October, 2005

You laugh at me because I'm different,
I laugh at you because I'm not

Feeling: Excited


I picked up some nice running shoes just in time to not use them because of the impending winter. I also purchased a pair of black heels. I was trying to find red, but they don't make very many sexy women's shoes in my size. Still, the black ones look nice though, but they're certainly one-hour shoes.

The White Sox win the World Series and I'm completely amazed. Not that they won, but that baseball is still being played. I can think of only a few people I know who follow baseball, and not a single die-hard fan.

I updated the High Resolution Flag Database and I finally finished the flag for the United Kingdom. When you look at the flag you don't really notice how difficult the math involved is to make that thing. Anyway, Ireland is there too.

Today John Cleese turns a whopping 66 years old. I still remember watching Flying Circus back in 69. Ah those were good times, actors were real men and so were the women. Of course, I wasn't born until 1980, but that's neither here nor there.

This may well be my last update until November. I've taken Friday and Monday off for my Halloween vacation. I currently have three parties to go to, with the possibility of a fourth. It's going to me a long weekend, and I'm looking forward to it. So happy Halloween everyone, enjoy the best holiday there is.

Talk about things that nobody cares,
wearin' other things that nobody wears

Feeling: Okay


I need to go shopping today for some pretty girly clothes. Maybe I'll get some nice red heels. It'll probably be hard to find something cute and sexy in a size 13 wide though.

I've added the section about graveyards to All Things Halloween.

My Ask A Guru book is up to 136 questions now. I'll probably stop at about 155 questions and then proceed to add in illustrations and format the questions properly, and add some Internet links so the reader can research the topics themselves. This should bring the book up to around 200 pages or so.

Come crashing in, into my little world

Feeling: Dazed


I did some more work on the memory of Bionic Commando. This is just more proof that women want me and men want to be me.

I've written an essay on randomness and why I think that it doesn't truly exist.

Enough talk, DDR needs playing.

You let me penetrate you, you let me complicate you

Feeling: Drained


Friday bed time: 3:00 AM, Saturday bed time: 8:00 AM. The Halloween party accounted for some of that, the rest will be left to imagination. Okay, I admit that mapping out the memory of the Bionic Commando NES ROM had some part of it. I'm cool, shut up.

So anyway, I'd kill for a nap, but I feel a lot better now.

No matter how many times I do it, it still doesn't seem right. I'm talking, of course, about shaving. The costume I wore for the party required that remove my lovely reddish brown facial hair which is a pain because my chin and upper lip are not used to being shaved so they are super sensitive to razors and bleed a lot. The lack of facial hair not only makes me look like I'm fifteen, but also makes me look like a flaming homosexual. Honestly, my face just doesn't look right without a beard, I look like a really ugly woman.

And I watched my friends go off to war
What do they keep on fighting for?

Feeling: Smart


Where did my Wednesday post go to? I know I made one, but now it's gone. It had something to do with socks, and how I purchased new ones (which I'm wearing right now, and they feel divine). I don't remember it being that big of a post, but I'm a bit bummed that it's gone now.

I made tacos last night and they were lovely.

Yesterday, at the arcade, I was talking with two younger girls who claimed to be knowledgeable about vampires, but not simply Hollywood vampires, -real- vampires. So, I asked them how many Anne Rice books they've read, but they didn't know who she was. I asked if they were familiar with Anita Blake (more campy, but it appeals to the younger crowd). Never heard of her. I went for broke, and asked them if they even knew who Bram Stoker was. No idea. Kids these days, I tell you!

All Things Halloween has a few more tidbits of pumpkiny goodness.

Lonely feelin' deep inside
Find a corner where I can hide

Feeling: Morbid


Today there was frost on my windshield. It's begun.

I had a strange dream this morning about meeting a girl and me being a vampire.

I added a bunch more Harry Potter pictures.

Enough chit-chat, let's play some DDR.

A thousand girls, a thousand thrills
A million ways to spend your time

Feeling: Hot


Yesterday was a nice refresher. I did practically nothing, hence being refreshing. I'm currently reading The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul which is turning out to be much better than the first Dirk Gently book.

I added some more reviews to All Things Halloween.

I also added the DVD to the A Wrinkle in Time page, along with some production photos of the movie, and various other pictures.

I did some minor cleanup work on the Section Z page. Mostly typo fixes, minor information changes, and HTML cleaning.

