Janurary, 2008

Daddy drinks because you cry

Feeling: Cold Sore


Yesterday, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick gave a public apology to Detroit residents and his friends and family, but he did not offer a reason for his apology. The reason is that he was banging his chief of staff Christine Beatty. I guess she really was the chief of staff, eh? Anyway, who cares? He's just another politician who slept with one of his co-workers. If you want an innocent politician go to the Congo (oops!). The real problem comes from the fact that they both committed perjury by lying under oath to cover-up their infidelity. Kilpatrick didn't realize that only presidents are allowed to get away with perjury to cover up adultery--not mayors. So, by losing the lawsuit, Kilpatrick has cost the Detroit tax payers 9 million dollars. Any amount of money is a lot harder to justify to a Detroit citizen a game of hide the salami with your chief of schlong... uh staff.

If you're a gamer, and you want a good laugh, then check out The Escapist's Zero Punctuation reviews.

Want to get rid of unwanted children? Take them to a playground with a slide grater.

If it wasn't for date rape I'd never get laid

Feeling: Cold Sore


I played some serious DDR last night. I'm finally getting near my prime skills of 2006.

Anyone remember Dr. Sbaitso?

I think Sanrio has gone a little too far with the Hello Kitty stuff.

I have another cold sore, and vanity dictates that I will be a hermit until it goes away.

RoboCop, the Terminator, Captain Kirk, and Darth Vader

Feeling: Cheery


I was in JC Penny shopping for a new coat last night when I recognized a song on their PA system. At first I thought, "No this can't be right," but as I heard more of the song my suspicions were confirmed. JC Penny was playing Rilo Kiley! The song was Dreamworld off their latest album. I'm not a fan of the song, but just to hear them on a public PA like that made me very happy. I couldn't help but grin like an idiot while waiting in line. I was especially amused by the fact that JC Penny was playing a song that is about the dreamlike state that LSD puts you in.

I've added another soundtrack to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. It's my first ZX Spectrum soundtrack from the port of RoboCop.

Martin Luther King Day has been over for awhile now, but I still think it's relevant to remember those important words from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963. Yes, the words, "I have a draem..." or was it, "I have a deram?" I can't remember the No Child Left Behind Act has taken away all the funding for teaching English in schools.

Never get arrested for double homocide in your fuzzy lion slippers.

You're dumb because pandas are endangered

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The weekend was as grueling as I hoped. Furniture, beds, and a countless supply of boxes were pushed out the door, into a truck, and into another house. My muscles still ache from Saturday, and I'm pleased. Sunday was pretty cool as well--I went to Ann Arbor to celebrate Jessie's birthday along with Billy, Cody, John, Rachel, and Sarah. There was plenty of walking and talking and having of a good time. I actually had a real live hippy tell me to, "Think deep," it was so cute. Had he been in Flint he would have said something more along the lines of, "Give me your wallet sucka'!"

I'm been a fan of national flags for a long time. I have my most and least favorites based on design, color, and overall composition, and apparently so does someone else who has graded them.

It's no secret that my ambition always outstrips my motivation. To counteract this, and still create something interesting, I've decided to make something along the lines of a magazine periodical every month. It will be small enough so that I can finish it all by myself each month, but it'll be creative enough so that I will actually want to work on it. More importantly, to me anyway, I plan on actually converting it into hardcopies so that you can get a print out if you want. That's the plan at any rate. The first issue is due out on March 1st. Once that's completed we'll see if my attention span holds out.

You're dumb because everything's composed of matter

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Extremely hot bubble baths in complete and total darkness with mood music are very relaxing.

Ankle biters make me sick.

I'm off this weekend to help one friend move and another friend celebrate their birthday. Toodles.

Gay people talk funny

Feeling: Smart


I've created a Timeline of Science which shows important scientific discoveries in conjunction with invalidated science, pseudo-science, and religion.

Want a sneak peek at the new Christian science book?

Hey, no updates to the Bionic Commando Database, what happened there?

Blasphemy is a victimless crime

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Sayed Perwiz Kambakhsh, a 23 year-old journalist, was arrested in Afghanastan on 2007/10/27 for the horrendous crime of owning news articles that claim the role of women in Islam is unfair. This of course is a terrible blow to the decency and pure moral values of Muslims, so they're trying their best to have him executed for blasphemy. Religion is the opiate of the masses, it's the electric chair of the masses.

Ever wondered what Lincoln would look with a different hat?

Check out this cool physics tool.

This may come as a big shock to you all, but I've updated the Bionic Commando Database again.

If the only thing getting you through the day is the misconception that people like you--end it now

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I've been playing the game Super C since it first came out in 1990 and last night someone pointed out to me something that has eluded me all this time. If you hold down the fire button when you have the flame thrower and then release it you'll shoot a bigger fireball. The manual doesn't do a good job of explaining it, so I never noticed it. Well, anyway, I made a cheat code that will allow you to always have the super flame thrower instead of having to wait for it to charge up.

