September, 2006

What I've felt, what I've known; sick and tired, I stand alone

Feeling: Sleepy


I've put the write up of Day 4 of my Seattle trip online now. I guess the last part of the trip will have to wait until next week.

I'm heading to Cedar Point tomorrow with Amber, Meg, and Kenny. The forecast says that there will most likely be rain. Lame.

I've been playing Metroid: Fusion for some time now. It's a pretty cool game, and I'm quite a ways into it so far. I think I like Metroid: Zero Mission a bit more, but we'll see how things go as I get closer to the end.

This is why Jesus isn't in the car insurance market.

I've become reacquainted with Metallica's The Unforgiven II and it has become my latest obsession song.

The door is locked now, but it's opened if you're true

Feeling: Lonely


I've added some more pictures and information from my Seattle trip. The first three days of the trip are taken care of now.

There are a couple more updated to All Things Halloween as well.

There's a new Say No image as well.

Will you ever find some peace before you're gone?

Feeling: Sleepy


My eye has been annoyingly twitching for the last five days, and I'm really sick of it now. Maybe if I try stabbing it with an ice pick it'll stop.

Anyway, I've added the rRootage soundtrack to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation for your listening pleasure.

I've posted the first two days of my Seattle trip. I'll post some more soon.

Do you like sledding? Do you like to watch people get wasted in sledding mishaps? Now you can do both with Line Rider!

So tired...

Feeling: Exhausted


I'm failing to adjust to the time shift. I pushed my sleep cycle three hours later because of the Seattle trip, and then three hours back when I returned, so now I'm a bit out of sorts. I didn't go to bed until around 2 last night. That is seriously putting a damper on my desired fourteen hours of sleep each night. Of course, I usually only get seven, but I desire fourteen.

I totally missed out in celebrating the Autumnal Equinox on the 23rd of September. I as in airports and airplanes that whole day, such a shame. Regardless, it is now officially autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Soon it will be winter again, but for the time being, enjoy the splendor of autumn.

Don't insult someone's intelligence if you're an idiot.

He's the man behind the mask

Feeling: Exhausted


Yes, I'm back. Yes, the trip was a blast. Yes, I'm as tired as a priest after a long night out with the literal boys. I'll have the full write up of my Seattle trip posted sometime this week. Until then, enjoy the newest update to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation, the music of the NES version of RoboCop.

Just one more thing...

Feeling: Excited


This is my last post before I head out to Seattle. I'll be posting again on Monday, so you'll just have to cope with me not being here for awhile. Try and be strong. Any emails sent after this post will not be read until next week. Wow, my first big-boy vacation. I feel like such a responsible adult. I guess I'll have to stop wearing diapers now.

Paying for Microsoft software sucks

Feeling: Excited


If you're wondering why my update for yesterday didn't happen until this morning, or why my site was down for awhile all last night, it's because there was a large power outage in my area. No big deal really, but my 2003 server is asking me to register again. As if.

There is a big composer update in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Friday already. Which means Monday is only a few days away. Which means I'll be in Seattle very soon. Wow, I knew a few months in advance, but it still kind of crept up on me fairly quick.

Today I also beat Metroid: Zero Mission; 6:12:21 on Normal difficulty; 72% of items found.

Power outages suck

Feeling: Annoyed


I've added some more information to All Things Halloween.

Four days and I'll be on the other side of the country. Sweet.

Is it just me or am I all on my own again?

Feeling: Proud


This morning while driving to work I saw some high school students waiting for the bus. All I can think is... ha ha ha ha! You have to go to school and I get to go get paid to write computer software! SUCKERS!

The leaves are beginning to change. I've noticed that some of the maples are becoming a little orangeish. Sweet. Luckily, I'll be back from Seattle in time for when they're at their best.

I got my stuff back in Metroid: Zero Mission. Now I'm busting around the ship wasting every last guy I had to run from before. It feels good.

Chipmunks roasting on an open fire
Hot sauce dripping from their toes

Feeling: Lazy


My dentist trip yesterday was as exciting as it sounds. Why can't they make going to the dentist like winning the lottery? Then I would be much more inclined to endure the pain.

In Metroid: Zero Mission I've beat Kraid and Ridley and on my lunch break today I beat Motherbrain. There's an interesting twist afterwards, kind of cool.

You know what really bugs me? When TV networks interrupt my programs to give me a thunderstorm warning. Big deal! It's some rain with thunder and lightning, it's not a hurricane or a tornado. It's water falling from the sky at a not that heavy velocity it happens all the time. What's next, a light-breeze warning or maybe a slightly-more-humid-than-normal warning? The only warning I wanna see on the TV is when it's raining kittens, and only then if they're ugly kittens.

My lyrics page has been updated once more. It now houses 2,210 songs and 408 artists.

I am the jigsaw man I turn the world around with a skeleton hand

Feeling: Drained


I've been playing Metroid: Zero Mission all weekend. The game has a nice meld of the original Metroid and Super Metroid. My thumb is still sore, so you can tell that I'm impressed.

I've added some more stuff to All Things Halloween.

In one week I'll be in Seattle. I'm getting psyched about it now. I really need to start getting all my stuff together now. I'm excited and yet terrified all at the same time.

