June, 2010

Sister Christian, oh the time has come

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End of June already? I need to head down south and get some fireworks for the 4th.

For the first time, astronomers have photographed an extrasolar planet. This isn't measuring a star's wobble, this is the real deal!

Here's an interesting fact. The mummy of the boy pharaoh, Tutankhamen, is missing its penis.

Abraham, now about 140-years-old, has six more sons in the Blasphemer's Bible. Also, don't forget that the contest is still going on.

Now THAT is manly!

The Silver Lining, a King's Quest fan game, looks pretty amazing!

Devout Christians dancing to Slayer. Awesome!

One nation, divisible

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I spent last night reloading my sister's computer. I swear, the more I do this, the easier it becomes. I barely even need to watch the monitor anymore.

A billboard was recently put up with the phrase "One Nation, Indivisible", obviously an homage to the original Pledge of Allegiance. Shortly after it went up, someone vandalized it by inserting the phrase "Under God", obviously an homage to the Pledge of Allegiance that was altered by Catholics in 1954. I guess they were trying to tell us that their god is so powerful that he uses petty thugs to get his message out. Impressive. Ironically, the result of the vandalism has actually increased the attendance for the group that put up the billboard.

Isaac gets a little freaky in his mother's bed in the Blasphemer's Bible. Also, don't forget that the contest is still going on.

If Lassie were a cat.

Score one for equality! The US Supreme Court just ruled that universities no longer have to support hate groups. Specifically, California Hastings College had a policy that if a student group wanted to be affiliated with the college and get college resources, they had to admit any student who wanted to be part of their group. It's only fair, since the group will receive money and facilities that was paid for by the students. Well, a Christian hate group that likes to tell everyone they're eveil and who refuses non-Christians members complained that equality just wasn't fair. They tried to force the college to approve of their hate rhetoric. Well, several court cases later, the Christian hate group was fed some well deserved humble pie.

Here is an awesome comic strip about homeopathy.

Enjoy this humorous rant about which dinosaur is the best.

Liar, Lunatic, or Lord? What about Legend?

Feeling: Happy


The Skeptics In the Pub meeting on Friday was amazing! I met with several really friendly people of all ages and had a blast. I can't wait for the next meeting! Saturday morning I went running my my homies. We went four miles with a 4 minutes running, 1 minute walking schedule. I got another fun sunburn, but it's gone now. I was pretty beat by the end of it, but felt like a million buck for the rest of the day.

Who wants a pet AT-AT?

I saw someone using their cellphone to take a picture of Chloe. My car rocks.

Want to make a comic for the Blasphemer's Bible? Now's your chance! I'm doing a contest to showcase the work of others.

Ever wanted to know what an American ethnic food section looks like in a grocery store from a different country? Marshmallows and cake mix!

The latest version of Super Mario Crossover has been released!

While the "fetus feels pain" argument doesn't affect my views on abortion, it turns out that they don't actually feel pain even after 24 weeks!

One of the interesting things about Creationism is that the way it's taught in school has evolved over time. It began as simply Creationism, then became Creation Science, then became Intelligent Design, then Teach the Controversy, and now it's called Strengths and Weaknesses. Here is a nice lecture about the evolution of Creationism: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Are you sure?

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While driving home from dinner last night I saw an old beater rambling down the road, the entire back of the car was covered in bumper stickers. As I began to pass the vehicle, I glanced over at the driver, expecting to see some kook with a tinfoil helmet, but instead I saw this tiny pixie of a girl with short black hair. She stared at me as I passed her, and then began to tail me. I accelerated up to about 85, but she stayed on my ass. Finally, I switched lanes, and she passed me, giving the most innocent smile imaginable. I can't say for sure, but I think she was trying to race my gorgeous Chloe with her old heap. Well, my exit was coming up, so I pushed it up to 95 and caught up to her just in time to exit. I smiled and waved goodbye to her, and she smiled and waved back. It made me very happy.

Germany just legalized euthanasia! I doubt will see that in this country for a long time.

Teach your children the Star Wars ABCs.

Rebekah finally meets Isaac in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Want to impress your friends at that 4th of July BBQ? Try watermelon carving.

Easy Joe is a simple, but fun, puzzle game.

