August, 2005

He said... Um... Oh shucks

Feeling: Happy


I was listening to NPR this morning like usual and they had a guy commenting about hurricane Katrina. He said that his house was destroyed from a previous hurricane, and destroyed again with this one, yet he still planned to rebuild in the exact same spot. I'm not to try to diminish the tragedy, but I have a hard time using the term "victim" for this guy. I think a better term is "doesn't learn from past experiences".

More screenshots and composers have been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

I've added alternate box art to the Section Z page and cleaned up the underlying HTML quite a bit.

I called UPS about my hard drive and told them to just leave it at my door. They told me that the company who created the shipment won't allow that. I called the company that I bought the hard drive from and they said that their contract with UPS forces them to ship that way. So I asked the company if they could ship to another location and they said they couldn't. I called UPS and asked if they could ship to another location and they said they could. Is it just me, or are companies really dumb?

Anyway, it finally arrived today, so now I can get to business loading my new web server.

Remember what the dormouse said

Feeling: Happy


The power went out here yesterday which is why the update was about 14 hours later than normal. You may want to check yesterday's post if you were wondering about it yesterday.

I've added screenshots to half the games in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation and another composer.

I've updated my Rent page with some new links.

Still waiting on the hard drive. Apparently UPS has a shipping method where the only way you can get your shipment is by having someone sign for it at the specified shipping address. I can't call to just have it dropped off, I can't even pick it up at the distribution center with a photo id. This is done for security. However, -anyone- can sign for my package. How is that secure? Stupid UPS.

I admit that in the past I've been a nasty

Feeling: Nerdy


The weekend was pretty fun. I attended Julie's graduation party and got to hang out with Amber and meet her family. I also indulged in a little DDR which I did alright at. I again failed at Max 300, but I got further than my last attempt. I hope they fix the local machine soon.

The Videogame Music Preservation Foundation has been updated with the NES port of Times of Lore and another composer.

My pretty new hard drive will be here tomorrow so I'll finally be able to load my new web server.

Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone

Feeling: Happy


This week flew by. I didn't even realize that it was Friday. Well, I got plenty of work done on the Ask A Guru book this week. I have some illustrations put into it, but it still has a long way to go. Soon I'll be requesting questions for certain topics in order to better fill the book out.

Two flags have been added to the High Resolution Flag Database. Israel and Jordan are the two new ones.

All Things Halloween has been updated again also.

All that remains for my server is my new hard drive which is currently in Kentucky.

I'm heading out to Dowagiac this weekend for a friends graduation party. I get to see Amber too, so that makes things even better.

Must you tempt me and provoke the ministry?

Feeling: Excited


All of my old Ask A Guru questions have been put into my newly formatted book. I still need probably another 50+ questions to add to it, and a lot more work on the formatting, but it's coming along.

My new web sever is almost done. This one is actually a new computer, not an collection of pieced together faulty computer parts. Well, some of the drives are reused, but the the board, processor, and hard drive is all new. I'm just waiting on the last part to be shipped and then I can load it and have my own beautiful new server.

Enough about me, let's talk about you for a minute

Feeling: Creative


I put a few more hours into my Ask A Guru book and it is starting to take shape. I may have a very rough draft in a few days.

I've added a bit more information to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation including a new soundtrack and a new composer.

Can anyone explain to me how Macromedia's Fireworks program is able to store vector data in the raster format of PNG? If you are able to tell me how, could you then also tell me why they would choose a raster format and not a vector format? I'm at a loss. On the topic of graphic programs, I played around with Paint Shop Pro 8 last night. It pretty much had all the same things as Corel PhotoPaint, but I like Corel's interface more.

You recognize my pain

Feeling: Cold


I was a bit apprehensive about buying the sixth season of the Simpsons because I saw in the picture they altered the packaging quite a bit from the previous five seasons. When I actually saw it physically, I found that it was even worse than I expected. The large Homer head is just a cheap plastic box that holds the cardboard folder that holds the CDs. You can't even use the box because the opening hinge is on the bottom so it can't even stand up straight. Basically, it's junk. The DVD content doesn't seem to be altered, it still has all the episodes with commentary on every episode and extras.

Yesterday was kind of chilly out and I got to wear a hoodie for the first time this year. Ah, hoodies, they're so awesome. And for future reference to anyone who might try them, prickly pears taste okay, but they're completely filled with seeds, and they have tiny little prickers that get stuck under your skin and irritate you ALL DAY LONG!.

I've added the original game rip of DOOM 2 and another composer to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

My progress on converting Ask A Guru into a book is going nicely. I've got some of the layout finished and obviously I have a bunch of questions already answered (I had no idea that I have answered over 100 questions already!). I'm currently categorizing the questions and weeding out the lame ones. There is still a lot of work to do so don't expect the book any time soon.

