May, 2009

Yes, I still feel accomplished

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Ever had a debate where you're sure the other side was thinking something like this?

Ah, science news. By the time you read about it, it bears no semblance to reality.

Jesus in Marmite? That's right folks! Most Americans aren't familiar with Marmite because we don't have a love for awful food the way the British do. Marmite is a thick salty vegetarian yeast extract paste that is spread on toast, cheese, and anything else that tastes good and needs to be taken down a few notches. It is often mocked for it's awful taste, even by the English who invented it.

I'm pretty sure my web comic will be ready by Monday. I've put a lot of work into the site it over the past couple days, and I'll spend some more time on it over the weekend. Each comic can be ranked by the viewers, and I'll have a mini blog with commenting as well. My comic will have a slightly different format than what you're used to. Instead of a whole strip each day, I'm only going to do one panel each day. Why? Because I'm lazy. That's why.

Come Monday, I'll be doing all right

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Two things I forgot about. One, I finished The Seven Citadels book series, which I began in 1996, then stopped for 12 years, and finally started again at the end of 2008. Two, back on May 8th, turned 8 years old. My web page is older than a couple of my nieces and nephews! I can honestly say that I never expected to maintain an interest in it for this long!

I spent a lot of time last night working on my upcoming web comic. I have about half of the web page done, and around 30 panels of the comic already completed. Hopefully I'll have the site online come Monday.

Leave it in the lap of the gods...

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Muslims declare the Internet evil, while Christians claim it's blessed. We'll find out which god owns the Internet this Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! One night only! Yahweh and Allah go head-to-head in a steel-caged grudge match! Tickets are just 10 bucks! Kids under 12 get in free. This Sunday! One night only! Be there!

Alternative therapy is awesome. The latest trend is purposely inserting tapeworms and hookworms into your intestines. Not for dieting, but to cure asthma, allergies, psoriasis, and autoimmune diseases! Of course, you'll have to drive to Mexico to get the procedure, because the USAs corrupt FDA has banned the practice here--which is just proof that it works.

I think I'm going to make a web comic. I've had several ideas for web comics in the past, and I even wrote up several scripts for them, but a lack of cartooning skills have made them fruitless. The project that is in the works won't be hindered by graphics as much because I'm designing it digitally with stick men. It won't look that impressive, but I think the subject material will keep it interesting. I've setup several panels and it looks like it's going to work out. Before it make it live on the Interblogs I want to have a proper web page setup. Look forward to it in a week or so.

Long weekend past

Feeling: Happy


I had a great time at Mayfaire. I got to see several of my homies and get caught up with them. I spent Memorial Day with some friends and got a Bionic Commando lanyard. Hi-res pictures have been added to the Bionic Commando Database.

It is a hard time to be a Roman Catholic, or a Scientologist, for that matter. This is what happens when you don't teach the controversy in public schools.

News flash! Tom Cruise is a whack job. Also, dog bites man.

Happiness is a...

Long weekend ahead.

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I've added the Tengen Tetris soundtrack to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Ironic news regarding After it was discovered that the judge who tried the case was a member of a copyright-protection group, a new judge was asked to review the case to see if a retrial would be in order. However, the new judge was just thrown off the case because it turns out the she is a member of the same copyright-protection group! Something is rotten in Sweden.

I'll probably be down at the Mayfaire Renaissance Festival this weekend.

What I wish for the world is better contest themes.

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Google did their 4th annual logo design contest for school children. This year's theme was "What I Wish for the World", which is about as stock and pansy a theme you can get. Google posted all of the state finalists on their site. Michigan's school children kind of dropped the ball; I think we need to spend more on the art programs of our public schools.

Torture in the name of Jesus? Sure why not? They call it "exorcism", I call it torture. Luckily, stuff like that would never happen in civilized areas like Ireland, where they only beat, rape, and humiliate children.

Wow, I've only had comments up for like a week in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation and already I've got spam-bots posting advertising crap!

Some people just don't like being told to be polite by passive aggressives.

Books! Check 'em out.