When you hear the words "Catholic crime", what's the first thing you think of? Raping children, right? Well, the authorities in Belgium are no longer content to just let the Catholic groups shuffle around child-raping priests, so they raided the county's Catholic offices. I'm still waiting for them to do this to the Vatican.

The following pages of the NES Hacker Wiki have been updated: Pinball Quest, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Castlevania II, Conquest of the Crystal Palace, Duck Tales, Donkey Kong, Tecmo Bowl, Darkwing Duck, Rambo, and Gauntlet II.

This guy is such an idiot.

There is going to be a skeptics in the pub meeting tonight in Flint! I'm psyched to finally see some organization, albeit loose, of the free thinkers of Flint. Hopefully, this will be the start of an actual social group for skeptics in Flint.

I'm going to go into the corner and play my violin and... math!

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There should probably be a law against making an amateur hip-hop music video with children if you're their gross mother.

The Axis of Awesome are awesome!

Rebekah is given quite the send-off in the Blasphemer's Bible.

I guess I have to declare victory for the anti-vaxers. Thanks to their efforts, whooping cough has made a resurgence in California and is now four times more prevalent than it was last year. Doctors may tell you you're being idiots, but luckily, there are celebrities who will tell you the truth.

If you only had a brain

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Disney sure has a way of glossing over old fairytales.

Rebekah is bought as a whore in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Here's an interesting video by Michael Shermer, editor of Skeptic Magazine, that talks about pattern recognition.

Animals love chasing laser pointers, but what happens when you attach the laser pointer to their collars?

20 boys have been killed recently in South Africa due to botched circumcisions.

Going to see my girlfriend tonight!


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I beat the Julius run in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow last night, so now I'm doing a new game plus for the Julius run.

Vagina dentata becomes a real thing!

Worship Gold in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Want to get killed by animals that look relatively harmless?

Several games have been updated in the NES Hacker Wiki.

Enjoy the ten most important things you were never taught in high school.

Super Mario Bros. music on a violin? Surely you can't be serious!

Except sounds with an A like neighbor or weigh!

Feeling: Sunburned


I had fun in the sun this weekend. I got quite the burn on Saturday. One hour in the sun, and I looked like a lobster. Sunday was very enjoyable, I got to hang out with my peeps over at Sarah's BBQ.

It is reported that Chinese company Foxcomm has it's employees sign a contract saying them won't kill themselves on the job. Man, a few teenagers kill themselves after having to work 72 hours a week making iPhones, and suddenly they get all paranoid. Apparently, not making enough money in an entire month to even buy an iPhone and not being allowed to so much as talk to their coworkers has left them feeling a bit jumpy.

How many retro games can you name in this mashup video?

It turns out people in "the good old days" actually had more children who didn't know their parents than we do now!

Get some pie in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Law of Urban Dictionary: If you have to look up a phrase on Urban Dictionary, you'll wish you hadn't!

Remember Everybody Draw Mohammed Day? Well, there is a Pakistani Lawyer trying to get the founders of Facebook executed for allowing the users to post pictures of Mohammed on their site. That's a perfectly reasonable response to some drawings.

Crush the Castle 2 is a good way to waste an hour.

Gauntlet II has been updated in the NES Hacker Wiki.

Well done graffiti gentlemen.

Happy summer solstice!

Remember: I before E, except after C!

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Beware of grammar Nazis!

David Mach has made some interesting sculptures out of match heads, dominoes, and various other things.

Abraham's servant lives it up in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Who wants to go surfing on this wave?

If you were raised in a religious family, you won't know how silly it looks to other people.

I have a pretty spiffy weekend planned! BBQs and sunshine.

We're all here at Woodstocks, some day there'll be a black president!

Feeling: Frustrated


A friend of mine posted on Facebook that he was going to a rave. I told him to avoid the brown acid. He asked what I meant. I told him it harkens back to Woodstock. One of his friends replied, "That was a good movie, but I liked the remake better." Will somebody please hold me, I'm afraid for the future.

For all you Apple lovers out there, this is your life.

Dear Tea Party... this is the kind of crack pot you're associating yourselves with: Republican congressional candidate Bill Randall is claiming that Obama and BP planned the Deep Water Horizon oil spill on purpose. Now, most of you are already pretty batshit crazy yourselves, but maybe you'd find it wise to distance yourselves from this nutjob. And while I'm mocking the scum of the Earth, Senator Steve Feilding suggested that some women may purposely get pregnant and wait 20 weeks before getting an abortion, just so they can get paternity leave.

