October, 2010

Happy Halloween!

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Clint McCance, the Christian who posted a bunch of hate rhetoric about homosexuals, is resigning his position on the school board. His recent quotes are a full 180 from where they were only a day ago. I wonder if he's really changed his mind so quickly, or he's just concerned about his chances at getting another government job.

You know you play too much Farmville when you're willing to kill your own child for interrupting you.

The Marble Madness arcade soundtrack to the VGMPF Wiki.

Do some hardcore Christian rap dancing with the Jesus Lean! Ha ha ha!

Meatloaf in the shape of a baby. I'd eat it.

Happy Halloween from the Blasphemer's Bible.

Oh Fortuna converted to English.

I'm off to Youmacon on Saturday, and a friend's Halloween party on Sunday. Have a blast everyone!

Link got Triforce

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There are a whole bunch of places out there that are switching over to fingerprint readers for security. What many people don't realize is that fingerprint readers are notoriously poor at identifying someone because they are extremely easy to bypass. For example, you can a fake mold of someone's finger with a gummy bear and use the confection to steal someone's identity.

The Marble Madness arcade soundtrack to the VGMPF Wiki.

The men who tackled 23-year-old Lauren Valle and stomped on her head at the Rand Paul rally have been identified. Mike Pezzano and Tim Profitt were the two who attacked Valle, and it turns out Profitt was the local campaign coordinator for Rand Paul! As expected, Rand Paul is trying to distance himself from the violent man who claims he only stepped on her face because his bad back won't let him bend over. The head stomper expects Valle to apologize to him for the way she acted at the rally--I guess she scoffed his shoes with her face or something. Rand Paul, on Fox News, dismissed the attack as "a bit of a crowd control problem". Such nice people, I sure hope they get power over the masses.

Pacman in cars.

There is a good Christian man named Clint McCance who works on the Midland School Board in Arkansas. His job includes making policies to ensure the education and safety of the students of Arkasas. Some of his recent quotes include, "It pisses me off though that we make a special purple fag day for them. I like that fags cant procreate. I also enjoy the fact that they often give each other aids and die." Another quote, "Seriously they want me to wear purple because five queers committed suicide. The only way im wearin it for them is if they all commit suicide." And my personal favorite, "I would disown my kids if they were gay. They will not be welcome at my home or in my vicinity. I will absolutely run them off. Of course my kids will know better. My kids will have solid christian beliefs." McCance posted these holy Christian words on his Facebook page, apparently not realizing that the entire world could read them. No news yet about his job security, but this is Arkansas, so he might get a medal.

Jacob expects to be blamed for the crimes of his children in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Enjoy 50 of the -worst- Halloween costumes.

Avatar got Codex

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A lot of Republicans have been attacking Obama for not creating jobs. Take a look at these charts which show just how far Bush dumped us into the gutter, and just how far Obama has taken us out. In fact, Obama has created more jobs in two years than Bush created in 8! The charts also show a long history of Republicans eliminating jobs, and Democrats having to put them back again.

In other political news, here's a woman at a Rand Paul rally getting her head stomped by a mob of teabaggers.

Geeky burlesque is where it's at.

The soundtrack for Wolfenstein for the SNES has been added to the VGMPF Wiki along with a whole slew of other updates.

Mass murder occurs in the Blasphemer's Bible (again).

Monkey see, monkey do.

Keen got Yorp!

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Last weekend, this sprung up across the street from my apartment. I'm not really all that worried, there are -five- other churches in a single mile stretch of road around this, and they're all a lot bigger and creepier.

The soundtrack for Wolfenstein for the Jaguar has been added to the VGMPF Wiki.

In a time when newspapers are failing left and right, you'd think the newspaper companies would be doing everything in their power not to piss off their readers. Well, the Union Leader, New Hampshire's largest (although, soon to be not-largest) newspaper is refusing to print the wedding announcement of a gay couples. Same-sex marriage is legal in New Hampshire, but the paper has decided to take an editorial stance by refusing to print same-sex wedding announcements because they are personally against the idea of same-sex marriage. The fact that a newspaper is not aware that journalistic integrity trumps personal feelings is awfully telling to how well they can report the news in other categories as well.

Rapists have chit-chats in the Blasphemer's Bible.

If you're an anti-vaxer, you're actually helping pharmaceuticals make more money. The reasoning is, on the off chance that your child actually survives all of the dreadful diseases it's going to get, they are going to suffer from all the chronic illnesses that the diseases leave in their wake. Meningitis causes chronic seizures which requires you to be on medication for the rest of your life. Whooping cough causes lung damage which requires medicine and possibly surgery. Polio causes paralysis, which require a host of medicine to keep you healthy.

Big shocker, Christians are cold-blooded murderers.