The Dollhouse has been updated with the latest beta DirectX patches from Trilobyte. I was also informed of a new Quake 3 mod of Henry Stauff's mansion. You can see some screenshots at freewebs.com/questscaper.

Can you guess who's birthday it is? I'll give you a hint, nearly every male child from 1985 to 1990 worshipped it as their god. That's right, the Nintendo Entertainment System turns twenty today! It's amazing that twenty years went by so quickly. Uh-oh, I'm sounding like a grown-up!

After a few false starts the first Narnia movie is now in post production and scheduled to be in theaters December 9th. Before that two very important movies will be seen, and those are Goblet of Fire on November 18th and Rent on November 23rd.

You're poison running through my veins

Feeling: Drained


The weekend was freaking awesome. Cold, dirty, painful, and just plain awesome. I was quite a bit unlike me - well scratch that - I was quite a bit unlike myself from several years ago. I actually enjoyed myself at a party that wasn't centered around gaming. Stop the presses! I still smell like smoke from the bonfire.

Nigerian scammers are starting to get annoying. At first they claimed to give you millions if you would send money to royalty. Now they are accessing public records to tell me that my brother was killed in an accident on an oil rig in Nigeria. Not very nice.

It's time I got back to the good life

Feeling: Excited


This weekend is going to be a long one, I'm sure. Today, after work, I'm heading to Ann Arbor to hang out with Amber, and then Saturday I'm going to Lansing to go to a bonfire / camping party (yes, camping in October, in Michigan). It's going to be fun for sure, and certainly tiring.

Work on the book is still proceeding, I'm at 129 questions. I suppose I should start looking for illustrations as well.

Do transparent carrots yield the same amount of beta-carotene?

Feeling: Festive


Ugh, I still can't beat Paranoia Survivor! Wuzz duh dilly-o? I've been getting a little practice on The Legend of Max, and Max Unlimited, but still no luck on either of them. There will be many more tries before anything happens with them.

Today is a beautiful October day. It's partly cloudy, warm, and the leaves are in full swing. What is it about October that makes me feel alive when it's supposed to be a time of dying? The colors look so festive and alive, the scents of spice and dew on fallen leaves, it's truly amazing. Fall needs to be longer, it's just too spectacular to only have a few weeks of ideal fall weather. I feel like scaring a small child.

I'm trying to decide on a good typeface for my Ask A Guru book. I'm trying to find a public domain font, but a freeware or GPL one will be acceptable as well. I don't want to bother with existing copyrighted fonts because I want to give credit to the open source community. So if anyone knows of a good serif font I can use for free, that isn't owned by MS, Bitstream, HP, etc., let me know.

How 'bout them transparent dangling carrots
...what does that mean anyway?

Feeling: Creative


I played DDR last night, and everyone cares, don't you. Well, I cleared Sakura on heavy (a 10-footer), and I also pushed through several 9 footers. I'm getting close to the level I was at before as far as difficulty, but I still can't seem to keep time like before. I'm getting way too many greats.

I snapped a picture of the black wreath that's on my door.

I added a glossary to Lukrain's Boffer Guide and also added instructions to making a thrusting tip for swords. No pictures yet.

I did quite a bit more work on the Ask A Guru book as well. I'm now at 125 questions. I'll probably get about another 80 questions before calling it good. Or I may just stop at 150 and save the rest for a squeal book. I'm still working with the format, so we'll see how that turns out. I'd like to have many illustrations to go along with it as well, so we'll see what happens.

And all I need now is intellectual intercourse
(and a few other kinds thrown in for good measure)

Feeling: Unusual


My program was a success, I am awesome. It only required minor tweaking to become operational. Now, of course, I have a few thousand more lines of code to write and debug for the second part, but a jeanius like me shouldn't have any trouble.

I've added some more wallpapers, icons, and a new monster description to All Things Halloween.

There is a little mini review for the game Stellar 7.

I added several more unusual city names as well. I'm still backlogged, so if you don't see your name, check back next time.

I've also been doing quite a bit more work on my Ask A Guru book. I'm at 117 questions and I want to have a little over 200 for the final book. I already have plenty of questions to get working on, it's just a matter of research.

