August, 2010

Shovelware is bad

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More work has been done on the VGMPF Wiki.

Rachel's slave has kids in the Blasphemer's Bible.

You heard what Ariel had to say, now take some relationship advice from Belle.

Rick Sanchez of CNN fame, recently used the phrase "can't do a cotton-pickin' thing about it" when referring to Barack Obama. This led to a lot of Internet backlash, so he issued a cotton-pickin' apology saying he never intended it to be a racial slur, and that it's merely part of his Southern vernacular. The reality is that the phrase is popular in Southern states because it has roots as a racial slur. Sanchez probably didn't know this (nor did I), but now that I do, I wonder how I should treat the phrase. If you're not using a racial slur as a racial slur, is it still okay to use? What if, fifty years from now, the word "nigger" has lost all of its hateful meaning, and just becomes another archaic word, and few people can remember its origin. Would it be okay to use it as an exclamation, like, "get your nigger hands off of me!" provided you're not intending to be bigoted? I think that it would be. In fact, I'll bet there are several words and phrases we use all the time that have a prejudice origin that we're not aware of, and they don't seem to be causing anyone any harm.

Will autumn take the place of spring?

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I had a wonderful time over the weekend. On Friday I attended the Skeptics in the Pub meeting, which was full of intelligent conversation and debate. I spent Saturday and Sunday with Emily, hiking, soaking up the last of the bright summer sun, taking in some batting cages, and cooking some extra spicy hot wings.

Mega Man and Mega Man II are now in the VGMPF Wiki.

Rachel suggests that Jacob rape a slave in the Blasphemer's Bible.

I had an interesting thought while watching a flock of birds. I'll bet that, while they're flying in a big swarm, birds will poop on each other. No doubt, the ones flying near the bottom will encounter the annoyance that all drivers face when a splat hits your car. Then I thought, suppose that some of those birds get sexual fulfillment from being pooped on, just like some humans are. I expect that those birds would intentionally fly at the bottom of the flock. This is how my mind works folks.

Here's an interesting lecture by Sam Harris arguing that science can help us figure out moral behavior.

How rude of me to turn my back to a lady!

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Air bags don't mess around. They go off with an enormous amount of power. How much? Enough to toss a full-grown man several feet into the air.

I've finished uploading the Vorbis files for all of the games in the VGMPF Wiki.

This Flash game lets you build up a city based on various schools of science. The order that you build in increases the effectiveness of your building. Use logic to figure out which science you should upgrade next in order to see the city grow the fastest. You only get one chance to use each science.

Leah pops out some kids in the Blasphemer's Bible.

This video shows every asteroid that has been discovered in our solar system since 1980 (over 500,000 of them), while displaying their orbits, and which ones cross over Earth's orbit, meaning they could potentially hit us. Also in space news, NASA has discovered it's first solar system with multiple planets orbiting the same star. I can't wait until they figure out a way to find Earth-like planets!

Several examples of how not to stagedive.

Skeptics in the pub meeting tonight!

Don't tease the octopus, kids!

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Up Down Ready is a pretty cool microgame.

A lot of people think that God plays a pivotal role to the survivors of crashes. I, however, believe that lives are saved as a result of better engineering. For example, this video shows the results of a 1959 Bel Air smashing into a 2009 Malibu. Both cars get trashed, but you'll notice from the inside shots that the Bel Air driver is practically impaled on the steering column, while the Malibu driver hits the airbag. Even in slow motion, we don't see God intervening in the crash. Engineers save lives, not God.

I've incorporated the Vorbis files for most of the soundtracks already in the VGMPF Wiki. I'll have to remove the online playlists, but I think the ease of uploading will more than make up for the loss.

Jacob finally gets to marry his cousin in the Blasphemer's Bible.

God kills kittens.

PZ Meyers gave an interesting lecture about atheism in regards to teaching science.

Son of a submariner!

