November, 2005

And she won't give up 'cause she's seventeen

Feeling: Happy


I'm dangerously close to beating The Fool's Errand, which is a puzzle game of yester-year. I began months ago by beating most of the puzzles and last night I beat two more. Now I have only a few puzzles left, all of which are extremely difficult. This has enticed me to make a puzzle of my own which you can see here. Good luck with it.

There is a small game review for the Atari 2600 game Pitfall!

There are also four new game fonts Mortal Kombat 1, Neverwinter Nights, Sega Logo, and Super Mario Bros. I still have several more to add, but I might need to break up the page soon because it's getting awfully large.

And when you're dying in America, at the end of the millennium
You're not alone, I'm not alone

Feeling: Okay


The Videogame Music Preservation Foundation has been updated with the music from the NES game The Legend of Zelda.

I also made some modifications so that the Harry Potter Quiz will work with FireFox's weak JavaScript parser. I also found out that FireFox's CSS parser can't handle white space in certain areas, so I changed my CSS files to an ugly format so my page will look more accurate for those of you using FireFox. I hate multiple browser coding, it's like having to write for Netscape 4 all over again.

Also, if you want your truck to become invisible in the woods, do what this guy did.

Yes! It's true! Thank you so much Internet, you've proven me right once again! For years I've been arguing with my friends over the correct name for a soft drink. Pop versus soda, it's the oldest debate in history. Well, an Internet survey that anyone can participate in has been running for some time now, and it has come up with a winner. I've always known that pop is the correct term, but I feared that soda might be more popular because both New York and California use the term, but never underestimate the Midwest! As it stands, pop is the most common term in the USA and Canada. Viva la pop! Check out to cast your vote and to get more details.

Leather bags, girlie mags, forty-fives, AZT

Feeling: Sleepy


Well, I saw RENT, which was mind blowing. I was so geeked up for it and the movie succeeded in delivering to me the enjoyment I expected. Rent, like most musicals, didn't translate well to the screen, but it was very exciting to see it in a real setting. They did as good of job as was possible, and a few uncertainties about the lyrics were brought to light and I had a better understanding of everything. My only beefs with the movie was the removal of a few songs (though they weren't important, and due to time constraints I understand why they were left out), but I really wish they would have kept Christmas Bells, We're Okay, and Contact which are really fun songs. Aside from that and minor lyric changes they kept the majority of the lyrics and script intact, which I was pleased with. All-in-all I adored it. So now, Rent has pretty much covered all forms of media unless they make a Rent videogame, and I pray that they don't. My Rent site has been updated.

My turkey day was nice. I spent it with my immediate family eating an avian stuffed with bread and pumpkin pie. Also, over the weekend, I visited with Kimberly. Together we made a nice chicken curry dinner from the cook book of some lady named Betty Crocker. We also went bowling which was fun. I'm improving my game quite a bit.

Thanks to the four-day weekend my sleep cycle is shot. I ended up falling asleep around 3:00 AM, and then woke up a few times in the night. Once from a nightmare of a little girl in a blue gown who existed only in the reflections of windows and glass door, until I opened a door and she became real... and creepy looking.

I'm in love with my lust, burning angel wings to dust

Feeling: Flirty



I started reading The Shining last night. I'm on chapter four and so far it's not scary. Well, There's 50+ more to scare me, so I guess I'll give it the benefit of he doubt. I also ordered Neverwhere on DVD, which I heard wasn't that great, but we'll see.

I've taken Friday off, so I probably won't make another post until Monday. Try to be strong and survive with a four day prohibition of my posts. I have faith in you. Anyway, enjoy your turkey day and get all fattened up for the winter.

Forever shall the wolf in me desire the sheep in you

Feeling: Flirty


Well, I finished Neverwhere last night. The book was very good and I'd certainly recommend it to people who like strange, fairly morbid, stories. I still can't decide if the ending was a happy one or not.

Today at work we received a call from the military saying that they had found one of our client's scanner guns in the debris in Gulfport, Mississippi while cleaning up after hurricane Katrina. The scanner made a flight in the wind and rain for over 500 miles and it still works just fine. Amazing.

I've added a quick review of the movie High Fidelity, which if you haven't seen, I demand that you watch it with me.

There is also a game review for Squarez Deluxe.

If you're part of the human race then you must be in a movie theater tomorrow watching RENT. If you're not part of the human race find someone who is and have them sneak you in. There are no excuses for not seeing this movie.

I wish for this night time to last for a life time

Feeling: Sleepy


It turns out the people working at Levis Strauss hate me. After many years I finally found a style of their jeans that I like (Silvertabs) and they go and redesign them. They are now a different cut and have buttons instead of zippers. Buttons, WTF? It's not the middle ages anymore; buttons are slow and clumsy. Anyway, after getting all pissy I remembered that I still needed pants, so I looked around through the selection and found that the older Silvertab style still existed in a style called 569. Thus, my butt gets the proper attention it deserves and the impending rioting has subsided.

