December, 2007


Feeling: Sleepy


I bought my friend's Nintendo DS for only $60 on Friday and also got Phoenix Wright 2 and 3 for $20. I'm just finishing up the second case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All. I find the game hokey to the point of annoyance and frustratingly linear, but still interesting enough to continue playing. Maybe it's Mia's huge boobs, who knows?

I've added the soundtrack of Archer Maclean's Pool to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Tomorrow is the arbitrarily assigned start of the new year. 2008 is about to begin (at least in the Gregorian calendar). As my last post for 2007 I'd like to say something to all of my faithful readers... I've always loved you (like, more than a friend).

For 2008 I'm hoping that there will be twice as many people who think that a person's value is a direct ratio to the number of friends they have on MySpace, because those people are my heroes.

Hey you, doing everything you can just to blend in

Feeling: Flirty


New dream this morning. I'm in the middle of a lake treading water. I find a remote control and the remote just happens to control a powerful motor boat. So I direct the boat to me and hop on and start zooming around the lake purely ecstatic. In one section of the lake I find a large tree growing out of it with several people just hanging out in the branches. I hop from my boat to talk to them and it turns out they're a bunch of hippie free-thinker morons. That's all I can remember. Stupid hippies, ruin everything.

The Bionic Commando Database is still moving along. I've added more article and images. A lot of stuff has been added for the arcade version.

I'd stay around and chat, but it's Friday night, and I've got hearts to break!

Don't even remember what her lips felt like on mine, most of the time

Feeling: Sleepy


I actually had a rather interesting dream last night. I was the equivelent to Indiana Jones from The Temple of Doom. I was running through underground caves with this sexy, but really annoying, blonde chick and we were being chased by Thuggees. That's not the interesting part though. The interesting part comes from the fact that I kept on getting killed by them. Many people don't think you can die in a dream, but I was getting wasted left and right! I was impaled on swords, pushed off of cliffs, all sorts of stuff. Every time I died I just reappeared back in the cave without a scratch on me--like a videogame. Awesome.

The soundtrack of SIM City Classic is now in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. It's only one song, but it's one more than yesterday.

I added some errors to the Commodore 64 version of Bionic Commando to the Bionic Commando Database as well as a few other updates.

You know what sucks? Checking your email and seeing a new message, then realizing that the message is spam. You know what sucks more than that? Being stuck in a line at Subway and the person next to you says "EYE-talian" six times in one sentence. EYE-talian? Have you ever been to EYE-taly? No! You must be an EYE-diot!

I don't feel any shame, I wont apologize

Feeling: Sleepy


On Friday I skied form 3 to 9. I had an awesome time, learned some new stuff, legs became extremely sore, good times were had by all. Well, at least by me, and that's what's important. I bought $40 worth of candy at GFS (still couldn't beat Kimberly's 70$ record). I spent a good amount of time working on my projects (although, most of it was spent watching TV and eating candy). I was pleased to see that more businesses are open on Christmas Eve than I remember last year, and a lot more people were at the local Chinese restaurant on Christmas Day (oh holy night my ass!).

When it comes to talking to your parents, atheism is the new homosexuality. Parents still think that yelling, swearing, taking away Christmas presents, and the threat of more church is the right way to go. And who could forget the old classic from Trading Spouses, featuring ol' blobby arms herself? Be careful that she doesn't hypnotize you with her devil stare! And since I'm ripping on religion, take a look at Chasers War on Everything: Evangelicals.

In order to help stores continue to have a viable reason to stay open on Christmas I went to the movies and saw National Treasure: Book of Secrets which was just as unbelievable as the first, but just as exciting and funny as well. The movie was great, but the people in the theater were intolerable as usual. Why is it that some people think it's okay to have a full volume conversation during a movie? Why must they read aloud everything that shows up in writing on the screen? Have they no inner monologue? Why do they have to ask their spouse every five seconds, "What was that?" "Why did he do that?" "What just happened?" "What did he say?" Well, you would of heard what he said if you shut your insufferable flapping mouth for one second!

There's a new videogame soundtrack in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation--Lords of Magic.

Well, has their new community site up and running, and I've added several more updates to the Bionic Commando Database to remain on top of things.

I is more stronger than Darth Vapour

Feeling: Okay


My gurus have answered another one of your pathetic questions.

More updates to the Bionic Commando Database. Get used to it people, there is still a long way to go.

