March, 2007

Your loyalty our Ducal heart-string touches

Feeling: Excited


Every evening in this past week I've stayed up too late which has made me feel a little zombie-ish in the mornings. Last night I was determined to go to bed early... and then I found this awesome site full of mini puzzle games. There are a whole bunch of unique puzzle games covering a wide variety of topics like words, math, chess, shapes, etc. Just make sure that you don't visit it just before going to bed. It's also a Google gadget, you you can add it to your Google personal page.

More fonts were moved into the Game Font Database. The Commander Keen and Halo fonts are now there.

I'm heading down to Ann Arbor this evening with Jackie to see the UMGASS production of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Grand Duke. My friend Sarah is in it, so I'll be rooting for her. This makes it my fourth G&S operetta to date.

Look at me! I'm using the Internet!!!1

Feeling: Annoyed


I had to stop myself from laughing out loud when I saw this page. Apparently, this artistic genius thinks my site sucks. His impeccable use of black and cyan along with beautiful table formatting shows a torrent of creative energy; not to mention his unique use of the default browser font coupled with his, shall we say "special" column usage. Also, his rebellion of using proper capitalization in titles, punctuation, and contractions is truly brilliant. If you look at his HTML source you'll find another gem of purity since he obviously knows so much about HTML coding he has decided to format it in the same way a really terrible editor would. Notice how he uses style tags like bgcolor and align that have been depreciated for years to give it that "retro" look. Even better, if you look at the link above mine, you'll notice how he mentions that the links don't take you to where you want to go. This is obviously a clever jab at how web squatters buy URLs similar to the real ones, in this case, because only a total moron wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the real site and an advertising page made to look like the real site. Surely, I am humbled by this Internet master. I'd like to hire him from his prestigious community college as an artistic consultant for my site, but he show's his awesomeness once more by having a broken home page link. All I can say is this.

Wannabe web designers aside, I've re-encoded the DOOM 2 soundtrack in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation and fixed the rips. I also updated the format pages.

I can't take a breath without seeing Mr. Death

Feeling: Sleepy


The Diablo soundtrack has been re-encoded in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Two more fonts have been moved into the Game Font Database for the Sega and XBOX 360 logos.

Train roll on, on down the line

Feeling: Sleepy


I actually got to do some serious biking yesterday. I rode around my apartment complex three times on the second to highest gear on my bike. My thighs were throbbing afterwards... good times.

I've moved the Final Fantasy and Omikron fonts into the Game Font Database.

My lyrics page is now up to 2,400 songs.

Some newspaper ads just don't sound right.

The wind would whisper and I'd think of you

Feeling: Okay


My site has won the Golden Ridley Award! Hoo-rah! Spending countless hours putting videogame related media on my site has finally paid off! What, there's no cash prize? Oh bugger!

Did you know that Skid Row upside-down spells Mor Diks?

The next time you're annoyed with someone who won't stop talking to you at an airport, just smile, nod, and direct your laptop to this link. I guarantee they'll go away.

I've re-encoded the Life Force soundtrack in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. I also gave the track their correct titles, added the mini boss music, and added the game albums.

While getting playing Life Force and Salamander to get music information I also came up with some memory offsets for the games. I also added the Super C offsets that I forgot to add a long time ago. They're in the NES hacking section.

The Mr. Do! and Hitman fonts have been moved into the Game Font Database.

I don't want to die a scarless man

Feeling: Adventurous


I've re-encoded the DOOM soundtrack in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation for a higher quality sound. I think I'll be able to get the missing DOOM II rips as well.

The fonts for Secret of Mana and The SIMS have been moved into the Game Font Database.

Enjoy the weekend my homies.

My vagina is angry!

Feeling: Happy


The Vagina Monologues were alright. I wasn't as impressed with this Flint performance as I was with the Ann Arbor performance I saw a couple of years ago, A2 had a much higher production value, but then they didn't give me free pop. Although I felt compelled to shout out, "Show us your boobs!" when the women got on stage I was wise enough not to. I didn't want to be obliterated by a bunch of wet-water vagina villages because, as Jackie said, the place was a tuna-fest. Afterward I got to reclaim my manhood by fixing Jackie's computer. My vagina would wear a pocket protector and say stuff in hexadecimal.