My book order, The Shining, just arrived, which is good because I only have three chapters left in Neverwhere, which has so far been a spectacular book, like all of Neil Gaimen's work that I have read so far, and oh my goodness this is a run-on sentence that has just gotten way out of control.

In Hillsdale, Michigan an 18-year-old was elected to become mayor. He's still in high school, but plans to do school-stuff in the morning and mayor-stuff at night. His friend said that "politics was like, totally his thing, seriously bro!"

I was checking out over the weekend, which is a large Internet community. It's seems pretty cool, although like any online repository, most of the girls are named princess/goddess/kittie and most of the guys are name pimp/playa/g-dogg. I was a bit bummed to see there was already a "thealmightyguru". That makes three thealmightyguru's on the Internet that I'm aware of. Maybe I should get it registered. Anyway, here's my darling bio.

Are you still mad? Of course you are.

Feeling: Pensive


This morning I dreamed that I was at an amusement park with my aunt's family. From the moment I arrived there was a terrible repetitive beeping sound from my cell phone. The whole time I was there the sound just kept on beeping and beeping so incredibly loud that I was unable to hear what was being said to me. I felt really embarrassed because of the noise it was causing, but nobody seemed to notice the sound. I went into a corner away from everyone to try and make the cell phone stop beeping, but I don't own a cell phone so it just kept on beeping and I was powerless to stop it. So then I woke up and noticed that for the past ten minutes my alarm had been going off and I'd been sleeping through it. That's never happened before, usually I wake up after a few seconds.

Sony BGM isn't out of the woods yet. It turns out that their program to prevent copying of CD data - now classified as a virus by some antivirus programs - contains stolen source code from protected open source software, effectively violating its open source license. I'm curious to see if this will be taken to court.

I've added a four new songs to the sex music page. There still are plenty more to add.

There is a new game review for Super Mario 64.

I'm still struggling with getting PHP loaded. When I last installed it a year ago it went in just fine, but I'm having nothing but problems now.

Today is the birthday of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip which was first published on this day in 1985.

My weakness is, that I care too much

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What luck. I went to GFS last night to pick up a 24-pack of Gatorade, and they had a 48 count box of 7 oz. Fla-Vor-Ice! Sweet!

I've added a new section to my music page called sex. Basically, it's a listing of music that plays really well as background music for the America's favorite past time. Because I wasn't able to find any decent lists on the 'Net I made my own. Also, in the music section, I cleaned up the quotes section.

I've also been working on getting PHP and MySQL loaded on my server. Almost finished.

I'm Hunter. Where have you been? Hunting.

Feeling: Anxious


I updated my DDR page with some more personal bests. A couple more AAs and several more max combos.

I've been having my gurus working full time on my book, so they have been neglecting your usual flow of questions. This has now changed and another one of your questions has been answered.

Curse you Neil Gaimen. Why must you do this to me with your books?

On this day in 1904 John Fleming invented the vacuum tube, making the invention of several electronic appliances possible (especially the computer). Today is also the birthday of Shigeru Miyamoto creator of Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Donky Kong.

I need to keep reminding myself that it's okay to be single. I've been told that I'm at the age where I need to settle down, find a woman, start a family and all that junk. Both my siblings have gone that route, so there is extra pressure for me to do the same. Plus, according to our society, I'm not supposed to feel complete until I'm married. I think I need to stick to my guns and be tremendously picky and be happy with being single. I'm not about to jump the gun, I'm in no hurry.

It's snowing. I don't remember authorizing this.

All fire will burn you child

Feeling: Okay


A mere 34 years ago Intel released the world's first single-chip microprocessor for commercial business, the 4004. It's hard to believe that before its release hardly anybody had a computer at home or in the office.

Score one for the consumers! If you were unaware, Sony's record companies have been releasing CDs with a special program on them that would make it impossible for the common user to rip or copy their CDs (even for private and personal use). This was accomplished by installing malicious software that affects your computer at a low level. After tons of public outcry and boycotting they finally decided to remove their evil CDs from the shelves and offer a program to remove the bad software from your computer. Of course, if you run their software removal program it will open a security flaw on your computer. Sony has yet to apologize for their faulty software or their attempts to prevent people from doing what they want with their own property, but they finally gave up on infecting our computers.

I placed an order for Stephen King's "The Shining" today. I've been reading Neverwhere pretty quickly and by the time I finish it I hope to have a back up ready.

I'm always talking back to the radio/tv Whenever I hear President Bush talking about the war. Most of the stuff he says is extremely hypocritical. Bush will say something like, "violence is a bad thing." And I'll say, "is that why you ordered the country to war against Iraq?" Well, here is a site that does that for me.

