April, 2007

There are worse things I could do, than go with a girl or two

Feeling: Injured


I really enjoyed this weekend. On Friday, some friends of mine were involved in a car accident. There was some damage, but thankfully nobody was injured. On Saturday, Jackie and I did some in-line skating and she motivated me to actually take car of some stuff that I've been planning to do forever now. We also played a bunch of videogames, she now creams over Tetris Attack. On Sunday the arcade crowd and I actually did some outdoor activities including dodgeball, Frisbee, and various other physical stuff that has left my body feeling rather sore today.

I've re-encoded the Spy Hunter soundtrack for the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation and added a page for Henry Mancini.

The Gremlins and Ninja Kid fonts have been moved into the Game Font Database.

Thank dog it's Friday

Feeling: Flirty


The Wacky Wheels soundtrack is not in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. The VGMPF is now over 2 GB online! It's long since been the largest section of my web site, but 2 GB is an awful lot of videogame music!

Two more fonts have been moved over to the Game Font Database for the series of Blade Runner and Perfect Dark.

I've caused the death of a lot of kittens too

Feeling: Horny


The soundtrack for City Connection is now available for download in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

I also added a minor ROM memory location lookup for City Connection in the NES Hacking page.

All this videogame hacking is such a turn on.

If god cries each time I masturbate, he must be dehydrated!

Feeling: Okay


The soundtrack for A Boy and His Blob has been re-encoded in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Two more fonts have been moved into the Game Font Database. The fonts for the games Friday the 13th and PLOK are now online.

It's currently cold and rainy. No biking will take place today and that makes me sad in pants.

I'm the son of rage and love

Feeling: Sleepy


Last night I received a copy of Rude World a book that has pictures and information about some of the rudest sounding cities and landmarks in the world. I was issued a free copy for being a contributor of Michigan's own exit-69, Big Beaver Road.

I just watched The Dirty Dozen again. That movie rocks. It always reminds me of the scene from Sleepless in Seattle where all the chicks are getting all weepy-eyed about the climatic scene in An Affair to Remember, so the guys get just as weepy-eyed over the grenade scene in The Dirty Dozen. Lovely juxtaposition.

Looking as good as I do should be a sin

Feeling: Sleepy


My weekend was packed, but very fun. Friday night I stayed out until 5:00 AM with my arcade homies. We enjoyed each other's company, talked, annoyed the people working at Meijer and basically just enjoyed ourselves. Staying up so late made it difficult for me to do my planned errands on Saturday which involved opening a new, local, bank account. I still need to move my old one over and adjust my direct depositing, but that's finally out of the way. Supposedly, I should put money into some CDs as well, but that seems like a lot of work. Anyway, my other Saturday morning task was to get my chest waxed professionally. Oh yeah, waxing hurts. I'm sure it'll feel smooth just as soon as it heals. After that I went back to bed and didn't get up until 7:00 PM when I went back to the arcade and stayed up late once again. It reminded me of my old high school days of staying up late with nothing to do. Although, there was less chest waxing in high school. I stayed home Sunday to try and recuperate, which only partially worked. I was also able to squeeze in a little biking to try and get back into shape.

The soundtrack for the DOS port of Times of Lore is now in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Morning came and I tried not to notice

Feeling: Happy


The Game Font Database has been updated with fonts for the Mappy games and the Scooby-Doo! games.

I'd update more, but that would mean not going out and enjoying the day.

Gregory House is my hero

Feeling: Happy


I stayed up late last night figuring out all the important aspects of the memory in Gauntlet and added a lookup table for the ending text. Those are both on the NES hacking page. I also re-encoded the soundtrack, so go to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation for the latest download. There is a new unused fanfare that I missed from before.

If you know anything about classical music, I'm trying to find out who originally composed this song. This is the title music to the videogame Gauntlet, so disregard the electronic sound. I'm pretty sure that I've heard this music before played on an organ, but I haven't a clue who did it or the name of the piece, but it sounds like J.S. Bach. Can anyone figure this out for me?

Date night, yo!


