November, 2007

It's a mad house, this modern life

Feeling: Happy


A big thanks to those who participated in the picture game. The new word is "complicated". Good luck!

The Bionic Commando Database is seeing some more updates thanks to its newest editor, Simon. I added several more articles as well.

In FF6 I got Strago and saved Shadow from SrBehemoth, but I have yet to finish clearing out the veldt cave. Still need to get the Striker to get Shadow properly.

I'll be heading up to Boyne Mountain this weekend with a free room from my parents who are unable to meet their reservation. It's a nice room, and I plan on being there as little as possible in order to enjoy constant skiing!

Yowza yowza yowza!

Feeling: Happy


I saw the movie "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" last night and it was just as depressing as it was explained to me.

This evening I'm heading over to my parent's place to help my mother with some artistic endeavors. Time to put on the artist's cap again.

Some people get annoyed at how I bash on certain fonts that I feel aren't worthy to exist *cough* comic sans *cough*. Some may pooh-pooh me when it comes to my strict sense of proper font usage. But I assure you that without some foresight as to which font you should use bad things tend to happen.

Finished with my Christmas shopping for the next fifty years

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I had an interesting dream last night about being a possible criminal.

When I die I hope a lot of people turn up for my funeral so there will be a huge procession with thousands of cars. It's not that I want people to think I was important, it's that I want to piss everyone off by blocking off the roads for a hour.

Only two dragons left in FF6. I'm currently further in the game than I have ever been. Could it be that I'll beat an RPG?! Only time will tell. Stay tuned for details. Same bat-time; same bat-page.

thealmightyguru dot cooooooooom! (sung to the Expedia tagline)

Feeling: Okay


I finally got Locke and Terra, I also went an picked up Odin, the Offering, and killed the Master Pug (aka Tonpole). I still need to rescue Strago from the Fanatics Tower and kill off Doom Gaze, but I'm getting close to finishing things up and all my party members are only around level 30. Not bad. Once I pick up the remaining espers I'll be ready to start power leveling.

I bought some new cereal from Post called Honey Maid. Obviously, it's meant to taste like graham crackers since it's using the Honey Maid Graham Cracker logo. Once I got it home and tried it I realized that those tricky criminals at Post had hoodwinked me. I was expecting something that tasted like graham crackers, but they don't taste like graham crackers at all. They're more like Mini-Wheats with a honey frosting. So I checked the ingredients. #1 - Wheat. #2 - Sugar. #3 - Honey (at least they got that part right)... there are a few more, but the point is that graham cracker doesn't make an appearance on the list except perhaps as "artificial flavors". Very disappointing. The next time I want graham cracker cereal, I'm going to buy a box of graham crackers and break them into small chunks.

You may be wondering about my lack of updates recently. I've been keen on updating my blog, but I've obviously been neglecting the VGMPF, Lukrian's Boffer Guide, the Game Font Database, etc. Well, aside from spending a lot of time playing FF6, I'm also dumping a lot of free time into Bionic Commando. You see, the new Bionic Commando game is in the works right now, and I want to help them along by making more of an impact with the game. Aside from daily updates to the Bionic Commando Database, I'm also working on reverse engineering the game to make it much friendlier to hack. Some of my notes have been online for awhile, but I just added a big document into the database (under the technical section) which will be very helpful to anyone thinking about altering the game.

Subject not found.

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Friday I enjoyed a nice evening of not shopping. Saturday and Sunday also involved me doing very little. Why is it I can avoid the holiday rush? Because I don't celebrate the holidays!

The local ski slope opened this weekend. I'm going to wait a week or two more before going though. Hopefully, by then there will be some real snow on the slopes.

The BBC really pisses me off. They referred to the "AIDS virus". Seriously? AIDS is a virus now? When did that happen? Acquired immune deficiency syndrome. What's that last word? Syndrome? That doesn't at all look like the word virus does it? No it doesn't, because it's not! HIV, now that's a virus. Human immunodeficiency virus. One of the viruses that cause AIDS. So let's try to get this straight BBC. HIV = virus. AIDS = syndrome. For crying out loud, you're the BBC. You're supposed to know these things!