More fonts have been moved into the Game Fonts Database. The QUAKE and Diablo fonts are now in there.

I've re-encoded the Wolfenstein 3D soundtrack in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation for a higher quality sound. I'm also rolling out the first wave of database driven pages.

Like some small animal that only comes out at night

Feeling: Happy


Last night went well. I got to see Andrea for the first time in a few years. Aside from chatting and having dinner we also saw the movie "The Number 23" which wasn't that great. I've yet to see a Jim Carey movie that I liked, although I still love Virginia Madsen.

I moved over three more fonts into the Game Fonts Database. I'm about half-way through the migration now.

Tonight I'm going to see the Vagina Monologues with Jackie. I think I'll take a booster shot of testosterone before going just to make sure I'm not infected with their cooties. Do you think a, "Woman, get me a beer!" t-shirt would be a bad idea?

But she's an angel for sure, she just can't stop telling lies

Feeling: Happy


I spent last night working more on the next ripped soundtrack for the VGMPF. I have most of it done, but I've run into a snag on the ending music. Hopefully I can find someone to help me with it. The database conversion is still going on as well. I've got it setup in such a manner that I can update the page in sections so I don't have to do everything at once.

The Resident Evil fonts have been moved over to the Game Fonts Database.

Wanna see protesting done right?

Tonight I'm going to hang out with the neice of my ex-girlfriend! Sure, it sounds kind of sick, but what's really interesting is that my ex-girlfriend's neice is only a couple of years younger than her.

I'm right where I always dreamed I would be

Feeling: Okay


I spent the weekend in Grand Rapids with Nikia and Katie and enjoyed some corned beef and cabbage. I feel so Irish now. Perhaps I should drink green piss like the Irish do.

Many people already know how stupid the US patent office is. You'll often see them granting a patent for things that can't possibly work (like dowsing rods), or things that don't have the proper technology to work (like the Sniffex bomb detector). But my favorite is when the patent clerks aren't smart enough to know when someone is trying to patent something that's been around for years. Well that just recently happened when Ming-Jen Wang received his patent for linked lists. Now, most people don't know what a linked list is because most people aren't computer programmers. However, any computer programmer who has read a book on basic computer algorithms knows what a linked list is and how useful they are for sifting through data. Linked lists have been part of computers since their creation in the mid 1950's, and are so important that the National Institute of Standards and Technology has even setup standards for how they should behave. Apparently the US Patent Office isn't in the field of actually researching a patent's claim before issuing it. You can view the patent here, the Wikipedia entry is here, and the NIST entry on linked lists here. See any similarities... I mean, other than everything claimed in the patent?

I'm in the process of converting the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation from the mass of text files over into a database. This is a major change on the backend side, but visually you shouldn't notice anything. By doing this I'll be able to keep better consistency through the pages and let me skip the annoyance of archiving, but more importantly I'll be able to make changes to the templates without having to manually update each page. Depending on how it goes I may do other sections of my site in the same way.

More than ever, hour after, our work is, never over

Feeling: Blah


Game show fonts have been put into the Game Font Database. Special thanks to Tymime for supplying me with several fonts that I've missed.

My throat is still sore, but I don't have any other symptoms to speak of. It probably nothing to worry about, just throat cancer or something.

Here's an interesting political factoid. Nearly every country in the world claims to be democratic (including China, Libya, and North Korea) although most are not. Also, most people don't even know what "democracy" actually means, let alone the differences between a direct democracy and a representative democracy. And it should be noted that Adolf Hitler rose to power completely through democratic means.

It's our time sweet baby

Feeling: Blah


I had a bit of an odd dream this morning.

I've added the Dungeons & Dragons fonts to the Game Font Database.

My throat was sore this morning. I hope I'm not getting sick.

Pretending the echoes belong to someone, someone I used to know

Feeling: Flirty


I got my bike out yesterday, pumped up the tires, and rode around for a mile or two. Soon I'll be able to work off this gut that I picked up over winter.

Happy pi Day! You know, pi... 3.14. Okay, so I'm a nerd? Big whoop! Wanna fight about it?

The Game Font Database has been updated with classic game fonts for dice, playing cards, chess, and monopoly, as well as the controller font.