Rebekah's brother gets in on the mix in the Blasphemer's Bible.

It's a fact people. There is going to be a live-action + CGI Smurfs movie.

Putting a slide over some subway stairs is a good way to advertise for Volkswagen.

Various games have been updated in the NES Hacker Wiki.

I don't think I'd let a deer make out with my cat.

Once again the religious rite proves it can't be trusted

Feeling: Annoyed


The Mormon Church was found guilty on 13 counts of voter fraud due to their illegal involvement in the proposition 8 election in California. At first they lied, saying they didn't put any money into supporting prop 8, they the said they put around two grand into it. That was also a lie, because after the election finished, it came out they they put close to $200,000 into prop 8. Well, in order to ensure that they would never have the gall to pull a stunt like this ever again, they were fined $5,538. They raised over $30 million supporting prop 8, and now they are being fined five grand. They are a massive church that doesn't pay taxes, and they're being fined with five grand. What kind of weak bullshit is that?

I played Aria of Sorrow last night, this time I beat Grahm with the correct souls equipped so I opened the Chaos Realm. I fought Julius (incredibly easy with Manticore), got 100% of the souls, uncovered 100% of the map, fought chaos (also incredibly easy), and got the good ending. Next stop, new game plus!

Rebekah gets an indecent proposal in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Scientists make new strides at teaching animals that they will die. I love the Onion!

This video shows 10 different genres of guitar metal in 3 minutes.

I've been known to play videogames

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The Julius run in Aria of Sorrow is quite boring since you can't get any power ups or items, so I'm working on getting 100% of the normal game. I've got 99.5% of the map uncovered and about 91% of the souls.

The 62 foot tall statue of Jesus in Monroe, Ohio, aptly referred to as "touch down Jesus", was stuck by lightning last night and burned to the ground. The church claims that they will rebuild it, obviously not taking the sign from God that it is idolatry.

Rebekah makes her appearance in the Blasphemer's Bible.

I love The Oatmeal and its amazing use of irony.

Now this is a Karate Kid movie I'd like to see!

Stop motion votives?

Look at his smallness, compared to my tallness

Feeling: Happy


I finally formatted my 2 terabyte hard drive. It turned out I needed a BIOS upgrade for my nVidia board to get past the 1 TB barrier. I wish there would have been a warning from NewEgg, but I'm just glad I didn't have to go the hassles of returning it. I now have 3.5 TB of onboard drive space on Erica. That's enough to store 744 single-layer DVDs!

I beat Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow over the weekend. It only took me three attempts to figure out the end boss. Now, I'm working on the second run with Julius and trying to find the stuff I missed in the first go.

Apple ruins art once again by censoring an illustrated version of James Joyce's Ulysses just in time for Bloomsday. This is quite ironic considering that Ulysses, one of the most important works in Modernist literature, almost didn't make it into the USA due to the book-burners known as Young Men's Christian Association. Thankfully, the US courts prevailed and the masterpiece was allowed. The book-burners over at Apple take offense to a drawing of a nude old man whose flaccid penis is showing as he dives into a lake; nothing pornographic, just the same kind of stuff you see in art all the time. Apple wouldn't stand for it, and refused to publish the book to their iPhones and iPads. All you Apple users out there can be thankful that Apple is preventing you from seeing a drawing of a penis that would probably cause your heads to explode. The artists tried pixelating the image to appease Apple, they even tried adding a fig leaf over it, but Apple still said no. Even the ultra-prudes of the Vatican accept fig leaf censorship, but Apple would only allow the image if they cropped out the entire naked body down to just the old man's head (the one on his shoulders). Apple, you suck!

Why is it that people still have "Drill baby drill" bumper stickers on their cars?

Abraham's servant makes some demands on God in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Now Iceland allows same-sex marriages.

Wonder how the US flag would look if it had 51 stars? What about 100? This site shows various layouts for multiple stars.

The Double Dragon, Rolling Thunder, and Renegade pages of the NES Hacker Wiki have been updated.

