December, 2006

I'm so horny, that's okay my will is good

Feeling: Sleepy


New game fonts include Aurora Condenced BT, Beckett Regular, and Diploma Regular. Thanks to Jose Marquez for pointing them out to me. I think I'm going to resort the pages by the game names instead of the font names. Nobody ever seems to remember font names, but everyone remembers game names.

Fox Trot's last daily is tomorrow. Weep for it.

Monday is the United States is the new year for most of the civilized world. A completely arbitrary and pointless time, but hey, they had to pick something right?

I wanna kiss you but I want it too much

Feeling: Chubby


Last night I enjoyed a wonderful evening of not drinking coffee. Good times.

I updated the unusual city names page for the first time in over six months. I just now got around to adding submissions from last January. Procrastination is fun.

Sad times ahead. My favorite newspaper comic, Fox Trot, is decreasing to Sundays only. December 30th is going to be Bill Amend's last daily comic. There will still be Sundays to look forward to, but I imagine Bill will retire before too long. *wipes away a tear*

I remember when I could drink a huge milkshake and then play on the swings for an hour. Now if I eat a small one I get a stomach ache. Getting old sucks; I demand perpetual youth!

For those of you who are unaware of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, take a look.

I gotta date with the night

Feeling: Excited


I wasted Gannon last night and I didn't even need to use a single bottle. Chalk up another game victory for me; now totaling 71. I should probably go back and beat Secret of Mana. I have a saved game right outside the Floating Continent with all but Lich and the Mana Beast destroyed.

I also cleaned up my apartment a little bit and finally got around to hanging that nymph tapestry that I bought back in the summer. I think my vacuum is dead though. It started to make this strange burning smell, but not like burning electronics, it was something else that was familiar, but I couldn't recognize it. I turned it off and flipped it over to see that it was clogged up with hair, and the hair was actually melting inside of it. Burning hair... that's what the smell was. It was kind of funny because I've never given a vacuum a haircut until last night! I'll try and fix it myself, which should be quite funny.

I reformatted and cleaned up my old essay Charity As Advertising and moved it into the writing section.

Up with the sun, gone with the wind

Feeling: Sleepy


The Bob Seger concert was awesome. I recorded the set list and made a little commentary about the concert. No pictures though.

I finished reading three books over the long weekend. The children's book Holes was quite good. A Mindful Life, an inspiration book by a brain surgeon, although not my taste was well written. Also, the first Sandman Chronicles, Preludes and Nocturnes was just as morbid and humorously dark the way Neil Gaimen is supposed to be.

I did some serious damage in A Link to the Past as well. I beat all the remaining underworlds, saved Zelda, found all the remaining heart pieces, picked up every other missing treasure and item, and now I'm sitting atop the Golden Pyramid waiting to finish of Gannon once and for all (in this game).

Once again this year, I'm thankful for the Buddhists. The Chinese restaurant where I ate last year was open again. My sever even wished me a Merby Chrimmis. She was adorable. After dinner I went to the movie theatre and watched Eragon, which was alright, but nothing too impressive. I'll bet the book is better. I saw a trailer for a new TMNT movie as well! Also, at the theatre, I was asked by one of the workers if I was a singer. Apparently the band he is in needs a front man, and he said that I looked like a singer. It must have been because I was sporting my newly fashioned wallet chain. It's an alternating 3 in 2, 2 in 2 mobius chain.

You cover up--you hear the shattering glass
But you never bleed, you never feel the need

Feeling: Excited


I live in an apartment complex with over 20 buildings. In order to get mail to the different buildings, each address is prefixed with the building number, and then the apartment number. So in my mail I receive a Christmas card which had been sent to someone who is definitely not me. The number was originally written incorrectly, with a 7 and then rewritten with a 4 making the result look like a 9. Well, I took the card, found the correct building, and left it for the person it was addressed to without even checking to see if any money was in it. Looks like I took care of my good deed for the year just in time! Thank goodness I didn't rush it.

And what would today be if I didn't post more videogame fonts for the sixth day in a row? The new ones are Omikron, T4C Beaulieux, and TIE-Wing.

Today is the first day of winter, but more importantly, the night of the Bob Seger concert which I will be attending with Jackie.

Can someone please explain to me how digital signatures prevent man in the middle attacks? I understand public key encryption, and I understand how a man in the middle attack works, but what I fail to understand is how the digital signature prevents a man in the attack. It seems to me that if the man in the middle intercepts the original public keys and supplies his own fake ones, then he should be able to supply fake digital signatures to both parties just as easily since neither party receives anything linking to the original private keys.

