, the snake owner replied, "snakes don't have ribs." So the person holding it said that "you could feel its spine." Which the snake owner then said, "snakes don't have any bones at all, they're all muscle." It took all of my strength to bite my tongue. Some people should not be allowed to own pets.

The arcade lock-in is tomorrow evening. It's about time too, It's been awhile since I beat somebody at a retro 2D fighting game. That, and an entire night of DDR is welcome.

I've added cover art for all movies in the film reviews page. Not that it's a big deal, but they're there now.

I found out that the book Good Omens is slated to be reprinted in hardcover this November, which is cool because otherwise I'd have to shell out abour $50 for a 1st edition copy. Speaking of Good Omens, I've updated the page with new cover art.

There's a certain satisfaction, in a little bit of pain

Feeling: Flirty


Yesterday was the first day of summer (solstice occurred at 0646 GMT), but today is the first full day of summer.

Care to test your geek problem solving skills? Head on over to 3564020356.org. It's a puzzle website along the same vein as Not Pron.

After doing some research on the book, I've updated the Snow Crash page with the proper links to each book. I also added the poster and laser disc images to the Sneakers page.

Four more flags in the database, Côte d'Ivoire, Niger, Norway, and Palau.

For those of you who think that Microsoft hates Linux, here is an article that proves you wrong.

Girls will be boys and boys will be girls

Feeling: Okay


I spent several hours at Borders yesterday and I now have many new planned purchases which I'll buy on Amazon because it's so much cheaper. I browse at bookstores because browsing online is impossible.

Also, I need to start getting rid of my social anxiety. There was an attractive girl at Borders dressed in a sort of gypsy garb you would see at a ren faire who seemed interested in me. I quickly dismissed any real conversation with her because of her young age. Which wasn't the real reason, I just used that as an excuse to ignore the fact that I was nervous. Now I'm annoyed by it because I blew the chance for interesting conversation with someone I obviously had something in common with.

There are four more flags in the high resolution flag database, Cameroon, Luxembourg, Madagascar, and Serbia and Montenegro.

I picked up volume 7, Extreme Adventures, of the Disney DVD collection last night, more Disney to add to my collection.

How to lie to yourself and thereby to everyone else

Feeling: Sleepy


It was a nice long weekend of setting up a wedding, boffering, and hanging out with friends. The wedding was... well, let's just say I have a better appreciation for my family now. It eventually turned out okay.

Nikia was nice enough to give me two old computers which I'll be able to salvage some parts from to help out my web server, thank you.

I've added four more flags to the High-Resolution Flag Database, the Bahamas, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Senegal which brings my total number of flags up to 50.

There are two new sections to The Guru page. One off the main called Master of None, which gives insight as to how I like to try everything and master nothing. The other is a section where I have posted my future goals.

Nobody like repeating titles

Feeling: Okay


Why is it that company owners think they make good models? I always see these greasy ugly store owners doing their own commercials. Don't they realize they're scaring people away?

Well, my guru's have gone and answered another question. Yeah, that's right, who's your daddy?

I also added two new flags for Bangladesh and Sweden.

I'll be attending a wedding over the weekend in Grand Rapids. I'll be wearing garb for the event too, woot!

Then it comes to be that the soothing light
at the end of your tunnel
Was just a freight train coming your way

Feeling: Okay


More DDR last night. I also finished reading the book Neuromancer by William Gibson. It was very difficult to follow at first, but as I got further into the book, things started to make sense. I'm sure if I were to read it again it would be much clearer. All said, it was pretty good. I've added a small review of it.

I had this strange dream this morning about an ex-girlfriend trying to make me jealous by showing off her new boyfriend. It would have worked at the time, I've since become quite pleased with who I am, and I don't really want to date the girl any more.

I've also finally updated my unusual city names page.

How 'bout the power to kill a yak, from 200 yards away,
With mind bullets!

Feeling: Blah


Still, nothing but rain. No storms. What is the weather on strike or something? Do I need to negotiate with the meteorology union to get some quality storms around here? Sheesh!

Okay, so the next game soundtrack that I'll be showing off is the awesome Legend of Zelda 3 A Link to the Past which has several amazing tracks. Go and download them homeboy.

There is a new Ask a Guru question as well.

I'm thinking about getting a laptop so that I can always play video games and have digital note taking where ever I go. If anyone has a fairly new (like 1GHz or better processor) that they want to sell for cheap, let me know.

I had to pee, but it's taken care of now

Feeling: Happy


Last night included DDR and 2D fighting games. Good times.

As I mentioned earlier, I have a new game soundtrack online. The haunting yet chippy tunes of the NES port of Shadowgate are now available for download in vorbis and NSF format, as well as MIDI links in the video game music page.

