June, 2008


Feeling: Dreamy


Weekend recap: On Friday night I saw the movie Wall-E which is terribly, horribly, mind-numbingly, sickeningly... cute. I loved it.

Saturday, I talked to a salesmen at the local Saab dealership to see if he could track down the vehicle that I want. I gave him all my specs, and he's begun checking the GM databases for it. I think I'll have to curb my spending for awhile because this car isn't going to be cheap, but it -is- going to be beautiful! After that, I went to a Disney sing-a-long with my homies. We watched Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Pocahontas, but then I had to leave to prepare for an impromptu jot off to Jackson, Michigan to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Sunday, was spent recovering from Saturday. I slept in, ate a late breakfast, and headed to Rachel's to watch some people work on their costumes for the Renaissance Festival and play copious amounts of videogames.

Today, I need to do some laundry and clean my apartment. Boring...

The Bionic Commando Database has been updated again. There is now a page for all of the people involved in the series and a page for the Rearmed Soundtrack.


Feeling: Excited


You know how editorial cartoons do that played out scene where a recently dead person shows up at the pearly gates and St. Peter says some poignant quip? Well, ever since George Carlin's died there has been a rash of those regarding him and his 7 words you can't say. This just begs the question, why would George Carlin, an out-spoken atheist, be in heaven? See the some of the worst cartoons here.

One of my favorite television shows from my childhood is Quantum Leap and I was watching an episode last night that I haven't seen in about 17 years. I find it very unsettling that when I first saw the episode the teenager was really old, but now when I see it he's just a little kid. Somehow it doesn't feel like that much time has past.

I'm heading out to watch the new Disney/Pixar movie Wall-E tonight. He just looks so gosh darn cute!

Nothing to report.

Feeling: Happy


I've been spending most of my free time right now working on my debate book. I don't plan on publishing it, but I do plan on using it as a tool to help myself debate more efficiently and less offensively.


Feeling: Happy


My Chicago trip recount and pictures are up now.

Would you rather your baby have cougars for arms...

Feeling: Happy


There is an update to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. No new soundtracks, but it has several other minor updates.

While having a nice urination session I thought of something odd. The walls of the bathroom stalls are only six feet tall. It must be really awkward for people who are over seven feet tall, because they can see over them, even when they don't want to.

Beau knows Chicago

Feeling: Exhausted


The trip to Chicago was amazing, and I'll have the full write up soon. Until then, I'm going to recuperate from the vacation.

Come on babe, why don't we paint the town? And all that Jazz

Feeling: Blah


MY cold is gone, and my body just needs a little physical healing to do and I'll be all set. Sinuses/throat/lungs are still sore, but I'm back to my old crazy self again.

I'm heading down to Chicago tonight to finally meet my long-time online friend Beau of Bent Kangaroo fame. I'm telling you this so that if I never come back, you'll know who to sick the private investigators on. I should have some groovy pictures by the time I return on Monday. Ciao!

I'm not sick, I just have a viral infection in my sinuses... oh yeah

Feeling: Sick


Almost unsick. My head is clearer, and I only have to blow my nose every few minutes, instead of every few seconds.

Another soundtrack has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. Nobuo Uematsu's pre-Final Fantasy music from Rad Racer is now available for download.

I also added my hacking notes of Rad Racer, although it only contains one memory offset, for time remaining.

A woman's worst fears became a reality recently in Barrie, Ontario. Colleen Leduc was called to her daughter's school where the principal explained to her that her daughter, Victoria, was suspected of sexual abuse. Victoria is an 11-year-old, non-verbal autistic child who couldn't answer questions about her alleged assault, so the school board called in the Children's Aid Society to perform an investigation on the family. Leduc was in tears through the whole ordeal. She, being a diligent mother who keeps a watchful eye on her daughter, wondered how it came to be that her daughter was suspected of sexual abuse. It turns out that her daughter's teaching assistant visited a "psychic" who mentioned that one of her students whose name began with a "V" was being abused. The teaching assistant, being a complete moron, believed the self-proclaimed "psychic" and assumed that they must have been talking about Victoria. So, the idiotic teaching assistant brought it up to the school board who, in an equally asinine move, felt obligated to involve the Children's Aid Society (CAS). The CAS, citing that they must respond to any case if there are "reasonable" grounds, performed their investigation and, as expected, found nothing to support the "psychic's" bullshit. Apparently, the CAS has their head so far up their ass that they believe that a psychic prediction involving a -single letter- is "reasonable" grounds to cause chaos and fear in a family. After being put through an emotional nightmare, Leduc demanded an official apology, but none has been offered and the ignorant teaching assistant has not been brought up on any disciplinary action. Also, to make matters worse, Leduc's permanent record will be noted that her daughter was investigated for sexual abuse. I guess that "for entertainment purposes only" disclaimer should be changed to "if you're stupid enough to believe this bullshit, you'll cause pain and distress to innocent people". You can read the full story here.