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While I was eating dinner at Olive Garden last night there was a family across from me with a little boy who really needed to be hit. He kept jumping up and down on his seat, punching the wall, and talking loudly. His parents would occasionally tell him to stop, but he wouldn't even slow down. For the entire meal he was getting up and running around the booth, hitting his father, and making tons of noise. The parents made several threats, but because they never followed through on any of their threats, the little bastard kept on going. If the restaurant wasn't so crowded I was going to ask to be moved, he was that annoying. After about a solid hour of him being the spawn of Satan, his father picked him up and took him outside. When they returned a few minutes later, the boy was in tears. I'm assuming the father finally decided to act like a parent and disciplined his brat. When I saw the boy crying, I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Here is an awesome time-lapse video of the game Metagun being made. And, you can go here to play it.

Not too long ago Sarah Palin and Bill O'Reilly had a retard orgy and talked about how the founding fathers of the USA were devout Christians and, for that reason, the USA should also be a devout Christian country. Of course, they didn't offer any evidence to back up their claims, which prompted this video explaining how our founding fathers were obviously not devout Christians. This is, of course, an example of quote mining, but no devout Christian would ever say the things our founding fathers said. However, I couldn't care less what they said. While I certainly respect them for drafting one of the best systems of government so far, let's not forget that they were a bunch of rich white slave-owning men who believed that the only people who should be allowed to vote are other rich white slave-owning men. Is it really that wide to basing our morals on them?

Jacob was tricked into marrying the sister of his bride in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Here is the difference between hearing a song on the radio in 1990 and in 2010.

The city of Philadelphia has decided to start making bloggers pay $300 for a license to blog on the Internet. The city officials say that blogs count as a career, and that since sites can have ads on them, bloggers must be making money, and therefore must get a business license. Even if you don't make money on your site, you're still expected to get the license. They also want the bloggers to claim any profit for state and federal taxes. This is amazing when you consider that the average blogger actually loses money on their blog. I've been running my site for about nine years, and even with several thousand hits a day, I've probably made around $200 in ad revenue. However, I've spent about $600 on maintaining the site. Bloggers in Philly are going to have to start posting anonymously if they ever expect to have their voice heard.

Ahem, there is SAND on my boots!

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I had a dream that I obtained a really old 50 cent piece that had the date 1501 on it. It was hand carved instead of machine minted. I thought, wow, this must be really valuable, so I checked the going price online only to find that it was only worth about $50. Not very impressive for a coin that was made 270 years before the US even existed.

Pan's Labyrinth is incredibly punny.

Jacob works seven years to marry his cousin in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Antivaxers have gone on record saying that it's okay for children to get diseases and die if it means getting safer vaccinations. However, if vaccinations are already safe (and every study about them demonstrates that they are), then the only thing you antivaxers are doing is causing unnecessary suffering and death to children. Right now in the USA, we're seeing a resurgence of pertussis (AKA whooping cough). Thanks to a strong regiment of vaccinations, most people have never even seen a case of whooping cough, myself included. I think it's important for people to see just what they're getting their selves into by not vaccinating their children, so here is a video of a baby suffering from pertussis. This is the sort of thing that people like Jenny McCarthy are okay with having happen to children.

Here is a picture of the Earth and the Moon from 183 million kilometers away. We're merely dots from this distance. The really cool thing to think about is that this picture wasn't taken from the outer reaches of our solar system, but from right near the center in Mercury's orbit. Had it been taken from an orbit out past Neptune, Earth would be an insignificant speck.

I want one of these fireworks!

I need a bajillion more hours in the day

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Weekend consisted of time with my girl, a dance party, a running, and being lazy. It was a good refresher.

Here's a wonderful Q&A video with Trey Parker and Matt Stone at TAM 5, and Phil Plait's famous Don't Be a Dick speech from TAM 8.

Jacob works seven years to marry his cousin in the Blasphemer's Bible.

In Australia, grade school students are being taught that dinosaurs and humans walked together, that Noah collected dinosaur eggs for the ark, and that carbon dating is off because the great flood altered the atomic structure of the fossils. This is all going down in public schools. The group that designs the curriculum, Education Queensland, created a half-hour a week class called "Religious Instruction" in order to teach the students about religion in general. However, all that appears to be going on is Evangelical preachers are telling the students that everything they learned in science class is evil, even mentioning that DNA "wasn't invented" until after Adam and Eve started having children.

