July, 2005

You're such a flaming flag

Feeling: Happy


I spent a bit of time last night trying to rip the audio out of a few old computer games. I'm actually making some headway. I'm getting very close to getting the full audio out of Prince of Persia 1 and 2, and Lands of Lore 1.

The new layout for the High Resolution Flag Database is complete, have a look. I also added five more flags Bahrain, China, Guernsey, Laos, and Qatar and fixed the name of the United Arab Emirates. That's 83 flags now.

DDR was nice and grueling last night. I did plenty of songs myself and forced myself to shadow half of people playing which made for sore legs.

Silverleaf this weekend!

Get the heck out of here you nerd

Feeling: Happy


I finally got around to updating the Bionic Commando soundtrack. It now has every song in the game in Vorbis format. I also updated the Mega Man 2 soundtrack with the proper titles, thanks to DeGamer, and added meta tags to the tracks.

My new Flag Database layout is almost complete. I'll probably have it up tomorrow. It's looking pretty spiffy so far and the new design allows plenty of room for growth.

I haven't played DDR at all this week. This is a serious problem and it must be stopped. Thus, I am demanding that I play tonight.

It's all been done before

Feeling: Okay


I picked up a copy of the movie Top Secret! last night. It's a hilarious movie made by the creators of Airplane.

I finished saving the DOOM 2 soundtrack into Vorbis format and it is now available for downloading.

Those gurus of mine have answered another question.

I'm currently working on an overhaul for the High Resolution Flag Database to make it easier to look at, because it's starting to get a bit unruly. It may take a few days to finish.

Record and play, after years of endless rewind

Feeling: Okay


My two Barenaked Ladies CDs arrived last night, Maroon and Stunt. I blame ex-girlfriend #4 for getting me hooked on them.

I'm in a flag mood, so I've added flags for Haiti, Hungary, Lithuania, and Monaco, bringing the total to 78. I also fixed the positioning and coloration on the ViÍt Nam flag.

Quick human anatomy refresher; the skin on the front of your lower abdomen is not as thick as the skin on your upper back.

It's the mistier mists the hazier days
The brighter sun and the easier lays

Feeling: Sleepy


The Silverleaf Renaissance Festival was a lot of fun, and very tiring. It was Pirate weekend (which was horribly not period, but still quite entertaining). I counted maybe about seven Captain Jack Sparrows. Quite frightening really. I camped on site this for the first time this season and I remember how much I don't like it. Wake up before noon, are you crazy?

More flags for the high resolution flag database. This time the flags include The Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Federal States of Micronesia, and finally The United States of America. There are currently 74 flags in the database.

Here's an amazing tale of triumph and perseverance. I was peeing at work about a week ago and I noticed a piece of plastic that was attached to the bottom of the urinal. As I continued to drain my proverbial snake the plastic loosened a bit from the collision with my urine stream. I thought to myself, I should continue to pee on this little piece of plastic until it falls off. Well, over the past week I've continued to focus the strength of my peeing on this particular little piece of plastic that was adhered to the bottom of the urinal. As the days went on it kept loosening to the point where you would expect it to come off, but no, it stayed fast, stuck to the urinal. Well today, after a nice long pee, the power of my urine finally broke the plastic free from the urinal, and down it went into the sewer system of the building. I feel so accomplished. Now I need a new goal to focus my attention on.

For the record, clove flavored candy rocks. I don't know how it slipped out of popularity.

And who's to care if I grow my hair to the sky

Feeling: Sly


I've uploaded the DOOM soundtrack, as well as created a page for Bobby Prince the composer of the game's music.

There is also a whole slew of new unusual city names posted, thank you to everyone who contributed. I sped up the page loading time by decreasing some of the background HTML, and I added a legend at the beginning of the page for the icons. It also looks like I'm going to have to separate the international section soon.

Silverleaf this weekend, and I'm getting a new used couch! Go me!

But you never bleed, you never feel the need

Feeling: Happy


Four new video game fonts have been added, namco regular, Press Start, RPG, and SF Atarian System.