Feeling: Annoyed


On April 12th, Don Imus was fired from his talk show for calling the Rutgers University women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos". Personally, I don't see why those nappy-headed hos would be so upset. I highly doubt any of them even listened to Imus in the first place. However, once the nappy-headed hos in the media got a hold of it, they made this huge issue about what you can and can not say in the media, the typical censorship debate. Fuck censorship. The last time I checked we lived in a free country where we're supposed to be able to say what we want, even if it offends nappy-headed hos. In fact, we are supposed to be able to say what ever we want -especially- if it offends nappy-headed hos. If I'm watching TV and the nappy-headed ho on the tube is calling me a cracker and a honkey all I have to do is change the channel. How can we possibly call ourselves a nation that supports free speech if we bash anyone who says something the slightest bit offensive. Don Imus even apologized on the radio show of Al Sharpton's (the nappiest-headed ho of them all), but Sharpton being the paragon of virtue that he is, said he would accept nothing less than Imus' resignation and then told all of his sheep to boycott. Way to turn the other cheek like a good Christian should. The nappy-headed ho team captain of Rutgers, Essence Carson (nice name by the way...NOT!), said that Imus' remarks had "stolen a moment of pure grace" from the team. Pure grace?! These aren't charity workers they're nappy-headed hos that play college basketball. On a scale of how important their work is to society they're right up there with cleaning the toilet of some rich dude in Beverly Hills. Now, I know what you're thinking... Be careful TheAlmightyGuru or you might be fired next! Well, I don't have any nappy-headed ho advertisers to turn-tail and run, nor do I have a nappy-headed ho for a boss who is willing to fire me because I have a mind of my own. If you don't like seeing "nappy-headed ho" on my site then don't read it. Welcome to America.

In non nappy-headed ho related news, I've moved over the Unreal and Atari fonts to the Game Font Database.

I also updated the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation with a re-encoding of the Excitebike soundtrack.

Remember those crazy snowmen house of horrors that Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbs, used to make? Well, here's a case of life imitating art.

If you're a MySpace user then you may have noticed some quizzes being advertised at the bottom of their pages. One of them is called the "Are You Gay?" quiz. Apparently, someone thought that people may be so incredibly confused that they won't be able to know if they're gay until they take an online quiz created by some pimple-faced nerd who's probably never even seen a boob before. Rather than take their stupid quiz I've made things easier for you. Here's my two question quiz:

1.) Are you: A - Male, B - Female
2.) Do you like sex with: A - Men, B - Women

If you answered A for both questions or B for both questions you're a homo. If you answered A and B for question 2 you're bi. If you answered A and B for question 1 you're a trannie. If you answered in any other way you're just kidding yourself and you need to come out of the closet. Thanks for playing you big queer.

Childhood nearly forgotten

Feeling: Cheery


Last night I received a book that I haven't seen since I was about four, a children's book called "Up In Bubbles" by Barbara Salsberg. I felt compelled to order the book because I have been having foggy memories of the book's pictures in my head for the past couple of years. Well, I looked through it again and it was a wondrous feeling. I was able to awaken those visual patterns that I could no longer picture in my head, but I was able to say, "I remember this!" every time I turned the page. It was also rather interesting to finally be able to fully understand the story and pictures from a "grown-up" point of view because as a child I didn't quite grasp everything. I wasn't able to find a picture of the book anywhere, so I scanned the cover and an excerpt in case anyone else ever looks for it.

I've posted the Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! soundtrack in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation and added the composers as well.

Knock-knock. / Who's there? / Interrupting cow. / Interru...MOOOO! ...heh heh. That joke will never stop being funny.

I'm free, and freedom tastes of reality

Feeling: Happy


On Friday evening Jackie and I went to see Tommy. The production was pretty good. A lot of work went into the stage, props, and costume, and the singers were up to snuff. Overall, the story was a little hard to follow, even though I already knew what was going to happen. They altered several of the song lyrics, "the disciples lead him in" was switched to "the kids all lead him in" at several occasions and the whole guru theme was kind of ignored. A few songs were left out as well, but overall I still liked the production and it was worth seeing.