I watched the movie Ghost Rider over the weekend. All I can say is that I'm glad I was never a fan of the comic series because I would have been very disappointed by that wretched abomination of a movie.

Now that I'm over my flu I can finally start catching up on all the stuff that I was too lazy to do while I was sick.

All that phoney Beatlemania has bitten the dust

Feeling: Blah


I'm almost not sick anymore. The amount of coughing and nose-blowing has dropped to a minimum, and I hope by next Monday I'll be feeling right as rain. However right rain can be, I'm not sure.

It snowed a few inches over Wednesday night. I woke up on turkey day to see my shrouded apartment courtyard. I think it's pretty right now, but I'll not doubt be sick of it halfway through December. I wonder when the slopes open up? I might want to take some beginner snowboarding lessons this year.

I saw the movie Dan In Real Life last night. It was a little hokey, but pretty good over all.

In FF6 I got Gogo and Umaro. I'm still missing Locke, Terra, and Strago, but it shouldn't be long now.

Since nobody sent in any pictures for the picture game I plan on running it one more week. Lame holidays have kept everyone away.

I added a whole bunch of programming errors to the Bionic Commando Database. I also made a lot of progress in hacking the game.

Here's an interesting use of MS Paint. Someone get this man Corel Draw STAT!

I don't have an emoticon for hungry, but I am

Feeling: Sick


Do you know what bothers me most about being circumcised? Not that fact that my parents subjected me to an extremely painful and dangerous mutilation of my body so that I wouldn't masturbate as much (a fat lotta good that did!), but the fact that if I ever want to be a porn star I'll never be able to use the name "Rumpled Foreskin". Isn't that sad?

Still sick, but still getting better.

Today, while walking into work, I saw a mosquito hanging onto the outside window. I smiled to myself because I know that by the end of the day it'll be frozen to death.

I finally finished Cyan's dream. Wrexsoul was a pain in the butt to beat. I had to read a FAQ to realize that the only way he would appear was if you kill off your own party members, but not just any member, the one who is possessed.

I'm still accepting pictures in the picture game for things that make you think "purple".

More has been added to the Bionic Commando Database. The most recent addition includes some of the errors in the programming.

In the advertising world you have to appreciate when an ad is this blunt.

Start your morning right; gag on mucus

Feeling: Sick


I've been progressively getting better. I'm more coherent during the day, and falling asleep has become slightly easier. However, every morning I'm still choking on the mucus that has lodged itself in the back of my throat through the night. That's not a morning ritual that I enjoy.

In FF6, I went and saved Relm, and now I'm working on Cyan's dream sequence which is rather annoying (thank heavens for the Moogle Charm). I finished off the dream stooges, but I still need to take care on the Phantom Train part deux.

My parents had an early Thanksgiving this weekend. I love how the dinner keeps getting smaller and smaller while also removing any facet of actually giving thanks. That makes the iconoclast in me squeal with glee. Why can't we debase all our holidays this effectively?

And if you have taken a picture of something that makes you think "purple", submit it to the picture game.

Some women just don't like to be objectified.

Phlegm is not one of the four food groups

Feeling: Sick


I took a sick day yesterday after not being able to sleep because I couldn't breathe for most of the night. I also woke up with a throat full of phlegm and a lovely headache. I'm still not on top of my game today, but at least I'm mildly coherent. During my sick day I slept, watched TV and played FF6.

I also catalogued the medicine in my house. Now, if you know me, you'll remember that I don't like taking medicine or pain killers. It's not that I'm straight edge, I just think too many people abuse drugs when they're not needed, so I only take drugs if I'm feeling really bad (yesterday was one of those days). Interestingly enough, not taking medicine leads to having a lot of your medicine expire. The cough drops I used have only been expired for a month, but my ibuprofen expired last December. I'm really quite proud of my aspirin which expired back in 2005 (I think I used maybe two pills out of the bottle). A few days after I broke my arms I had to replace my expired antacids (they also expired in 2005). I also have some acetaminophen from my broken arm days, a multi-vitamin which is probably half cyanide, and some acyclovir, which is my hero for getting rid of cold sores. So, most of my drugs will expire in 2008, and I have no plans on getting new ones because I have no plans on taking them.