James Doohan (aka Scottie) died last night. No more beaming up. I've given the Star Trek page a bit of work and added the Night Before Star Trek poem and the Script for Nemesis.

I've added pretty little link icons to all the links in the books section.

I think DDR is in order tonight.

Lights on the avenue all seem so far away

Feeling: Happy


I've updated my DDR high score list with two more AAs and a few more max combos. I'm doing better on my timing, and I'm getting a lot more perfects than I used to.

There's a new Rent MIDI for Seasons of Love (#3), thanks to Andrew Stromyer for notifying me.

Four more flags have been added to the high-res flag database, The FarŲe Islands, The Gambia, Ghana, and Greenland. It's getting to the point where the designs are becoming quite a bit more complex.

Have you seen the trailer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire yet? Hermione is looking awfully hot.

Here's the results of a cute little quiz where you finish sentences using only song titles from a single artist. I picked Queen, of course.

Bands // Song Titles

Choose an artist to answer in song titles:


Are you female or male:

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

Describe yourself:

Made In Heaven

How do some people feel about you:

You Take My Breath Away

How do you feel about yourself:

Cool Cat

Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:

Pain Is So Close To Pleasure

Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:

Sweet Lady

Describe where you want to be:


Describe what you want to be:

Princes Of The Universe

Describe how you live:

In The Lap Of Gods

Describe how you love:

We Will Rock You

Share a few words of wisdom:

Hang On In There

Pay no mind to the distant thunder

Feeling: Happy


I spent much of yesterday evening ripping the Doom and Doom 2 soundtracks from the games. I should have those up soon.

There are four new flags in the high resolution flag database including Iceland, Liberia, Tonga, and the United Arab Emirates, bringing the total to 66.

Who answered another Ask A Guru question? That would be us.

Good news to RENT heads, the RENT movie is now in post-production, meaning that all the filming is done! I've updated my RENT page with some new links. November 11, 2005, it's coming soon!

One of the worst ways to wake up: Leg cramp

Feeling: Okay


Silverleaf's second weekend was great fun. There was a nice downpour on Saturday, nothing unusual there, and Sunday was extremely hot and humid. I was able to meet up with old friends whom I haven't seen in a long time. Ahh, faire fellowship. Good times.

I've added the soundtrack for the NES version of the game Deja Vu. I also added a review for it.

And, of course, Harry Potter book 6 is now out. I went to the Harry Potter party at Borders. Wow, I need to get some more grownup hobbies. I felt so old standing in line for a few hours waiting for a kids book to come out. I've only been able to get two chapters in so far.

After reading Guilty Pleasures and now reading Harry Potter, I'm reminded of how much I prefer short chapters. They make it so much easier to read a book because you can set it down and pick it up without having to worry about losing your place.

I'm currently celebrating a meaningless milestone. Back when my site first appeared in google I had only a few results. I compared it to another home page (my favorite at the time) which had several thousand. As time went on my results started growing, and I said to myself, if I could ever top the other page I would be very pleased. Well, since the last google update, I've surpassed that page. A google search of "thealmightyguru" will currently yield 7,640 results, over a thousand more than my unknowing competition. And I am pleased.

Watching me wanting me

Feeling: Okay


I finished reading Guilty Pleasures last night. It had a lot of action, tension, and sensuality like all good vampire novels should have. Certainly worth the read, but the ending was a little too simple.

I've created four new flags for the high res flag database, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, The Republic of Congo, and Djibouti, bringing the total to 62. I also fixed some of the wording for countries that have a "the" in their name.

Harry Potter comes out tomorrow morning at midnight for those brave enough to stay up. I'm off to the Silverleaf Ren Faire tomorrow as well.

I will spread my wings and fly into the sun

Feeling: Okay


I picked up a copy of What Dreams May Come which is an amazing, but under rated, movie. I also created a review for it.

I had an even more unusual dream than normal, which is archived in my dream log.

There are four new video game fonts including G.B. Boot, Hopping Mappy, Knight Boy, and Invader. This brings my current total up to 43 font sets.

I've been updating my lyrics page over the past few months and it is now up to 1,750 songs.

Daddy, what'd'ja leave behind for me?

