October, 2009

Albi the racist (well, not anymore) dragon

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As a Halloween treat, I give you the 1938 radio broadcast of Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds". Enjoy!

Here are some nicely altered Halloween horror posters.

What's the harm in believing in religious nonsense? Right now, Africa is going through the same problems our nation went through 300 years ago. The suppositious nature of the people is the cause of death to many innocent people, including five who were savagely beaten and then burned alive for the crime of witchcraft. Their execution was filmed, but I warn you, it is really horrific. This sort of thing has no business in the modern world.

More updates to the VGMPF Wiki.

Abel suffers a minor inconvenience in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Happy Halloween for tomorrow everyone! I'm going to be down with my friends at Youmacon for the weekend.

Use a saw on my jaw to improve my maw and withdraw the flaw

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I spent a couple hours last night patching up my Nikki costume. It's almost ready for this weekend, I just need to fix up the wig.

Cain prepares to kill Abel in the Blasphemer's Bible. It's about bloody time!

More updates to the VGMPF Wiki.

She said the sleepers on tracks have woken up, it's the end of the line I guess our luck is up

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It's important to keep your tyrannosaurus off crack.

You know what's weird? Finding a cat toy in the condom drawer of your night stand. You know what's even weirder than that? Finding a cat toy in the condom drawer of your night stand, when you don't own a cat, or a cat toy.

Cain pretends to care in the Blasphemer's Bible.

More updates to the VGMPF Wiki.

I've been getting a little dizzy recently, no doubt from the jaw. Fun!

It's awful, it's gruesome, it's something, it's cruel

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The church of Scientology has been found guilty of organized fraud in France. They are being fined 600,000, but will be able to remain an organization. I agree with the court's decision that Scientology is organized fraud. They charge money and claim they have healing powers, but they can't prove that they do. The problem I see with this case is that all religions make claims like this. The useless Scientology vitamins are no different than the useless Christian holy water. How they can claim that Scientology is fraudulent while, at the same time, protect the empty promises of the Muslims, Hindus, and Christians?

On the topic of fraudulent religions, today Cain gets turned down by God in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Every time I watch this it just looks more and more painful.

More updates to the VGMPF Wiki. I think the templates are near completed now. They allow for much more information than my last VGMPF model.

Enjoy the 10 funniest moments of Muppets comedy.

Some of these Halloween costumes are just wrong!

Getting better... s-l-o-w-l-y

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The weekend was pretty spiffy. Michael Shermer was a great speaker, though his lecture was a little watered-down for the masses; I was hoping for something a bit more cerebral. The Vampire's Ball was even bigger this year, though it went long and Voltaire was forced to cut out three songs from his set list. :-(

Today is a perfect Autumn day. It's dry, not too cold, orange and yellow leaves are blowing along the ground, and the smell of rotting foliage fills the air. Beautiful!

We don't need health care reform. It's totally acceptable that getting raped should make it impossible for a woman to get health insurance because they might have HIV. We also don't need the FDA regulating things like vagina mints.

Cain and Abel bring out their offerings in the Blasphemer's Bible.

More updates to the VGMPF Wiki.

Sigh, Geocities closes tomorrow. A chapter in Internet history has been finished. Many awesome sites got their start on Geocities, mine included.

Artist Liu Bolin can make some pretty good camouflage!

My jaw has been slowly getting better. I can often go a few hours without even noticing the pain, and I can even finish a meal without needing pain killers. Progress!

Pain, the other white meat

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One of the survivors of James Arthur Ray's sweat lodge is speaking out about the tragic events that occurred. For those of you who have not yet been duped by a "spiritual leader", let me give you three pointers to protect yourself. One, never trust a spiritual leader who also just happens to be a millionaire--there is a reason they have so much money and you don't. Two, never trust a spiritual leader who has been promoted on Oprah, Larry King Live, or The Today Show--these shows continue to demonstrate that they have no integrity whatsoever. Three, if your spiritual leader charges you close to $10,000 to do something that will cause you serious harm and potentially kill you... don't do it. James Arthur Ray is a douche bag.