I'm not sick, I just have an unwanted surplus of mucus

Feeling: Sick


Oh man, menthol infused tissues are the way to go. I need to remember to get these for the next time I get sick. I'm feeling slightly better still, although certainly not healthy. I hope my immune system picks up the pace because I'm heading over to Chicago Thursday evening.

Since I have little to do during the day other than sit at home and be a zombie, I've had plenty of time to rip more soundtracks. The music from Castlevania is now in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

With the soundtrack, I also added my hacking notes as well. So if you want infinite hit points, infinite lives, infinite hearts, and the ability to keep any weapon and the triple shot after death, you're good to go. My Batman hacking notes are up as well, so now you can get infinite lives, infinite energy, and infinite weapon power.

You know those bullet hole magnets that wanna-be rednecks put on their trucks? Well, today I saw a real redneck's truck because it had a real bullet hole in it.

One of the great things about having to coughing a lot is that it's almost like doing sit-ups without that whole "working out" nonsense.

I has a virus

Feeling: Sick


Still sick, but getting better. All the throat issues moved to my nose. Yay, progress! So, while I'm now able to talk properly, I have to blow my nose every few seconds. I spent the bulk of the weekend sleeping and moping about my apartment which gave me plenty of time to do nothing, which I've been needing to do for some time now.

There are several updates to the Section Z page. All the missing information in the sections page has been updated (although a new column of unknowns has been added), the missing shield graphic is now there, and there are several other changes over all. Someday I'll add boss pictures.

The new soundtrack added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation is from the NES port of the game Batman.

The new Weezer album kind of blows.

Did you ever notice how STDs are difficult to spell? Chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea... Sometimes I appreciate the ease of slang. It's so much easier to spell clap, itch, drip, and crotch rot.

That'll keep you going through the show, come on it's time to go

Feeling: Sick


Sick today...

Why you always kick me when I'm high?

Feeling: Blah


Well, if the Code Name: Viper hacking notes from yesterday didn't tip you off, I've just added the Code Name: Viper soundtrack to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

There is more info about power generators, hacking notes, and various other changes in the Bionic Commando Database.

I'm feeling a little ill today. Probably a combination of getting very little sleep for the last few days and being around a sick friend. I don't mind getting sick so long as I'm fine before my Chicago trip next weekend.

Step one, step one, I'm barely making sense for now

Feeling: Pouty


While unable to sleep last night from a tad too much caffeine, I played, hacked, and beat the NES game, Code Name: Viper. With my hacking notes you'll be able to get infinite lives, infinite hit points, infinite ammo, infinite machinegun ammo, infinite time, etc.

The soundtrack of Soldat is now in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Alanis Morissette's new album, Flavors of Entanglement, is out now. It's quite different from the pop music of her past. It incorporates synthesizers for a dance/techo sound and the songs are all pretty homogenous. After a very brief listen though, nothing sounded that great to me, but I may end up liking a few songs off of it after I get used to them.

She clings to me like cellophane

Feeling: Pensive


I've added a bit more to the Bionic Commando Database. You can now view the game manuals for the Amstrad, Arcade, Commodore 64, and NES. I also documented the inconsistencies between the manual and the game.

There's a children's game for the old Amiga computer called Beavers where you play the lead singer in an all-beaver band who just got a #1 record. However, the previous #1 band, the The Rappin' Rabbit Rockers, jealous of the beaver's fame, kidnap the wife of the lead singer, Jethro, and demand that the beavers destroy their master tapes and disband. Of course, Jethro goes on the offensive and attacks the rabbits finally rescuing his wife. The ending of this kid's game seems a little risqué.

