February, 2007

Font; it's what's for dinner

Feeling: Happy


I've migrated several fonts over to the Game Font Database. It's going to take me some time to get all the fonts pushed to the new site. Hopefully, by the end of March I'll be finished.

I had some interesting mail today. First, I finally received my check for the Minimum Advertised Price Antitrust Litigation Settlement from 2003 (My address had changed since then). If you missed out on the lawsuit, it was basically a class-action case against several major record labels (including: Capitol, EMI, Virgin, Warner, Atlantic, Elektra, Rhino, Universal, BMG, and Sony) claiming that they conspired together to raise their prices. They were found guilty of violating Antitrust laws and had to pay a settlement of $67,375,000 in cash to the defendants and $75,700,000 worth of music to charity. If you had purchased a CD from 1995 to 2000 you were automatically eligible for some of the settlement, but you had to sign up for it before the deadline (2003/03/03), which I did. So, now I have a nice big check of $13.86. Also, if anyone out there wants to send me snail mail, please follow Julie's example when writing my name. Thank you.

Two more cavities filled, another $150 wasted on hygiene. Oh well.

I think I will never see a poem as lovely as a font

Feeling: Happy


My game font page was getting too large for its layout so I've begun work on a cleaner solution. It still has a long way to go, but for now you can take a look at the new Game Font Database. You'll hit a bunch of broken links until I get the rest of the pages setup, but you can get an idea of the new layout is going to work. This not only solves the old layout's size restriction problem, but it solves the game series problem as well.

I have another dentist appointment early tomorrow morning which will be the last of my fillings (that is, until my next cleaning when they find more).

A little sore, but no worse for the ware

Feeling: Happy


My skiing trip was a lot of fun. Saturday was just travel and checking inn to the hotel (I sprung for a suite at the Hampton Inn which had an in-room Jacuzzi, sweet!). Unfortunately, when we got to Boyne Highlands we found that the recent warm weather combined with the day's return to freezing cold weather left the slopes very icy and very windy. This created rather difficult conditions for skiing for Jackie's first time, but she took it like a woman and still managed to learn to ski and enjoy herself. Kudos to her. I was able to enjoy the slopes that popped my skiing cherry so many years ago, (although not as much as I could have if the weather was nice) and I really missed the slopes there. All in all, everything went well, and no major injuries were had. My face still burns a little from the stinging wind, but it was a fun weekend.

Wanna see a flowchart for science versus religion?

There are three more game fonts based off of movies. Alien League, Harry Potter, and TerminatorRealNFI.

Adventure... excitement... A skier craves these things

Feeling: Adventurous


I've added three new game fonts based off their movie equivalents. Aladdin Regular, Gremlins, and Scooby Doo.

Speaking of games, someone mentioned to me that they like games with cute characters. I did a Google search for cute games, but nobody has created a site for cute game characters. Thus, I decided that I would do it myself. So the first six entries are there, and there are plenty more to come. Become sick from the horribly cute videogame characters.

I'm going to see a play at Flint Central tonight and then I'm going to finish getting ready for my ski trip. I pretty much have everything, so I'm not worried. This weekend I'll be skiing at the first place I ever went skiing, Boyne Highlands. I'm very much looking forward to it.

I'm only comin' home to say goodbye

Feeling: Happy


I had a fun time last night. I introduced someone to Bomberman for the first time and was introduced to Diddy Kong Racing for the first time. I feel complete now.

In Egypt a blogger named Abdel Kareem Soliman publically insulted the al-Azhar university (calling it "the university of terrorism") and the Islamic president Hosni Mubarak (calling him a "dictator") on his blog. So, in order to prove that the Eqyptian government was kind and understanding, they sent him to jail for four years for his words. I applaud the courage of Mr. Soliman, and since he can't do it anymore, I'll help him out. The Islamic president Hosni Mubarak is a DICTATOR and the Eqyptian government is a bunch of cry baby cowards that are hated so much by their own citizens that they need to emprision anyone who disagrees with them for fear of revolution.

This morning I had a dream where I was living in an apartment complex with some room mates hanging out at a party. Then, all of the sudden, everyone felt this falling sensation and I looked out the window to watch the ground come closer. It seemed the ground floor collapsed flat, and the second floor that we were on crushed it. I began scrambling to get my stuff out the window before the third floor crushed ours. Not much else to it than that.

There are three new videogame fonts, Blade Runner Movie Font, Borg9, and 007 GoldenEye, for the games Blade Runner, AirWolf, and GoldenEye respectively.

Do you know what annoys me? People that make blogs for their pets and then pretend that the pet is making the blog entries. That is just so sad. These people should be pitied and then given a life.

