September, 2007

Beware of Floyd the Emu

Feeling: Okay


There was a huge upset for the Americans last night and I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. What was Greg Ryan thinking with Hope Solo? Leslie Osborne in the first period? Come on! And then Shannon Boxx's issues! Oh it was terrible. Can you believe it? Doesn't it just make each and every one of you sad and depressed? Talk about an upset. What's that you say? You don't know what I'm talking about? Neither do I! Women's soccer? Is that what I have to hear on my drive to work in the morning? Is that what passes for news these days? Who cares? First of all, it's soccer. Woop-dee-doo. Secondly, it's women's soccer. If it was the WNBA, then I... well, I still wouldn't care. I want the hear the news dammit! I want to hear that ten more US soldiers were killed in Iraq. I want to hear that mothers and babies were gunned down in the ghetto. I want to hear about how the latest teen idol got drunk and took her top off. You know, the important stuff!

Just like movies, a videogame designer has to pitch their idea to a company in order to get the go ahead to develop the game. However, some games must have been a little harder to pitch than others. I made a page about several great games that must have been near impossible to pitch.

Beware of Earl the Aardwolf

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The new art piece is called "Humorism". Obviously, it's not titled after comedy, but after the four humors of the human body as described by Hippocrates around 400 BCE. His idea described the human body as begin filled with four primary fluids called "humors" which were blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile. He thought that all forms of sickness and disease came from an imbalance of these fluids. His idea is terribly wrong, of course, but in his defense, doctors of his time didn't have access to electron microscopes, centrifuges, or even optical microscopes. So you can't really blame him for his wacky medicinal theories.

Speaking of wacky medicinal theories--Private Practice was pretty lame. Naomie is now ugly and manish, Voodoo man is--well--Voodooie, Surfer douche is mid-wifery, and real medicine has taken a holiday. I think I'll go masturbate to the new season of House where science is still on the agenda and then everything will be okay again.

Beware of Gus the Echidna

Feeling: Okay


My Simpson's Season 8 arrived today. It was a little damaged by the USPS, but all the discs are fine.

There is a new font in the Game Font Database.

Tonight is the series premier of Private Practice. Let's see if it sucks as much as I expect it will.

Beware of Bob the Platypus

Feeling: Sick


My intestines went on vacation last night and I spent the evening with a terrible upset stomach. I'm feeling better, but not perfect. Hopefully, by tomorrow I'll be back to my old chipper self.

I've increased my lyrics database to 2,500 songs. It sounds like a lot, but I'm always trying to find new music to enjoy.

Come Tuesday, I'll be doing alright

Feeling: Okay


I had a nice weekend. The party was a lot of fun, but I ended up throwing off my sleep cycle again (when will I ever learn?) so I'm nice and sleepy today.

I actually came up with a new idea for a Magic:TG deck for the first time in a long time. I'll start working on that soon as well.

Come Monday, I'll be doing alright

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The autumnal equinox is on Sunday at 9:51 AM, so the next time I write it will be everyone's favorite season, autumn! And by everyone, I mean all the cool people.

Speaking of the equinox, I'm attending an "end of summer" party tonight in which I'll be fed yummies. Sweet!

The Donkey Kong Country font has been added to the Game Font Database.

Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge Carl Sagan

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Here's the new shirt that I made. So far, most people don't really get the subtle jab that I'm making towards sports.

I added some hacking notes for Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

There's a new mini review for the game Prince of Persia.

If you're a fellow programmer you'll get a kick out of the reasons why Programming Is Like Sex.

Even when I was twelve

Feeling: Sleepy


I almost fisnihed fixing up the hole in my wall. I did some research on it and I was able to patch it up with spackle compound. I sanded it flush with the wall last night and one more coat and it should be ready for painting. I'm turning into a regular mister-fix-it.

My new shirt arrived yesterday as well! I'll take a picture for tomorrow and show you the fruits of my creative genius.

We're all stuck out in the desert, and we're gonna die

Feeling: Sleepy


Last night I went to the Rilo Kiley concert in Royal Oak. I didn't get back until after 2:00 AM, so I'm super tired.

The Dark Crystal font is now in the Game Font Database.

Happy birthday Kimberly! It seems like only yesterday we were in Seattle celebrating your longest birthday ever!

When you're ready to go, just say so

Feeling: Excited


I had a spiffy weekend. Friday evening Jackie and I went to Lansing to play Magic with some of her friends. We pwned. On Saturday, my 1st edition hardcover of High Fidelity arrived over the weekend. I less than three 1st editions. I began fixing the hole in my wall and went to the bonfire at Rachel's. On Sunday, Jackie, I, and several arcade homies went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Apologies Lauren... I mean Maureen!

Microsoft lost their appeal in the EU courts. The EU fined them the equivalent of $613 million dollars and also demanded that they release Windows without Media Player and share their communication code with their competitors. While I have no problem with Microsoft getting a slap in the wrist, I do have a problem with the EU only attacking Microsoft. When it comes to bundled software and proprietary software, nobody holds a candle to Apple's OS X, which the EU has turned a blind eye to. Other closed source operating systems are also guilty of these practices, AS/400, some BSD versions, and most of the UNIX versions (some even have special code to prevent them from running on any hardware except the ones owned by the maker of the OS). I guess the message the EU is trying to send out is, "We only hate number one!"

