March, 2008

Thompson's Teeth. The only teeth strong enough to eat other teeth!

Feeling: Injured


I had a nice fun weekend. On Friday night I went to a Troublesum party. We played games, danced, and sung some tunes in the basement--especially Disney, RENT, and Voltaire's, "When You're Evil". When I got home at 2:00 AM a tooth on my upper right jaw started throbbing with pain for no apparent reason and it's been throbbing with pain ever since. Typical; I spend $370 to fix one tooth and then another starts to act up a couple days later.

I ripped another soundtrack over the weekend as well. The music from the NES port of Guerrilla War is now in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. While converting the soundtrack I also mapped out several of the more important memory locations. So if you want infinite lives, tanks that never wear out, constant weapons, or just plain invincibility, you can get all of that.

Nightline did an interesting program on how Creationists were taking home-schooled children through a museum and telling them that the mounds and mounds of evidence to support evolution and a 4 billion year old Earth is all wrong. They use impressive arguments like "nuh-uh!" and "La-la-la, I can't hear you!" That makes Raptor Jesus angry!

It's been quite a struggle this month getting the April issue of Cerebral Seepage completed what with the sickness and teeth issues, but I should have ready, on schedule, by tomorrow.

In Soviet Russia computer programs you!

Feeling: Blah


Did you know that while our government was working on the top secret atomic bomb during World War II, they were also trying to patent it as well?

The soundtrack of Little Nemo: The Dream Master has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

My tooth is feeling a little better, and that damn headache is gone.

In the Bionic Commando Database I've merged the Nathan Spencer and Rad Spencer pages as well as the Super Joe and Joseph Gibson pages. Several other minor updates have also been made.

I'm heading out to a little party tonight with my arcade homies. Tah!

Nemo... wake up!

Feeling: Injured


I had my permanent crown put on molar today. It was a nice and painful experience. I could really do with some minor pain killers. Something like heroin.

I'm working on adding the Little Nemo: The Dream Master soundtrack to the VGMPF. I'll probably have it up tomorrow. In the meantime, I've added my hacking notes for the game. Want infinite lives and hit points? How about the ability to change powers at any time? Want to have a bee that can fly forever? All of these hacks and more can derived from my hacking notes.

I've added several more box, manual, and magazine scans to the Bionic Commando Database, as well as the ZX Spectrum maps.

Check out this video of amazing Indian hand dancing.

See she must've been 16 or 18, or just past caring

Feeling: Happy


I've updated my top DDR Scores. I plan on playing again tonight to add a couple more AAs to the list.

Mouse sex.

Monty Python's Knights of the Round Table played to Star Trek: The Original Series video clips? YES! There is a god!

There's evil in the air and there's thunder in the sky

Feeling: Okay


All I see on the news right now is how the Detroit mayor was cheating on his wife with a coworker and lying under oath about it and is now being prosecuted which will cost the Detroit tax payers an obscene amount of money. All I can ask is, how is this any different than Clinton?

Sometimes I think the metric system gets too much credit. Sure, it makes measuring everything easier and makes conversions considerably simpler, but if it's so special then why are so many countries still not using it? Countries like the peace-loving United States, the technologically advanced Liberia, the forward-thinking Myanmar, and... and... oh yeah. That's it.

I'm almost finished with the April issue of Cerebral Seepage. I just need to send it to my editor and it'll be ready for printing.

Behold God's mighty rod!

Feeling: Morbid


After several hours and several hundred dollars, my car is safe to drive again. That was my fun Saturday. I also watched the Ten Commandments, which has long been a favorite of mine. It seems that ol' God saved the Hebrews yet again this year. And by saved, I mean, he allowed nearly all of them to die and personally killed most of the rest. But on the plus side, after the Exodus (a story which lacks any historic evidence) God made sure that the Jews would forever be respected and exalted. Just ask the Christian crusaders, the Muslim jihadist, the Nazis, the and Russian pogromists.

On Easter nearly everything was closed so I decided to go and take a journey to Lake Huron.

If only marriage wasn't actually like this.

My friend June is awesome.

My car is a... PIECE OF SHIT!

Feeling: Annoyed


Last night I spent a lot of time looking for cool science videos on YouTube, and here are some of the better ones I found.

Link - Magnesium burns without oxygen inside of dry ice.
Link - Dust on a platform makes patterns depending on the frequency of sound vibrations.
Link - Vibrating a cornstarch solutions causes interesting effects.
Link - Small pool filled with non-Newtonian cornstarch solution can be walked over.
Link - A tomatoe in a blender in slow motion.
Link - Slow motion of a man blowing a raspberry. Really creepy!
Link - A patchwork of amazing science videos in contrast to creationist propaganda.