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Another gap is filled. A 47 million-year-old primate fossil was found recently. It fits neatly into the fossil record as a common ancestor for human evolution.

Wales is seeing the worst measles outbreak in years. Apparently, vaccinations work. Who knew? Oh yeah... doctors.

I did some more work on the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. The sidebar is a little different, and changes depending on whether you're logged in or not or if you're an administrator.

Be cool about fire safety!

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I picked up Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown last night. That brings my CD collection up to 150 discs.

My knees are feeling quite a bit better. I'm back to walking a mile each day, but it'll probably be another week before I'm running the whole mile again. Stupid knees. Are you calling me fat?

I've been playing a lot of Desktop Tower Defense recently. The new Pro version is pretty cool. I like the new creeps, but I'm annoyed at the necessary login to activate certain options in sandbox.

You'll trap the stars in jars and line them along your walls

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I had an enjoyable weekend. New books include Sun Tzu's "The Art of War", "Essentials of Philosophy", and "The National Geographic Field Guide to Michigan Birds". I also pre-ordered Bionic Commando for the PC and got some neat patches which are in the Bionic Commando Database. I've added some pictures of the paintings I've made to add color to my bedroom.

Cars are kind of dumb. Last week I had Chloe's front-end alignment straightened. Upon fixing the alignment, I found that Chloe doesn't handle as well as she used to--or rather, now she handles too well. The proper alignment made her steering noticeably looser. While this isn't a big deal at slow speeds, when I'm going 85... I mean 65... on the expressway, every tiny bump moves the steering wheel and must be corrected for. Wanting to make sure everything was kosher, I asked the mechanic about it. He explained to me that when the alignment was messed up the tires were pushing in slightly different directions on the road. This caused them to grip tighter and made the steering more firm, but it also caused the tires to get eaten up. Now that the tires are properly flat on the ground they're gripping less (but properly), which makes the steering easier and annoyingly loose. I asked if there was a way to tighten the steering and he told me that with rack-and-pinion steering you're pretty much stuck with the manufacturer's steering sensitivity. Lame. I almost want to have them set the alignment back to get the awesome steering that Chloe had before, but then I'd have to buy new tires every year. I wonder if the previous owner purposely put the front-end out of alignment in order to tighten the steering?

I've complained about LINUX not being capable of taking over the home market because it's still so incredibly difficult to use, but I've never really given that many examples. Well, here is a list created by someone with far more technical understanding than I explaining the short comings of LINUX for the home user. The language is a little on the technical side, so try to keep up.

Well, at least Google knows the score on Jenny McCarthy.

You're driving me crazy, when are you coming home?

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Last night at dinner my server asked if I wanted to try a sample of wine. For years it's been a gut reaction to say "no" without even considering the question. However, I've been on a kick to try new things recently, so I accepted the wine sample. I last tried wine while in Seattle in 2006. I didn't care for wine then, and I still don't. It tastes like cough syrup to me. And not the good kind of cough syrup, like the delicious grape flavor of Dimetapp, but the gross flavor of NyQuil. I just don't understand the appeal of wine.

789 Chrysler dealers have been marked for closure today. Only three of them were clients at my work, so it's not a big drop. Still, I took a look at the list and several dealers close to home, that have been around my entire life, are now going to be vacant buildings. Kind of depressing.

Speaking of depressing, I bought a box of Cap'N Crunch a couple of days ago. It has been well over 10 years since I last ate Captain Crunch, and either they changed the formula for the cereal, which seems unlikely, or my taste buds are no longer capable of appreciating sugar encrusted breakfast cereals, which seems much more likely. Regardless, the cereal has been ruined for me. Frown.

It seems even boardgames are trying to remove the self-esteem of young girls.

It turns out the daydreaming actually uses more of your brain than a lot of the other stuff you do during the day.

I'm taking Chloe to the dealer for her very first scheduled service checkup. There is also a matter of the airbag light coming on occasionally to take care of. It's weird--even though it costs a lot, and it's a bit of a hassle to do--I really feel good when I have work done on Chloe. I adore her so much that it makes me feel proud to have her fixed up. Hmm... I think I need a girlfriend bad!