This evening I'm going to see one of my favorite bands, Rilo Kiley, at the Royal Oak Music Theatre. I think I just wet myself.

And it's been a while since I said I'm sorry

Feeling: Blah


Leave Brittney alone! You people are so callous, you're hurting her feelings. So what if she's a crazy terrible performer who's strung out on coke. Join this retarded girly-boy's crusade!

I love nightmares. They give me fear, something that I don't usually have while living in white-suburbia. Good, wholesome, the giant-pickle-man-of-death is chasing me, fear. I hate bad dreams. Like the ones where loved ones explain how they don't love you anymore and wish you were dead. Why can't all of those be replaced by giant-pickle-men?

Cracked Magazine is my hero. Here is a list of Five Things Hollywood Thinks Computers Can Do. And while you're there, lose faith in your favorite celebrities by finding out which of them are Secretly Scientologists.

So lazy today... I guess the lack of sleep is the culprit. I was up until 2:00 because I chugged a bunch of iced tea at 7:30. I really wish restaurants severed caffeine-free tea.

Oh yeah, how about a real update? I was helping a chum study for their US Constitution Amendments test and I realized that the amendments are a lot more complicated than they need to be. Thusly, I've created Amendments for the Average American.

Do not trust anyone who tries to update Shakespeare

Feeling: Happy


The Colony Wars font has been added to the Game Font Database.

Awesome! My first edition copy of Good Omens in hardcover arrived today. That makes me a happy panda. Also, my friend survived her surgery which is alright too, I guess.

Why can't washing bed spreads be easier? I hate having to go to the laundry mat. I should try and convince my complex officials to install a fifty gallon washing machine in my apartment.

I added a couple more composers to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation and updated some song information.

Your tongue has frozen now you've got something to say

Feeling: Okay


I added a couple more fonts to the Game Font Database.

I gave the proper replies to another one of those lame Tips for Guys lists.

Like a black widow, I'll be crawling

Feeling: Okay


The Videogame Music Preservation Foundation has a nice big update with the game Mystic Towers and three new composers.

My new pauldrons arrived today. Black leather makes everything all better.

I need someone to come and light a fire under my butt! I'm seriously lacking in motivation.

Well I kind of sort of saw the sirens coming

Feeling: Frustrated


The Rocky Horror Show at Meadowbrook was much better than expected. Although the bulk of the crowed seemed oblivious and conservative, there was a healthy number of veterans to keep things entertaining. The cast did a great job with the singing and acting, and I even liked the small amount of altered content which was unique to the show.

Look for more exciting new updates like this one tomorrow!

Science fiction, double feature...

Feeling: Happy


I went with Jackie to the doctors today. It was a routine procedure, but it's always nice to have someone there for immoral support. This evening we're going to see the Rocky Horror Show at Meadowbrook. That's RHS, not RHPS, so it's not going to be along side the movie, it's actual actors/singers doing the whole thing from scratch. It's much more tame, but still a lot of fun to watch.

I added a couple more composers to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Have you ever wondered why God hates amputees so much?

Old news has been moved.

Acting on your best behavior, turn your back on mother nature

Feeling: Sleepy


Ahh... the sweet sweet blisters of gaming too much. You know, you just don't realize how much you miss gaming until it's gone.

Flip Flop Flyin' has a new section of musical pixel art called Lollipops. My favorite band has been represented, has yours?

I never felt so wicked as when I willed our love to die

Feeling: Anxious


Bomani Armah created a music video for his song Read a Book. It satires the current commercialized state of hip-hop, and demands that its viewers better themselves by learning, becoming responsible, and practicing personal hygiene. It is most certainly not work appropriate. Unless your boss has a great sense of humor.

More activity sheets and animated GIFs have been added to All Things Halloween.

Now that my hands are relatively healed I've been playing videogames like mad; making up for lost time. I picked up several new stars in Super Mario 64, and almost twenty new balloons in Diddy Kong's Racing.

Tonight I'm going to audition for the local Rocky Horror Picture Show production. I'm thinking I'll try for Riff-Raff, but I'll settle for any part really. It's been a long time since I part of a drama production and I miss being involved in a group.

Mankind works in mysterious ways

Feeling: Happy


I had some fun over the three-day weekend wasting my life away. I played a bunch of videogames, ate a lot of food, and slept in every morning. It wasn't a total loss though, I did some blading and a little weight lifting. I'm still not lifting anywhere near what I used to be able to do, but it's progress.

I made some more activity sheets and the mummy page for All Things Halloween.

My poor wallet broke over the weekend, and I'm having a hard time trying to replace it. I now have two new wallets. One looks cool, but doesn't function very well, and the other one functions well, but looks rather dull. I'm thinking about ripping them apart and combining them into one, but I don't want to ruin both of them. Life is full of tough decisions.