I was hoping I was hoping we could be raw together

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Some people think that weekends are for recuperating from the heavy work week. I think that the work week is for recuperating from an intense weekend. My eyes are still bloodshot from the lack of sleep.

I heard some commentary on NPR Saturday afternoon about Kansas and the Intelligent Design issue. Apparently, the science scores have sky rocketed because the kids can simply write "God did it" for all the answers. Also, ever since they changed the definition of the word "science" to include things that can't be measured or proven, they've decided that instead of grading their students they would tie them into burlap sacks and toss them into a lake. And if God thinks that they deserve an "A" they will float to the top. Seems like a sound and empirical means of testing to me.

My latest Neil Gaimen book Neverwhere arrived on Saturday. I'm a few chapters in and I already like it.

Even babies don't like Hilary Clinton.

I too once thought I was owed something

Feeling: Cool


If you have an interest in viewing the Earth or the Moon from satellites, download NASA's World Wind viewer. It allows you do view the photos from many different satellites on a fully revolving globe. Very cool. Here's a screenshot using the USGS Digital Ortho viewer on my apartment. This is just one satellite photo though, there are several in color and in pseudo-color.

Well, I've decided to put the Ask A Guru book under the knife and cut down the number of questions from 150 to 100. I'm doing this to keep things simple and easy to work with. It was becoming too much of a hassle to edit and I ended up removing several of the less impressive questions anyway. This will also allow me to finish the book sooner and at a higher overall quality than before. This also means that I have several answered questions in limbo that will help give me a jump for the next book. Yes, I plan on releasing books as long as I keep answering questions. Anyway, now have all the questions I need, and I'm working on illustrations for the book. I'll be posting a list of desired illustrations that I can't easily obtain if any one wants to help contribute images.

Lovers can make friends, but friends can break lovers

Feeling: Anxious


I recorded more values from Bionic Commando's memory. It's amazing how much wasted space the ROM has. Well, not really wasted, but strangely used. For example, they store everything in the working memory two times, thus doubling the space required.

I had a rather disturbing dream this morning about how I can be more like a parent than a friend sometimes.

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite authors. Neil Gaiman, author of American Gods, the Sandman comics, and co-author of Good Omens, turns 45 today.

People think I'm crazy but I'm in demand

Feeling: Sly


The scents of autumn are practically orgasmic. Wet decaying foliage, earthy ground, burning leaves. It's my favorite season and I just love the way it smells.

I worked on a bit more Bionic Commando hacking last night as well and mapped out a large section of the game's memory. This will help in the decompiling process. I also beat all the tracks on Excitebike with #1 rankings.

I had a dream this morning that involved shaving my entire head with a tiny little electric trimmer, and then having to pay rent for three apartments for my mistresses. Strange. Now I kind of wish I had mistresses.

Well, Kansas once again becomes the joke of the nation by allowing Intelligent Design to be taught in their schools... again. When are we going to learn that the people who vote on what a school should teach should be comprised of people who actually paid attention in school.

Part of my job at work involves supporting my software which means talking to clients over the phone. This often entails waiting for software to load. One thing I really hate about waiting on the phone is when the person on the other end is breathing into the mouth piece. Don't they realize that the phone is going to amplify their breath into a horrible ragged Darth Vader sound? If you are one of these people I demand that you stop now.

After discussing the justice system with someone I decided to write up an essay on what justice is and the different forms of justice that people believe in.

I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me

Feeling: Smart


Well, the first company to drop their free P2P program since the Supreme Court ruling is Grokster. They announced today on their web site that the US has deemed their program illegal and they are no longer supporting it for fear of lawsuits. They are currently working on a pay-per-download program. So I direct you to two other free P2P programs. If you don't have one already download one and start getting free illegal media. Shareaza is an open source program that supports eDonkey, Gnutella, and BitTorrent and Kazaa Lite Tools K++ is an illegal decompile of the original Kazaa client that supports FastTrack.

I cleaned up the game reviews page. I fixed typos and added some more music links and I also added review links to all the games that were missing them.

The Ask A Guru Book is now up to 142 questions. I've been putting some real effort into the book recently as you no doubt have noticed.

Okay class, repeat after me
AIDS is not HIV

Feeling: Smart


Call me old fashioned, but I've always been under the impression that having a vocalist who can sing is a key piece of a decent metal band. Apparently this is no longer the case. At the concert on Saturday I stayed until the third set before I just couldn't handle my own personal disgust of the muzak that was being showcased. Basically, there were people shouting angrily into microphones whilst being accompanied by people injuring their poor instruments.

The interesting thing that I saw at the high school was how little things have changed. Sure the fashions are a bit different from when I was in school, but overall the cliques were nearly identical. There were even a few kids there that had similar facial structures to the kids I remember from high school as if they were younger siblings. Kind of creepy really.

