August, 2007

She was bruised like a cherry, ripe as a peach

Feeling: Happy


I added the Strife soundtrack to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. See how much I love you?

Want to find out where your favorite dead celebrities are buried? Take a look at: Find a Grave.

Take a look at this headline and ask yourself if there's anything "fishy" about it.

Cause when you get uptight, it's such a drag

Feeling: Happy


I finally got around to watching the Simpsons movie. It was really funny, but not super funny like what I expected. I like it, but I don't adore it.

Carl Sagan is my hero. I was watching an episode of Cosmos last and for the first time I understood why it would be impossible to declare a center of a universe regarding the spherical universe model.

I got a tail if you wanna chase it, I got a tongue if you wanna taste it

Feeling: Okay


Today, at work, I connected up of our client's computers via VNC and saw their screensaver. It read, "Jews are awesome!" That rocks.

There are some more updates in All Things Halloween.

Another groovy album that is out now is Voltaire's Ooky Spooky. It has several upbeat dark cabaret tracks that sound like Voltaire and make me laugh like Voltaire.

My oh my, you pretty thing, it's about that time for us to meet.
Does your daddy have a shotgun?

Feeling: Okay


Much of yesterday was spent helping friends get a job and watching YouTube videos on atheism.

I put a little more work into All Things Halloween as well.

I'm currently listening to the new Rilo Kiley album, Under the Blacklight. It's quite a bit different from their previous work, but I'm really enjoying some of the songs.

Everyone wants to be a DJ, right?

Feeling: Okay


Last Friday I had some fun with my friends making an irreverent Webcast (a radio broadcast, only on the WWW). This made me excited to create my own Webcast for my Web site. The first episode is rather short and still very amateur sounding, but it captures the mood I want to portray. Take a listen.

The rest of my weekend was spent helping some of my younger friends seek employment in Michigan's awful economy, which is also what will happen today.

I also updated All Things Halloween with the first update of 2007. Halloween is only 64 days away. That's a good solid power of 2.

Destruction leads to a very rough road, but it also breeds creation

Feeling: Blah


I finally fixed the problem with the IBM 5250 protocol. It only took about nine hours of hair-pulling frustration. IBM is evil. Evil, evil, evil!

I've been thinking of ways to be more creative. Most of the things I do are based on other people's work, and that's been dragging me down a bit. I want to spend more time on things that are my own work. So, although there may not be as many updates in some of my other sections, rest assured I am working on things that are purely me oriented.

Here's an unusual search string that showed up in my log: "Was your puberty uneventful?" Well, yes actually, it was. Not only was it uneventful, but it was also late. I was seriously like the last guy in my high school to shave. Thanks for bringing up the painful memories... ass!


Feeling: Angry


I really want to kill whomever is responsible for IBM's 5250 protocol. I just spent the last eight hours trying to figure it out!

Grumble grumble

Feeling: Upset


I added my recent purchases to my collection pages.


I would do anything for love; except this list of thirteen thousand things

Feeling: Sleepy


My write up and photos from my vacation with Jackie to Tennessee is up. Go and experience my life vicariously (not bi-curiously).

"Under the Blacklight" comes out today! Yay Rilo Kiley! Next month I get to see them again! Double yay!

Since I'm getting out of work early today, I can get my oil changed on a weekday. Wow, what good fortune I have. Confucius must be smiling on me today.

Back from the filthy dirty South

Feeling: Sleepy


Well, I made it home from Tennessee still in one piece and I didn't even get sodomized by rednecks. I'll do a full write up on the vacation soon, but for now I must continue my murderous rampage. That's right, Dean has been killing people, and will most likely kill again.

Rilo Kiley's latest album "Under the Blacklight" comes out tomorrow! I haves tuh git me won!

I'm heading in to work two hours early tomorrow morning (I think my boss is punishing me for being in 90 degree weather while Michigan was rainy and cold).

When a cow laughs does milk come out of its nose?

Feeling: Excited


Much of last night was spent preparing for my vacation. I still need to pack tonight, but all the major pitfalls have been taken care of.

There is a new mini album review for Youth Group's Casino Twilight Dogs, and I also cleaned up a few more game reviews.

So this is my last update until Monday. I'll be in Tennessee enjoying the warm weather, the Smokey Mountains, the University, and the company of Jackie.

All generalizations are false

Feeling: Excited


I had a pretty eventful weekend. I spent Friday evening with my homies at the arcade and then Gamer's Sanctuary, and then Billy's house. Indoor tennis is a fun game. I also snagged some of Billy's old game systems which he won't be taking with him when he moves--so I now have several more Atari games and a Coleco Vision. Saturday, I went to my mother's work party, got my hair trimmed, and then later did some more shopping. I now have a suitable backpack and some hiking clothes. Sunday saw me back at the arcade enjoying the slowness of a dull Sunday. However, I recently downloaded the entire X-Men TV series which will keep me entertained for awhile.

Tuesday will be my last day here. Jackie and I are leaving Wednesday morning to Tennessee. I should still have Internet access while I'm down there, but it will not be a priority. I'll try to get all my contacts in order before then, but once I'm gone don't expect any immediate responses. I'll be back on the 20th.