The 14th amendment of the US Constitution states that anyone born in the USA is automatically a US citizen. Well, unless they're born in everyone's favorite racist state, Arizona. They're currently trying to pass a bill will prevent US citizenship unless both parents are already citizens, thus making the 14th amendment useless.

You know how you see "just married" on the back of limousines? Why don't you see "just buried" on the backs of hearses?

Here are some more pictures of the beautiful Louisiana coast line.

Time to kill with little plastic pellets

Feeling: Cold Sore


Last night, while eating dinner at the Olive Garden, I was sitting there reading a book about how the study of genetics spawned a new form of algebra, when three girls were seated in the booth across from me. The elder was in her early twenties, and the two others were probably 15 and 13. All three had obviously spent a lot of time primping in front of the mirror before they left the house. Their hair was did, their nails was did, and they dressed like whores who were still concerned with what their pimp thought. Basically, they had your typical American "I'd rather go tanning than read a book" attitude. Then, they started talking and the real fun began. Every other word was "like" and every single sentence ended with an upwards inflection, as if they were constantly asking questions. "Like, oh my god?", "I'd like a salad?", "I, like, like pasta?". And forget about talking at a volume where the target audience is only a few feet away, which they were, these girls were speaking as though they were at opposite corners of the restaurant. At first, I thought to myself, maybe I should asked to be moved to a less stupid section. I honestly felt like I was losing brain cells having to listen to their inane chatter. But, as they continued to talk about hair styles, cute guys, and even cuter guys, I started to just appreciate their conversation in the same way one appreciates an episode of Beavis and Butthead. Every new sentence out their their lipstick-covered mouths was an inadvertent joke. Then, the girl in her twenties received about five phone calls, back-to-back, from her ex-boyfriend, each with her ringer at full volume playing some pathetic teen pop song. She even said, "Like, it doesn't have a way to turn it off?" Yes, cell phones these days are just so technologically primitive as to not include an off button or volume control. I bet pulling the battery would quiet it down. When the older girl spoke to the server it was quite painful, and I felt for the server. Each sentence was said in the most insincere voice possible. You know that phony pleased-as-punch-to-have-you-curse-at-me voice that customer service operators have? Well it was like five times worse. "I will have a diet Pepsi, okay? Thank you so very much!" It was like she was talking to a four-year-old, and I could almost see the daggers coming out of the server's eyes. When it came time to ordering their entrees the 20-something actually said, "I would like this chicken... thing," and then pointed at the menu. I actually had to chuckle under my breath several times, unable to hold in a laugh as they made some incredibly stupid revelation. My eyes became sore from rolling, and I seriously had to facepalm on more than two occasions. It was actually quite enjoyable, and part of me was disappointed to see the jester return to court. The other part of me noted that those two teenage girls were learning about life from this degenerate. If this is our nation's youth, I better go home and start practicing Chinese.

The cold sore is almost gone! I love acyclovir. I want to marry it and have three and a half kids with it. And maybe a puppy, you know, to teach the kids responsibility.

More Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. I've uncovered over 80% of the map now. Only a bit left to go before I meet the final boss. I just wish the game were a bit harder.

Abraham's servant makes it to Nahor in the Blasphemer's Bible.

I started formatting my new 2 terabyte hard drive last night at 10:00 PM, and when I checked it at 8:30 AM today it was only 50% finished. Damn, that's a lot of storage space!

Now this is a breakfast sandwich!

Enjoy this Contra meets Tetris cartoon.

And, of course, more Easy Cheats have been added to the NES Hacker Wiki.

Swing your arms from side to side, come on it's time to go, do the Mario!

Feeling: Cold Sore


My cold sore is healing nicely thanks to modern medicine. Speaking of modern medicine, scientists are one step closer to finding out the cause of autism. I'll give you a hint, it's not vaccinations. In fact, it's nothing sinister at all. The largest international study of autism finds that there is a strong correlation of genetic differences found in autistic people compared to that of unaffected people.

Here's an awesome Super Mario Bros. stop-animation.

More proof that people have extremely vivid imaginations.

Abraham's servant is charged with a task in the Blasphemer's Bible.

What happens when officials are simply born into office instead of being voted in? Well, ask Prince Charles. He's blaming the world's environmental problems on people who don't believe in souls. He also says that part of the blame lies with Galileo for making scientific discoveries. It's also the West's fault for having consumerism which destroys our souls. What a complete an utter moron. Of course, there are elected official in the States who are equally as idiotic, so I can't bash too much.