I really hate hearing "cultured" people using the word "gender" when they should be using the word "sex". Gender originally meant "kind/sort", and eventually began to be used to differentiate between the various parts of speech between masculine, feminine, or neuter. The word "sex" has a similar beginning, originally meaning "cut/division", however, it eventually began to differentiate between male and female (i.e., the sex organs). Thus, we have two words, each with a specific meaning, each one conveying a specific meaning. However, there has been this migration in Western cultures; we've started using the word "gender" instead of "sex" when referring to a person's physical sex. I believe this is because Americans are so terrified of the idea of sex, that they want to eradicate the word from their speech unless it is absolute necessary. This is really annoying because it's taking a word with a specific meaning and making it more generic. It would be like if we slowly started doing away with the word "penis" and just called it an "appendage". All it does is make language less precise for the sake of modesty.

I added OGG support to the VGMPF Wiki. This should make it much easier for uploaders to get new soundtracks online.

You know I like it loud, you should know me by now

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Polls show that 20% of Americans are racist morons. And, in an amazing coincidence, they also show that 20% of Americans still believe that President Obama is a Muslim.

Jacob wants to marry his cousin in the Blasphemer's Bible.

That's a big bubble!

Christopher Hitchens talks about his cancer in an interview and how it doesn't change his beliefs.

Another reason why you probably should avoid dietary supplements.

Workers at the FAA give a nice middle finger to "journalists" who call airplane crash survivors a "miracle". The engineers say that there is no miracle, only years of hard work on making a safer aircraft design.

Women's rights are un-Christian. Giving single mothers benefits makes them more dependent on the government and not dependent on their husbands, they way God intended. Oh yes, and "the blacks" isn't racist at all.

Here is an opinion piece from the New York Times regarding the current Republican Congressional candidates. The people in the running are pretty bat-shit crazy.

I hope you're satisfied, with your bullshit and your lies

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The entire VGMPF library is now available for download as a 4.3 GB Torrent file. If you want to easily download every single videogame soundtrack that I have, visit the main page of the Wiki.

Most of the US Troops have been recalled out of Iraq. There remain around 50,000 until next year to finish training Iraqi soldiers. On the way out of the country, one optimistic soldier shouted, " We've won! It's over!" I think he and I have a very different understanding of the words "won" and "over". Iraq is a smoldering crater. We went in, blew the crap out of everything, and then left. There are still suicide bombers blowing up civilians every day and there is little evidence that the "democracy" we've tried to establish has any future whatsoever. No, we did not win; no, it's not over.

Jacob makes out with his cousin Rachel in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Can you tell if your husband is secretly gay? Christ Wire has several important tells to look for like: Does he not pay enough attention in church? Does he use a particular shampoo? Does he go to the gym, but not play football? Does he own a tight T-shirt? Does he want sex positions other than missionary? Has he ever traveled to Japan? Does he use his hands while speaking? Does he watch pop culture television? Does he take his shirt off in public? Does he drink alcohol? Wow, I would have to say yes to pretty much everything on their list (except for the "does he prefer men in pornography" one). So, according to Christ Wire, I'm super-mega-Liberace-gay. The only problem is, so is every other man on the planet.

It's probably best that you don't take advice from any of the 5 biggest quacks in the world.

For those of you fearing for the upcoming zombie apocalypse... don't worry. Zombies don't have a chance.

I'm the night surgeon!

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This is precisely why cats are so awesome.

Jacob sees Rachel in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Carla Franklin received a single word comment to a YouTube video she posted. That word was simply, "whore". Rather than simply delete the post, she has started a crusade against Google, YouTube, and Internet anonymous free speech in general. She is trying to convince Judge to force YouTube to reveal the identity of the poster so that she may sue them for mental anguish and defamation! The irony is that her incredibly uncalled for reaction was based on a video in which she tells viewers to not to take things too seriously. I'd like to point out that while I have no idea if Carla Franklin is a whore or not, she is indeed a litigious crybaby.

Now this is how you leave w00tstock!

If you have to ask the question, "What does atheism offer?" then you don't understand atheism.

'Cuz the claims medic gives no anesthetic, 90 days delinquent gets you repo treatment!

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Victorian BMX is awesome!

