February, 2009

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The "M.U.S.H.A." soundtrack in now available to download in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Check out this simple game called, I Wish I Were the Moon. It's very sweet (as in romantic, not cool). Move around the various objects to see the different endings. There Are 8 in all. I was able to get them all after playing around for about 15 minutes.

Finally, try Hishi Saga. It took me about a hour to figure out every stage. And can you believe it? Samorost 2 is out!


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The "Thunder Force III" soundtrack has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Three more fonts have been added to the Game Font Database.


Cheeky little boob-tube YouTube lover

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The "Final DOOM" soundtrack has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

I like the song Sinners and Winners by The Holloways.

Some more fonts have been added to the Game Font Database.

The Supreme Court ruled on an interesting case today. A public park in Utah has a stone monument of the Ten Commandments on display. A small religion, called the Summum noticed that the public land was advertising religion and decided it wanted to hop on the band wagon and talked to the park administration about putting up a monument for Summum. Of course, the park administrators denied the request, so the Summumites took them to court to force them to accept their monument. This is slippery-slope of allowing religion on public land. If you allow one, fairness dictates that you must allow them all. This is a prime example of why we have the Establishment Clause in the first amendment. Well, the Supreme Court ruled that religions can not force State government to put religious monuments on public property. After I thought about it their ruling for awhile, I ended up agreeing with them. This case was not about religious monuments on public land, but whether religions can force themselves onto public land. However, I can't help but think that the real problem is allowing -any- religion on public land. If the Supreme Court ruled that permanent religious structures are not allowed on public property then this entire case wouldn't need to exist. However, since it is okay to have religious monuments on public land, the message that our government is sending us is, park administrators get to decide which religions are to be encouraged by the government. You can read the whole story on the NY Times.

I'm ready for summer now, thank you

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You know how people tell you never to go grocery shopping when you're hungry? Well, here's an even more useful tip. Never go bulk food shopping when you're hungry. Although, on the plus side, I won't have to go bulk food shopping until 2010.

I've cleaned up the Raptor soundtrack in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation and added a few more minor updates.

As I was driving home last night I came up to my apartment complex and saw one of the buildings in the distance with fire pouring out of the windows! I began to panic, is my apartment on fire?! But then I realized... there's no smoke... and the fire looks an awful lot like the sun. Yeah, it's been so long since I got home with the sun still up that I forgot that the sun reflects on glass. I'm smrt!

I'll be reaching for the stars with you

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The weekend was just what I needed to recuperate from last week. Unfortunately, it was also the cause of the need for more recuperation. Funny how that works.

On Sunday I went ice skating once more and then had dinner with several of my friends at Sagano. Most of us later went to Rachel and Phil's place to play some games and chit-chat.

The Paperboy soundtrack from the NES port has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Enjoy 1000 Awesome Things.

In the spring of 2008 a Dutch man named Geert Wilders created a short film called "Fitna". "Fitna" is a documentary that combines some of the more atrocious passages of the Qur'an with footage of Islamist terrorists and the results of their attacks. The film's purpose is to show that Islam can be very dangerous. Right after the film's release, most of the people involved in its creation received death threats from Muslims, proving how dangerous they are. As expected, most television organizations and governments have been too afraid of Muslim terrorism to show the film, and many others have censored the film calling it "hate speech". Because of this it remains an Internet phenomenon. In actuality, the film doesn't try very hard to debase Islam, it merely shows several extremist Muslims who debase Islam through their actions. Wilders has had an uncountable number of death threats because of this film and has been threatened with legal action by many countries, even those who claim to promote free speech like the Netherlands and the UK. In fact, On February 12th, 2009, Wilders was invited by Lord Pearson to show his film in the House of Lords, but when he arrived at the UK airport he was prevented from entering the country and forced to leave. This was because Lord Ahmed, a Muslim, convinced the UK government to censor Wilders and his work from being shown. Because of all of these terrorist threats and censorships, millions of people who normally wouldn't have bothered to watch the video have been actively seeking it out and experiencing just how terrible religious extremists can be. I watched it and was shocked at how graphic is was. Here is the link if you'd like to see it. And also, some commentary by Pat Condell, one of my favorite atheist YouTubers.