Several more Easy Cheats have been added to the NES Hacker Wiki.

Zack, get the diesel fuel

Feeling: Cold Sore


I started getting a cold sore last night; damn viral infections. Normally I get them following a cold (hence the name), a sun burn, or some overly stressful time in my life, but none of those things have been a factor recently. My last one happened at the end of January, so I guess I'm due.

Wow! I wonder if BP planned it this way? Also, here is a nice infographic which puts the Deepwater Horizon spill in perspective with the other worst spills in history.

Abraham gets old(er) in the Blasphemer's Bible.

News Flash! Luchador's don't like having their masks removed.

I know, I'll trust the stock boy at my local health foods store to give me dietary advice. What? That's not a good idea?

I've uncovered over 70% of the map in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow now. It's finally getting difficult, and I even died for the first time while in the clock tower!

I've added an Easy Cheat section to the NES Hacker Wiki. Each game will have simple cheats at the beginning of their page in order to make it easier to use them for the less tech-savvy.

I went to the doctor, all he did was suck blood from my neck; don't go see Dr. Acula

Feeling: Nondescript


Same-sex marriage is now legal in Portugal. Why is our country always so far behind the times?

Irish Catholics have decided to take measures against the loss of faith in their country. They have decided to crack down on liberal clergymen and demand that they stop asking questions and revere the Church. Yes, that's a much better idea than arresting priests who rape children. Why allow followers to use birth control when you can simply just demand that they attend mass more? That'll solve the problem! I do feel a little bad for the blind followers who are going to be negatively affected by this ludicrous decree, but I find solace in the fact that this action will only hasten the Catholic Church's self-destruction.

If you don't need something, a good marketing staff can convince you that you do.

Abraham buys a cave in the Blasphemer's Bible.

One thing you have to give to the Japanese, they sure know how to breed sub-cultures.

I've updated my lyrics page with all my latest favorite tunes; over 3,050 now.

Having a bad day? Cheer up, you're probably having a better day than several billion people!

Bill Nye wins the 2010 Humanist of the Year award.

I've already uncovered over 50% of the map in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. The game is awfully easy; I still haven't even died yet!

Crowds of spectators are gathering around in the anticipation of the first solar eclipse of the twenty-first century

Feeling: Happy


Saturday was spent at a friend's open house playing volleyball with total strangers (more fun than it sounds), and Sunday was spent hanging out with Nichole for the last time before she moves back to the lame state of Virginia.

George W. Bush made a stop in my home state (Michigan) a few days ago. During his talk he actually admitted to ordering a military prisoner to be tortured via water boarding. Shouldn't he be imprisoned for this? In the fake news, a man attempted to assassinate president Barack Obama, but not because he's black, or anything.

Mentos and Coke... rocket car.

Abraham looks for a place to bury Sarah in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Speaking of being buried, check out this new Victoria Secret ad.

I started playing Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow last night. That should keep me busy for the rest of the month.

Huh, what?

Feeling: Stoned


Exhausted from the lack of sleep two days ago, I went to bed a 9 last night (three hours earlier than usual) and slept until 8:30. Even with over 11 hours of sleep, I still felt really tired in the morning. I love how my body works. I'm still pretty zoned out today too. At lunch time, I thought it was time to go home!

Sick of looking at cute animals all the time? Why not check out Ugly Overload, a blog with pictures of spiders, insects, parasites, and various other creepy animals.

Captain Picard is now Sir Captain Picard.

If you're planning any road trips through Ohio, you better keep your speed down. The Ohio Supreme Court just allowed police officers to guess your speed and ticket you accordingly. Now, if an Ohio officer reckons you've been going 200 MPH, well, you've been going that fast. No radar gun required!

What could be more fun than watching a time-lapse movie of a guy trapped in an elevator for 41 hours? How about a colony of ants skeletonizing a gecko?

Sarah dies in the Blasphemer's Bible.

These pelicans look fine to me.

More hacking info for Skate or Die! and Super Mario Bros. has been added to the NES Hacker Wiki.

