July, 2006

I said, "Growing up leads to growing old and then to dying
And dying to me don't sound like all that much fun."

Feeling: Sleepy


My journey through the UP was a lot of fun and also quite exhausting. I'll have the full account along with pictures up soon.

I just received the 7th season of The Simpsons on DVD. The 8th season is going to be out next month so I figured I should catch up.

Today I went to the dentist and got the hole in my molar drilled and filled. It only cost me about $150. I could have bought another hard drive with that money. I hate teeth. Why can't they just simply be replaced by hard resin molds? Who needs natural teeth anyway? What did they ever do for me? Sure they make chewing jawbreakers, ice, and rock candy a bit easier, but still.

She was running toward me wearing almost nothing

Feeling: Hot


I've added three more hacking tables for Rygar, Side Pocket, and Super Mario Bros. 2.

I'm going to be skipping out on Silverleaf this weekend so that I may take a journey into the Upper Peninsula with Jackie. I haven't been into the UP (aside from that journey to the bridge which we never even left the sight of the bridge) in almost twenty years, so this will be an interesting trip.

Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here every day

Feeling: Annoyed


I spent yesterday evening with Jackie. Ah... good times.

Exxon Mobil has posted record earnings... again. In fact, not only have their amazingly high gas prices given them the best quarter profit earnings in their company's history, but they had the best profit earnings in our country's history for it's current share value! 10.7 billion dollars profit in only three months. Hm, I wonder if they're screwing us over at the pump... Nah. They're our friends.

Back in April Massachusetts decided to force everyone of its citizens to have health insurance or face charges. In order to pass this, they decided to implement "affordable" health care to the poor, and not-so-affordable health care to the wealthy. Also, the state will be receiving $385 million for Medicaid and another $200 million for their hospitals every year. This federal money is of course paid for by the American tax payers (even those that don't live in the state), and also by the premiums that every single person in the state will now be paying. It's a pretty sweet deal if you're poor, because you'll be receiving practically free medical care, while your hard-working neighbors foot the bill.

San Francisco is trying to take it a step further by passing a local law that will give health insurance to every single one of its residents even if they have no money at all. This will cost them about $200 million a year, and will be paid for by local taxes, personal premiums (only if the person has money), and most importantly, -mandatory- contributions by private businesses. So even if your company has a bunch of healthy individuals who rarely visit the doctor, you'll be paying just like the accident prone slaughter house where losing fingers is in the job description. I'll bet there are a lot of lazy unemployed sick people just waiting for the law to pass, but not quite as many healthy hard-working people eager to pay extra taxes for it.

This all seem fair right? Well, fair if you're in a communist government. It worked so well for the USSR and East Germany, why not invoke it in the US? Oh wait, maybe because both of those countries fell due to horrible economic collapse. Tell me if this makes sense: A person works hard at his job to make a decent living and buys medical insurance from the government at $250 a month. An unemployed bum who is too lazy to go to work sits on their porch all day and due to their extremely low income receives medical insurance from the government at $10 a month. No, I'm sorry, but screw you Uncle Sam. Maybe the government should focus less on forcing Americans to genuinely care about each other and just let us live our own lives for a change.

I've added some more pictures of Richard Garriott to the Ultima page. There are now 100 photos of Ultima's Creator.

I've added Murder By Death to my list of mini movie reviews. I also updated the broken links and targeted the newest edition of each movie.

Then I'll pretend that everybody here wants peace

Feeling: Okay


I watched the movie Murder By Death (IMDB) again last night, which is hilarious. It has a very nice cast including Peter Falk (aka Columbo), Eileen Brennan (who later plays Mrs. Peacock in Clue), Alec Guinness (aka Obi Wan Kenobi), and Dame Maggie Smith (aka Professor McGonagall) among others. Clue obviously followed the format created in this movie, so if you liked Clue, you'll probably like Murder By Death.

I beat the next boss in Castlevania: CotM last night. The boss was Death and was probably the easiest boss so far. Not only did I beat him on my first try, but I didn't even lose half my life. Basically, I just tossed a bunch of banshee boomerangs at him.

Looking for someone to be saved under my restraint

Feeling: Lazy


My legs are still a little sore from my bike ride yesterday. I pushed myself quite a bit. I'm not sure how many miles I went, but certainly enough to make my legs protest by the end.

My new hard drive arrived today. That's another 200 GB. My computer is now running with 680 GB, surpassing the half terabyte mark. This should hold me over for about a month before I fill it up as well.

I feel kind of down today. Not really tired, but not in the mood to do anything either. Maybe a nice rock of crack will cheer me up.

And I'm sorry if my heart breaking ruined your day

Feeling: Happy


My weekend was spectacular. I spent Friday night with Jackie, which was just amazing, as usual. Saturday I attended my co-worker Paul's incarceration wedding and then drove to Battle Creek and arrived at 11:00PM. I had to sleep in the back seat of my car, which is about as comfortable as shoving railroad spikes into your pelvis. Sunday I attend the Silverleaf faire which was great fun. I picked up a new belt and made some various other purchases. I also got to know a few new people at the faire.