Well upon leaving the concert early I went to the arcade and to my delight I found that they got an In the Groove 2 machine! Basically it's a DDR machine illegally refurbished by another company to put different music on it. Works for me.

Sunday was a nice laid back day. I stared it with a jog through the DNR reserve in a misty rain and a dangerous wind which had blown down several trees. It still amazes me that I can play DDR for hours on end, which constantly utilizes my legs, and not be phased, but when I go running it works a totally different muscle group making me very sore today.

The rest of the Sunday was spent doing some minor shopping and a lot of laying down watching TV.

I added some more links to the Rent page. Only 16 days until the movie is out!

Burn your face upon the chrome

Feeling: Bad


Last night I heard an artist covering the Metallica song Fuel. Fuel is a mediocre Metallica song at best that could have been better if they actually put some power behind it. Anyway, the cover artist couldn't even come close to James Hetfield's vocal strength and just made the song out to be like a nursery rhyme. The cover artist, Avril Lavigne.

There are four new game fonts. The fonts are Final Fantasy, Halo, Iomanoid, and Run Coward.

I added a quick review of the band Eve 6 to the music page. And I updated the lyrics page so it's now at 1,850.

One of the things I miss about not having my older brother around is the fighting. Not the arguing, but the wrestling. My brother and I used to wrestle and grapple all the time and it kept me on my toes and it taught me how to take down people who were bigger than me. I don't really have a sparring partner any more and I can feel my martial skills dwindling.

There is a hurricane relief benefit concert tomorrow at Goodrich high school which is supposed to have several metal bands playing. It should be interesting. It better be interesting!

Hey Mister I really like your daughter

Feeling: Happy


There is a new graphic image on the art page. It's from 2003, but I never got around to posting it.

I added some more personal bests to my DDR page. A new AA and several more max combos. I was so pissed last night, I screwed up on the last five steps of Paranoia Rebirth losing my max combo.

I placed an order for Neil Gaimen's Neverwhere. I need to start remembering to buy books before I finish the ones I'm reading so I don't get breaks in between where I'm not reading anything.

I added a link for the Willow novel to the Willow page.

I've added the Danish actor Iben Hjejle to my would-be girlfriends page. You'll notice I used the word actor for a female. That's because I'm against gender segregation in my noun classes. A female doctor isn't called a doctress, why would you need an actress? Ugh, I'm so political.

October's posts are in the old news page.

I used to know you when we were young,
you were in all my dreams

Feeling: Dazed


I woke up twice in the night to get water, once at 5 and again at 6. When 8 came around I didn't get up because my power had gone out. By 8:30 it was back on, and I was late. Yay.

I'm bummed. With the new time shift I'm unable to do any activities after work that require daylight because it's now dark by 6. Not like I have a million activities this time of year that require daylight, but if I wanted to do them I now can't. Well, I'll have a couple more weekends before the snow comes.

I'm doing some work on a page for Renaissance Festivals for beginners which will help those who don't fully understand why I go to them, and what they're about.

Right now I've got a fever and the only cure is DDR.

Welcome back

Feeling: Drained


I attended three Halloween parties this season, each party was with a different group of people. The first was primarily with reenactment geeks. No alcohol, no dancing, plenty of food and talking about faires, comic books, movies, etc. The second was a completely different group of re-enactors which had plenty of drinking, dancing, partial nudity, etc. The third was the arcade crowd with no drinking, plenty of videogames, and lots of bored women. Well, after scaring or titillating people who have never seen me in drag I finally put the makeup and clothes up for the time being. To be pulled out again soon, I'm sure.

I also got to hang out with Heather who was in from California. We went to Wing Lauk in Waterford, which is my favorite Chinese Restaurant that features the best won ton soup I've ever had. If only they would deliver to distances of over a half hour. What a shame.

I did get some outdoor activities as well this weekend. I hung out with Nikia and Katie and we visited Lake Michigan and Amon Park. Both were nice places this time of year. I'm sure when I get older I'll take one of those relaxing vacations I've heard so much about, but for now I need a vacation to recuperate from my vacation.

And thanks to not being home during the time of trick-or-treating I was able to keep all of my candy to myself instead of having to give it up to those greedy little beggars.

I finished reading The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul last night. Although it is certainly more fun to read than the first Dirk Gently book, it is not as good as the Hitchhiker series. I'll probably still get The Salmon of Doubt, just to finish off the series, but I would certainly recommend Hitchhiker before Dirk Gently. I'm currently at a point where I'm not reading a book. I have several possibilities for my next book, but I'd like a few suggestions from anyone who has time to send me one. I like cyberpunk, humor, adventure, fantasy, and science genres. You can check my book collection to see what I already have.