Back in July of 2007 the Envisioneering Group declared that BD+ (the copy prevention software used on BluRay) won't likely be breached for 10 years. Eight months later it's cracked. When will people learn not to underestimate large groups of nerds without girlfriends to slow them down?

Some girls try too hard to impress with the way that they dress with those things on their chests

Feeling: Happy


I updated my dream log with my latest nocturnal opus. This morning's dream involved my favorite dream topic: naked women!

As of 5:48 this morning, it is officially spring in the northern hemisphere. While this means no more skiing, it also means that soon I'll be hiking, biking, skating, and playing dodge ball again!

My car is having interesting steering issues... I think I'll have to get a new one soon. Blarg.

I love eating sunflower seeds. I even enjoy eating the seeds that are still in their shell because consuming them keeps me busy. I like my sunflower seeds be roasted and salted. The thing I don't like about sunflower seeds is when they have the words "all natural" on the bag. How are artificially colored heat-sealed plastic bags filled with roasted and salted seeds that have been machine harvested and washed even remotely natural, let alone "all natural"? But then I thought about it for a few minutes and realized... Bags of sunflower seeds must grow naturally on plants! It all makes sense now.

I was trying to phone you when I'm crawling out the door

Feeling: Okay


The Iraqi war celebrates its 5th birthday today! Let's have a toast to weapons of mass destruction, links to al-Qaida, and any other reasons of which we had no evidence to invade another country. Just because almost 4,000 young men and women in the US have been killed is hardly any reason to stop.

Nothing else really that impressive today. I did some random cleanup on my site, added a new obsession song, and I have plans on stomping out some dope beats in DDR tonight. Word to your mother.

It's a blue, bright blue Saturday, hey hey

Feeling: Blah


I'm feeling a bit better and I think I'll be at max HP by the end of the week. That's right, I'm using RPG terminology in real life. Got a problem with it?

The field of robotics has a new quadruped. I want one.

My sickness has put a bit of a damper on my upcoming magazine issue. I still think I'll have it out in time, but it's going to be tight.

Just remember kids, the pope has homo-sexual.

I'm scared, but I'm not coming down

Feeling: Sick


I still haven't come back to full health since Daylight Saving Time. It just been minor sinuses all last week, but I still haven't kicked it. It should be gone soon. Nay, it better be gone soon--or else!

Over the weekend I saw the return of my long lost American Gods book, helped my friend move, had some good food at another friend's St. Patrick's Day party, and finally attended an early Easter lunch at my parents.

After watching several episodes of the Sarah Silverman show and seeing her love of Bugles, I remembered that I hadn't had any in about five years. So, I bought a bag, ate one, and remember why I hadn't had any in about five years. They're like eating solidified grease with a corn after-taste.

You know how in musicals a whole group of people just suddenly break into song, but everything is okay, because it's a movie? Well, what do you think would happen if that were to occur in real life?

When you were here before, couldn't look you in the eye
You're just like an angel, your skin makes me cry

Feeling: Flirty


I finished reading Animal Farm last night. It's similar to, but only a mere shadow of, 1984. Then I started reading Fight Club, which so far, is really amazing.

Also, last night I played and beat Knytt Stories, which is one of the best games I've played in awhile. I've yet to find all of the secrets, but it shouldn't be long now. Anyway, the game is a mini platformer and if you like Seiklus you will like Knytt Stories. If you've never played Seiklus, well download that sucker and play it.

Well how about that, Verizon actually decided to help out legal P2P file sharing.

That beautiful woman was just a beautiful man

Feeling: Annoyed


My Space Cowboy game has received another release. This version features a working weapon gauge, and a weapon bar. It also has a tile background fed from a map file. I haven't had much time to work on it because I'm trying to prepare a draft of the April issue of Cerebral Seepage, but I'm still working on it.

The latest declassified CIA report on Iraq shows that there are no direct links between Sadam Hussein and al-Qaida. Which means that the Bush administration using the claim to help justify war was a blatant lie... I'm sorry... it was a blatant misinformation. No, no weapons of mass destruction and no ties to al-Qaida... Meanwhile, oil costs more than it ever has in history, and the dollar is lower than it has been in 20 years. Why are we still at war? I forget.

Best thank you card ever.

I've created another illusion. This one appears to be sucking itself into the center of the picture.

Elf, your life force is running out

Feeling: Injured


Tooth is still sore. I tried flossing around it this morning... that was a painful mistake!