I don't need to get out of bed until 8:00 AM. However, the sun comes up at around 6:00 AM and the light wakes me up. This means that by the time 8:00 AM rolls around I'm wide awake, which makes preparing for work much easier, but it also means I miss out on almost two hours of sleep, which sucks. So, in order to rectify this problem, I covered my bedroom window with a dark tapestry. Now, I don't wake up until 8:00 AM. Unfortunately, by eliminating the sun, I've thrown off my circadian rhythm, so I'm still in a sleep state when my alarm goes off. This makes it a chore to force myself out of bed and get ready for work. I wonder if I should get one of those lamp alarm clocks that slowly become brighter to wake you up.

I'm not even gonna pay this year's rent!

Feeling: Sleepy


My RENT Sing-a-long party on Saturday was a lot of fun. Lots of singing, lots of gushing over the musical, and lots of craziness. On Sunday I went to my friend's graduation. *Sniff*, they grow up so fast.

This is an amazing work of animation and painting: Muto.

The soundtrack of Gunstar Heroes in now in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Sometimes when you see a single frame of a news report it doesn't quite make sense.

It's no secret that I have a very high opinion of myself, so in order to show that I am indeed human, I've decided to let you in on a vice of mine. As a straight male (although some would argue that fact), I am attracted to most females. This means that I tend to consider them as candidates for dating or friends with benefits. However, when I find that they are in a loving relationship with somebody, I try to make myself feel good for the fact that they've found happiness, but in actuality feel a twinge of anger towards their significant other for removing a proverbial fish from the sea. Even worse than that, is the fact that I actually feel happiness when a girl breaks up with her boyfriend. Even if they've been together for years, even if it was a painful breakup, even if I don't actually want to date the girl in the first place. I always get this feeling of joy, just knowing that now there is a chance that I can date her. It sickens me to take pleasure in someone else's grief like that, and I wish I didn't do it. I'm not totally selfish in this regard, I mean I do feel some happiness for couples, and I have some empathy towards their breakups, but not as much as I feel I should.

We're not gonna pay last year's rent!

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One way to be sure that you're not a morning person is when your ringing phone wakes you up and you go to answer it, but then you realize that you just said hello into your alarm clock.

The ripped music files from Xatax are now in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Although Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles first became popular in the 1980s when I was a kid, they're still going fairly strong now twenty years later. Comics, cartoons, movies, action figures... they have it all. Thematically, the turtles always defeat their foes, that is, until now. How can the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ever hope to defeat the Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles?

It's a very good year for city girls

Feeling: Happy


Apparently, the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup. I didn't even know that hockey was still in season. Does that make me a bad Michigander?

The music from the Pixel Painter's game Dig It! is now in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

OKCupid.com is a free friends/dating Web site. One of the questions it asks you is, "What is the first thing people usually notice about you?" and some women are actually stupid enough to write, "My eyes," or, "My winning personality." It never ceases to make me ROFLMAO. What, did they have a little naiveté for breakfast or something? Let's get real, shall we? The first thing guys notice about you is whether or not you're hot (usually focusing on the T&A), and the first thing women notice about you is if you're dressed better than they are (usually focusing on the shoes). It's overly-material and immature, but then so are we. Why kid ourselves?


I'm such a nerd I think being a nerd is a cool

Feeling: Cheery


Science is dull? Not according to the 6 Most Badass Stunts Ever Pulled In the Name of Science.

The music of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is now in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation along with its army of composers.

I need a popcorn maker.

I guess that's why chief says no hugging

Feeling: Flirty


I love the new dietary fad of making food contain 0 grams of trans fats. Granted, it's a good thing, because trans fats are awful for you, but I love how even the most unhealthy foods, like Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, are advertising it and somehow people think that makes them good for you.

The soundtrack for the Commodore 64 port of Wizball is now in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Yeah! Take it off!

Feeling: Dreamy


Saturday was a fun cookout at Sarah's. There was good food, good friends, and volleyball over a badminton net. I was walking barefoot and stepped on a thistle which implanted one of its thorns into my foot which is still there today. My poor geek feet aren't callused like when I was a young'in. However, despite not being able to walk very well, I was still able to bike about 25 miles total this weekend.

On Sunday I bought myself a giant beanbag chair. I've been wanting one for years, and I've bitching about the lame tiny ones they sell at Meijer, but I found a nice huge one and it's spiffy.

Because I have no life, I've added another soundtrack to Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. The soundtrack for the Commodore 64 port of Times of Lore is now online.