Now when it comes to formalities at shows, am I the only one who thinks you should dress appropriately for the content of the show? When I went to see Tommy I was dressed in rock clothing; same with RENT. Of course, at Gilbert and Sullivan shows I always dress up a bit more. This makes sense to me considering the themes. However, most people seem to think that you should always wear a suit and tie to a show, even to a show created by the destructive rock n' roll rebels, The Who. I was mentioning this to Jackie, saying that it was rather disappointing to see so many people failing to embrace the spirit of rock, and just then a man walked by us wearing a khaki blazer and a pink button-up shirt. He slightly clashed with my chains and long hair. The only other person I saw wearing something informal was a guy wearing a Who shirt to a Who production. Yes, "that guy" was there.

On the way out I heard some young men saying, "you heard him, 'see me, feel me, touch me, heal me.' Tommy was just -asking- to be molested by his uncle." It's funny 'cuz it's true.

I beat King's Quest II over the weekend. Overall, I'd say the entire game took me about two to three hours to complete. Most of the puzzles were pretty obvious and I wasn't really that impressed with the game; I scored 175 out of 185. Graphically, it was a little nicer than KQ1, but it was awfully predictable. The weird color world was also kind of annoying to look at.

I played several games of DDR as well and got to see a few arcade people that I rarely see, and I also met some new arcade people. Good times, great oldies.

I've re-encoded the soundtrack of Bad Dudes to give it better quality for the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

If you skate upon thin ice, you'd be wise if you thought twice

Feeling: Happy


The Videogame Music Preservation Foundation done got itself a new soundtrack. The mod music of Machines of Destruction is now available for download.

I hung out with Jackie last night and she bestowed upon me a cake, card, and some gifts. The cake was a herpes infected penis, and the card was fag-tastic. I feel so loved.

I also have to give props to Kimberly who hooked me up with the widescreen edition of Major League, and the World of Harry Potter computer game set.

Tonight I'm going to see Tommy with Jackie down in Ann Arbor. I dig rock musicals.

Shy gypsy slyly spryly tryst by my crypt

Feeling: Okay


I was up until 3:00 AM last night on a caffeine high, so instead of sleeping I made it over halfway through King's Quest II. I remember, about ten years ago, getting stuck pretty early in the game (I never even got the first key) and giving up, but now it seems awfully easy. I'm currently looking for the third key.

I've re-encoded the Times of Lore soundtrack for the NES and made some other updates to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Have you ever wondered what happens when spiders take drugs?

Don't forget to call my lawyers with ridiculous demands

Feeling: Blah


Instead of wasting my birthday going out, I stayed home and finished up the Ultima VII: The Black Gate soundtrack for the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. And that epic soundtrack of 56 songs brings the VGMPF up to 100 games! It's amazing how much the site has grown and it hasn't even been online for two years yet.

This totally reminds me of myself when I got my first Nintendo. Only I think I was a little bit more hyper.

My stomach has been bitchy for the past couple of days, so I tried drowning it in Pepto-Bismol. You've gotta love that yummy wintergreen chalk that turns your poop black.

I came down to wish you an unhappy birthday

Feeling: Anxious


Today I turn 27. We are not amused. I think I'll go home and cry or something. Although, on the plus side, in only eight more years I can become president and get head from an intern in the Oval Office like I've always dreamed about.

I moved over the Counter-Strike and Knight Boy fonts into the Game Fonts Database.

I also went through all of my old news pages and fixed or removed any broken links. It's amazing how I often fail to realize how long I've been posting until I look back at it all. Site upkeep isn't very exciting.

Little boy, such precious joy, is dead to the world

Feeling: Okay


Weekend re-cap. Friday evening I spent over at Kyle's watching a game of Star Wars Monopoly and the movie Idiocracy by Mike Judge. I highly recommend the movie. Saturday, I attended Julie's wedding which was enjoyable. There was a fair amount of drama of which I was involved in, but thankfully not the cause of. There were a lot of balloons there *eep*. Sunday, I spent with the family and ate portions of a pig. There were balloons there as well with little children playing with them *double eep*.

