November, 2008

Snore snore snore snore snore... and I don't care

Feeling: Cheery


My parents ended up putting together a last-minute Thanksgiving dinner after all, so I was spared a dinner of Americanized Chinese food. I guess I'll have to wait until Christmas for that. I will be staying home today and trying my best to avoid the malls. However, I did run out of deodorant this morning, so I may have to make an emergency stop. I'm begging you stores, please be gentle.

I can't compete with all you talk about

Feeling: Happy


For those of you who observe Thanksgiving, have a fun time. For those of you who don't, like me, enjoy the day off and the Chinese food for dinner!

While driving past a surveyor crew during my lunch break, I thought of a really cool idea. What if you wrote a 3-D engine that accepted input from the public domain land surveys? You could create a 3-D representation of the land elevation of your city. All of the hills and valleys would be represented. Then, you could texture the ground with satellite images and add roads based off of public domain road maps. The buildings and trees would have to added by hand (although, you may be able to read in the public domain blue prints from city hall). Basically, you'd be able to replicate the land and roads of any major city in 3-D, and then run around in it. That would be awesome.

The likes of you get swept up in the morning with the trash

Feeling: Proud


We're getting some more snow today. I'm tempted to try out my new skis on the tiny hill outside my apartment.

While I was getting Chloe washed one of the workers at the car wash saw my license place and said, "Nice plate! 'The Guru', I'm looking for a Guru too!" I can only assume the man was a Sikh and that he thought I was one as well. He probably wouldn't be too pleased to know that I'm using their most revered holy men as a means of self-promotion. Lord, love a heathen.

On the subject of car washes, in the past three months I have gone through more car washes with Chloe than I have for my past three cars combined. It's amazing how something as simple as having a beautiful car can make you take pride in its looks.

I added several icons to The Guru page on the left. They are all icons of things I feel strongly about and each one links to a page explaining them.

The city can be paradise for those who have the cash

Feeling: Sleepy


I had a pretty big weekend with big spending. Friday I didn't do much except try to get to bed early. Saturday morning I awoke long before I wanted to so I could get to the Saab dealership, but it was worth it. I got my winter wheels and tires put on Chloe so she should be safe through the winter; total, $900. After that, I went to the Mt. Holly Ski Swap and picked up some skis, ski boots, and poles. Everything was new, just a year out of date; total $575. So, after dropping an entire two-week paycheck, where did I go? Why, the mall of course! I didn't buy anything, but I walked around, got some exercise, and talked to the pretty mall ladies. After that I got a call from Devin and we got dinner together and then got some friends together for a game night. Sunday was spent preparing my skis for the upcoming season, doing laundry, and ripping another videogame soundtrack.

And that videogame soundtrack is the wonderful music of Super Mario 64; now in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Your queen is dead, your king is through, she's not coming back to you!

Feeling: Cheery


I'm kind of proud of myself. Last night, while eating dinner at a restaurant, I had an attractive server talk with me about books for quite awhile. Rather than hope she would suddenly become interested in me and ask me out, I actually took initative and asked her if she had a boyfriend. She did, of course, but the point is that I didn't chicken out like I usually do. Kudos to me.

The soundtrack of Titanion is now in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Think Disney is all fun and games? No sir! Check out the 7 Most Terrifying Disney Movie Deaths.

I have to get up early on Saturday, which I'm not thrilled about, but I'll be getting some new winter tires on my car, so I guess it's worth it. I'm also going to head over to Mt. Holly where they'll be having their annual used-ski sale. Hopefully, I'll find an affordable pair of skis to save me from having to rent them each time I hit the slopes.

Oh, but it's sad when a love affair dies

Feeling: Okay


You know what the world needs more of? Public stoning. A couple weeks ago a 13-year-old girl named Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was stoned to death. She was forced into a hole, buried up to her neck so that only her head was above ground. Then, her face was constantly battered with rocks until her skull caved in, her brain was crushed, and she finally died. The stoning took place in the middle of a stadium where over 1,000 spectators gleefully watched. This, of course, is keeping with religious law because the 13-year-old girl was an adulterer. You can tell she was an adulterer because typically a Somalian girl will keep her mouth shut after being gang-raped by three men, but she told on them instead, thus, making her an adulterer.

On a lighter note, check out Cracked Magazine's 15 More Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped.

Finally getting rid of my poor old Neon.

I still don't know, what I should say

Feeling: Sleepy


No post yesterday because I was on vacation. I slept in, purchased winter tires for Chloe which I pick up this Saturday, mailed a package, bought groceries, cleaned my bathroom since the apartment maintenance left drywall dust everywhere, cleaned out my refrigerator, and loaded up a hard drive with Windows XP for a friend. I also made another noise complaint on my upstairs neighbor who doesn't realize that he can't start a party at 1:30 AM on a weeknight without waking someone up. I actually hope that he doesn't figure it out, that way he'll get evicted and his misery will bring me sweet tender joy.