News flash! Parents are stupid. Parents of a Canadian school are demanding that the school get rid of their wi-fi Internet because its harmful waves are causing their children to get sick. It doesn't matter that their children are constantly being bombarded with waves from television, radio, cellular phones, gamma rays, and yes, even wi-fi, which has no effect on them. It doesn't matter that there are no peer-reviewed clinical studies that demonstrate wi-fi to be harmful, but plenty of studies that demonstrate that it's perfectly safe. It doesn't matter if the list of symptoms is so varied that a single source couldn't possibly cause them all. These parents have children who occasionally get ill, and they'll be damned if they're going to let a little thing like probable cause get in their way of blaming technology!

Jacob makes a pillar for God in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Here is an amazing lecture by distinguished biblical scholar Dr. Bart Ehrman called Misquoting Jesus. If you've ever wondered where the New Testament came from, who wrote it, or how much it matches the oldest known copies, you will enjoy this lecture. It very eye-opening how many known forgeries still remain in today's modern bibles, and Dr. Ehrman goes into great detail explaining them.

Here is a demonstration in how our eyes perceive images and how incredibly easy they are to be fooled. Beau Lotto explains the brain's evolution affects how we perceive sensory input. Part 1 / part 2.

I went coast to coast, and from star to star
But that's how you learn, who you really are

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Did plenty of running over the weekend, got a mild sunburn, got a lovely welt from airsoft, saw an F-117 Nighthawk flying over Flint, and started working on a new useless information project.

These are some quality computers right here.

What would happen if an alien probe landed on our planet in a not-too-distant-future controlled by the Kansas school board and Fox News? It'd probably go a little something like this.

God says something new and exciting in the Blasphemer's Bible.

You've probably heard about the Mosque some Muslims are trying to build near where the World Trade Centers used to be, and the hypocritical racist message many Americans have who are trying to prevent the group from building it. To them, religious freedom is only important if it's their religion. Some people have tried to skirt the religious freedom issue and have argued that this is hallowed ground. Well, here are some pictures of this "hallowed ground" that they're so fond of.

Well, sure, I could do Indian pole gymnastics too, I just don't want to.

The anti-vaxers are indeed causing death to infants.

Thinking of sending your child to Sunday School? I should point out that they'll probably be taught by someone like this.

SkiFree, eat your heart out!

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Did some serious running last night, and now my legs are nice an sore. Feels good.

NonStampCollector did a wonderful job on his most recent cartoon, Yahweh's Amazing Miracle.

This little Flash skiing game is awesome.

A lot of people bicker about how Wikipedia can be updated by anyone, so the data is unreliable at best. Well, these people don't understand how anal some people get when it comes to presenting information. You will often see edit wars that last for months about the extreme minute details of every page. Is it gray squirrel or grey squirrel? Is it allowable to say that a specific animal is "cute" without a citation? Is Limp Bizkit nu metal/rapcore or rapcore/nu metal? Here is an infographic of some of the lamest edit wars in Wikipedia's history.

Added Super Noah's Ark 3D to the VGMPF Wiki.

Jacob dreams of his ladder in the Blasphemer's Bible.

What do you think will happen when you zap watermelons with crazy high voltage? Exactly what you'd expect!

Going to play some airsoft with my chums tonight.

History will judge me correct

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Last night, while I was eating dinner, I walked right up to a guy sitting at the table next to me, and threw a punch directly into his face as hard as I could. I completely caught him off guard, and landed my fist square on his nose, breaking it in the process. I took advantage of the man's dazed response and continued punching him, over and over again. Nobody in the restaurant could believe what was happening--even his wife, who sat across the table, was in shock. The man's face was pretty bloody, and my knuckles were sore and bruised, but I kept hitting him in the face forcing all my might into each swing. He had lost consciousness by the time one of the servers wrestled me to the ground. I kept on trying to get back up to hit him, and it took three large men to stop me. It was a nice restaurant, so the cops arrived relatively quickly. They cuffed me, threw me in the back of their squad car, and booked my in jail. This morning I was put in front of a judge. He was a large intimidating man, and when he cleared his throat to talk, the whole room fell silent. In a gruff voice, he asked me, "Son, why did you attack that man?" Without even a hint of remorse in my voice, I responded, "Because he was wearing a Bluetooth in a restaurant." The judge's eyes shrunk down to thin slits and he stared at me for several seconds. "Alright son, just make sure you get someone to bandage up your hands before you go."