The RIAA's Web site was cracked on the 20th and wiped clean of its corporate propaganda and then converted into a link page for illegal music downloads. Awesome.

If you google "something interesting" you will get several blogs that are named "Something Interesting", however when you read those blogs you'll find that they're not really all that interesting after all.

And now, what you've all been waiting for... An update to the Bionic Commando Database!

Sitting around the house, watching the sun trace shadows on the floor

Feeling: Unusual


I had a nice weekend of roaming about and doing odd jobs. I renewed my lease at my apartment complex, put new wiper blades on my car (now a headlight is out), rotated the wheels on my blades (only three more months until I can use them again), picked up some snazzy new clothes, cleaned up my music collection, and went to dinner with some friends. Good times.

Of course I had to update the Bionic Commando Database. I added pages for the upcoming Rearmed release, and added many more images from the games.

I now need to go to New York City. They have a Kwik-E-Mart!

You know how you see some really basic idea getting a patent and you say to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?" Maybe you did think of it, but you just didn't think it was creative enough to patent. Well, here's something that I thought about patenting, but I just didn't think I'd be accepted. Now, it looks like someone has proven me wrong I used to talk about making it as a nightlight for small children, but I guess now I can buy a crucified Jesus lamp that actually bleeds!

Now the man of the hour is taking his final bow

Feeling: Elated


Praise be to Google! They had chached my Web site on the 16th so I was able to get back the entry that I accidentally deleted--which is useful in explaining what I did last night, which was to listen to soft music in the dark before going to bed. It was very soothing, and it felt like a little bit of my past.

I played some serious DDR last night and finally broke some of my old records so I could update my DDR scores page.

And yes, because I lack a life, I have added more Bionic Commando Database updates, yada yada yada.

Friday means not having to go to bed on time.

Watching, waiting, commiserating

Feeling: Okay


I had this dream this morning where I was driving around, totally naked, in a mall parking lot at night. A security guard pulled me over and demanded that I have sex with him, but I refused and sped away. I think Freud would say that I was running away from my own gayness. But trust me; I'm not gay. Scout's honor.

I put plenty of new work into the Bionic Commando Database. Most of arcade sections are complete including all of the enemies, hazards, and weapons. I also added several more NES enemies. I know, you don't care. Well too bad--it's what I like doing. Get over your selfishness people! The Internet was not created for your own personal enjoyment... it was created for mine.

Here's a nice billboard which reads, "God Listens".

Vote for middle-class white males; we've never won anything before!

Feeling: Nostalgic


I had an interesting feeling while driving home last night that was brought on by Bad Company's "Shooting Star". I really miss staying up late at night, having nothing to do, and listening to the radio. I used to do this over summer vacation in the basement of my parent's house back when I was in junior high school. At that time there was a mix between sleepiness and boredom, and the music was a welcomed form of entertainment. I don't really miss those days because I was terribly bored most of the time, but that particular feeling, I wouldn't mind having back.

40% Uncommitted, but over 50% voted for Clinton (i.e. threw away their vote). In the end only 20% of registered voters actually voted in Michigan. That's kind of sad. In the words of Kent Brockman, "Democracy just doesn't work."

I have a zit the size of Nevada on my face right now. It's very annoying because people keep showing up from Vegas and asking about the Nevada caucus. It's not annoying that they ask, it's annoying that they're talking to the zit, and not me.

A lot more work has been added to the Bionic Commando Database, again the arcade version has had a huge list of updates.

Ich spreche nur ein bischen deutsch

Feeling: Frustrated


Some more work has been added to the Bionic Commando Database. Many new updates to the arcade version.

Gayest computer ever.

I'm off to go vote, and if enough of you go and vote uncommitted democrat as well maybe it'll even count!

Boredom sets into the boring mind

Feeling: Sleepy


So I finally got a full weekend of working out--I spent most of it hauling boxes up stairs. While it was indeed a great workout, I'm not half as sore as I thought I would be. Maybe I should have pushed myself harder.

For you Michigan residents, don't forget to vote tomorrow--unless you're voting Republican--in which case, forget to vote tomorrow.

Those quality predictions for 2007 didn't quite work out. Maybe 2008 will be better... doubtful.

I've put some more work into the Bionic Commando Database; specifically the main system and armor.

What is a death wish? Floating wires in a pool.

Nintendo, my first love

Feeling: Cheery


My M3 DS Real card is my new best friend.

Nothing runs like a Queere.

Hunting dog shoots owner to death. You can't help but laugh.

I guess it's true. You really can buy anything on eBay.

This weekend I'm heading over to Grand Rapids to help my friend move. My scale knows I need the exercise.

Yarrr! Pillage me booty!