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes

Feeling: Happy


I cleaned out underworld number four last night, thus acquiring the Titan's Mitt. I later picked up the Magic Cape two more heart piece and the Staff of Byrna. Next stop, dungeon number five.

I rewatched Almost Famous last night. I hadn't seen it since it was in theatres, and I still love it. It was strange seeing Zooey Deschanel at only 20, comparable to 26 from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Also, the gorgeous Anna Paquin has a scene where she dances around in her underwear *sigh*. Jason Lee rocks, as usual.

And of course, three more videogame fonts. This time I've added and BTSE + PS2 Font, SimLLHP, and Zrnic.

Only twenty-two minutes after midnight tomorrow morning will be the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. So while the temperatures may start getting colder, the days will now start getting longer.

I too once thought I was owed something

Feeling: Happy


I beat the third underworld, got the fire wand, and the bombos spell. I was planning on beating level 4, but I forgot how to open the gargoyle. Time to take my memory jogging.

I watched the movie V For Vendetta last night. It was actually pretty good as far as comic book conversions go.

I've added three more videogame fonts. Continuum, Facelift, and some more Resident Evil fonts are online now.

Last year's Christmas candy, doesn't taste all that great this year.

See my lonely life unfold, I see it everyday

Feeling: Happy


Last night in Zelda 3 I beat the first two underworlds, thus receiving the hammer and the hookshot, picked up the spells quake and ether, the magic dust, the ocarina, a couple more heart pieces, and 1/2 magic. Now I'm preparing to take on level 3.

I finished reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance after starting it a few months ago. Over all I found the book rather boring which is why it took me so long. I liked the author's account of the actual trip and his explanations of motorcycles (which now makes me want to get on myself), but when he would drone on and on about Quality with a capital Q... Well, I've never been a fan of philosophy and well over half the book was dedicated to the subject.

More videogame fonts are up including Blood Omen, Colony Wars, and Silent Hill Cheryl. I didn't realize how popular those font pages were, but after deleting the old HTML pages and making new ones I got a ton of broken link notifications. I just put up some redirectors to placate all you speedy surfers.

I've also added a new story to the writing page called Have You Ever Tripped a Bird?

And I am finally seeing why I was the one worth leaving

Feeling: Adventurous


The weekend was good times. On Friday evening I hung out with Megan. Saturday was the Troublesum Christmas party which started off slow, but became a lot more interesting as the night went on. Sunday was spent getting caught up with emails and playing The Legend of Zelda 3. I got the three medallions and the Master Sword, beat the Wizard and now I'm preparing to beat the first underworld.

I've posted some new videogame fonts again. Hitman, Pricedown, and Soul Reaver have been added.

Today the power went out at work giving us a nice break in the day to talk about videogames. Why can't every day be like that?

I don't remember the 80's being half as cool as John Hughes made them out to be

Feeling: Lazy


I gave Jackie her handmade Christmas tree onrament last night. I think she really likes it.

There are three new videogame fonts. GAMECUBEN DualSet, Huffmann Regular, and PsyType have been added.

I reformatted one of my old non-fiction pieces and moved it to the writing page. If you missed it before, take a look now: Wannabe Nerds.

Tomorrow is the Troublesum (arcade crowd) Christmas party. I'm really looking forward to at, as it will probably be the only Christmas party that I'll thoroughly enjoy.

Would you guys please hurry up, I'm breaking like 20 major laws right now

Feeling: Nostalgic


My lyrics database now contains over 2,350 songs.

Today something happened which gave me realization. A younger geek asked me what the FDD slot on a motherboard was for. That's kind of funny. From 1985 to 2000, -every- computer geek would know exactly what FDD was. Trying to buy a computer in the stores without an FDD was pretty much impossible. These days, most people don't even bother with FDD because it's slow and far too small, but the motherboards still support it just in case (kind of like serial ports). If you were a geek back then you already know what it means, but for those of you who are still kind of new to the game, FDD is a floppy disk drive. Even though my last two computers haven't had a floppy drive, I didn't really notice that disks have had such a decline. It kind of blows my mind that the early floppy disk from the late 60's (back when they were still floppy), is now obsolete and the next generation of geeks won't even know what they are. Although I'm thrilled that better and more powerful devices are taking their place (I have a 20 GB microdrive the size of a matchbook), it kind of makes me sad to see them go.