I'm only comin' home to say goodbye

Feeling: Happy


Tonight I'm going to do something I haven't done in ages. I'm going to spend the evening playing videogames, watching shows, and eating junk food with (and here's the kicker) another person!

Oh hey, squidi.net is back on line. Book 4 from A Modest Destiny is currently in production and the first chapter of Zombies of the Living Dead is completed. If you remember the site, go and catch up. If you've never heard of the site, start from the very beginning!

Only if you want to will you find a way

Feeling: Sleepy


Waking up before noon should be illegal. Although, it did give me bad dreams that weren't long enough to warrant a dream log entry. First, Kimberly died, which made me cry. Second, I went back in time and started hanging out with an ex-girlfriend before we were exs, but I still had all my current memories. I kept finding it odd that things were back in the past. Her dead dog was still alive, my parent's house hadn't been remodeled, and I had to break up with her all over again. So yeah, it was all pretty depressing and I only got about five hours of sleep. I need a nap.

My mother's birthday was 18 days ago and I just now remembered it. I'm a bad son.

There really is a Candy Mountain.

Feeling: Sleepy


The evening of skiing was awesome. The day started out sunny and nice, but by the evening it became as cold as something that's cold (nice similie, eh?). I've gotten slightly better at not falling. Go me. This coming up weekend at Bonye Highlands should be a good dose of nostalgia. I still need to get those reservations made today. I hope a week in advance in enough to get everything I want.

Over the weekend I hung out with Jessie and her friends in order to celebrate Jessie's 18th birthday. She's now old enough to to rent porn. Sigh, they grow up so fast. I also witnessed the horror that is Charlie the Unicorn.

I did a few minor revisions to my House Doctor quiz. The results are the same, so you don't need to retake it, I just altered the way the results look. I put a little more text on the result images and cleaned up the html a bit.

There is a new Q&A series in Ask A Guru.

I have to open at work tomorrow, which means getting up two hours earlier than normal. No me gusta.

I'm off to injure myself!

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I took a half day off of work today so I could spend the evening skiing. So from about 3:00 to 10:00 I'll be at Mt. Holly putting myself in various painful and really cold positions. This weekend I'll be in Vicksburg visiting my friend Jessie and helping her celebrate her 18th birthday. Here I go!

I have a Sheryl Crow song stuck in my head... please kill me!

Feeling: Cold


It's the day after Valentine's Day and the "Morning After" pill is at record sales!

Two more filled cavities this morning. I'll have another two at the end of February and then I'll be done in the cavity market until I'm able to grow some more. While waiting at the dentist office today I finished reading Starship Titanic. It was a pretty funny book, Terry Jones did a good job. It's written similar to Douglas Adams's style, but not quite as clever.

Last night, while shopping for ski supplies, I was rather insulted by the prices of some of the stuff. The cheapest goggles they have are $30 (on sale) and are nothing more than some plastic, foam, and a tinted strip of plastic to look through. The expensive ones were nearly identical in manufacturer and were $70 (once again, "on sale"). The gloves and neck gaiters weren't any better. Now, while goggles and gloves may be beyond my skill level, I was able to sew together my own neck gaiter. To put things in perspective, the neck gaiter at the store was about $15 for single-ply black fleece. Mine is a hand-stitched double-ply reversible black and yellow fleece perfectly fitted to my neck, and the materials cost me about $2. I should go into the neck gaiter business! I also picked up the materials for my hat which will have to wait until next week before being realized.

We're going to have to find a new state school board to pick on. Kansas repealed last year's decision and decided that they should go back to teaching -science- in science class. Idiotic Design is out, and evolution is back in. This doesn't mean the school board won't change it's mind again next year, but at least for the time being science is back on the agenda. God-willing it will stay that way. Heh heh.

For all of my artistic readers (I have artistic readers?) check out The Create Awards. Create Magazine is having a multi-category award for artistic works with prizes and scholarships to the victors. The site doesn't officially come on until March 15th, but you can check out the teaser page and give them your email address so they can remind you when it does.

Happy VD Day!

Feeling: Okay


For all of you who are foolish enough to celebrate VD Day, make sure you use protection. Remember last year when you got the clap? Let's not repeat that, okay?

The update I was working on yesterday is now online. It's my House M.D. Doctor Quiz which will match you up with the doctor you're most like. I also added a page of House Products where you can buy the DVDs and books related to House M.D.

I started playing Breath of Fire on Monday, and so far I'm enjoying it. It's not the fastest paced RPG ever, but it's pretty cool. There is also a minor update in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

I'm going to do a little shopping tonight and see if I can't find some skiing stuff. Also, I want to make my own ski hat and I'd like it to be one of those really long cone-shaped hats with the bobble on the end. I think I'm going to take a cheap winter cap and then sew fabric around it in order to make it warm enough. I'm taking a half-day off on Friday to make another run to the slopes. w00t!