Advantages are taken not handed out

Feeling: Sleepy


I've added another videogame soundtrack to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. The techno soundtrack of Gunroar is now online. The site is currently at 99 soundtracks, and I have a game that's very special to me planned for the 100th soundtrack.

I moved the Earthbound fonts and the namco regular font into the Game Font Database.

I bought new undies! Purple boxers? What will they think of next?

The average temperature for today is 33. It's currently 66.

You like snow but only if it's warm

Feeling: Injured


First thing's first. A word of caution. Never enter a syrup chugging contest. I did, and this is the result. Oh yeah, for those of you who are click happy and didn't bother to read the rest of the paragraph, you just looked at a picture of my vomit. Sexy, no? Well, maybe if you're a emetophile. Yeah, so basically, after chugging 24 ounces of the cheapest butter flavored syrup at the store everyone in the contest (except the sissy who chickened out after only a few sips) ended up hurling all over the place. I'm kind of bummed because I had such a good track record of not vomiting (the last time was when I was nine). Anyway, as you can tell from the picture I covered around ten square feet of tiled flooring with a nice syrupy spew. Actually, as far as puke goes, syrup isn't that bad. I mean, it's awfully thick, so you're almost choking on it as it makes it's way up your esophagus, but on the bright side it doesn't burn your throat the way bile does, and the after taste was mildly pleasant. However, I don't think I'll try to chug syrup ever again. Super Troopers is a lie.

So no pictures from the lock-in, which kind of sucked anyway. It was about ten people smaller than usual and the new arcade kind of blows for lock-in's anyway. I left early (partially because I made myself sick with syrup, partially because it wasn't worth staying up all night to be bored).

Skiing was pretty cool. I got a nice sun burn on my face because it was so bright, and the snow was pretty slushy due to the warm weather. However, the lift tickets were cheaper and I still had a lot of fun with Jackie. It's probably my last ski trip of the season. *tear*

I moved the Star Wars and After Burner fonts into the Game Font Database.

I gave her my heart, and she gave me a cold

Feeling: Cheery


Amazing wonders are to behold for me this weekend. Tonight I've got a lock-in at the arcade. The new arcade, that is (it's smaller and there are fewer games, but I intend to enjoy myself regardless). Then, on Sunday, I'm going skiing with Jackie at Mt. Holly. Isn't that just the cat's meow?

Sometimes I'm a little stoic and I keep my emotions to myself. This can make it difficult for people to figure out if I like them or not. Well, rest assured, I'm here to help. Picture this: You live in an apartment building. Your door is in plain sight to anyone that enters the building. At noon I tape two dozen roses to your door for all your neighbors to see. When you get home, eight hours later, you see them for yourself. This is an example of me showing how much I care.

Don't forget that Daylight Saving Time is -this- weekend (we spring forward an hour). Also, don't forget that it's Saving time NOT Savings time. Saving is singular NOT plural. Quit making it plural you sound like an idiot!

Only you'd expect an argument to be rational

Feeling: Okay


Today's subject comes from House M.D. (season 3, episode 14). I was able to relate to it because I've been told by several people that I'm too rational, and I expect others to behave rationally as well (even during arguments).

I've added the soundtrack of the Commodore 64 port of Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

I moved several fonts from the old game font page into the Game Font Database.

I was hoping to get it on all 9's, but no such luck. Oh well, at least it's still a palindrome.

But someday I know someone will look into my eyes and say "hello, your my very special one"

Feeling: Creative


Last night I started work on my new winter hat (just in time for winter to almost be over). I've finished the warm fleece under section and now I need to add the neon yellow exterior.

I've added the Ultima font collection to the Game Font Database. This includes five new Ultima fonts that weren't on the old site.

If you're a fan of evolution you may want to check out the "Actually..." series on YouTube. It takes Creationist videos and adds in a scientific fact whenever they use bad science.

The new spotlighted item is Neil Gaimen's novel Neverwhere which has been just been adapted to a graphic novel. If you're not much of a reader you may find this new format more appealing. I can vouch for the story, it's very interesting and creative.