Cain and Abel prepare to worship a malevolent deity in the Blasphemer's Bible.

I've got the VGMPF Wiki online with a couple example pages ready. It's still really ugly, but it's very difficult to make a Wiki look good. I'll try to get a theme ready sometime next week.

I have a busy weekend. Tonight, I'm heading over to East Lansing to see a lecture by author and skeptic Michael Shermer. Tomorrow, I'm going to Flint Vampire's Ball to see Voltaire with Amber. Sunday, I'll be recuperating. I'm on my second day without pain meds, the pain in my jaw is constant, but it's dull and relatively easy to ignore as long as I concentrate on not moving my jaw in the slightest. I'll probably make a new dentist appointment next week to get a bite splint.

The incredible, edible, pain

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Last night I watched the movie The King and I. It was good, and Yul Brynner was amazing, but I'm so glad that Hollywood has decided to stop casting honkeys for non-Caucasian roles. It looks so terrible.

Is your daughter becoming too Westernized? Maybe you should run her over with your SUV.

So you spend all your time putting passwords on your data to keep it secure, and then Time Warner leaves your backdoor open! It turns out that 65,000 subscribers to Time Warner broadband have a gaping security flaw in their cable modems. Time Warner keep in an administrative backdoor with an unencrypted password, visible by simply turning off JavaScript in your browser! Woops!

Here are 11 features you won't see in Windows 7.

Cain and Abel become bestest buddies in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Want to relive all those awkward moments in your favorite 80s TV Show? Rape, molestation, and drug abuse all found their way into a very special episode.

I expect to have the VGMPF Wiki open to the public by tomorrow. It's still pretty rough around the edges, but I'll clean up the theme and template later.

I feel like pain tonight

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The HPV vaccination has been approved for men now! Granted, HPV doesn't cause cancer in men like it does women, but now men no longer have to be a carrier of the virus.

For some reason the Monty Hall problem has been in my head today. I love strange math problems.

Hey, now Abel exists in the Blasphemer's Bible. Shazam!

I'm getting awfully close to having the the VGMPF Wiki up and running. I'm still struggling with the poorly designed Wiki templates, but once those are done for each major type of page, I'll open it to the public.

As expected, I didn't last the day without pain killers. By the evening I was in pain from my forehead all the way down to my lower back. Although, my nose and ears were relatively pain free... so there's that.

Pain, it's what's for dinner

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32 more exoplanets have been discovered, including a couple "super-Earths". They have similar attributes to our planet, but their a couple times more massive. The potential for discovering extraterrestrial life in my lifetime is increasing! Another front that's expanding is the field of AI. Scientists have put the brain cells of a rat into a robot and when the brain cells are fed sensory input from the robot, it makes decisions on how to move the robot!

If you're a woman who has been considering the HPV vaccination, but are afraid of dangerous side effects, especially since some people are claiming that it's just as dangerous as cervical cancer, here is a chart that shows the number of problems it has had.

Witness the birth of Cain in the Blasphemer's Bible.

The VGMPF Wiki is progressing. I'm still wrestling with the terribly designed template structure of MediaWiki. Once the templates are defined, I'll be able to open up the site for editing.

Last night, I was eating tacos and really put a strain on my jaw. I also ran out of Aleve, so the pain in the left half of my head in on constant, but dull pain. I'm going to see how far I can go without pain killers, but I have a feeling that I'm going to wuss out and buy some more, then schedule another dentist visit. My mother also gave me the number of a specialist who might be able to help. All I want is a jaw that can clench down on tempered steel without giving. Is that too much to ask?

Wiki wiki wiki

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Evolution has been demonstrated to be factual (again) and scientists have the DNA to prove it; this time using the long-term E-coli study at Michigan State.

Programmers will enjoy this list of puzzle sites that test your programming mettle.

Euphamisms are discussed in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Here are some of the best signs seen around Springfield.