I've added some more pictures of Richard Garriott to the Ultima section, special thanks to Joe Garrity over at the Origin Museum. I still have a few more to add as well.

In Castlevania: CotM I've just beat the Zombie Dragon boss. Go me. There are a few more cards that I need to find now that some of the enemies have been replaced with more powerful ones.

I've got my dentist visit scheduled for next Monday. My tooth currently hurts pretty much all day, especially when I eat, but I think I can make it a week.

And I'm sorry if I ever sang your name in vain

Feeling: Excited


I have a packed weekend. Tonight I'm hanging out with Jackie. I'm going to help her pack for her upcoming move, and also have her take me on one of her night-time walks. Aww, how romantic. :-P I have a wedding to attend on Saturday, one of my co-workers is losing his freedom and I have to be there to cheer him on as he becomes the property of a woman. Sunday I'll be at the Silverleaf faire once again to bask in the hot sun and enjoy the atmosphere.

I apologize if I haven't made very many updates recently, but I'm still consumed with Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. If you're a fan of the older platform franchises like Metroid or Castlevania you'll love this game. Do yourself a favor and play it.

It's hard to get over the feeling, you're losing your mind

Feeling: Hot


Yesterday evening I was looking through the candy isle at GFS. After picking up about $30 worth of candy to buy, a small chuck of my tooth broke off in the gum I was chewing. Perhaps that's an omen that I should cut down on the candy. Well, after I finish eating this big box of super ropes, I'll consider it. I think I'll call my dentist regardless.

It's drugs, it's hunger, it's race, sex, and government

Feeling: Hot


I did some major biking last night. I covered a lot of ground and went through a large portion of downtown Grand Blanc. The city has big plans for renovating the downtown area to try and make it more accessible to pedestrians, and I hope that they are capable in doing so because it really is not pedestrian friendly.

I'm doing some damage in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. I just killed the giant goat head boss on my lunch break today, and I've covered about 50% of the game map. The stupid flying swords and marionettes are pissing me off to no end! I hope they're limited to this section of the map.

I've forced my gurus to answer another one of your silly little questions because I'm nice like that.

Even when I was twelve

Feeling: Frustrated


Frustration is finally making it past all the flying medusa heads and the difficult jumps in the moving platform room and then having the power go out. ARRRGH! My power went out five times yesterday, and then went out for good right in the middle of a phone call. Thankfully, it came on just before midnight so I could get my alarm clock working again. My cable keeps dropping as well, so I'm not getting online very often either. Sorry about the lack of emails, if I have power today I'll get them taken care of.

I took the quiz at findyourspot.com which informed me that I should be living on the Mountain/West Coast region. Eight of my top 24 cities were in Colorado, four in Washington, and then some in Alaska, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. Only one city in my top 24 was on the East side of the country in Upstate New York. Basically, the site is telling me that I've been living in the wrong place all my life. Meh, what do they know?

Any way you look at it, you're part of it, you know it

Feeling: Sleepy


Dear birds; Please don't fly into the front of my car when I'm driving 80 MPH. You make strange popping noises and explode into small clouds of feathers. I don't like having to pick your little body parts out from under my hood. Thank you, Dean.

I had a long exciting weekend. Friday I spent with Jackie which was oodles of fun, as usual. Saturday afternoon I left for the new location of Silverleaf, which I actually like a lot (and it's also ten minutes closer). There is plenty of shade, room for expansion, and most of the vendors from the last location moved right along to the new one. I snapped plenty of pictures which I'll get posted up before too long. I got some minor sunburns, but mostly on my torso, so I'm okay.

Music quotes eventually get old

Feeling: Cheery


I biked myself sore last night, tacking on an extra mile and doing it a heck of a lot faster than normal. I feel better now.

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon for the GBA is a freaking awesome game! I've been playing it now for a few hours and I've whipped through the first two bosses and I already adore it. It has all of the action and excitement of the early Castlevania games, but with the graphics and sound of an SNES, and the character development of an RPG. I very much approve.

Tonight I'm going to hang out with Jackie, and Saturday/Sunday I will be at the Silverleaf Renaissance Festival which I'm very much looking forward to.

Lothgar sent me an amazing video link. Ever seen a five-year-old get an AA on a DDR song at Standard difficulty? Check it out!

It's hard to speak with both feet in my mouth

Feeling: Chubby


One thing that can surely be said about emails is that they can get you into a lot of trouble. Thankfully, telephones allow you to do damage control.

I feel fat right now. I know I haven't increased in weight for awhile now, but I just feel kind of icky. I think I need to do some serious biking this evening.

Hey do ya love me I'm untouchable darkness

Feeling: Happy


No luck on the computer issue last night. Although I was able to setup a working modem and get it to properly make calls and receive data, I couldn't get the crappy NetZero software to dial out properly. I count this as a personal victory on my part and a massive failure on the part of NetZero's software designers.

I've added the soundtrack of Corridor 7: Alien Invasion to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation and gave it several more updates as well.