SpongeBob SquarePants pajamas are just adorable aren't they? Well, as long as they make them in the right size.

The color "lime green" makes me angry. Not the color actually, but the hue that people attribute to the color. When I hear the color lime green, I think of the color of a lime; a nice rich attractive green. However, the hue that people attribute the color of lime green is usually a much brighter, much more artificial looking hue that makes your eyes scream in pain. That's not the color of a lime. That's not even a color that exists in nature! The last time I checked nature didn't include a color called "florescent snot". And that's what the color is. It's neon, day-glo, snot!

This will be my last update until next Wednesday. My work is foolish enough to take Christmas Eve and Day off, so I'll be off Monday and Tuesday, and I also requested tomorrow off for vacation time, so I'll be enjoying a nice five day weekend, hopefully with enough snow to take in some skiing.

Brats in battalions were ruling the streets

Feeling: Okay


I've been watching the PBS Evolution boxed set, and it's just awesome. I knew the bulk of it already, but it's nice to see it presented so elegantly. Plus, the stuff that I didn't know is very fascinating.

Still more updates to the Bionic Commando Database.

I started work on an activity puzzle book for young adults. Instead of filling it with word searches, anagrams, and the like I'm actually telling a full story with a question at the end of each chapter that can only be answered by using the clues hidden throughout various other sections of the book. Basically, it's an activity book for kids that have outgrown activity books.

Winter is making me fat. I need to find a way to work out some more indoors. I also need to find motivation. That's much more difficult.

Burned for a moment, then it kicked like a mule

Feeling: Blah


Yesterday I became the recipient of some gifts including the PBS Evolution boxed set, Hiding In the Mirror, and More Adventurous on Vinyl. Thank you everyone.

Every time I order a tuna sandwich at Subway they use a little ice cream scoop to get the tuna. That always makes me think that someone needs to make tuna flavored ice cream. I'd buy it. Then I'd eat it. Then I would never buy it again.

The Bionic Commando Database has received plenty of new pages. I've added some fan art, several more Game Boy images and descriptions, and the user Dinosaur Bob has been helping a whole lot as well.

I still have some minor sniffles, but I'm mostly healthy now.

I'd kill for some dry roasted sunflower seeds; I'd especially kill you

Feeling: Sick


No update on Friday because I was on vacation and because I was sick. On Thursday I realized that I was coming down with a cold, less than a month after I got over the flu mind you, and coincidentally, I also had Friday off. I wouldn't call it a waste of vacation time since it was well spent recuperating. I mean it's not like I needed the time for Christmas shopping, I already have that done for the year. And next year. And the year after that... Well, this cold is a pushover compared the the flu, and I'm almost back to full health.

So anyway, I'm keeping the same picture game word up for one more week in hopes that someone else will send in a picture for it.

You know what we need more of? Sports news coverage of local high schools on television. How many times have you turned on the news and thought, "Gee, I wish I didn't have to sit through this worthless report on Iran getting enriched uranium from Russia when I could be hearing the score of the Swartz Creek / Flint Central basketball game."

Since I'm being cynical, here's another fun tip. When someone is tailgating you in the winter, spray some washer sovent onto your windows. The wind will force it onto the window of the tailgater forcing them to turn on their wipers to clean it off. However, since their windows already have salt residue the mist of wiper solvent will only smear it. Then they'll have to use their own wiper solvent to clean it off. When their windshield is finally clean, that's when it's time to drive through a bunch of salt water puddles to spray up on their newly clean windshield. Now they're really pissed because they have to wash their windshield yet again. If they're still tailgating you after that, wash, rinse, repeat.

Staying at home trying to heal gave me plenty of time to play videogames. I played through the Game Boy version of Bionic Commando again taking screenshots of everything for the Bionic Commando Database. You should see it start filling up with lovely grayscale images in no time. Also, in FF6, I finally killed off Doom Gaze, killed a few hundred more cactrots, taught every spell to each of my characters, and began leveling in the dinosaur forest with Odin equipped for the fighters and ZoneSeek/Tritoc equipped with the magic users. Soon I'll be ready for upgrading everything in the coliseum, and then Kefka's Tower.

Honey that's no excuse to tease

Feeling: Happy


The Bionic Commando Database has some new entries in the areas section and several clean ups throughout the other pages. Still working on the map editor. Drawing to a .NET form makes my head hurt. I finally got a palette picker working, which is the first of about ten forms I'm going to need.