The soundtrack from the game Operation: Inner Space is now available for download in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Have you recently tried installing Windows only to find that your CD key doesn't work anymore? Have you lost your CD key over the years? Well take a look at XPKey. It's a program that generates new XP keys for you to use.

Take a chance on me

Feeling: Sleepy


I had a wonderful weekend. On Friday I hung out with Devin, Alex, and Heather. We watched some shows, ate some food, and played some games. Good times. Saturday I spent with a large group to celebrate Sarah's 21st birthday. We played Pokémon Monopoly and I totally won. Later in the evening those of us who were of-age moved the party to a karaoke bar, where I sung (poorly) for the first time in public. On Sunday I got to see my friend Jessica whom I haven't seen in months. We watched Juno together and fattened ourselves up on loaded pizza.

I found out that my car can be set into metric mode which switches all my temperature gauges into Celsius, my speed into kilometers per hour, and my clock into a 24 hour clock. Awesome! I feel more efficient already. And for those of you fearing that I'll get a bunch of speeding tickets for not being able to do the proper speed conversion, don't worry, the dash still reads MPH. Well, that, and I'll probably still get the tickets because I speed a lot.

Those who frequent my Web site will know that I'm constantly bitching about the USA's out-of-date policy on all things Internet. Rather than do that today, I'm going to give it a minor compliment by saying, at least we're not as pathetic as Ireland. Talk about a dinosaur!

Signs misleading to nowhere

Feeling: Cheery


The soundtrack for the Macintosh port of Wolfenstein 3D is now in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation along with a page for the composer.

So, after my upstairs neighbor flooded his bathroom and caused a miniature waterfall to flow from my ceiling, the maintenance crew came and put mud over the water-damaged part of my ceiling and the beam in my dining room which didn't get wet, but was old and cracking. Then, they painted over everything. They did a terrible job, but what do I care, it's their nickel? The funny thing is that they even painted over the crappy patch job that I did over the hole I punched in the wall last summer. That saves me from having to match the color, buy the paint, and paint over it myself. I'll have to remember this for the next time I do something violent in a fit of frustration... just flood the upstairs tenant's apartment and they'll fix everything for free!

It's about time you got here weekend, I've been waiting for you!

This is my curse, I said "I do." Lest you die first, I'm stuck with you.

Feeling: Happy


I finally finished playing all the way through Ghosts 'N Goblins last night (yes, there was massive cheating involved), and I think I should sue Capcom for psychological damage. Anyway, now that I played through the whole game I was able to properly name the tracks from the ripped music. So, you can download the Ghosts 'N Goblins soundtrack from the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. I also posted my hacking notes for the game. So, if you want infinite lives, infinite time, the ability to switch weapons on the fly, and the ability to remain invincible after losing your armor, it's all there. The only thing that eludes me is the ability to keep your armor after getting hit.

I'm looking for new Windows 3.x game soundtracks to add to the VGMPF. If you know of a game that you played on Windows 3.x that had music, please email me the name of the game.

Last night, the upstairs neighbor from Hell struck again. His party started at around 1:00 AM. After they ignored my punches to the ceiling, I had enough of it and called maintenance to make a formal complaint. Even still, they didn't shut up until 4:00 AM, but they now have a noise complaint on their record. I think three more and they get evicted. That would please me to no end. As it was, I ended up sleeping through my alarm this morning because of them and showed up 45 minutes late for work.

You drowned my kittens one by one, you looked like you were having fun

Feeling: Happy


Last night I was trying to record all the music from Ghosts 'N Goblins. That game is so unbelievably hard! All the enemies move ten times faster than you, you can only take a mere two hits before dying, and the bosses are freaking impossible. Even by hacking the game for infinite lives and infinite time I still took forever to get to the final boss (who you can only get to if you have one of the crappiest weapons in the game). And then, even after killing him I found out that you don't actually beat the game when you kill the boss, you have to play through the entire game a -second- time, when all the enemies are even -harder-. Only then can you see the proper ending. Well, I did get most of the music, but I'll have to beat the game again to get the rest. It's staggering how Capcom believed that people would actually enjoy this game.

You're like Kentucky Fried Chicken, but without the taste

Feeling: Okay


Another NES soundtrack has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. You can now hear the music of Trojan.

My latest book order arrived last night. It's the four books in the Seven Citadels series by Geraldine Harris. I've also updated my collection pages with several new covers.