"We are the people our parents warned us about." ~ Jimmy Buffett

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Because I'm a heartless bastard:

Mythbuster, and soon to be mommy, Kari Byron informally tackles some pregnancy myths.

Here are some of the worst ideas for saving money that I'm sure a couple of my friends have considered. I'm looking at you Jackie!

The NES hacking notes have been added for Ironsword and Bart Vs. The Space Mutants, thanks to Mike Stone.

We create until we die!

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Intel of Europe was sued by the European Union for offering kickbacks to companies who refused to used AMD. Now they're being forced to pay $1.45 billion. Sucks to be them!

It turns out that acupuncture "works" just as well if you use toothpicks that don't even penetrate the skin. Note that "works" is in quotations marks because I'm being facetious.

The RIAA has been crying, lobbying, and suing because of pirating. Unfortunately, they're going about the problem the wrong way. Case in point: today, in the mail, I received the "Consumption Junction" EP by the band Scissors For Lefty. The CD was hand-signed by the band and it came with a nifty tote bag featuring the band's logo. The CD, signing, and tote cost me $5. If I were to buy something like that from the RIAA I would have paid twice as much, it would not be signed, it most certainly would not have any extras, and the CD would probably have some computer-crippling rootkit software on it. When a CD costs 10 cents to make and the RIAA charges $15.00 for it, can they really expect us not to steal it? Take a cue from Scissors For Lefty. Give us some incentive for paying full price and you'll find that we're more than willing to give up our hard-earned cash.

And I can't believe you didn't know this, too

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My knees are being sissies. I've been trying to run a mile each day to get back in shape after a weight-gaining winter, and now my knees are all like, "Wah! we're sore. You're using us too much! Blah blah blah!" I tried hitting them with a hammer, but that only made it worse.

I've added comments into the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. Now you can comment on blogs and reply to other user's comments. It keeps moving more towards an online community!

Six more movies based on true stories that are nothing at all like the true story. You mean Hollywood can't be trusted?

Today, I saw a huge embossed chrome Harley Davidson logo covering the back trunk of a Honda Civic. I really hope that it was intended as a joke.

Also, here are several highly dangerous items that are legal in the USA.

Important news that everyone needs to be aware of: Teenager draws a huge penis on the roof of his house so that it can be seen in satellite photos.

Although I no longer subscribe to "step on a crack, break your mother's back"I do believe that placing your palm on a Vitruvian arch will give your father dyspepsia. ~ George Hrab

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For added security I've upgraded my Wikis to the latest stable software release and I'm going through the VGMPF and verifying that everything is secure.

A 13-year-old boy with cancer has decided that he will no longer accept chemotherapy as it violates his Native American religion. Of course, the boy is not Native American. His parents claim that he's not very sick, even though they brought him to the hospital because he couldn't breathe. After the first round of chemo, which the boy claims made him feel sick, the parents said they will not subject him to that ever again unless he really needs it. Of course, several doctors have agreed that he is going to die without treatment, but the parents, who aren't even remotely qualified to say so, claim he's not in any danger yet. Yeah, this isn't going to end badly. Social workers are fighting to get custody of the child because the parents are obviously retarded. The cynic in me has a hard time caring since one less moron on the planet is kind of a good thing. The whole story can be seen here.

The Women's Development Organization of Kenya asked women to boycott sex for a full week to show how angry they were with the deadlock of Kenyan politicians. Just wait, it gets better. A husbands of one of the temporarily abstinent women is suing the activists on the grounds that the lack of sex has caused him undue stress including, mental anguish, backaches, and lack of concentration. Who knew that lack of sex was so dangerous? It's been a couple months for me, I'm surprised I'm still alive!

This chick's sarcasm makes me happy.

Who said life is about ambition?

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I put my darling Chloe under the knife today. She needed a front-end alignment which only ran me $50. Now I need to get a couple of new tires and she'll be ready tear up the roads again!

The nice weather has been putting me in the mood to play games outdoors, and that has led me to put more work into my Big Book of Backyard Games. It has the rules to over 100 different games, and about 100 more variations to the games. There's still plenty of games to that I need to add though and an even greater need for photos and illustrations.