Walking in a winter frozen land

Feeling: Happy


I'm still rather sore from skiing on Sunday, but I really want to go again. I think I'm going to take a half-day off work next week and go in the evening. That should give me enough time to pick up some goggles, face protection, and possibly some used skis.

I know I've been neglecting my site for awhile, so I've been working on a big update which will be ready tomorrow. I'm also working on a JavaScript/HTML based flashcard program for a friend's sign language course. I'll probably put it online once I get further into it just to show what it's like.

I'm quite curious as to why maples can't be happy in the shade of oaks

Feeling: Content


I finally went skiing! I forgot how unbelievably exciting it is, and I also forgot how unbelievably expensive it is. I spent a total of $70 on the lift ticket, ski rental, and food. Even still, I had a wonderful time. Much like riding a bike I hadn't forgotten how to ski, even with being seven years out of practice. So today my face is burning and my eyes sting with wind burn and certain parts of my body ache (I still can't land a jump very well), but I'm very happy. I need to get some cheap goggles, and some better gloves and socks, but aside from that my new coat and snow pants worked admirably. I will definitely be going at least once more this year, and I'd like to head up to Boyne Highlands. So, if any of my readers are willing to dump some bucks on a ski trip let me know (I'm thinking the weekend of the 24th/25th).

Today will be spent healing.

My last words are... I'm on drugs!

Feeling: Cold


Special thanks to Deus Dea who supplied me with the Homoarakha font which is used by Sony for the PlayStation 3 logo and the Spider-Man games. The update is in the games font page.

Aside from that, no real updates. Works pretty solid, but it's a Friday and I have better things to do than update my blog... Like play videogames and such.

True perfection has to be imperfect

Feeling: Proud


Octavia is running just fine, I was able to start getting back on track with emails, downloads, and clean ups. The only thing that bothers be about the new hardware is the stupid power supply. It has blue LEDs on the external fan, as if somehow that will make it cool. All it does is waste electricity for two reasons. One, I don't care how "cool" my computer looks. That has nothing to do with how powerful it is, or how useful it is. Two, it requires more energy to light a blue LED (over a red, green, or amber LED) because they need to be brighter to match intensity with the other colors. So, I paid extra to get a power supply that has enough power to run my system, and the stupid manufacturers dump some of that extra energy into the -back- of my computer with a -blue- LED. It takes more energy and it's less visible. Frickin' idiots!

I fixed my vacuum today as well. After checking out under the hood I was able to find that I burned up the belt because the cylinder was tangled up with gunk. After cleaning the cylinder and replacing the belt with a new one it's back to cleaning my floors. I feel rather proud that I was able to diagnose and fix the problem all by myself considering that I'm not very mechanically inclined. Now I have a better understanding of vacuums which is still just barely above zero compared to someone that actually fixes them professionally. Go me!

I've added two more mini movie reviews for The City of Lost Children and Young Sherlock Holmes.

I got a man-sized predicament, and it's a big one

Feeling: Happy


My date went very well last night; my skin is intact and I'm still alive. I count that as a success.

I also am now fully caught up with House--having watched the remaining episodes early into the morning. One of the reasons why I like House more than any other hospital drama is because in House most of the people are scientific instead of emotional (ignoring Cameron). If you look at the other popular hospital drama (Grey's Anatomy) you have several episodes involving bad science. "Real" psychics, spiritual doctors, and people getting better just because they hope hard enough are common in the show (I'm not knocking it, Grey's is still awesome, but it's much more fictional in that respect). However, in House most of the doctors are atheist or agnostic and, House always ignores the lies of the patients and only focuses on the empirical symptoms to make a successful diagnosis. Not only does this make the show more believable, but it also scores one for science in pop culture (a place that desperately needs good science).

This morning I was a heroic savior who kept the world from spiraling into the abyss! And by that I mean that I gave a guy a jump to get his stalled vehicle going. Either way, I feel glad that I could help.

More good news, my new motherboard arrived and it works! I'll probably have to load its software to get the drivers for my USB ports and what not, but I have my desktop back, and that makes me happy. By tonight Octavia should be back to her old self again.

Also, my shirt from cafepress.com arrived. I am impressed by the high resolution of the direct printing method, but I'm a little disappointed in their color output. The Atari logo is supposed to be orange, but it is extremely red. Either way, it still looks good, but it's going to be hit or miss for trying to match colors on my other designs. I wish they had a way to match their printer's colors versus CYMK.