It's been the worst day since yesterday

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Flogging Molly was amazing. I heard most of my favorite songs and a couple great new ones. The crowd on the floor was just a huge mass of writhing bodies pushing in every direction, crowd surfing, and throwing the occasional punch. Luckily, Devin, Kaylee, and I were up in the less-dangerous balcony. This didn't stop me from dancing like a punk on speed which I'm paying for today. My shoulders and lower back are the most sore, but it's nothing a weekend can't fix.

The Videogame Music Preservation Foundation has a nice big update today. I added a Java Applet that allows you to listen to any song online in your browser! It took me awhile to make this update, but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I also had to decompress all of the songs on the server, which meant renaming every song. This is going to break the links of anyone who had been direct linking to my files, but that's a good thing. As I write this, I'm still uploading all the decompressed music files, it will take several more hours before it finishes, so don't freak out if your favorite music isn't there anymore.

Together undivided but forever we'll be free

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One quick update before I head out to see Flogging Molly. I've added a new section to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. Remember how I wasn't having very much luck with getting The Unofficial DOOM Soundtrack setup as a Torrent? Well, I decided to skip the Torrents and create a new section in the VGMPF for unofficial albums. The new section is more advanced than the current music sections because it allows you to preview the music right on the site. I'll eventually incorporate this feature into the rest of the site as well. So enjoy the new album while I enjoy Flogging Molly.

We're all just dancers on the Devil's Dance Floor

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I had to buy it. It was on sale for only $3. Sure it makes me look like a total creep, but I needed it.

There are some more fonts in the Game Font Database including Beast Wars, Boulder Dash, and Quake1.

Tomorrow I'm getting some service done on Chloe (my car) and after that, I'm going to see Flogging Molly!

It's not the size, nor the way it's lookin'
It's the way it moves on stiletto shoes

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I created my first Torrent last night; The Unofficial DOOM Soundtrack (Editor's note: Torrent was moved to the VGMPF). The tracker claims that there are zero seeds, even though I'm seeding it, and several people have downloaded it already. I'm not sure what's the dilly-o there. Are any of you able to download it? Maybe I'll have to talk to some hax0rs on the phorums and see how to fix that.

Today at work we spent four hours trying to develop error trapping on a system that doesn't lend itself well to error trapping. Fun fun fun!

And if our transcendental lift shall find a final floor

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My friend Amber stayed over for most of the weekend. I fixed her mother's computer, helped her fix her own computer, watched some movies, went shopping, and dined out. It was a lot of fun.

One weird encounter occurred while we were eating. Our server thought she recognized me, which is actually pretty common for me. I guess I have a stereotypical nerd/geek look with my long hair and goatee since I'm always being compared to someone's friend. Anyway, the server and I threw a couple of questions back and forth, but then realized that we don't know each other. However, as the night progressed and she learned more about me, she continued to think she knew me. Finally, after we exchanged names, and more about our lives we realized that we do in fact know each other. She is the sister of a coworker. I had only seen her three times before, for brief periods, and the last time was two years ago, so I didn't recognize her. The weird thing is that she lives like an hour drive from where she was working, which is a half hour from where I live. I never expected to see her there.

On to the topic of science. Why is it that there isn't an all-encompassing symbol for science? There are plenty of symbols used to represent fields of science, and plenty more used in those fields. But what is lacking is a single symbol to represent the basis of all science, the scientific method.

Science Symbols

Are we ready to read this blog?

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When I was at Subway I ordered my sammich, made my way to the cashier, and set down my foot-long spicy Italian (pun intended). The normal protocol at this point is for the cashier to ask me if I would like my sandwich in a combo. But she didn't ask the normal question, she asked a cute, less accurate, question, "Is this a combo?" Nothing pisses off my literal brain more than a simple question being re-phrased to make it "cute", while at the same time destroying its meaning. Are you blind? It's not a combo, it's a sandwich. Maybe if I had a bag of chips with me and a cup-in-hand I could understand her asking in such a distorted way, but seriously lady, if you want to know if I want a combo, simply ask, "would you like a combo?"--it's really not that difficult. So, I decided to be "cute" right back by sarcastically saying, "No, this is a sandwich." She didn't appreciate that.