I haven't been feeling so hot since the weekend. I think it's a combination of the time shift, the dental pain, and the late nights. I've been trying to go to sleep sooner, but my body betrays me. How is it that I can sleep in several hours and I can take naps in the middle of the day, but when I try to convince my brain to doze off before 1:00 AM, it just can't be bothered to shut down?

When the Bush administration started this war they estimated the cost to be around fifty billion dollars. Economist Joseph Stiglitz has estimated the cost of the Iraq war -so far- is around three trillion ($3,000,000,000,000.00). There are about 27,000,000 people living in Iraq, which means that we've spent roughly $111,000.00 on each person there. Somehow that doesn't compute. We could have just simply not gone to war and then given the 303,000,000 people here in the USA $9,900.00 each and had roughly the same outcome. And maybe then gas would be a lot cheaper and the housing market wouldn't have crashed.

My lyrics page now has 2,550 songs.

Sometimes that Japanese do really creepy stuff like replacing a urinal with a giant clown mouth. Other times they do something really amazing like, live action cartoons.

Read the text in this image a few times. It uses an opposing 3D effect to make it appear to move even though it's stationary. If you get motion sickness easily you may want to avoid it.

Well she sneaks around the world from Kiev to Carolina

Feeling: Injured


Tooth is doing better today. I still can't chew on it or even brush it properly, but it isn't causing me constant throbbing pain.

I've added the ripped soundtrack of the enhanced DOS version of Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego? to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Not all animals are created equal

Feeling: Cheery


It was a pretty nice weekend. I played copious amounts of DDR, met up with someone I haven't seen in a couple of years, picked up the latest Goldfrapp album (Seventh Tree), read two-thirds of Orwell's Animal Farm, which is like 1984 with barnyard animals, and I woke up late for my dentist appointment due to the new Daylight Saving Time date. Remember, there is no 's' at the end of saving, and DTS is a proper name, and should therefore be capitalized.

And my tooth really hurts because I had to get another crown. Sigh. I'm currently on a temporary one until my shiny new one arrives in the mail in two weeks. I think I'll go drink my dinner now.

Why on earth would I want to overcome masturbation?

War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

Feeling: Rebellious


Last night I finished George Orwell's 1984, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was actually good. Until this point, every book that I've read that could be called "literature" has been less than impressive. While reading the book I found many parallels between the current Bush administration and the totalitarian regime of Oceania. Warrantless wiretappings, a perpetual war against an unknown enemy that is constantly changing, arresting people for terrorism without proof, internal spying, thinking that political persons are above the law... The book is quite depressing (A dystopia, depressing? Never!), but I still really liked it. The idea that history can be irreparably altered at any time is indeed chilling.

I've added the ripped soundtrack of the game West Adventure to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Billy Joel started the fire.

Let's paint the town greenish hazel...

Feeling: Happy


Do you like pork faggots? What about Jussi Pussi? Perhaps some homo milk? If so, then you'll love the food at Rude Food.

If you have nothing better to do, why don't you go test your geography skills with the interactive site?

February's updates are in the old news section now.

Let's paint the town red...

Feeling: Happy


Did you ever see those sexist shirts that say, "This is what a feminist looks like?" Well, in order to make things even, I created my own shirt.

Oh yeah, and on the topic of sexism, the annual Take Back the Night rally and march is being held in Ann Arbor next month on April 10th.

One more sexist thing, and this one is actually sexist. While reading from the March, 1968 issue of Eye magazine, I discovered a neat Wonder Bread ad targeted at women with the headline BOY TRAP. It goes on to say that in order to trap a boy you can use cosmetics, fashion, and of course, Wonder Bread. Because if you make a man his favorite sandwich, he's yours! Wonder Bread... way better than Eve's apple.

They're fireflies. Fireflies that got stuck in that big bluish black thing.

Feeling: Okay


My magazine arrived last night and it's beautiful! I noticed a few typos that I've made last-minute corrections to so if you want to buy a hard copy or download the latest version, you can do so here. I also took a few pictures of the printed copy so you can see what it looks like: 1, 2, 3

Last night I finished watching the sci-fi series of Firefly. I really liked it and now I'm thinking to myself, why didn't I watch this while it was actually on the air?

Have you ever wondered how much gold is in Goldschlager? Perhaps how much shaving cream will come out of a can? What about how much space one million dollars would take up? Find out at:

I updated my personal bests at DDR, and I'll probably play some more tonight.

I did it my way

Feeling: Okay


Check out the new five dollar bill.

If violent irony makes you happy, then you'll love the story about a guy who hits a woman on his way to anger management class.

Have a look at some of the stranger satellite photos from Google Earth on