Evil woman don't you play your games with me

Feeling: Lonely


Don't you hate it when you're lying down in your bed, and just as you're drifting off to sleep you figure out a programming fix for the code your were working on before you left work? Of course you do.

Recently I felt the urge to watch the sequels to one of my all time favorite kid's movies, The Neverending Story. Although I've seen the original movie about a bajillion times, somehow the sequels escaped my attention. So recently I watched them, and let me just say, they are abominations. They are vile and disgusting movies which have no business existing let alone being watched. Perhaps if we all come together and gather every last copy of these monstrosities we can have a public burning rivaling that of the Nazis to rid ourselves of their putridness.

I currently need the following: A new car, a queen-sized bed, a laptop computer. If anyone wants to bring one or more of these things to my door (per my specifications) I will pay them the value of said items. I have the money, I just don't want to do what it takes to go out and get them. Especially when it's so chilly out. So, I'll sit here in my apartment with free heat wearing naught but my boxers, waiting for you to get here. Hurry up.

I've got a tank full of gas, but it won't be taking me to midnight mass

Feeling: Sleepy


I watched the movie The City of Lost Children last night, and I highly recommend it. It's completely in French, so if you'll have to be willing to read subtitles. The movie is extremely creative and bizarre--much like the film Brazil. If you like films that are a grotesque, while at the same time imaginatively stimulating, you'll love this one.

This morning I had the pleasure of getting up at 6:00 AM for work (two hours earlier than normal) in order to help one of our client's run for the first time. Let's hope they're the last one for awhile.

I did a minor update to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. Just a re-encoded soundtrack and some more template updates, nothing special.

Also, I renamed the poetry section to writing because I have much more than just poetry that I want to showcase. Besides, my poetry sucks, and I'd like to have some stuff on there that I'm actually proud of. The new layout has links to many of my old essays, but it also has a new piece of creative non-fiction called The Love Sick Vandal.

The world you get's the one you give away

Feeling: Sleepy


Friday evening I went to a musical with Jackie, which was rather amateur and preachy, but still kind of interesting.

On Saturday I went to Jackie's family Christmas party, which was a lot of fun. Afterwards we went to a gay bar to meet up with one of her friends. It's probably the only time when I've been out with Jackie where I was hit on more than she. It was the first gay bar that I'd ever been in, and they're just as dull as straight bars.

On Sunday I hit up the mall and became annoyed at the holiday shoppers who were trying to shop from the same stores that I was shopping at. For dinner I went to a restaurant and the server was really nice, except that she had this grating response to nearly everything I said. I'd say, "thank you." She'd say, "yup." I'd say, "I'll have Italian dressing with my salad." She'd say, "yup." And it wasn't merely a quick "yup" it was a long drawn-out valley girl "yuuuuup". Even when she was talking with the people around me she kept saying "yuuuup". She must have said "yuuuup" about twenty times while I was there, and I wanted so badly to jump out of my seat and scream at her, "YUP ISN'T A WORD! Say 'YES' DAMMIT!" When I got the bill I noticed that her name was one of those that was spelled with an I where an I shouldn't be. That was fitting. Before bed I watched Corpse Bride which wasn't all that great.

Last weekend was the start of a month long set of Christmas party weekends. That's a bit excessive for someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas. Ah well, I'll still be enjoying free food a lot this month, so the parties have their use.

Ever wonder how to spot a rich guy?

But all the promises we make from the cradle to the grave

Feeling: Flirty


I actually went to the arcade last night and played DDR. It was the first time in a few months that I'd been up there for non lock-in reasons. Although I have certainly lost some stamina and accuracy, the game is kind of like riding a bike. I still got it.

According to Chapstick's warning label, you're not supposed to use it on your eyes. But what if I have chapped eyes? They didn't think about that scenario did they?

I'm going to a Christmas concert tonight with Jackie. I kind of want to show up wearing festive Halloween clothes and just wander around looking confused.

Here's your inside look at the inner workings of the male brain.

The following is a quote from a recent email I received. This should give you a better idea of the kind of people I associate with. "Dean, are you out of your mind? It is NEVER too cold for assless chaps." Ain't that the truth!

Instead of stressed, I lie here charmed

Feeling: Playful


I had to work only one hour early today at work. Stupid customers, expecting me to adjust to their schedule. They act as if they're paying us to do this! Sheesh! Well, I don't have to stay overtime today though, so that's cool.