On the same token--and I've bitched about this before--I hate when restaurant servers ask, "Are we ready to order?" as if they are part of my decision making process. I especially hate it when I'm eating by myself, and the server uses the royal we. I like to answer them with, "Yes -we- are. We've thought about it and finally reached the decision that we will have..." I believe it's my civic duty to lampoon "cute" use of the English language. If you want to talk "cute", run a daycare.

Score one for sanity! A court rules that autism is -not- caused by vaccinations. While this won't do much to change the minds of those who are just so super sure that vaccinations cause autism, it does give reassurance to those who were skeptical.

Three more fonts have been added to the Game Font Database, because I'm just that cool!


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The Monster Bash soundtrack has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. Good music, laborious game.

The father of evolution, Charles Darwin, celebrates his 200th birthday today. Well, I mean, if he were still alive that is. Now would be a good time to read up on his amazing idea, evolution. Even if you already know a lot about it, there's always more to know. If you're not very familiar with it, or you think the jury is still out on evolution, it's in your best interest to read about the overwhelming evidence in its favor. There is a reason that nearly all biological and geological scientists agree with it.

2 + 2 = 5

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The AD&D: Pool of Radiance soundtrack has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Math is pretty trippy.

For an explanation of why 0.9 repeating equals 1 and many other well-written mathematical explanations, check out the Better Explained blog.

Another day, another videogame font

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Skiing didn't take place, since it was far too warm and all the snow melted. I still had a fun weekend though. I shopped with Jackie at a couple of thrift stores and picked up some used books (and updated my collection page). On Sunday I went ice skating and saw the movie Coraline, which was amazingly creepy for a kid's movie, and very good. A little different than the book, but very cool to see as a movie, and interesting to see in 3D.

I've added three more fonts to the Game Font Database from the games Battlestar Galactica, Willow, and Stealth.

Fight Like Apes has a new video out for their single, "Tie Me Up With Jackets".

A couple of days ago it was pointed out to me that I say "Mmm Bye" before I hang up the phone. My mother does this, and it always bugs me, and I was very distraught to learn that I've picked up this habit. So, I've been trying to rectify this personality quirk by monitoring how I say bye on the phone, but today I caught myself doing it again while ordering Mexican takeout! I shouldn't be saying "bye" anyway, because it's short for "goodbye", which is a concatenation of "God be with ye", and I'm really not the kind of person who says stuff like that. I think I'm going to alter my speech patterns so that I say "see you later" or "toodle pip" or something like that.

Feeling near immortal every Friday night

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More fonts in the Game Font Database. This time from The Addams Family games, Trojan, and another Quake font.

An interesting study was on NPR recently. They were talking about how of the thousands of jobs lost, around 80% are jobs predominently held by men, and if this continues, we'll see the first time ever in American history that women have more more jobs than men. And personally, I'm all for that. I mean, I just adore working girls.

I'm supposed to go skiing tomorrow, though the Weather Channel is predicting rain and melting snow which may make that impossible.

I plan on seeing Coraline this Sunday, if anyone wants to come with me, let me know.

Thursday walking in the arcade precinct

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I choose to exercise my American freedom of speech by likening Thai royalty with a jealous boyfriend with a hard-on for Joe McCarthy. Thailand's royalty has actually made it illegal for any Thai to view Web pages, read books, or even say anything that may be considered critical of Thai royalty. They also coerce their people into ratting each other out if any of them say anything contrary to the royal family. Here's an example of their cowardice: In 2005, Australian journalist Harry Nicolaides self-published a book on Thai royalty. Only 50 copies were ever printed, but one of them found its way to a Thai censor who issued a warrant for Nicolaids. In 2007, as Nicolaids tried to leave Thailand for work, he was arrested by the police. Apparently, his book wasn't even very slanderous. The worst thing the judge could say about it was that it "suggested that there was abuse of royal power". Because of merely suggesting that Thai royalty had been abusing its power, Nicolaides was sentenced to three years in prison, which doesn't seem like an abuse of power at all. This happened in light of the 2005 speech where Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej said that he was "not against criticism". By writing this, I've pretty much guaranteed that I can never visit Thailand, but then, why would I want to visit a totalitarian dictatorship headed by an alarmist tyrant?