I'm currently in the process of converting the VGMPF into a Wiki. While I was pretty gung-ho about creating my own content management system at the beginning, I've decided that a Wiki has most of the functionality I need to get the VGMPF up and running on its own accord. The database solution was nice at keeping everything tidy and giving me full range to customize the pages the way I wanted them, but I can't work up the nerve to write 90% of the functionality of a Wiki all by myself. Anyway, I'm currently working on the initial formats, categories, and templates needed for the site to become operational. Once that's done, I'll probably write a program to import all of the data rapidly into the Wiki and then open it up to global edits.

Jaw still hurts.

I don't wanna rock, I wanna roll on top

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Halloween is getting close. Check out these awesome costumes.

If you're a nurse in Texas, don't even think about doing the right thing!

It never fails, your favorite kid's movies have incredibly freaky nightmare-inducing scenes.

Today is the Blasphemer's Bible's 100th comic!

A couple more games in the Online Games section.

Jaw still hurts.

I wonder if I can perform self-surgery on my own jaw with a razor and some pliers?

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My favorite Jew, Sarah Silverman, has made a wonderful video called, "Sell the Vatican, Feed the World".

Want your very own black hole? It may be possible some day!

Hypnotherapy is so poorly regulated that even a cat can get registered at several hypnotherapy organizations.

Adam and Eve are finally kicked out of Eden in the Blasphemer's Bible.

I added a couple more Online Games thanks to readers reminding me of the ones I was forgetting.

The Smithsonian is opening a new hall on 6 million years of human evolution. I'd love to see this!

Is it still nerdy if there are four topless girls in the room?

Jaw still hurts.

Crucify me!

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This year's award for most bizarre use of a laser goes to Kellogg's for their laser etched... corn flakes.

Google's building maker is allowing people to rapidly make 3D models for buildings of major cities all over the world.

What happens when people from the bible cross over into the Star Trek universe? Read the Blasphemer's Bible to find out!

Several new Online Games have been added to my list. Did I miss any good ones?

Jaw still hurts... my dentist sent me an estimate for a bite splint. Only $220.

Jaw still hurts

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For 100 years makers of music and movies have been complaining that the latest technology will put them out of business. For 100 years, they've been wrong.

If you've watched the movie The Secret and are thinking about following the incredibly lame and not at all new ideas found therein, especially from James Arthur Ray, you may want to know that on his latest spiritual retreat (costing a mere $9,000) 21 people had to go to the hospital and two people died in his sweat lodge.

Adam and Eve don their gay apparel in the Blasphemer's Bible!

Geeks beware! Don't ruin your job interview with these common mistakes.

I'm starting a new page in my Games section for Online Games. It will feature all of my favorite Flash and Java games. There are a couple games reviewed so far, but look forward to many more.

She's got her jaws just locked now in smile, but nothing is all right

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I had a pretty spiffy weekend. With my friend Robin I watched the movie version of Lord of the Flies which was pretty good--it moved along a lot faster than the book. Speaking of flies; you can tell just by looking at some people if they had zero friends in high school. However, sometimes you have to look at their artwork involving dead flies.

I went bowling with my homies as well and, for the first time ever, bowled 5 strikes in a row to get my highest score yet 192!

Don't use chemotherapy, use herbal remedies! Well, actually, chemotherapy -is- an herbal remedy!

We're nearing the 100th comic in the Blasphemer's Bible!

You've heard of two girls, one cup? Well here's three cats, one steak!

Even the real life Mayans don't believe the world will end in 2012.

Jaw still hurts.

Feel the teeth in your bones, heal ya head with my own

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I had an awesome dinner last night. A worker of the restaurant got off early, so she invited herself to my table and we got to know each other. She's well-spoken, attractive, and interesting. She's far too young to have a relationship with, but she's certainly cool enough to become friends with.

NASA's LCROSS mission was a success. Basically, they crashed a rocket into a deep crater on the moon and used a satellite to collect to dust to measure it, especially for water content. You can watch the video of the rocket camera here, but because the camera was destroyed at impact you don't get to see the explosion. Hopefully, there will be some better videos soon.

Now Adam gets "punished" in the Blasphemer's Bible.