Last night I was at Best Buy. I saw a laptop that I liked for about $600. I said, "I'll take this one." The clerk said, "Alright, let me get it." Five minutes later, he came back and said, "I'm sorry sir we're sold out of that model. Try coming back next week." I said, "Thank you," and left the store. Thus, Best Buy loses the gain of $600 because now I'm going to buy my laptop somewhere else. I always thought they were in the business of selling hardware which is difficult to do when you don't actually have it. They didn't even offer to sell me the display model.

You know, I don't think I'll ever stop being spiteful. Every time I look through the newly added people in MySpace from my old school days all I think is... Ha ha, they got fat and I didn't! I should be a mature adult about it and say something like... Ha ha, they have a crappy job and I don't. It just makes me feel all warm and gushy deep down in my black heart.

So hold me until it sleeps

Feeling: Sleepy


Octavia ran all night without any temperature or power issues. w00t! I watched The Bourne Supremacy last night. I didn't like it as much as The Bourne Identity, but it was still an exciting movie. Julia Stiles is still hot. Even though Octavia is all pretty and sweet now, I'm still thinking about getting a laptop.

I had to show up to work two hours earlier than normal today which made my bed very upset. I kept trying to reason with it and tell it that I needed to get ready, but it kept grabbing me and pulling me back under the warm soft covers so that I would go to sleep again. How unfair is that? Luckily, I still made it to work on time. Lucky for work, not for me.

The gurus have been working hard on the first book, but have taken some time to answer a new question regarding reproduction. Whee!

I added a page about that old Internet puzzle with the reworded old sayings. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, and you like word games, take a look.

I moved November's entries to the old news page.

The losing card I'll someday lay

Feeling: Cheery


Friday's lock-in pictures have been posted.

I just put Octavia into her new body. It's a black Antec case with a 350 watt power supply. She looks a lot better and is a little quieter than before (just like a women should be). Although, she's a little heavier than before (but she's sensitive about her weight, so I won't say anything to her about it). I ran her for two solid hours at 100% processor usage and she topped out at 39C, which is cooler than what she used to be running in her old case at only 50% usage. Hopefully her crashing and drive failure issue is taken care of now.

So what I've found when browsing though people on MySpace is that I'm more compatible with the pages people make for their pets then the pages they make for themselves. How sad is that? Not as sad as the people who are making pages for their pets, that for sure. Really, you're taking an animal and setting up a biography of their likes and dislikes from a human perspective so that the animal can have online friends and send messages to other people; but worse, you're writing about them in first person as though they were pawing away on the keyboard. "Today I had to get a worm shot, but my owner was nice and gave me a milk bone later." Seriously people, get a life.

Rehabilitate some and just hide the rest

Feeling: Sleepy


The lock-in was a lot of fun. Per usual, I played few games and just hung out with all my geeky friends for the night. There was quite a bit more drama at the lock-in than usual and I did my part to try and douse the fires, but it still ruined a few good times. Regardless, the majority of the people there, including myself, had a good time. I should have the pictures up tomorrow.

In more dreadful news, I had a rather terrible experience happen to me on Sunday. There I was walking through the aisles of a grocery store, minding my own business, when all of the sudden I began humming a Christmas song that I don't like. CURSE YOU CHRISTMAS MUSIC! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

My girlfriend Octavia and I are fighting. She's been sporadically crashing on me and it's probably heat related. I think she's not getting enough power from her power supply which is causing some of her fans to not be able to spin as fast as they need to, thus causing her to overheat. First, I'm going to clean all the dust out of her and them possibly transfer her to a new case with a better PSU. I think she only has a 150 watt which was fine when I got her, but three more hard drives, two CD-ROMs, several PCI cards, and a couple of fans later, I think she could use some more power.

Who'd have thought we'd live? Who'd have thought we'd last?

Feeling: Sleepy


I was up far too late last night suffering from imbibing too much caffeine. If I'm lucky I'll catch a few Zs after work and before the lock-in to give me enough energy for the whole night.

December started out with a fun little ice storm. I was chiseling my windows in the rain this morning. Whee.

Ever seen a Nazi doughboy?

I hate it when people put a postscript on a letter that they wrote on a computer. It's totally pointless, because it's very easy to just add the text into the upper portion of the letter. It's not like you wrote it in pen or anything and can't erase. Okay, that is all.