I also updated my wish list.

I have to pee!

Feeling: Happy


The "battle of the bands" was a bit more like the "heated debate of the bands". Two bands didn't show, two were junk, and two were metal. Of the two metal bands, one was purely instrumental. I went there to possibly meet local young adults, and all that showed up was high school teenie-boppers. Oh well.

I bought this really cool looking blue button-up shirt, but I need khakis to wear with it, and I'm currently khakiless. So khaki shopping will soon occur. The trouble is, that I don't much care for khakis, but I don't think the shirt would look right in black or brown slacks.

Grand Blanc finally got rain this weekend, but I didn't want rain, I wanted dangerously powerful thunderstorms. I guess I have to be content with rain. How dull.

I ripped a bunch of new videogame soundtracks over the weekend, so you'll see several of them this week.

I picked up Volume 5 of the Disney collection, Extreme Sports Fun. Plenty of old favorites in it.

Today is Monday the 13th. Much more unlucky that Friday the 13th in my opinion.

Have you ever seen the rain

Feeling: Happy


Last night consisted of DDR, DVD extras of Spirited Away, frozen pizza, and categorizing music. And can you believe it ladies, I'm still single!

There is supposed to be a battle of the bands in Grand Blanc today (6:00-9:00) $5 entrance fee at Physician's Park. There was also talk in the news of rain. Considering that the past five times we were supposed to get rain, we didn't, and so far today has been clear and dry, I'm beginning to wonder if Grand Blanc is in a strange anti-rain nexus point in the universe. Either way, I'll probably check out the bands.

We're not the ones who're meant to follow

Feeling: Happy


I had a blast last night. I played DDR and then went to dinner with a group of friends from the arcade. We were the kind of people that normal families get annoyed with. We were joking around and causing a scene the whole time. My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard.

I finally standardized the naming convention in my Film page section, not that it really matters, but it was bugging me.

My current project is to create a program that will allow quick and easy searching and categorizing through various media files on a computer. It's a bit trickier than I thought, which is good because it keeps me occupied.

You don't forget what happened. You just can't recall it.

Feeling: Creative


I picked up a copy of Spirited Away last night. That movie is so amazing, it really inspires me to get up and do something, I love it. I even got $5 off the normal price because it scanned for the wrong price and Michigan has a law about that. I also worked on my matching set of boffer swords and made them nice and sturdy for the summer.

I added a quick review for Spirited Away on the film reviews page.

Big news for RENT fans, the official trailer is available! I've also acquired the Access Hollywood video and several more articles from Playbill. All of these can be seen on the RENT movie page.

I like babes and bullets

Feeling: Cheery


I forgot to mention that I picked up the Garfield's Feline Fantasies DVD last weekend. For some reason the local Meijer didn't stock Garfield's Holiday Celebrations, which is odd considering that those were the most popular Garfield cartoons. I guess I'll just have to look elsewhere.

I've added a new game to my video game music page. The soundtrack of the NES port of Gauntlet is now online ready for download in vorbis, NSF, and MIDI formats for your listening enjoyment.

I've posted a new perspective on pain killers and why I don't usually use them.

Today is one of my favorite actor's birthday, Liam Neeson.

Milkshakes are made of milk, so they're good for you

Feeling: Happy


Due to a slight miscalculation of sunscreen coverage, I'm now sunburned along the beltline of my lower back. I'm not amused.

Rilo Kiley is opening for Coldplay on their next tour. I really want to see them at such a large venue but I'm having a hard time trying to convince myself that I should spend $42 (lawn) or $77 (pavillion) on a Coldplay concert when I don't even like Coldplay that much. Maybe I'll buy at the gate, that way I'll only be paying $34 for lawn. Still, that's a bit high when I just saw them last month.

I've added a quick review of Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time (Illustrated) to my book reviews.

I've moved all my May entries to the old news page.

We're not gonna pay last year's rent

Feeling: Happy


I finally got around to paying my rent today that was due three days ago. I think they might be wanting that.

I've updated my DDR page with my latest high scores and added pretty little difficulty icons. I've also finally got around to putting the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD on my Harry Potter page.

But the lily of the valley doesn't know

Feeling: Happy


I watched the movie Dodgeball last night. It was on par with the rest of Ben Stiller's movies (i.e. not that great). I also played some more DDR, squeel!

There is another question that has been answered by my gurus. It's about time too!

I've been bad, I've lied, cheated, stolen and been ungrateful for what I had

Feeling: Okay


Okay, the ever-so-cool events that transpired at the faire are now catalogued for everyone to see.

Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman, and Alanis Morissette all have birthdays today and there are only 20 days until summer!