Why do people say, "head over heels in love," when your head is normally over your heels to begin with. Shouldn't they say, "heels over head?" This especially makes sense when you picture the position you'd have to be in to have your heels above your head.

What's another word for thesaurus?

Feeling: Okay


Last night I picked up a pair of over-priced Vasque hiking boots. I'm currently wearing them and they are a lot more comfortable than my work boots, but they don't look half as hardcore. I still need to pick up a backpack though.

I awoke this morning to a dream that I often have, but I'm not sure why. In my dream I had ground my teeth down to practically nothing and I was still painfully crushing them down even further. I can only assume that I grind my teeth in my sleep.

I've added the AD&D: Heroes of the Lance soundtrack to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

I love this little flash cartoon of an animation trying to beat up an animator. When you finish with that one, take a look at the sequel.

I've been looking forward to this weekend quite a bit. It's been a rough week for me, although it's getting better. However, I could still use a little relaxation. Especially in preparation for my trip to Tennessee next week.

I look like a big man, but I've only got a little soul.

Feeling: Blah


If you're a fan of the animation style of Terry Gilliam (of Monty Python fame) you may be interested in this animation. Keep in mind that it's just as strange and disturbing as Monty Python.

Speaking of Monty Python, here's a South Park sketch done in tribute to the famous Dead Parrot sketch. If you don't know what the Dead Parrot sketch is, then you're a criminal and should watch it.

Here are three things that Dean has recently learned. Dean won't tell you how he learned these things, but you can pretty much guess. Dean likes speaking in third person.

1.) Dean can jump off his second floor balcony without hurting himself... that much.
2.) It costs Dean about $35 to have maintenance repair a drywall hole.
3.) Coolant doesn't taste as good to Dean as it did when he was a kid.

Living on your knees, conformity / or dying on your feet for honesty

Feeling: Blah


The Legend of Zelda soundtrack is back in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. The VGMPF is over two years old now and there are 118 games online. So 59 games per year means roughly a soundtrack every six days. I wonder if that's too much time spent on videogames? Nah!

For those expecting calls or emails, forgive me, I've been rather busy. Look forward to them on Thursday.

C'mon, shoot me again I ain't dead yet

Feeling: Upset


As one who hungers for knowledge I have a decent understanding of many things, and of the things I do not understand I can usually figure them out. One thing I have pretty much admitted defeat on ever comprehending is female psychology. Thankfully, listening to heavy metal at pain threshold volume is a great way to calm the ol' nerves.

For those of you who live in the Grand Blanc area, don't forget to vote today.

Have you ever seen a very small red bug crawling around outside? Have you ever squished them to find that they turn into little blobs of staining red ooze? These are called clover mites. They feed on grasses and clovers, as the name suggests, and are harmless to people. However, they tend to make their way into homes as the weather gets colder which can be annoying. The only reason I'm writing this is because I've seen them since I was a little kid and I've never know what they are until now (teh Internet rulez!). So now that I know I'm sharing it with all of you. Check out some info.

Sleep, it's what's for dinner

Feeling: Sleepy


I had a great weekend. Friday night the arcade crowd got together and had another bonfire. I even went swimming, which was mildly painful, but most certainly worth it. Saturday came too early because I had to work, but afterward I hung out with Jessica. Sunday, I was off to the faire again and enjoyed a hot muggy day wearing mascara, latex pants, and a pin-striped vest.

Not too long ago Intel released an ad about their new processor. In order to show speed and power they used track runners in a ready position in the place of cubicals. In order to show a pleased administrator they showed a man standing in the middle of them with a happy smile on his face. After the ad made it into the public Intel quickly received a ton of angry emails because the administrator was white, and the track runners are all black and in their ready position it looks like they're bowing down to the white man. It looks even better when you alter the caption.

If anyone knows anything about the NES game AD&D Heroes of the Lance please read this post.

The Lebanese flag is now in the High Resolution Flag Database.

Everybody's working for the weekend

Feeling: Excited


The Chex Quest 2 soundtrack is now available for download in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. That has been a soundtrack for every day of this week--I'm on a roll!

This weekend is pretty packed for me. Tonight I'm off to another cookout/bonfire at Rachel's. Good times will be had by all. I'm working Saturday to fill in for my boss who is on vacation. On Sunday I'll be back at the Silverleaf renfaire.

Do you know what bugs me? The amount of times I have to shave in a week has steadily been increasing. When I was a wee lad just starting puberty (about three years later than most of my friends, mind you) shaving was a luxury. I'd do it once a week if I felt inclined, but you couldn't really tell. A few years ago I had to start shaving every couple of days to look presentable. But now that I'm a sagely twenty-seven I'm having to shave almost every day to look decent. This can only mean one thing... I'm de-evolving into a hominid! ARRRGH!

I need a haircut

Feeling: Happy


The Tecmo Bowl soundtrack has been re-encoded in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

I watched the movie Rudy last night; it still makes me cry. Sean Astin is my hero.