And who do I think that I am to decide that she's wrong

Feeling: Sleepy


Friday evening I drove to Ann Arbor to help Amber move into her new dorm. Moving sucks, but Amber is a sweetie, so it was okay. I also got to play DDR at Pinball Pete's which is an arcade on South University. I haven't properly played in about three weeks and it certainly shows. I was wheezing after only a few songs. Still, I was able to impress a bunch of ten-years-olds, so I'm still cool.

The Videogame Music Preservation Foundation has been updated with the music rip of Times of Lore and a new composer.

Dear junk mailers. I live in an apartment. I don't need new siding, deck refinishing, power washing, or any other stupid things like that. Go bother a homeowner with eight kids.

Me's a authThor. i writes go0dest, Bookes!

Feeling: Dreamy


I bought a new Queen shirt last night! Horry for Queen!

Are you an amateur author? Want to get your work published, but don't know how? Take a look at I'm thinking I should turn parts of Ask A Guru into a book. You'd buy it from me wouldn't you?

SIM City 2000's game rip has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation, and the format XMI has been added as well.

I'm heading to Ann Arbor this weekend to help Amber move into her new place. Good thing I'm covered in muscles. I should probably stop taking muscle baths because the decaying meat is starting to smell.

I'll sleep in this place with the lonely crowd

Feeling: Happy


I remember a time when the days seemed to drag on and I'd never be able to find things to do. Now, I don't seem to have enough time when I get home to do all the stuff I want to do. I sound like a parent, but I don't have any children.

I started work on recording the Heretic soundtrack last night. I added the Ultima 6 music rip to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation, and added the new format.

I added the flag of the Sami People and São Tomé and Príncipe to the High Resolution Flag Database.

I bet you're gay! No I'm not!

Feeling: Okay


I finished recording the NES version of The Legend of Zelda music to Vorbis last night. I still haven't gotten around to uploading it yet. The new soundtrack in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation is the game Seiklus. It has awesome music. There are new composers and various other updates as well.

I added the flags of Suriname and North Korea to the High Resolution Flag Database.

If you are a fan of the game series Civilization walk on over to

I've updated Lukrain's Boffer Guide with some submitted works.

But oh, those summer nights

Feeling: Okay


Last night I wrote a program to extract the data files from SIM City 2000. It included the music, sound effects, text data, and some other stuff I'm not sure what it is yet. The music is in XMI format, which I still can't find a proper player for.

The latest soundtrack in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation is Chrono Cross.

I've reworked the High Resolution Flag Database to use larger thumbnails of the flags, and also added a link back to my main site on every page.

The DDR machine at my local arcade has died, so I've been doing half hour nonstop runs of Stepmania at home. It's nice and tiring.

Don't you think I know exactly where I stand

Feeling: Okay


Amber and I had a great weekend. We watched some movies, played some games, visited my family for my brother's birthday party, and I nagged at her to do her homework. My cold sore is healing up faster than expected and that's always a good thing.

Another soundtrack has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. Section Z for the NES is the new one, and the two composers also have their pages. I also updated the Section Z page with the new music.

There is a new picture of myself and Monica boffering from the Shiabruck faire from last August.

It looks like Yahoo! is having a bit of trouble with their new claims.

That would paralyze your evolution

Feeling: Cold Sore


Two new soundtracks and composers have been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation for Operation Body Count and Ultima 3: Exodus. You're excited, you just don't know it yet.

Halloween is coming up soon so I've updated All Things Halloween for the first time this year.

Amber is coming over for the weekend. Squee!

Indifferent, but distanced perfectly, projected endlessly

Feeling: Cold Sore


Last night I finished recording the Section Z soundtrack. I'll have it posted soon, but for now I've added the Age of Empires soundtrack to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation, and a few other things.

Anyone want to explain the purpose of this receipt to me?

There are two new items on the navigation menu to the left. A link for the High-Resolution Flag Database (Flags) and the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation (Game Music).

Amber is coming over tomorrow after I get off work, so I have to do all my cleaning today. I need a maid.

Touching you makes me die inside

Feeling: Cold Sore


Thanks to my sunburn and lowered immune system, I'm getting a cold sore. Oh happy day.

Last night I spent some time ripping out the Prince of Persia 2 soundtrack. Its the same format as the first game, but I'll probably write a program to rip it all, because it's a lot bigger than the first game.

I've added the original Prince of Persia soundtrack to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation and updated a couple other pages in it.

Morbid sense of humor? Me? Never! This is obviously fun for the whole family.

From the high to the low, to the end of the show

Feeling: Injured


I successfully ripped the Prince of Persia soundtrack last night! It looks as though Prince of Persia 2 will probably be in the same format and be able to be ripped in the same way. I'll have the full recordings up soon.