Mexico City started allowing gay marriage awhile ago, and today, the Mexican Supreme Court mandated that all Mexican states, even though they don't have to allow same-sex marriage, must respect the same-sex marriages of other states as legally binding. If only we could pass this is the USA!

Esau marries his third wife in the Blasphemer's Bible.

It turns out that if your organization has a history of raping little boys and not reporting said rapists to the authorities, then you can expect a drop in membership. Australia is expecting a drop of around 100,000 Catholics, and Great Britain is now reporting the lowest percentage of Christian citizens of any country in the entire world.

He didn't win the primaries, but that doesn't mean we don't have fond memories of Basil

How much money do you think the taxpayers should have to pay to make an abstinence-only sexual "education" videogame? Does $434,000 sound about right?

Stop, thief!

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How hard is it to steal a bike in down town New York with people and police all around? Very easy actually.

The strippers at The Fox Hole got tired of having church protesters on their front lawn, so they decided to do something about it. The strippers started congregating on the church's front lawn every Sunday morning! I guess the church wasn't aware that other people had the right to be outraged as well.

Rebekah convinces Isaac to send Jacob away in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Teabaggers don't know their history all that well. You don't dress in Colonial garb to an event where everyone dressed up like Natives. You also don't say "$250,000 a year isn't rich" with a straight face. At least one person there understood what "teabagging meant".

Alveda King, Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece, confirms that gay marriage will contribute to the extinction of the human race. But, leave it to The Onion to give us the real news. What would happen in we banned marriages between couples who don't love each other?


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Right-wing nutjobs have a new conspiracy to be freaked out about, Einstein's theories of relativity. If you believe that E=mc2, you are going to HELL!

BlackBerry sells out. Awhile ago Saudi Arabia threatened to ban BlackBerrys in their country because their parent company wouldn't allow the Saudi government to spy on their citizens. BlackBerry responded by changing their rules just for the Saudis. Up until now, all of BlackBerrys servers have been in Canada, but now, they're putting on in Saudi Arabia, just for them. While they won't yet give them the ability to read their messages they're starting their way down that dark path.

Rebekah prepares some more lies in the Blasphemer's Bible.

An updated Spear of Destiny soundtrack has been added to the VGMPF Wiki.

If you want to become incredibly frustrated, watch this conversation between Richard Dawkins and Wendy Wright (part 1 / part 2. Through the entire conversation, Wright attacks scientists claiming they are close-minded and akin to a religious conspiracy. She asks for evidence of evolution, so Dawkins names off several transitional fossils of human evolution, then she changes the subject. Dawkins cites the genetic record as evidence, she claims that proves our uniqueness from God, Dawkins responds by saying the theory of evolution predicts uniqueness, she changes the subject. Dawkins brings up fossils from fish to land animals, she changes the subject. Dawkins asks several times why she won't acknowledge his evidence, and she says that he can't offer her any proof, Dawkins reminds her that he's listed several transitional fossils, and she responds by saying that, scientists can't offer evidence. You can't really expect much from her though, she opposes abortion for rape and incest, she opposes teaching sexual education, she believes that men and women are inherently different and should not be treated as equals, she opposes mandated vaccinations, the list goes on and on.

What if The Oregon Trail were a movie?

Kool-Aid: still better than alcohol

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Had a pretty spiffy weekend. Awesome Friday night dance party at Kaylas, but my girlfriend drank a bit too much gin and I had to care for her all night. I can't tell the difference between gin and rubbing alcohol; honestly, who drinks that stuff? Helped her recoup on Saturday, had some delicious Thai food. Went running with her on Sunday, had Saganos for dinner, YUM!

Apple has finally become popular again after decades life in the shadows and they've discovered that all of the crap they've been saying about Microsoft is coming true for them. They can't even stop people from hacking iPads and iPhones in their own stores!

Esau vows to kill Isaac in the Blasphemer's Bible.

I added a Captcha to the VGMPF Wiki to help combat spammers and also updated the SIM City sound track.

I don't care that Naomi Campbell was given blood diamonds 13 years ago. I don't care that Mia Farrow gave testimony about said diamonds. That is not important. There are plenty of relevant things going on in the world that don't involve idiotic super models or washed up actors. Please BBC, start reporting on the news again.