Here's another picture of a kitten trying to kill my poor foot. This time it's Heidi's cat Gandalf.

Like Jessica Rabbit she collects bad habits gets her drinks for free

Feeling: Excited


I'm almost caught up on House. I haven't been watching since the third season, but after a cram session of nine episodes I'm almost back up to speed. Season three has been pretty awesome so far. I still want to be just like House when I grow up. He's such a sarcastic cynical ass.

Do you know what's cool? Waking up about twenty minues before your alarm goes off. This way you know that you can go back to sleep and you'll be warm and comfortable for a few more minutes. Do you know what sucks? Waking up two minutes before your alarm goes off. You don't want to get up before the alarm goes off, but you also can't fall back asleep because you're too busy dreading when your alarm will go off. It makes you feel like your life has been robbed of those precious few minutes.

This evening, for the first time in real life, I'm going to meet someone I met on the Internet. It's interesting how that no longer sounds like a nerdy thing to say. When I said that ten years ago everyone would laugh. Now that most people have found out how amazing large scale communication is it's become commonplace. There is still the stigma that anyone who you meet on the Internet is a psycho rapist who escaped from prison, but given time even that will mellow out. Anyway, here's to hoping that this person is not going to rape me, kill me, and use my skin to make a new dress... only rape me.

Everyone's favorite charlatain Sylvia Browne made a lot of predictions for 2006, and they have been tallied up. Want to know how accurate one of the worlds best "psychics" was? Check it out.

I'm worth a million in prizes

Feeling: Sleepy


Over the weekend I visited Heidi, picked up some snow pants (I no longer have a reason to put off skiing), went bowling with some friends, and lazed around my house a goodly amount.

This morning when I started my car I got a "no bus" error on my odometer, which apparently is Chrysler's way of telling me that the crankshaft position sensor is not working properly. In my case it was because it was frozen (ambient temperature is -6°Fahrenheit).

I've gave my Blade Runner page a bit of and overhaul. It now has more movie posters, book covers, and various other information. This is all in anticipation of Ridley Scott's 2007 25th anniversary Final Cut of Blade Runner which is supposed to hit theaters this year.

December's updates are now in the old news page.

Girls just can't keep up I'm a real love machine

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So the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2,500 experts from various nations) agree that global warming has a 90% chance of being caused by humans (surprise surprise) and that it's going to have a major impact on world. Bush said that climate change was a "serious challenge." and yet still won't use the Kyoto protocols claiming the economy would suffer. So even though mass flooding will occur in half of the country and scorching drought will occur on the other, we'll still have lots of money. Good idea fearless leader! Bush's hypocrisy doesn't surprise me, but what did surprise me is that a think tank funded by ExxonMobil thought it wise to offer $10,000 to each of the scientist on the panel if they would lie about their findings and claim that their findings aren't valid. Seriously! They must have balls as big as mine!

I probably don't have too many readers that care about sports, but I know most of you care about copyright laws. So here's a rather interesting story involving both. An advertisement for a Super Bowl™ party was on a church web site. The Indianapolis church was going to charge a minimal fee to pay for food, drinks, and the utilities and they were going to show the Super Bowl™ on their projector. Well, they receive an email from the NFL who demanded they cancel their party because they are not only violating copyright law by charging money to view the Super Bowl™, but they are also using the Super Bowl™ trademark on their web site. The church responded by saying that they will remove the words Super Bowl™ from their web site and not charge a fee for food and drinks. The NFL then said that they still have to cancel their party because their projector's display would be more than 55 inches and that is a violation of their television contract. The NFL actually put that clause in their TV contract in order to prevent the mass in-home viewing of the Super Bowl™! So if you have a big screen TV you had better not watch the Super Bowl™. I always thought that the NFL and their advertisers would -want- people to watch the game, but apparently not. I only wish that I could make up something this ridiculous.

On a more lighter note, Scholastic has set an official release date for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. On July 21st the seventh and final book of the Harry Potter series will be released. Here's to hoping for the best! My prediction is that we'll see Dumbledore one last time and that Hermione will fall in love with a new American schoolboy named Dean. I can dream can't I?

I'm heading out to Lansing this weekend to meet up with my friend Heidi.

Keep your filthy paws off my silky drawers. Would you pull that crap with Annette?

Feeling: Pouty


On this day, two years ago, Canada started allowing same-sex marriages. Many people are arguing over whether or not this should also become legal in the USA. Personally, I'd rather see a government that has no say in marriage at all thus letting the religious rite keep their claim to male/female unions, and any other group to setup their own form of unions.

The Ghostbusters found Jesus.

Teeth now only hurt when I chew!