I got a free ticket in the mail to Nightmare Returns, a "Hell House" in Grand Blanc. For those of you not familiar with Hell houses they're basically a series of skits that some of the more extreme Christian churches put on. Each skit involves sinners getting their comeuppance. Gays get tortured in Hell, women who have abortions get tortured in Hell, kids who read books on the occult are tortured in Hell, really good people who do charity work, but don't know Jesus are tortured in Hell, basically, there's a lot of people getting tortured in Hell. The final skit never fails to showcase the awesomeness of what Heaven will be like as a reward for blind faith and sheep-like Christian behavior. The entire show hangs on the "what if you're wrong" argument, also known as Pascal's Wager. This argument is a false dichotomy because it only asks what if you're wrong about the Christian god. You could equally be wrong about the existence of Zeus, Brahman, Odin, Ra, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc., but they never bother to ask "what if you're wrong" with those deities. Anyway, I think I'm going to go to the show so that I can mock it.

You're heart sweats and teeth grind

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The couple that let their 11-year-old diabetic daughter die because they were too busy praying for her instead of taking her to the hospital have not learned a lesson. They could have both received 25 years in jail, but instead they were each sentenced to 6 months in jail, one month a year, for six years, at different times. This will allow them to continue parenting their remaining children. The couple's remaining children will receive regular and random health inspections until they're all 18, as a form of long-term probation. The couple remains ignorant to reality claiming that they weren't treated properly. I got news for you, if murdering an 11-year-old girl only gets you 6 months in jail, you were treated better than 99.9% of all the other people on Earth!

World's largest pumpkin is large.

Poor Eve receives sentencing in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Life Magazine has showcased some pretty awful inventions over the years. Here are some of the worst.

Scientists get closer to discovering what causes autism. I'll give you a hint, it has nothing to do with vaccinations.

There's an interesting separation of church and state dilemma in the Supreme Court going on right now. In the 1930s, in order to honor the dead from World War I, a cross was erected in the state-owned Mojave National Preserve without permission from the state. This cross stayed for several years and many war veterans appreciated it. Not too long ago, a Buddhist asked the park if he could erect a Buddhist monument next to the cross in order to honor the Buddhists who died in the war, but the park wouldn't allow it. This prompted a lawsuit against the park because, as a government institution, it was violating the establishment clause of the first amendment of the US constitution by showing religious favoritism. A decision made it's way to Congress who had the options of removing the cross or privatizing the land that the cross was on. Congress decided that, rather than make a bunch of war veterans angry, they would designate the tiny area of land the cross resided on (right in the middle of the park) as a national monument, with the same status as the Statue of Liberty, and give control over to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The ACLU argued that this is exactly the opposite of what the government should be doing because it sets a precedence in which at any time the government wants to get around the first amendment, all they have to do is declare the area a national monument and give it over to a private group to maintain. This could lead to a religious symbol on every street corner. Justice Antonin Scalia argued that the cross isn't a religious symbol, but a generic symbol used to honor the dead. The prosecution responded by saying basically there are a whole bunch of Jews, Hindus, and Muslims who would disagree. As I see it, congress was in the wrong. There are millions of acres of private land where this cross can be moved to, it has no business being displayed on public land.

"The metal rods you put in your fucking jaw to keep you from grinding your teeth every night"

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I went to the dentist today because of my jaw issues. He told me I was probably grinding my teeth or putting pressure on my jaw in my sleep. He told me to take it easy on my jaw, take Naproxen Sodium (Aleve) for a week, use hot compresses several times a day, and... to stop chewing gum. The other ones I can handle, but no gun chewing? I base my life on how much gum I can chew! Well, hopefully, the jaw popping will go away if I take it easy, though I can expect similar problems occasionally for the rest of my life. Getting old sucks.

One big argument for an afterlife is out of body experiences from near-death experiences and revived individuals. Well, science opens our eyes in this realm too as measurable increases in brain waves occur just before people die.

Beware of what you eat! Here's a list of the top ten most commonly infected foods.

The serpent gets knocked down a notch in the Blasphemer's Bible.

The biggest case of OOPS! ever.