Don't you hate it when your 4 GB torrent finally finishes downloading and you burn it to a DVD only to find it's in French. Why can't French people name their torrents in French! Then I wouldn't have this problem!

Don't be a stupid protester.

Give us a kiss and maybe we can go out

Feeling: Happy


I finally made the time to paint the picture frame of my mother's picture. I had to turn a gold frame into a brushed copper one and it actually came out pretty good.

Still working on the Bionic Commando Database. New pages can be found in the enemies and areas sections. I'm also working on converting the map viewer into a C# application which is a learning experience in that I'm learning to hate Microsoft even more.

When I become a parent I hope I'm not one of those lazy parents.

House was a rerun again last night. That's a crime.

Am I retarded or am I just overjoyed?

Feeling: Okay


I'm working on the areas now in the Bionic Commando Database.

The sign in the back is probably not the best sign to bring to a feminist protest rally.

Off to do some work for the parents...

Everybody wants me to be their side show

Feeling: Happy


The graphic novel that I bought was really good. It's called, "Short Comings," and it's about a Asian-American couple having difficulties in their relationship. They've become bored with each other and are both seeking relief from that boredom from other fantasies and other people. Also, I finished reading The Da Vinci Code, which was great.

Saturday evening I saw the UMGASS production of Iolanthe. Overall, I enjoy the show of five years ago a little more, but it was still great to see it again. When the overture began I remembered how much I like the music of this operetta. The costume department did a great job with the peers and the fairy wings.

I finally got the gem box from the Fanatics Tower in FF6 and spent a few hours over the weekend killing cactrots so I could get all the spells from my espers for each of the characters. I still need to kill Doom Gaze, and then do some serious leveling before I go to Kefka's tower. I'm also in the process of converting the cursed shield. Zzzzz...

Do you know what I don't get? Those girls that walk around wearing sweat pants that have the word "juicy" written on the butt. Why would anyone ever want to advertise that they have a juicy butt? I mean, I've had some days, usually after a Taco Bell binge, where my butt was a little juicy and I couldn't leave the bathroom for several hours, but it's not like I ever had the idea to wear a big sign to let everyone know about my digestive problems. If you can ignore the fact that someone thinks that wearing sweat pants is stylish--which is pretty difficult, I know--it's still impossible to get beyond the fact that they're advertising that their butt has juice oozing out of it. It's basically like shouting from the rooftops, "I have severe diarrhea!"

I downloaded a collection of music that I've never heard before and came across a band called The Fratellis. I've only heard a couple of their songs, but they're really awesome!

Free speech is unnecessary with a great government like ours

Feeling: Happy


Another reason why you should trust the government. The CIA is in the midst of an investigation by Congress. Congress wants to see how they treated their secret prisoners during 2002. The CIA has videotape of their interrogation methods used for their prisoners. Congress wants those videos. The CIA claims the videos contained faces of undercover operatives and it would be a security risk to show them. The CIA could have blurred their faces. The CIA could have masked their voices. Instead the CIA destroyed the tapes so that Congress would have no evidence left to continue their investigation. What was on those tapes that the CIA didn't want Congress to see? Violation of the Geneva Conventions perhaps?

All of the game maps have been added to the Bionic Commando Database under the multimedia section.

Don't you love it when you get spam in your inbox that starts with the line, "this is NOT spam," and then tells you about an online casino where you can get penis enlargement pills and several million dollars from Nigeria?

I didn't get any submissions to my picture game, so I think I'm going to change the word to something a little less... complicated. How about, "tired"?

Either this school bus is in the wrong place, or these kids are going to have an informative field trip.

My Amazon order arrived today. I now have MacGyver season 3 and a graphic novel called Short Comings.

Maybe we can find good weapon we can use

Feeling: Happy


I was at Barnes & Nobel last night--sitting down in their over-stuffed chair section--reading a book of quotes regarding atheism. Two teenage girls walked up to the chair next to me and one was talking rather loudly on her phone. Her side of the conversation went like this, "We were going to go to church, but we went to the mall instead." I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

A discussion after talking about how Alanis Morissette can't be that great, since she's Canadian:
Jackie: I wish there was a symbol that was purely anti-Canadian.
Me: There is, it's called the American flag.