Socialization aside, I also spent a hefty amount of time with Octavia and I have hacking notes for four more NES games; Soccer, Spy Hunter, Tetris, and Top Gun.

But even a computer geek like me has to get out and enjoy some physical activity every now and then. That is why I created a page about physical games. These are games that require at least one other person and involve actual physical activity. Many of these games you'll remember from your childhood like capture the flag or dodgeball. Some are a little newer like Airsoft and geocaching. Anyway, since summer is fast approaching maybe you can get an idea from my list and try something out at your next barbecue.

Foot on the pedal - never ever false metal

Feeling: Happy


This morning I awoke to a rather strange dream.

I moved over more fonts into the Game Font Database. This time for Wolfenstein and Illusion of Gaia.

I added some more hacking notes for the NES games Marble Madness and Bad Dudes.

My weekend plans are as follows: Saturday I'm heading over to Decatur to attend my friend Julie's wedding. Sunday I'll be at the parents eating the flesh of a pig and fixing their computer.

Hello to eternity and live for every breath

Feeling: Happy


I've been spending a lot of time on the next soundtrack for the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation, it's another Roland MT-32 soundtrack, but it is also a soundtrack that I think very highly of, so I want to make sure that everything is perfect about it.

George Bush... Adolf Hitler... notice the similarities?

Date with Jackie tonight. Cool beans!

...In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes

Feeling: Bored


I filed my taxes last night a littler earlier than usual (the usual is April 17th at 11:58 PM). I hope this isn't a sign that I'm getting old. Personally, I don't think I should have to pay taxes at all because I'm so cute, and really the government should be paying me money to have somebody as cool as I living within their borders.

Last night I pointed out a word to Jackie in a book that I thought was used improperly. She confirmed that it was okay, reminded me that word usage has changed since the 70's, and even though it sounded wrong, it was still correct. She also noted that this particular author used the word because it's part of her writing style. This made me think to myself... authors have writing styles? Apparently, Jackie can point out writing styles in the same manner that I can point out fonts on a restaurant menu. Perhaps I could notice writing styles if I was as well read as Jackie, but I only have access to three book stores and two libraries so it probably won't happen.

March's posts have been moved to the Old News page.

I need a life.

I may not be a perfect soul... Oh who am I kidding?

Feeling: Okay


I beat Diablo for the first time with a sorcerer last night. Still haven't tried with a warrior, but I'm Diabloed out for awhile.

Apple convinced EMI to stop using DRM for their music files on iTunes, which would seem like a nice fair thing to do. Of course, they're charging more for this music, and iTunes continues to use the proprietary AAC format which is still regulated and licensed meaning you have to shell out big bucks to encode to it, or even play it. Also, was it any coincidence that this happened right before the European Union hit Apple with a huge lawsuit for unfair pricing in Europe?

I just bought a pack of Juicy Fruit gum and was a bit surprised to find that the gum is now dyed bright yellow. When did that happen?

I should probably do my taxes

Feeling: Happy


Turnabout is fair play, right? Last Monday I came home to this on my door.

The UMGASS production of The Grand Duke was a lot of fun. I love how they incorporated costumes from various other G&S productions. It was a little harder to follow than other shows, but having read the synopsis before hand certainly helped.

For April Fools day I told a girl that she made me pregnant and she would have to pay me child support for the next eighteen years. But then I shouted April Fools! I'm sure she fell for it. Hee hee, I'm so clever.

I should be tired today, but I'm not. On Saturday I stayed in bed until 2:00 PM, which made it difficult to setup a new bank account like I wanted to since banks are jerks and are only open when I'm working. I'll probably have to setup an account on my lunch break or something. Okay, bank tanget aside, I was at a little get together at Rachel's and I didn't get home until 4:00 AM, which put me in bed until noon on Sunday, which prevented me from going to bed until 2 this morning, but for some reason I'm feeling fine. Circadian rhythm is a complex mistress.

More fonts have been moved into the Game Font Database for the games Silkworm and Silent Hill.