It bugs me that we don't have a better name for cough drops. Drop is such a dumb sounding term. When I think about drops I picture drops of water, which in no way remind me of cough drops. Then there's lozenge which is just an old term for a rhombus. Not all cough drops are lozenge shaped. Can't we do better than that? Why hasn't a think tank somewhere spent some time on this?

In FF6 I found Edgar, then Setzer, picked up the Falcon, fly to meet Cyan, and then to Gau, and I just picked up Mog in Narshe and I'm looking for Umaro. I still have several other more members to pickup, but most importantly I have an airship again.

The results of this week's picture game are in; go and have a look-see. The new word for this week is "purple".

If I could be who you wanted, all the time

Feeling: Sick


I'm still sick, and that sucks. It isn't that bad though; it's just sinus congestion and a head ache, but that doesn't mean I like it.

I added all the official artwork for the various versions of Bionic Commando to the Bionic Commando Database under the multimedia section.

I'm now in the World of Ruin in FF6. I wasted Atma Weapon (after the third try), watched the world fall apart, saved Cid (it's so much faster just to kill the loser), and met up with Sabin. I still have all my other friends to find, and also the worthless Gogo and Umaro.

Don't forget the Picture game.

Did you ever wonder who killed the most people in the Bible?

A lack of oxygen, from my life support, my iron lung

Feeling: Sick


The Bionic Commando Database. Now has all of the known Bionic Commando hacks that have been made over the years available for download. There are also plenty more additions to the rest of the pages.

Picture game, you know the drill.

I'm feeling a little sick today, but hopefully it won't last. I'm on the floating continent now in FF6. Soon to be the world of ruin. Spooky!

Emo kids are funny.

Come what may, I won't age a day, I'll wait for you, always

Feeling: Happy


I had a lot of fun this weekend hanging out with some friends I don't usually get to see. I also made more progress in FF6. I opened the gate to the Esper world, stopped the war with the Empire, met Strago, saved Relm, found the Espers, and now Leo just got wasted by Kefka. I was very happy to get Relm. I simply adore her music, it's one of my favorite themes in the entire game.

I'm still hawking my picture game for those of you with cameras.

And of course, I'm still adding more to the Bionic Commando Database. Because it's a Wiki you are free to help edit it if you like.

When I listen to your heart I hear the whole world turning

Feeling: Happy


Okay, so my picture game wasn't quite as well received as I would have liked, but I blame that on poor advertising on my part. So, I intend to make a little more waves talking about the game. Anyway, the new word is "hungry". Good luck!

The Bionic Commando Database, per usual, has been updated.

I made some more progress in Final Fantasy VI last night. I cleared out the Magitek Factory, picked up all the espers and made my getaway. Terra is playable once more, but my darling Celes is gone. I'm currently trying to build up the levels of the characters that haven't been used very much. So, I'm out on the veldt with Cyan, Gau, Setzer, and Terra building up my levels.

DANCE! Baby slide down that pole!

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Still more has been added to the Bionic Commando Database.

Today is the final day for my picture game. Send in your pictures!

I thought about this last night--you know how people reminisce as they get older and talk about how much they regret not doing something in their younger years, or doing too much of something else? Well, when I'm in my golden years I will never say, "I wish I hadn't played so many videogames." That's just not going to happen.

We got a little snow today. Still nothing that I can ski on yet though. Sigh.

Get the heck out of here you nerd!

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The Bionic Commando Database is still growing. I've almost got tha bulk of the foundation complete. Once I'm happy with the structure I'll begin touting it on message boards and the like.

Dear lips, please stop jumping in between my teeth while I'm chewing. It hurts me when you get bitten. If you refrain I'll happily supply you with as much lip balm as you want this winter. PS: Get kissed more often, thanks.

The deadline for the picture game is tomorrow. I've posted a couple submissions to give you an idea of how it works.