I woke up at 4 AM and tried to roll over in bed. However, my right arm didn't move. I tried it again and it wouldn't move. I reached over with my left hand and felt my right arm. My left arm could feel the warmth of my right arm, but my right arm felt nothing--it was completely paralyzed. I used my left hand to gently lift my right arm up to my chest, and the lack of feeling and being able to move it made me panic. I immediately wondered if something back when I broke my arms tore some nerves and paralyzed my arm. Slowly, the feeling returned to my arm and then I figured it out. It was just paresthesia (AKA, my arm fell asleep) because I had it draped over the end of my bed, pushing on the nerve, while I was sleeping.

Eureka! I've done it! My Bionic Commando map viewer works and it displays every single map in the game in their proper colors and everything! Here's an example of the exterior of area 3. Now comes the fun part of making the whole thing dynamic so I can edit the maps. First, I need to convert my current program in to C# and use bitblitting to actually get some speed out of it, because right now it takes about 30 seconds to render a full sized map.

I'm almost done with FF6. I beat Hidon and got Shadow. The only things I have left to do are the Fanatics Tower and Doom Gaze. Then, I'll be all set to storm Kefka's Tower.

Get the heck out of here you nerd!

Feeling: Proud


Last night I finished watching the 2006 Beyond Belief Conference. It was a forum of several important scientists like Sam Harris, Michael Shermer, Richard Dawkins, and Neil deGrasse Tyson all discussing the science around belief systems, why they can be dangerous, and why they can be important. There were several interesting debates at the conference. The overall theme is pro-science and pro-atheism. You can watch the episodes on their web site (each one is over 2 hours), but there is also a Torrent available for those who want the convenience of their own copy.

I finished reading the Worlds of Power: Bionic Commando book last night, so I've updated the Bionic Commando Database with all the differences.

I've been working on a Bionic Commando map editor for several days now and I finally figured out how to properly draw a map. Let me assure you, it was no easy task, and I'm quite proud of my efforts! I still have some minor issues with it and I'm not yet drawing the correct colors, but soon I'll have that completed as well. Once I get it properly displaying everything the way it should, I'll work on making it actually be able to edit the maps.

On the subject of pride. I ticks me off when people have pride in something that they didn't earn. For example, people who are proud of their ethnicity. It's not like you spent countless hours at the mill working on your ethnicity before you finally became what you are. It's like people who are proud of their nation. People who were born in America have nothing to be proud about, they didn't do anything. The Cuban who braves the dangers of the Gulf of Mexico in order to make it to the beaches of Texas can be proud to be an American, but the rest of us need to give up that pride and actually go out and do something that we can have real pride over.

This base will explod in sixty seconds

Feeling: Annoyed


Gillian Gibbons is back home after spending time in a Sudanese jail for committing a terrible crime. The dastardly deed that her insidious mind concocted was to allow her students to name their class teddy bear "Mohammed". Yeah, better jail her on that one. Might want to invoke capital punishment just to be safe. Luckily, the Sudanese president pardoned her, but this just proves once again that religious tolerance is about as common as a a three-eyed albino unicorn. If you want to piss off a few Muslims, buy yourself an overpriced Mohammed Bear. I don't know about you, but I think I'm going to name my next bowel movement Mohammed.

I rewatched Snow White and the Seven Dwarves last night for the first time in about twenty years and do you know what I've learned? That magic mirror was totally wrong. Snow White's wicked step-mother was way sexier than she.

I got a date with the night!

Feeling: Happy


The weekend was really exciting. I went to Boyne Falls with my brother, his girlfriend, and my two nephews. On Saturday I went skiing and on Sunday I slept in, played Pump It Up at the arcade (a Korean rip-off of DDR), and played in the snow with my nephews. Skiing was alright, but they only had five runs open (two were too difficult for me to ski and one was far too easy, so I really only skied the same two runs over and over. Still, it was rather enjoyable. The suite that we stayed in was really nice. Three bedrooms, two living rooms, two kitchens, three bathrooms, and two dining rooms. Basically, it was like a one and two bedroom apartment. The only thing that disappointed me was they didn't offer free Internet.

My nephew imparted to me some wisdom last weekend. He told me that tyrannosauruses aren't around anymore. They're all dead. They haven't been around for over -250- years. Well, I guess he's right.

Since I'm a dirty scrub I have a zit on the bottom of my septum and I can't say that I care for it very much.

Here's what parents need to do with crying babies.