Feeling: Nerdy


If you've ever wondered why it takes so long for computers to get to get where they are, just take a look at some of the terrible designs that computer users have had to endure. How about the top 10 worst keyboards ever made?

My M3 DS Real with GBA cartridge arrived today. After spending an hour on their crappy Web site getting the latest drivers I successfully loaded everything. Now I can play all of my legally acquired NDS and GBA ROMs. The device also supports emulators for NES, SNES, SMS, GB, and TG16, so I should be busy for awhile now.

Trust me, I'm a cat.

Feeling: Happy


I added the NES soundtrack for Dr. Mario into the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Gluing yourself home? I should have thought of this when I was in school.

Another link thanks to Kimberly (the drug addict), here's the DEA's multi-media library of drugs which contains pictures of legal and illegal drugs so you'll know what you're taking when you're at a rave.

It didn't work in 2000, it didn't work in 2004, but the third time's the charm! Vote For "Diamond" Joe Quimby in 2008! I mean, it's not like our government can get any more corrupt as it is!

Cat Face, he's got a big cat face, he's got the body of a cat, and the face of a cat,
And he flies through the air, cuz he's got a cat face, a cat face.

Feeling: Happy


Yesterday it was so warm that all the snow melted. I went jogging outside and even without a coat I was still sweating profusely. It stayed really warm until the thunderstorms began. This morning, it's still raining, and the only remaining snow is what's left of those huge piles at the edges of parking lots. I don't have to wear a coat today either, and my hoody is making me too hot. Oh yeah, and global warming is just a myth.

My 6GB SDHC card arrived in the mail today, but I'm still waiting for my M3 DS Real card before I can actually use it though.

The Hummer H2, it only looks tough.

Oh, I guess it would be nice if I could touch your body

Feeling: Happy


I had a fun-filled weekend. On Friday I gorged myself on DDR. Then, on Saturday I went sledding with the Troublesum crowd and hurt my booty. Now, before I sit down, I have to remember to remove my wallet or receive a nice dull pain in my right cheek. After that I went to visit Nichole to pick up and pay for my new scarf. On Sunday I played some more DDR, and did some computer stuffs.

The Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition soundtrack in now in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Did you know that things are five times funnier when you're not allowed to laugh. It's a fact. And if it isn't a fact, it should be.

Enjoy Cat Face.

What's better than finding a 1970's JC Penny catalogue in 2007? Nothing.

I moved December's posts to the old news page.

Love me like the world is ending

Feeling: Sleepy


Three composers have been updated in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. There isn't anything new with them, I just converted them to the newer database format.

Today, I received a 1943 D steel penny as part of 3 cents change from a Rally's of all places (Rally's for lunch, I wonder why I'm gaining weight?). It's only worth about $0.50, but it's cool to have one. They feel really different from the copper-jacketed ones.

If you want a very quick and dirty reference to the 2008 presidential candidates take a look here. You'll get a break down of all the major candidates and their views on the major issues of today.

I go out to eat almost every day and I've noticed that the frequency with which I dine at a particular restaurant is directly related to quantity of attractive and interesting waitresses (excluding Mexican food, which seems to violate the laws of Guru Physics). What does this say about me? I rate attractive waitresses over the quality of the food that I consume. If they ever open up an asbestos restaurant staffed by geeky lingerie models who love to talk about videogames I'm screwed.

Speaking of eating--tonight I need to work off some of this lard on the ol' DDR machine.

Oh something's not right, I can feel it inside

Feeling: Sleepy


New music for you to try out:
View - Eisley - Invasion
View - VHS or Beta - Can't Believe A Single Word
View - The Fratelli's - Henrietta
View - 1990s - You Made Me Like It
View - The Dykeenies - Clean Up Your Eyes
View - Stepthen Fretwell - Scar
View - Ben Lee - Love Me Like the World Is Ending

About two months ago my radiator had a leak and I had to keep dumping coolant into my car every few days until my stepfather and I replaced it. Well, during that time I got really used to dumping liquid into the coolant reservoir. Yesterday, I ran out of windshield washer fluid, so today I picked some up and started dumping it into my car. Well, it took me a little while to notice, but out of habit I was dumping the windshield washer fluid into the coolant tank! I finally realized what I was doing, and kicked myself for my carelessness. I don't think that I dumped much in since the angle was forcing me to pour really slow, so I don't think it will damage my car at all, but wow, that was dumb!

I think the graphic designers of Parents Magazine need to take a refresher course in sex-ed.

Still no flying cars

Feeling: Sleepy


I beat the second case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All, on to the third.

Another soundtrack has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. The new one is Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker.

I spent my day off in Grand Rapids with Nikia and Katie. We went sledding and I have the bruises to prove it. I was also bestowed upon with gifts that were not asked for, but still appreciated. I now have The 25th anniversary edition of The Last Unicorn, the hardcover Harry Potter journals, and a book called "So, Now You Know" which is a useless facts book.