Last night, after listening to some Final Fantasy VI music, I decided to start playing FF6 again. I opened my most recent saved game and found that I just finished Zozo--right before the opera scene. Now many people (guys mostly) really hate the opera scene, but I'm actually quite partial to it. Well, I finished that, did the airship sequence, and now I'm in the Magitek Factory preparing to get some more espers.

I saw a ghost once

Feeling: Happy


I put a lot more work into the Bionic Commando Database. I'll probably start advertising it on other pages soon to try and promote people to edit it as well.

I'm still running the picture game. If you haven't yet taken a picture of something you feel is "bright" please send it in.

If you don't mind uncensored irreverent dirty comedy you'll love

Oh yes, and today is election day, so get off your fat lazy American ass and vote for a change! Freedom isn't free, rock the vote, vote or die, and all those other really lame slogans. Actually, I'd prefer that fewer people vote because it makes my vote count more!

I moved October into the old news page.

The dragon does!

Feeling: Happy


I hope you weren't like me and remember Daylight Saving Time so you didn't get up an hour early for no reason. And just a reminder, it's Daylight Saving Time. That's a name so it uses capital letters, and also Saving is singular not plural.

I finally finished rearranging the furniture in my room and fixing up my new bed. See it in all its majesty. I also took a few pictures of the amazing packaging from China. First of all, the bed frame requires adult assembly. But then, it is a metal headboard which is quite capable for having silk scarves tied to it, so I guess I can understand the adult part. More importantly, one of the box has "parts enclosed". Note the quotation marks where quotation marks don't belong.

As if we needed another reason to hate Apple. Apparently, you shouldn't let your nine year-old write to the company!

But not everything is bad news today. Something really funny happened with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Apparently, they bought a pony for a little boy who was diagnosed with brain cancer. A few days later the pony was brutally killed by two pit bulls. Awesome. That's like winning the lottery twice. Only if you were to replace the word "lottery" with "Jesus hates this little boy".

The new Bionic Commando Remake that's coming out has inspired me to start working on a new project. I've decided to try my hands at creating a wiki. So, I'm converting the Bionic Commando Database into one. It's still a long ways out, but because of the wiki format I won't have to do all the work this time.

Oh yes, and don't forget to submit a picture for my picture game.

On a hot summer night would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?

Feeling: Injured


I picked up my new bed frame last night. The box was too big, so I had to tie it to the roof of my car. People don't like you when you drive 10 MPH under the speed limit. The box was so heavy that I couldn't even get it up the stairs of my apartment, so I had to open it and take the individual pieces one by one. My apartment looks like a war zone with all the packaging thrown about, but I was too tired to clean it. Assembling it was a pain too because it didn't come with any instructions. Luckily, it was just a few washers, nuts, and screws so I was able to figure it out. The end result is a beautiful and huge bed. It almost takes up half my room, so I'll have to move some stuff around to get back to the point where I can open my dresser again, but it's sooo cool! I have a big boy's bed now!

I'll be accepting pictures for the picture game until next Thursday, but don't delay! Your inspiration is the word "Bright", so go take a picture of something that fits that word.

November is a dull month

Feeling: Okay


You know what bugs me? People that think you should respect old people just because they're old. I have no problem with giving respect to someone who has lived a long life and has gained wisdom from it. However, if you just blindly respect a person merely on their age you have to start respecting people like this.

I've updated the Blade Runner page with some more versions of the movie.

I'm going to pick up my new bed frame today. It's a dark metallic headboard and footboard. It looked great in the showroom, I just hope it looks spiffy in my apartment.

I want to try out a little reader submission game. Each week I will submit a word. Each person must then take a picture that they think captures the idea of that specific word. For example, I could use the word "strong" and then you would email me a picture of muscles, or limburger cheese, or a tank, or whatever. Then, after seven days, I will showcase each of the pictures that you've submitted to me along with your name so you can have your fifteen minutes of fame. The only rule is that you have to take the picture yourself (no stealing someone else's work) and the picture can't be too dirty (nothing with an R rating please). Sound good? Okay, let's try it out. The first word is "bright". So go and take a picture of something that you think is bright and email it to me along with your name. Next week I'll show all the submissions.