All in all it's just another day now

Feeling: Sleepy


Rather than fall asleep last night, I stayed up and watched a nice debate between Christopher Hitchens and Frank Turek about the existence of God. While I certainly sided with Hitchens, I'd actually have to give the debate to Turek. While Turek spends the bulk of the debate making a whole list of arguments that have already been proven invalid, unsound, or both, Hitchens fails to address most of them and instead spends his time demonstrating that, if god did exist, it would be a horrible thing (true enough, but an evil god could still exist). Some of the failed arguments of Turek include the prime mover (in which he fails to address infinite regress), the fine-tuning argument (easily refuted by restating it backwards, using Adams's puddle of water scenario, or giving the infinite examples of how ill-tuned the universe is), the moral argument (morals are the product of society and biology). There were several other issues that Turek brought up that Hitchens let him get away with. Turek asks Hitches to explain the atheist world-view (atheism is a single answer to a single question, it is not a world view). Hitchens also says that humans always knew good from evil because a conscience was "written on our hearts" (so why bother writing a bible? And our hearts pump blood, our brains do all the important work). Overall, it's a good debate. On occasion, Hitchens makes himself look bad with personal attacks, and for the bulk of it, Turek uses arguments that he already knows to be false. I really do like how Hitchens called Turek out on his Gnosticism. Turek, like many Christians, doesn't say that Christianity is his faith, he claims it to be iron-clad fact (which actually goes against Christianity itself). It's worth watching, if only to hone your debating readiness. Although, I don't suggest you stay up until 4:00 AM to watch it, the way I did.

The problem with staying up so late is that you are so totally dazed in the morning that you accidentally get up an hour earlier than normal and realize what you've done only after your hair is full of shampoo, finish your shower, and return to bed still half-asleep and dripping with water.

What happens when you add Alka-Seltzer to water in zero gravity?

More lineages in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Ever want to make a dot matrix printer out of Legos?

The Marble Madness page has been updated in the NES Hacker Wiki.

That's just a sea shanty my mother used to sing... my pirate mother

Feeling: Happy


For awhile now I've had jaw problems, and these problems may stem from grinding my teeth in my sleep. In fact, I often have dreams where I'm clenching down on my teeth, and then I wake up, and stop myself. Well, this morning I finally did it. I ground my teeth together so hard, that I actually broke one of them off near the root. As soon as it happened I woke up, and very groggily felt the are with my tongue. Sure enough, the tooth was snapped right off. In fact, as I probed the are with my tongue more, I found that all of my bottom incisors had been cracked or broken entirely. That's not exactly the best way to wake up. As I lied in bed, I thought about the implications of having to have four new teeth put in. On the down side, it is going to cost me several thousand dollars to fix, but on the plus side my new teeth would probably be perfectly straight. Then, I realized that I wasn't in my bedroom and I wasn't even awake. I woke up, and my teeth were still intact. Big sigh of relief!

BP's CEO, Tony Hayward, just made a minor faux pas by saying that, "There's no one who wants this over more than I do. I would like my life back." Well, yeah, so would the 11 people killed in the explosion, the thousands of people whose livelihood will be lost from the massive spill, and the millions of animals that will die, but I'm sure your loss of sleep surpasses all of that.

Want to lose your appetite? Take a look at this list of foods that are served while the animals are still alive!

The US Miranda rights have changed. From now on, if you want to have the right to remain silent or the right to an attorney, you have to specifically say so. Otherwise, police are more than welcome to brow-beat you into a confession.

News Flash! Abraham will have offspring in the Blasphemer's Bible.

That's a lot of paint!

Lots of updates to the Blaster Master page in the NES Hacker Wiki.

June? Already?

Feeling: Happy


The weekend was a lot of fun, and quite busy. I arose early to head out to Cedar Point with Emily, which was the typical awesomeness. Sunday, I went to Mayfaire and caught up with several of my old faire friends. I drove about 10 hours in 2 days. Good times. I spent Memorial Day with Emily, mostly just being lazy together.

What does your email address say about your computer skills?

This is why you don't have a girlfriend.

Eduardo Caraballo was detained for three days for being an illegal immigrant, even after presenting his birth certificate. There appear to be some minor problems with our country's citizen database.

Abraham burns a ram in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Queensland, Australia just allowed Creationism to be taught in public schools. I guess Mel Gibson finally got to them.

I could jump off the Eiffel Tower in inline skates too, I just don't feel like it.