Functioning mini cannons are so cute!

The county inspectors in Oregon doesn't mess around! If you're a 7-year-old girl without a permit, your lemonade stand is gonna be axed!

Parents who name their children "Adolf Hitler" and "Aryan Nation" shockingly have their kids taken away from them, despite claiming not to be racist.

Dance party takes away Waco!

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You know that storm that recently dropped hail stones the size of soccer balls? Well, here's what it looked like!

Extreme close-ups of eye are quite creepy looking akshully.

Esau is a big sissy in the Blasphemer's Bible.

This is probably one of the coolest things I've seen in forever. A racing game, converted into real life via a remote control car and a wireless camera.

Want to find out how consistent your views about god are? Take this quiz. Note that this doesn't measure your level of faith, but only the consistency of your beliefs. I took the test twice, once based on how my answers would have been when I was an Evangelical Christian, the second based on my views now. Based on my earlier beliefs about God I had two contradictions and one minor problem. With my current manner of thinking, I had zero contradictions and one minor problem. After that you can try all the other philosophy quizzes at

Yes, people in the Tea Party are racist. Yes, they're sexist. But don't take my word for it, let the signs at their rallies speak for them.

Here is something that I certainly do not have the guts to do.

Enjoy Tina Fey's pre-SNL commercial.

I'm not that fond of Indiana either.

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Remember those airport full-body scans that give a facsimile of your nude body, you know, the ones that the government promised would be viewed and then immediately erased? Well, it turns out that that's only half-right. While the pictures are certainly being viewed, they're not exactly being erased. Thousands of nude silhouettes of people are being stored all over the world now, and at least one airline (TSA) requires their scanners to store the images permanently. Just another reason to trust the government.

It's probably a good idea to trust Disney Princesses to give you dating advice.

Esau returns in the Blasphemer's Bible.

This salt-of-the-earth man wears a wardrobe inspired by Jesus, not like dem peacock struttin' queers.

Make your own glow sticks!

Still hate Illinois.

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My write up of Kimmy Sue's wedding is complete.

An Australian woman couldn't find her purse, so, as expected, she and her husband went to a fortune teller. The fortune teller said that the purse was stolen by someone close to them, so, as expected, they returned home and accused the 18-year-old girl living with them. When the girl wouldn't admit to stealing the purse, the couple, as expected, began torturing her. They hit her in the back with a meat cleaver, burned her with cigarettes, and threatened to cut off her fingers and stab her with a sword. While I certainly think the idiotic couple deserves a nice serious punishment, I have to ask, what will happen to the fortune teller; I don't think he/she should be let off the hook. As expected, there is no mention of the fortune teller's punishment, which I'm assuming means he/she will be completely let off the hook, as expected.

Commander Keen 5 has been moved into the VGMPF Wiki.

Jacob makes out with his father in the Blasphemer's Bible.

It turns out everybody around the world is -not- dancing in the street, because they don't want to get hit by a truck.

If your church decides to allow "the gays" just take a page out of Yvonne Moore's book and sue them.

Want to lose a lot of money on bad investments while at the same time making Glenn Beck rich? Who doesn't?

I hate Illinois.

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My vacation was both fun and exhausting. I'll probably write a full recap tomorrow.

Being homosexual is still a crime in over 70 countries!

There have been loads of composer updates in the VGMPF Wiki.

Jacob cheats his brother out of his blessing in Blasphemer's Bible.

The UAE is a banning communication using BlackBerrys. The UAE has been trying to put a noble slant on the reason they're banning the phones, citing preventing terrorism and such, but the real reason is clear: they want to spy on their citizens. While the UAE may be quite liberal compared to other Middle Eastern countries, they're habit of censoring their citizen's access to the Internet and spying is leading them down that same dark path. The big question is, why BlackBerry and not iPhone? Well, BlackBerry uses a powerful custom encryption algorithm to ensure that the your phone service provider can't spy on you, but iPhone does not. The ban is scheduled for October, but if Research in Motion (BlackBerry's manufacturer) sells out their customers, then the UAE will continue to allow them.

That's a lot of Roman Candles!

Sometimes men don't realize how unbelievably great they have it compared to women.