And now my fur has turned to skin

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A couple days ago a friend gave me their copy of The Joy of Sex. I flipped through the book and noticed that it's exactly 256 pages long. 256 is also the number of possibilities in a single byte. This proves that computer programmers make the best lovers.

Speaking of books, I've updated my book collection with my new acquisitions and added several new images for some of the missing cover art. I recently finished reading "Why People Believe Weird Things" by Michael Shermer and "Stick to Drawing Comics Monkey Brain" by Scott Adams, both were very good, but for different reasons.

Sacred cows don't like the Blasphemer's Bible.

Glenn Beck recently did a segment on how the growing non-Christian (specifically atheists) population of the US is the sole cause of all of the country's problems. Apparently, the wars started by George Bush (a Christian) against Iraq and Afghanistan (Islamic countries) is the fault of atheists. Also, the Catholic priests molesting children and then trying to cover it up is the fault of the atheists. The financial collapse wasn't caused by a bunch of companies with shady business deals, it was caused by the atheists! Even though the average atheist is more educated than the average Christian, it's the atheist's fault our country has such low global test scores. Even though atheists are the less likely to get divorced than Christians, it's the atheists fault that we have broken families in the US. Even though atheists are less likely to be convicted of a felon (even after correcting for population percentage), crime is solely caused by atheists. Yes, Glenn Beck, it's got to be the fault of the atheists.

Enjoy SMBC Theater on YouTube.

For the final act they breathed an endless sigh and waved good bye

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Oh you silly 4Chaners, what a long way you've come.

Vaccinations have been extremely successful in ridding the world of crippling diseases like smallpox and polio, but the anti-vaccination morons have been stirring up the remains of the diseases based on a whim. These videos will explain how helpful modern medicine really is. One - Two

Eve takes a dive in the Blasphemer's Bible.

It takes more intelligence to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader than a player. This isn't a joke, it's true.

Seems like I stand pretty much unseen

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Last night I was eating dinner at a pizza buffet, which was nice because a cute worker was chatting with me. When I got up to refill my drink, a man said, "hello," to me and I said, "hi," back. He said, "I noticed you reading the bible." It was an honest mistake; the book I was reading was thick, leather-bound, had gold gilded edges, and a built in red satin bookmark. I said, "No, it was Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles." He was a bit taken aback and said, "It sounds very..." he searched for a word, and eventually came up with, "crafty." Of course, he meant "crafty" as in "witchcraft", not "clever". I couldn't help but chuckle. Even when I was a Christian I knew the difference between reality and a make-believe story. He left back to his seat without another word, which is good because I didn't want to explain my Flying Spaghetti Monster T-shirt to him.

A show called Rogue Traders investigates a man who claims to be able to cure cancer at a 60%-65% rate and that people should come to him instead of getting chemotherapy. What an asshole.

Fundamentalists continue to say God created us exactly as we are now about 6,000 years ago. Meanwhile, scientists give us new insight to our origins by studying the fossils of our latest oldest common ancestor, Ardi.

Things are heating up in the garden! See the details in the Blasphemer's Bible.

So when your head stuck in a tightening vise

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Happy October everyone! I wish I was in better spirits, but my jaw is still quite sore, and because of such, I have a chronic headache. I think it's getting better, but I'm not sure. Only the right side is popping now, but the left side is now making this grotesque clicking noise. Fun!

Jack "Enormous Dildo" Thompson, is filing a $40 million lawsuit against facebook because a lot of the people he offended have been threatening him. For those of you who haven't heard of Jack "Enormous Dildo" Thompson, he has filed numerous frivolous lawsuits against videogame companies claiming that their games make children shoot police officers. He's even been permanently disbarred from the Florida supreme court because of his bullshit lawsuits. Well, apparently, he needs $40 million because Facebook hasn't gone out of their way to stop a bunch of teenagers from hating him.

Ever wanted to make things out of individual atoms?

God is very concerned about nudity in the Blasphemer's Bible. I also added the serpent to the cast page.

Some movie scientists aren't as good as the credit we give them.