The Half-Life fonts have been added to the Game Font Database, bringing the site up to 100 different game series.

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" is a pangram, that is, a sentence where every letter of the alphabet is used at least once. There are many pangrams, such as, "Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz", or "Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes". Now if you want to get really hardcore, you make a perfect pangram which contains each letter of the alphabet, including vowels, only once! Normally, you can't understand them because the words are exotic of the sentence doesn't make much sense. For example, "Cwm fjord bank glyphs vext quiz". For more on pangrams, check the Wikipedia entry.

I got ping pong on Wednesday

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Is your child not following the crazy laws found in the Book of Mormon? Are they not on their knees worshipping Joseph Smith? Are they choosing to be gay? Well then send them to the Mormon Gulag where they will have the gayness beaten out of them. Yes, they'll have the time of their lives experiencing Stalin-esque treatment as their head is shaved and they're dressed in rags. Then, they'll be treated like rabid dogs until they finally profess their undying love for all things Mormon. You know, the way our compassionate loving God wants them to be.

In less depressing news, the soundtrack for the SNES port of Wolfenstein 3D has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

However, it does seem like Tuesday

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During my lunch break I got a lovely flat tire. Not just one of those simple slow leaks or nails through the bottom, oh no! Mine was the huge-gash-through-the-wall-of-the-tire-so-there's-no-chance-of-patching-it kind of flat. So yeah, changing tires in the snow... not so much fun.

However, I still press on, undaunted. As mentioned yesterday, the Raptor: Call of the Shadows soundtrack has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

But it doesn't even seem like a Monday!

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I had a pretty kick-ass weekend. I took Friday off because my friend Kimberly was in town from Missouri. We got caught up on everything that's happened since we saw each other last summer (apparently, not a whole lot since we're both pretty dull people). We played some of our favorite card games (I lost every single game) and later we did some shopping with some of my friends down at Great Lakes Crossing. Kimberly's moral support always makes it easier for me to hit on girls, but alas, no takers.

On Saturday we went skiing. It's been a few years since Kimberly went so she was a little rusty, but she got her bearings before too long and we were zooming down the slopes. The full day of skiing left us pretty beat, so we spent the evening vegging out in front of the TV eating Michigan foods that they don't have in Missouri like Moose Tracks ice cream. Kimberly also stocked up on Better Maid potato chips and some odd type of pickles that can't be found anywhere else.

Kimberly was gone before I woke up on Sunday, so I spent most of the time lazing about my apartment since Chloe (my car) was having issues. This gave me plenty of time to skip cleaning my apartment and instead record the soundtrack to Raptor: Call of the Shadows--which I should have up tomorrow. Also, I played a lot of Half-Life and installed the very cool botman's bots mod and played a bunch of death match against artificial opponents.

Since Chloe was having issues with the radiator fan running on full blast the entire time I was driving, I took her into the dealer today. It seems the temperature sensor in the engine is needs to be replaced. Good. The more parts that get replaced on her before her warranty runs out the better. If I'm lucky, I'll have a fully new car just before the deadline!

I spent the first half of my day at work today scanning our office computers for viruses. Viruses at work is always a big deal. Even if you practice safe-surfing you can still get ITDs (Internet transmitted viruses). Luckily, my computer was clean, as were the other developer's computers. The virus seems to have come in from our support team and then made its way onto our servers. Have you ever scanned several terabytes of data for viruses? It's really boring. That boredom subsided when a major code bug was found in our latest release that I worked the rest of the day to fix.