Freedom rider on a midnight cruise

Feeling: Annoyed


I have a birthday coming up next month and the state of Michigan has mailed me a friendly reminder that I have to spend $80 for a tiny sticker (that seems fair right?). Only this year is a special year because of Public Act 177 which became effective on June 6th, 2006. The pamphlet on PA 177 that came in the mail states that our solid blue Michigan license plates are now junk and must be replaced with the new white plate and by 2008 you will never see the old blue plate again. According to the literature this is done at no extra cost to us and it will improve public safety! Well that's just great isn't it? Well it's great until you start to ask questions. Questions like, how do we get it at no extra cost? Well, in order to replace all of the blue plates with white plates the state of Michigan used $11 million that could have went to fixing up the roads. So that "no extra cost" on the pamphlet is bull. Now about the public safety issue... how does this new plate make me safer? According to the pamphlet the Michigan law enforcement requested the change because the new plates are more reflective and easier to read at night. That's a great answer, but like any answer from the government, it doesn't actually answer the question. What they should have written is that these new plates are easier to photograph by traffic cameras. And while this will no doubt increase the amount of money that the police departments make by ticketing people who drive 5 over (i.e. everybody), it will in no way make you safer. If you don't remember voting for this act that's because you didn't; it was taken care of in the House without your input. Another reason why I cringe when people call our government a democracy instead of what it truly is, a republic.

The Game Font Database has been updated with Nintendo fonts, PlayStation fonts, and the Spider-Man font.

I've added another soundtrack to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. The music from the Windows version of SIM Life is now online.

Behold the power of font

Feeling: Okay


Badtz-Maru > Hello Kitty.

I updated the Game Font Database again with the Mortal Kombat set of fonts including two that were not on the old page, Mortal Kombat 3 and MuRdOiNk MKDA. The TRON font was added as well. There's a navigation link on my homepage now as well.

I did a minor update to the list of cute game characters. Amanda pointed out a couple typos, and I also added a few more descriptive sentences.

The videogame music link on the Games and Music pages now both link to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation instead of the old videogame music page.

Here comes the time, prepare for justice

Feeling: Aggravated


The Videogame Music Preservation Foundation has been updated once again. It now has the Street Fighter II: Turbo - Hyper Fighting soundtrack and two new composers. I re-encoded the Bionic Commando soundtrack as well. I also added a MySpace page for the VGMPF so that people can subscribe to the blog and get notified when there are new updates. If you're a VGMPF fan and a MySpace user, you'll be wise to subscribe to the blog.

The Connecticut legal systems proved that it doesn't understand basic computer technology when it found Julie Amero (a substitute 7th grade teacher) guilty for "impairing the morals of children". This occurred because the computer in the room she was teaching in began displaying pornographic pop-ups which her students saw (and I'm sure this was the first time they ever saw porn). Both Amero and her students also admit that she even tried to prevent the students from viewing the screen, but she didn't have the computer knowledge to turn it off. Mark Lounsbury, the computer crimes officer (with hardly any IT training; nice expert, right?) at the Norwich Police Department, testified that Amero had been surfing for porn and that's why the pop-up ads showed up. When asked if he performed a check for malware, Lounsbury said that he didn't because the defense didn't tell him to during the pre-trial (the police department, being the objective investigators should have performed the search regardless). Lounsbury did what his superiors told him to do, but unfortunately his superiors are complete morons who don't understand computers, and Lounsbury was too weak to suggest it. So then the defense did the police department's job and actually scanned the hard drive and found several problems with the computer. First, and most importantly, it had tons of malware on it since before Amero started working. Second, it's anti-virus software was out of date. Third, it had no firewall. Fourth, it had been used in the past to visit non-education websites like and This evidence alone should have been enough to throw out the case, but unfortunately, because the evidence wasn't filed in time (because the Norwich Police Department was inept), the judge wouldn't admit it all into court (proving that the judge cares more about protocol than justice). Because of this, the teacher was found guilty. She will be stripped of her teaching credentials and faces up to 40 -years- in prison. I think this is proof that the state of Connecticut doesn't deserve the privilege of having computers and that they should resort to sharpening sticks with rocks and finger painting on their cave walls.

If you're looking for a funny video site that depicts the creator of the universe in a less than perfect light, check out Mr. Deity courtesy of Beau.