Ugh! My web site was hacked back March 30th; several of my web pages were injected with obfuscated JavaScript. I've since removed the offending JavaScript and changed my password. I'm also looking at all of my wikis and php pages to make sure they're secure. I've tested my VGMPF PHP pages pretty well, but I wonder if someone found an exploit while I was still designing them?

Duke Nukem For-Never

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One of my favorite videogame companies has shut down. After over 20 years of developing and publishing games, Apogee Software (AKA 3d Realms) is no more. The company folded yesterday supposedly after failing to find financial backing. This came as a big surprise, not only to the fans, but even to the workers, who didn't know until the day of the closing. Apogee was responsible for some of my favorite PC games including the Wolfenstein 3D series, the Commander Keen series, the Duke Nukem series, Raptor: Call of the Shadows, Terminal Velocity, Wacky Wheels, Rise of the Triad, Realms of Chaos, and many more. has a couple of graphs to compare swine flu to other diseases just to put things in perspective. Vs. influenza, Vs. Malaria.

I don't want to go home alone, not tonight

Feeling: Lonely


One of the things I love about online dating sites is they show you people in your area that you would never normally meet. Granted, it's rare that I will actually want to date any of the women who make profiles, but that's mostly because I'm fiendishly picky. One of the things that I hate about online dating sites is that they give you the ability to see the profiles of people with similar interests, good looks, and high intelligence, that also live hundreds of miles away. It's kind of depressing that there are women out there that seem perfect for me (at least on a web page), but I'll never meet them unless I'm willing to move hundreds of miles away... which I'm not.

Matt Bors sums up swine flu in the same way I think about it. It's killed fewer people than the regular flu, but still people are freaking out about it just because the media is sensationalizing it. SARS? West Nile? Sound familiar? Forgive me if I'm skeptical.

What's the harm of homeopathy? Ask Thomas and Manju Sam who are facing 25 years in prison for failing to take their daughter to the hospital.

It turns out today doesn't have anything to do with mayonnaise sinking after all

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Here's what Cinco de Mayo is really about.

Really creepy Super Mario Bros. art work is really creepy.

The second draft of my Pocket Debate Book arrived in the mail today! You can download a free version here. It has been refined considerably, and I'm working on finalizing it. I still need to decide on a method for citations. Right now they're mixed in the counter claims. While this makes reading the counter claims very simple and accurate, it doesn't make it easy to check the sources. I'm thinking about footnotes at the end of each section... we'll see.

Overall, I think we did a good job, we did the best we could

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My replacement cable modem finally arrived over the weekend so I'll actually be able to return some of the emails that have been stacking up for the past couple weeks.

The weekend was a lot of fun. I fixed up Chloe quite a bit, put on her summer tires, washed her exterior, vacuumed her interior, and washed her floor mats. She might need a realignment, but she definitely needs two new tires. I'd also like to get some of the tiny scratches out of her paint, which I'll get to this week. I also ran around the mall a lot, enjoyed the warm weather, and hung out with my friend Vikki.

Pika-Jew, I choose you!

The Videogame Music Preservation Foundation finally has blog posting for all users! We're one step closer to having a fully functional online community.

There's a glow of spring in the hall tonight

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Mad cow disease, bird flu, swine flu... why is it that all my favorite foods keep getting viruses? Why can't we get asparagus flu or beet disease? I wouldn't care so much about those.

I'm looking forward to getting my tires replaced. Although, I think my tires from last autumn are worse than my winter tires. I'll probably have to get new ones soon. Plus, I'm only about 200 miles away from needing service done on Chloe. Good thing I got a raise at work.

Sometimes living vicariously through the lives of others is satisfying, but more often than not, it makes me feel like a loser who needs to get more stuff done. Thankfully, I can always compare myself to lazy people and feel much better again.

It's now May. I see few flowers and the April showers haven't stopped. Someone needs to inform the weather who is, quite obviously, not familiar with the song.

ROM Check Fail is a pretty cool game.