That was seven years ago, and things were very different then

Feeling: Pensive


My weekend was nicely productive. Friday and Saturday I played DDR (shout out to Joe). I cleaned my apartment, hung my crow's feather wreath on my door, and picked up three more Disney DVD's to keep up with my collection. Sunday afternoon I watched a fiddle/guitar duet at the local library that was pretty cool.

I also had a humbling experience. It's amazing how utterly insignificant my problems seem in comparison to others. How do I justify complaining about my apartment, car, or job when there are people who have none of these things. Especially now that a Michigan winter is coming up.

Looking for cool non-copyrighted movies? Zoom over to moving-pictures section of archive.org and take a look at their huge selection of public domain films. I would like to know why they refer to a film as open source, but perhaps they're just confused.

Moving forward using all my breath

Feeling: Frustrated


I beat my high score in Garou last night (502,500) by making it to the semi-finals on one quarter. I'm getting close to beating the game.

I'm bummed. I, like most people, don't use sissy wash cloths in the shower, I have one of those manly poofball things that you put body wash on. Anyway, my last one has gotten kind of old and scummy, so I went to the store to buy a new one. The major problem is that they don't carry the same style as before! The new ones are rounder and not as sharp. How can I properly exfoliate when I don't have a coarse poofball to rub all over my firm young supple body? The little string isn't even long enough to hang from the faucet to dry it anymore. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and make my own hardcore poofball.

I've completed a new soundtrack for the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. The latest one is for Tecmo Bowl for the NES.

Well, I've completed my program for work as much as I can. I'll still be spending a good amount of time on Saturday picking through the code. Stupid antiquated systems and their stupid interfaces with their stupid menu systems and stupid servers with their stupid operating systems and their stupid... etc.

September's posts are now in the old news section.

My program rocks, yo

Feeling: Annoyed


I was finally able to pass a 10 footer again in DDR. I cleared MAX 300 with a B, but I still can't beat PARANOiA Survivor. I'm so out of shape.

Whilst listening to NPR this morning I heard a segment that was bashing the Red Cross saying that it was not doing a good enough job helping hurricane survivors. Isn't the Red Cross a volunteer organization? If you want the Red Cross to do better, maybe there should be more volunteering and less complaining. Several people were interviewed saying that they didn't get enough help from the Red Cross. That's like a homeless person complaining that they didn't get enough food at a soup kitchen.

There will be a few more new graphic art pieces in the upcoming days, I've been working on them before I go to bed. I've also quadrupled the size so they're now 1000x1000. They take a little longer to make, but it allows me to create more intricate images.

Your program sucks

Feeling: Annoyed


I hate IBM. I hate AS/400. I hate Arkona. Writing code for them is like jabbing a rusty nail in your eye over and ever again until tetanus sets in. Darn them! Darn them all to heck!

Rent a flat above a shop
Cut your hair and get a job

Feeling: Okay


I've been working on getting another videogame soundtrack online. The next one is going to be Tecmobowl for the NES. I should have it here sometime this week.

For all of you occultic Sanrio fans, view the terrifyingly cute Hello Cthulu.

My music lyrics page is now up to 1,800+ songs. I also cleaned up a few old ones and fixed some incorrectly titled ones.

You know I love you, but you've got a hell of a lot to learn about rock n' roll

Feeling: Drained


The Grand Valley Faire was surprisingly warm this year. No freezing rain or overpowering winds, I was impressed. I wore my tall boots for the first time and let me just say, they look freaking awesome! Sure they dig into my feet, but who cares? They make this lovely clicky-clop sound as I walk that makes men turn their heads expecting a woman in heels, and then get real disappointed when they see the facial hair. I picked up some more chainmail jewelry which I needed (yes, I needed it). I also got wenched multiple times, which was tragic, let me assure you. The ladies at the faire were very pleasant. All-in-all it was a nice end to the 2005 faire season.

I also had the joy of hanging out with Nikia, Carl, Tracy, and Katie again. There were a few game of Scrabble for entertainment (my highest scoring word was azure) and an issue involving scary dolls that I'll refrain from describing.

My True-Type Font is complete. I actually stayed at work an extra three hours to finish it. So now gaming freaks, I give you Controller v1.0. The font currently makes it possible to view nearly any button combination (including three different directionals) to almost any console controller as well as several arcade systems.

I've added a small review of one of my favorite folk singers, Don McLean.

Happy Birthday Amber (1 day late).