Some hacking notes have been added for Trojan. You can give yourself infinite lives, infinite health, infinite high-jump, infinite keys, a constant x8 power modifier, and infinite time. Also, there is a single hacking note for SonSon which can give you infinite lives.

I got a pocket full of fists, you got a stupid face

Feeling: Okay


This fat cat is hilarious.

The music from the Famicom game SonSon is now in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

I updated All Things Halloween with a couple Flash games my mommy sent me.

If you've ever worked as a system administrator you'll relate to

My teeth have been bugging me. I'd like to go to the dentist, but I have to wait until January when my dental insurance restarts. If I can hold out for two more months I won't have to pay $1,300 out of pocket like I did back in April. Let's hope.

Maybe you would have been something I'd be good at

Feeling: Happy


This morning I walked into my bathroom in the dark so I could start get my shower going nice an hot. As I neared the tub, my feet entered a puddle and I thought, "well that can't be good." I walked back to to door and flipped the light switch and the fan at the same time. There was a nice big puddle on the floor and water dripping down through the ceiling fan. I then decided that it would probably be a good idea if I shut the fan off. I called maintenance and they pounded on the door of my upstairs neighbor (finally! he get's woken up by noise!) and I listen to the sounds of rushing water through the floor. The maintenance guy comes down to my level and explains that the guy's toilet had been leaking all night. Nothing wakes you up quite like a stroll through someone's toilet water. So, after the swamp above me was cleaned up, the guy comes down and inspects my bathroom ceiling. The seams on the drywall were nicely swollen so the guy punched a hole through them to let them drain. So, over the next couple days I get to look forward to a carpenter putting up a new drywall ceiling in my apartment. I think I'll try and convince him to paint over the patch job I did on the hallway wall for free.

I added the soundtrack for the NES port of 1942 into the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation along with a new composer and a heavily updated one.

I've revamed my book collection again. The layout now groups the books in a box. I've also added a lot more covers, mostly in the fiction section.

Well, I'm glad it's the weekend. I could use some rest.

It's hard to speak with both feet in my mouth

Feeling: Lonely


There is a minor update to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. I've updated a few Winamp plugins with the latest version of the players.

My books collection has been updated once more. I broke out the pages by type, included more information, my personal rating, and started working on the new display layout. It's still pretty empty, but I'll keep updating it as I go.

Does this mean we'll have to start calling it the Black House?

Feeling: Happy


We've had a few warm days lately, so I've been able to have my top down during lunch time. Sure global warming is killing thousands of costal dwellers and causing billions in property damage... but I get to have my top down in November! Totally worth it!

I converted my book collection into a database, so now the page is data fed. I also added several books to the list that were missing. I plan on updating it some more now that it's a database.

Science Rules!

Feeling: Happy


Why vote for Obama or McCain when you can vote for someone who is completely and certifiably insane?

Having keyless entry on my car is making me lazy. Now, each time I come to my apartment door I want to hit a button instead of fishing around for the right key, putting it in the lock, turning the lock, turning it back, and removing the key. Gosh, it seems like so much work!

Remember Bill Nye the Science Guy? It was the Mr. Wizard of the 1990s. 100 episodes were made, but they're only sold as school videos at $50 an episode. You could spend $5000 for the series, or you could just download them illegally via BitTorrent. I trust you'll make the right choice.

Rock on!

Feeling: Exhausted


Youmacon was certainly interesting, I'll give it that. Being dressed in an uncomfortable costume for an entire day with little sleep and malnourishment was actually kind of fun. It reminded me of the weekends during high school. There was very little going on that I was interested in, so most of the time I just walked around as eye-candy to hordes of annoying underage girls wearing signs offering free hugs. I was fun seeing some old friends and making some new ones. I matched up more costumes than I expected, and I never once thought to myself, "I'd rather be doing something else," so all-in-all it was a pretty good event and worth the trouble. However, I would have preferred to see fewer Jokers and Ls and more scantly clad women. My only regret is having to shave my belly, and below. Every time I take a step now my boy bits are protesting via razor burn. Anyway, here are some pictures of the Chrono Cross group I was in: serious group, silly group, stabbing mojo, full body, close up.

Other points of interest include: I finished reading "Circus of the Damned", book three in the Anita Blake series. Loved it, although the ending was very anti-climactic. I finally found a book that I started reading in 6th grade, but never finished because I lost it. It turns out that it was from a series called "Seven Citadels". I ordered the four book series last night and I hopefully it'll be as good as I remember it.

Cute overload! A lion cub fights a puppy!

Remember the good old days of BBS text files? Well visit to find all those 80 column encyclopedias like the Anarchist Cookbook, plans for blue boxes, dangerous homemade drugs, bad ASCII art, occult instructions, computer humor, and many many more.