Feeling: Okay


Dinner last night was at my new favorite Mexican restaurant Los Cuatro Amigos (The Four Friends) off Linden road in Flint Township. The food there is amazing and only partially Americanized. So, if anyone has a hankerin for Mexican, let me know and we'll plan an outing.

This morning I woke up without even having a stuffed up nose, bonus.

I've added four new pictures of Richard Garriott to the Ultima page from back when he was a strapping young lad just after releasing Ultima 3, around 22 years old!

I've added a music review for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and also updated the entry for Green Day with new images and more info.

Everyone's a little queer, can't she be a little straight

Feeling: Blah


Yesterday I pretty much stayed home and lazed around. R&R is good for sickness, and I'm actually feeling a little better today, though far from perfect.

Kevin Greene was nice enough to direct me to the Ultima section of applevault where they have a huge amount of early Ultima music available for download.

For those of you who like looking at source code from commercial video games, head over to remaininplay.com where you can find free games and also a lot of source code for games that have been released to the public domain.

I've updated my Labyrinth page with items including the laserdisc, games, novel, and a larger VHS cover. I also updated the html code and changed all the GIFs over to PNGs.

I also found the collectors editions of the Harry Potter DVDs for $10 each and got them. I now have all three. This has given me cause to update my wish list with all my latest greedy desires.

What a fair faire

Feeling: Sick


Ahh, Silverleaf, what fun. Opening weekend was a blast, even having the sniffles the whole time didn't dampen my mood. I got to see people whom I haven't seen in a year, I got to feast on healthy faire food, and I got to be surrounded by faire babes all day. Yeah, good times.

The rest of the Mega Man 2 soundtrack is now online. Download it and be amazed.

There are five new game fonts, Intellivised, Joystix, Kirby's Star Stacker, PacFont, and Videobeast 80's.

I've updated my 1337 DDR scores.

I've updated my pictures page with some of my more recent outings. It includes a never before seen picture of myself and Keith my evil twin.

Excuse me waiter, there's a barbarian in my soup

Feeling: Okay


DDR, though incredibly painful, did loosen up my muscles. They're still sore, but not at that "I'm going to die" kind of sore. I also finally got around to mailing in my check for rent, only slightly late. I hope they don't fine me.

I've added the first half of the Mega Man 2 soundtrack as digital audio. I'll have the second half next week. I'm already finished logging it, I just need to upload it. For those of you who are unaware, Mega Man 2 is probably the best game audio for the NES system.

More Ask A Guru questions have been answered. How cool is that?

Old news goes in the old news page. See how tidy I am?

Silverleaf tomorrow! Be there or be square, and nobody likes a square!

I heard that vampires bounce

Feeling: Injured


The 5th of July party rocked. Fireworks, volleyball, fun people, it was good times. I kept a list of the fireworks I used and rated them on their coolness factor to help with buying stuff for next year. Staying out until 4:00 AM and then attempting to sleep it all off has left my body in a rather painful condition. Nothing some DDR can't fix, right?

I've added two more music reviews for The Barenaked Ladies and David Bowie. Just giving the spot light to two awesome artists.

This weekend is the opening day for the Silverleaf Renaissance Festival. I better see all you rennies there!

Candy necklaces taste so yummy

Feeling: Injured


Three day weekends rock. I spent mine with Amber. We watched movies and ate tacos. Movies included, Grosse Pointe Blank, which I really liked; Lost in Translation, which I heard mixed reviews from, and while I can see why some people wouldn't like it, I enjoyed it; and Mr. and Mrs. Smith which employed comic book realism which was cute, though not worth buying.

5th of July party tonight with the arcade crowd. Teenagers and illegal fireworks, gosh it's going to be great!

Today I'd like to nominate Marina Bai as the stupidest person alive this week!

The Internet? Is that thing still around?

Feeling: Annoyed


Another annoying day of working with GM's crappy web server. I wish they would have let me write the code for it, it'd be a lot more stable... Not really.

Bon fire tonight with the arcade crowd. Bonus because Amber is coming over to accompany me. Enjoy the three day weekend everyone.