It's colder day by day

Feeling: Proud


Last night I actually got down to business and cleaned my apartment, prettied myself up a bit, and just plain took care of my bills. Now I can relax for at least a few hours before I'll have to do it all again. Why did cheap personal assistants ever go out of style? I need to find a Haitian immigrant or something.

I also finished reading Mind Over Matter: Conversations with the Cosmos, by K.C. Cole. It's a collection of her articles in magazines like Popular Science that cover a great deal of topics from human biology to astronomy to math and physics. It's also very light compared to most science books, so pretty much anyone can understand it.

Another soundtrack is in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation for the game PARSEC47.

I overheard some co-workers today mentioning that the Tigers are number one. My first thought was, the Tigers still exist? After being assured that the Tigers do indeed still exist, I then thought, the Detroit Tigers? Once again, I was informed that yes they did in fact mean the Detroit Tigers. So then I thought, the Detroit Tigers that play baseball? The very same. Major League Baseball? Yes. ...It still hasn't sunken in.

My tendency to want to run feels unnatural now

Feeling: Okay


I've added the Windows version of Raiden II soundtrack to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

I'm kind of curious what this place sells, but then I think I'd rather not know.

I've really been slacking on my chores. My apartment is a mess, my laundry needs doing, my bills are due, and I need a shave. Ugh, a brain the proverbial size of a planet and this is what I'm reduced to.

August has been moved to old news, and all that jazz.

Who's the man?

Feeling: Sleepy


Sometimes I think that I'm losing my touch as a geek, but then I do things like eat an entire pizza while staying up late at night watching MacGyver and playing Half-Life. I also figured out a viable solution for the Albatross in the Game Boy edition of Bionic Commando, and beat the game. Yup, I've still got it.

One of the things I really love doing in Half-Life is jumping off cliffs. I can do that for hours and not get bored. I'll find a really tall cliff and teeter on the edge for awhile and then slip and fall. The sensation is wonderful, almost as if I was falling myself (which I'm quite fearful of). I'll do it in many different ways... looking towards the ground the whole time, looking at the ceiling, trying to spin as I fall... It's wonderful. It's even better than blowing a hole in a scientist's face at point blank range with a 357 magnum.

The soundtrack for the homebrew game A7Xpg is now in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

There is another update in All Things Halloween as well.

Rant time. I hate it when people can't be bothered to perform a simple Google search before picking an Internet name. When I first chose "TheAlmightyGuru" as my nickname (circa 1995) there wasn't much of an Internet to even speak of, let alone anyone else using the name on the Internet. Back then, if you saw The Almighty Guru online it was for a page on Hinduism, but you never saw "TheAlmightyGuru" as one word. Today, this page is the genuine TheAlmightyGuru, and the Internet agrees. Go ahead, take your favorite search engine and look for "TheAlmightyGuru". This site will come up as the number 1. So why is it I'm beginning to see other people using my alias? Sure, it's not like I own the name, it's not copyrighted. And it's not like it took a great mind to put the three words together. I could have made up a strange name like Quixijibizit, but that's not the point. All any of these copycats had to do was look in a search engine, -any- search engine and they would have found me and known that the name was already taken. A search for TheAlmightyGuru in Google currently yields 14,500 results, most of which refer to this site. And just to keep it that way I'm going to saturate this page with keywords... TheAlmightyGuru, The Almighty Guru, The All Mighty Guru, THEALMIGHTYGURU, Teh Almighty Guru!!!1one, 3 @|mG|-|4 gܮ. Take that copycats!

I sleep and then I wake make sounds and go to bed and wake again

Feeling: Blah


I really need to start being more disciplined on the weekends. I stayed up far too late, I ate way too much junk, and by the end of it I was feeling rather sick. But it wasn't all a waste of time, I ended up doing a lot of work on ripping game soundtracks and I have several more to put in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. The first one is the 1995 DOS hit, Terminal Velocity.

Anyway, weekend recap: Friday evening, I hung out at the mall and then went home to play videogames (I have a tough life). Saturday, I worked in the morning and hung out with Jackie in the evening. Sunday, I started playing the Game Boy edition of Bionic Commando and made it to the last level in under and hour. After becoming very annoyed with the arm swinging in the last level and stopped playing and worked on ripping game music. Monday, I made it to the Albatross in Bionic Commando and got very annoyed trying to kill the boss, which I still haven't beaten, but I pride myself on having not once thrown my controller. I also went biking and ripped more music and cleaned up my computer a little.

I've put the first update of 2006 into my All Things Halloween page.

Only 13 more days before my trip to Seattle, squee!

For the memory of a lifetime; recall, recall, recall

Feeling: Okay


Last night I started playing the GBA game Sword of Mana. It's one of the games in the Mana series, and so far I think it's pretty cool. I've been wanting to start another RPG, but I've been a little apprehensive about the amount of invested time they take, but much like a book, the bigger they are, the more of an impact they can leave on you when you've completed them.

I've recently signed up to several blog lists so I can get more traffic to my site. That's what the colorful little addition to the left is. You can click on the images to see how my site is doing in the lists compared to the other blogs. You can also peruse the others and find interesting other sites. Go ahead and check them out, I know you'll be back. No one can resist the craving that is TheAlmightyGuru.