Just another reason to prefer radio news over television news. I was watching the news on TV last night and they mentioned that the new energy bill was going to adjust Daylight Savings Time. Yes, that was Savings as plural. The news itself couldn't even get the word right. Saving is not plural. You would expect the average person to get this wrong, because most people hear it as a plural in everyday speak (although, not from me), but this is the news! Anyway, I heard about it on the radio this morning and good old NPR properly referred to it as Daylight-Saving Time. Bad TV news, no treat.

The Videogame Music Preservation Foundation has been updated with the original MUS files from DOOM, as well as a link to the DOOM soundtrack. I have a few more games in the works.

Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer?
Because it feels so good when I stop!

Feeling: Injured


Okay, weekend recap. Friday evening I finished reading Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince. I wasn't super impressed with it overall, and I'm still in denial from the ending. I've started reading Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency to fill the void. Also, late Saturday night (or early Sunday morning for you technical people) I successfully wrote a program to extract the sound effects and voice files from the Legend of Kyrandia videogame series. I'm still trying to get the music. I'll make the program available for download as soon as I clean it up a bit.

The Shaibruck faire was quite slow and there was little in the way of day time boffering. However, I did do a decent amount of shopping. I picked up a pair of leather thigh-high boots with raised heels and pointed toes (think black cowboy boots) which are now the second most expensive article in my garb collection. I also picked up a lovely glass vase and a few other knick-knacks. I spent plenty of time flirting with the ladies (a must at faires). I failed to ring the bell on the strength test -way- too many times. The most fun was playing hide-and-go-boffer-smack at midnight (hide-and-go-seek with boffers!).

Obviously, I'm incredibly sore pretty much everywhere today. Sunburn and muscle cramps make me feel like I've accomplished something.

I lost my eBay auction also. No big deal, it went higher than I wanted to pay. I'll just try to get the next one.

July has been pushed to the old news page.

What you've all been waiting for

Feeling: Excited


I've been putting a lot of work into it, and I think it's ready for its unveiling. The new project is called The Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. As you can guess from the name, its goal is to preserve videogame music. However, unlike some sites that simply just record the music for listening, I'm also including the ripped music data from the games themselves. By doing this I can offer the ability to record your own music if need be. It currently consists of all the game music that I already had on this site with the addition of the Wolfenstein 3D soundtrack. I have several more in the works that will soon be added.

This weekend is the Shaibruck renaissance festival in Owosso. It's held at the Gerald E. Collamer Park. That link takes you to a map of it. Bring boffer weapons and expect to get killed by me a lot.

Won't it be strange when we're all fully grown

Feeling: Happy


I've been really working on this new game music site. I hope to have it up tomorrow.

I finally uploaded all the ren faire pictures over the past four weekends. Just a bit behind on that one.

I'm still leading the pack on my eBay auction at a whopping $1. Still three days left though.

The release date for the movie Rent has been pushed back to November 23rd. Check out the links on my Rent movie page.

How to sabotage your fantasies by fears of success

Feeling: Okay


Last night I was in Clarkston with Tabree and Josh. While some things were still the same, Clarkston has changed a great deal since I was last there, and I can't really say it is for the better. It's true that you can never go back, and to be honest, I would never want to.

My Garfield Holiday Celebrations DVD finally arrived which includes my two favorite Garfield animated features, the Halloween and Christmas episodes.

I'll have my ren fest pictures up as soon as I remember to upload them, yes, I'm a bit slow this season.

The videogame music project is progressing nicely. I'm playing a bit with format and appearance, but much of the content is taken care of.

I made my first eBay bid today. I'll fill you in on what it is after it's over. I don't want any of you shifty people trying to out-bid me!

Just so long it don't mess up his hair

Feeling: Okay


I setup my old entertainment center last night. It looks a lot better than the old desk I was using before.

I'm still working on my new project regarding videogame music which should be unveiled sometime this week. You can cut the tension with a knife.

I'm visiting with an old friend tonight who I haven't seen in a year. It should be quite amusing.

As a specimen, yes, I'm intimidating!

Feeling: Sleepy


The last weekend of the Silverleaf Renaissance Festival was nice as usual. I met some new people, got to see old friends again and enjoyed eating overpriced fatty foods. I still need to do a lot of exercise to work off that crap. I think I have a turkey leg lodged in my ribcage somewhere. Luckily they had giant pop-ice. I'll have pictures up soon of all those strange and goofy looking people.

Well, on Friday after posting the new design of the Flag Database, I started a new database as well. You may have noticed that I've added several videogame soundtrack over the past few months. Well, that's all leading up to something very big, so keep your eyes peeled this week for its unveiling.