I also posted the pictures from the Halo party at Nate's house.

Cuz' life is just a dream here

Feeling: Happy


I've added several more hacking tables for Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, Gyruss, Kung Fu, Legendary Wings, and Tecmo Super Bowl.

I'm working on a few more soundtracks for the VGPMF right now which I should have up fairly soon.

Today I'm going to try and help a friend with some computer troubles. I refuse to let the computer best me.

What gives you that special satisfaction?
...I go to funerals.

Feeling: Happy


The weekend was goods times. Friday night was the Halo party, in which I never did actually play Halo, but I played the new Super Mario for the DS which was a lot of fun. I have some pictures which I'll post soon, but until then, I've got the 5th of July party pictures up.

I spent Saturday and Sunday with Jackie. We watched some movies, went to dinner, and just plain enjoyed each other's company. I've posted a few pictures from last Tuesday the day before her Birthday. You can check out the awesome cake I made for her, and also the delicious crunchy garlic chicken I made. And one last candid photo of her inadvertently giving me the finger. Apologies to those who missed me at Silverleaf, but I'll be there next weekend, never fear.

I've added another soundtrack to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. It's only a small one from the NES game Kung Fu, but there are a couple other updates as well.

Enjoy some caustic comics over at smbc-comics.com.

Screw Master Chief, I'm Master Chef!

Feeling: Happy


There is a nice big update in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation today including a new soundtrack for Blake Stone: Planet Strike and a whole bunch of new info on composers and games.

I added a new videogame font by Ray Larabie called Astron Boy.

I might be going to a Halo party tonight, which will be interesting because I've never played Halo before.

I like traffic lights

Feeling: Happy


The 5th of July party was a lot of fun. I got to light off my fireworks and chat with the crowd. It didn't seem as alive as last year, but I still enjoyed myself. Although, I may have incurred a speeding ticket on my way into my apartment complex. There were some cops at the entrance speed trapping (at 12:30 AM) and it looked like they were getting ready to pull me over, but they didn't. They may have copied my plate to mail me a ticket though. Checking my mailbox for the next week or two will be a bit annoying.

I've posted a couple pictures from last weekend with Kimberly.

There are four new character hacking tables including Boulder Dash, Captain America and the Avengers, Rampage, and Robocop.

Great zombie Jesus!

Feeling: Exhausted


My 4th of July with Jackie was duh bomb. We uh... played euchre. We also made a yummy dinner called crunchy garlic chicken, I'll post pictures and the recipe soon.

I've posted the pictures of the lock-in from last Friday, so quit bugging me about them! :-)

Good news everyone: Futurama is coming back!

I pushed June to the Old News page.

Tonight is the 5th of July party down by the lake in Lapeer. I'm not as young as I used to be, I'm actually feeling sore from doing major events six days in a row.

You like pain but only if it doesn't hurt too much

Feeling: Exhausted


I had a very long, but very fun weekend. Friday night was the lock-in, which was a blast. Plenty of relatively clean fun and games and friends. I'll have the pictures up probably on Wednesday because I really don't have the energy to post them today. I finally went to bed around 7:00 AM.

Saturday, after getting up at around 1:00 PM, I went to visit Kimberly in Battle Creek. I convinced her to go on a short bike ride, which turned into a trip of several miles through park grounds and wooded trails. I'm quite sure that I enjoyed it much more than she did. :-) During said bike ride, we were talking about how we wanted to plan a trip to Cedar Point for the summer, and she suggested that we could just go on Sunday. So, in a spontaneous moment (rather unlike me) we headed down to Cedar Point. The Cedar Point trip turned out great for several reasons. One, it was rainy all through Ohio, but by the time we got to the the park it had stopped. This meant that it was muggy the whole day, but it also meant shorter lines and that bright burning sun was always covered in clouds. Second, Kimberly is one of the best people to go to Cedar Point with. She worked there for a year, so she knows the grounds very well. Plus we're both people watchers and we can point out the sexy people and make comments about them together. We got back into Grand Blanc a little before 1:00 AM and had to get up at 7:00 AM so I could drop her off at the bus station before going to work.

Also, on the way to Ohio I was able to kill two birds with one syringe of avian flu by stopping at the border to pick up some fireworks. I even stayed under $100 dollars this year, but I still got some cool stuff.

I feel icky right now. Probably from the meals of Sunday including breakfast sandwiches at Burger King, mechanically separated rib meat on a bun at Cedar Point, and a hot dog and nachos from at Speedway. Add in the lack of decent sleep and now I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

In business news, last Thursday my company officially signed the deal with Reynolds and Reynolds (the second largest automotive DSP in USA) to OEM our product to them. This will effectively make my job twice as busy for rest of the year, but on the plus side, it will probably yield twice the income soon, and for the rest of my career. I'm okay with that.

I've added three more hacking tables for Galaga, The Legend of Zelda, and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, which I'll be spending with Jackie so bonus points for me. Now I just need to come up with things for us to do that don't involved closed businesses.