Samus got metroid!

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Skeptics In the Pub was wonderful. About half the normal crowd couldn't make it, but then about four new folks turned up at the last minute and filled up the last couple tables.

Beat Super Metroid again over the weekend. I forgot how annoying the grappling hook is in that game! I also updated my list of games I've beaten. It's now 105 games.

It turns out that bees are exceptionally good at solving the traveling salesman problem.

The soundtracks The Hunt For Red October, Champions of Krynn, and Wolfenstein for the Mac have been added to the VGMPF Wiki.

Rapists don't get punished in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Priests rape more children. With as often as it happens, is it really even news anymore?

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a large ant colony looks like? Well, this group of scientists found an old abandoned ant nest and filled it with cement. The result is amazing!

My Halloween costume is coming along wonderfully! I expect to have it fully ready by the weekend.

Robot got puppy!

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Lego Mega Man II would be awesome!

The soundtracks from The Three Stooges and Wolfenstein 3D for the 3DO have been added to the VGMPF Wiki.

Dinah gets raped in the Blasphemer's Bible. Praise Jesus.

Enjoy the Robot series from Max Games. Robot Wants Kitty, Robot Wants Puppy, Robot Wants Fishy, and Robot Wants Ice Cream.

Off to Skeptics In the Pub tonight.

Robot got kitty!

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A cheerleader is kicked off the team for refusing to cheer for the player who sexually assualted her. I guess they're right about it being a cheerocracy!

The soundtracks of Nemesis the Warlock and Pool of Radiance have been added to the VGMPF Wiki along with some more composers.

How much money do you spend on health insurance? Well, if the Christians had their way, you'd be spending more to help cover prayer insurance!

If being gay is a choice, when did you choose to be straight?

Jacob's -still- a big fat liar in the Blasphemer's Bible.

You know what word sounds gross, but tastes delicious? Nouget.

TMJ related headaches are so much fun

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Here's a collection of glitches and oddities from Super Mario Bros. Also in Mario news which crosses over into Queen news, which is just amazing, a guy has put together an amazing rendition of Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" using game play of custom Super Mario World levels!

Tetris (Tengen) and George Foreman's KO Boxing have been added to the VGMPF Wiki.

A federal judge has officially repealed the US military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy and refused to let the Pentagon reinstate it. Homosexuals are currently able to enlist in the military. Elsewhere in the world, homosexuals are threatened to be hanged.

The world's fastest violin player record has been broken. Check out this guy playing Flight of the Bumblebee at crazy fast speed.

The rinderpest virus joins smallpox in the category of viruse that no longer exist in nature. Thanks to vaccinations, the virus which has killed billions of cows throughout history is no more. We almost did this with polio and measles, but the damn antivaxers created global paranoia allowing the virus to resurge. Good work.

Jacob's still a big liar in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Yet another Creationist lawsuit is shot down. The US Supreme Court declined to hear the ACSI v. Sterns trial holding up the previous court's verdict that a Creationist education is no education at all.

I don't 100% agree with Stephen Fry's annoyance towards grammar Nazis, but I do love his animated words.

The latest from Christine O'Donnell is that she doesn't know jack about the US Constitution. Here in a debate with Democratic candidate Chris Coons she doesn't remember two amendments especially important to the teabag party, and then continues to question Coons' interpretation on the establishment clause to mean a "separation of church and state". The crowd continues to laugh at her constant ignorance as she smiles like a imbecile. This is what happens when you elect style over substance. In related news, Elvira is not a witch, she's you... except with bigger tits.


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While eating at Olive Garden last night and having my meal upset by annoying screaming bastard children, I thought of a wonderful idea. Michigan used to have smoking and non-smoking sections at restaurants, but then a bunch of sissies decided that they wanted to impose their lifestyle on everyone else, and the state banned it. So, here's my idea. Take all of the old smoking sections and make them "baby" sections while making the rest of the restaurant "non-baby". That way, when a family comes in with their annoying shrieking brat who is going to bawl for an entire hour and the parents are just going to let it scream without shoving a rag down its throat, they can do it in a sound-proof section of the restaurant while the rest of us, who actually want to enjoy our dining experience, can eat in peace. People who don't turn off their cell phones will be moved to the baby section as well.

Caesar's Palace and Vegas Dream have been added to the VGMPF Wiki along with several new composers.

Pumpkin vs. Airbag... who will win?

Esau shows up in the Blasphemer's Bible.

I wasn't offended.

Make sure you're on top of things with the viral videos of the past year.

You can come jack my lantern any day baby!

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Did some pumpkin carving with Emily last night. Here are some pictures: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Tarot cards would be cooler if they featured scientific themes.

Here is a collection of quotes from tea-bagger Christine O'Donnell. Like all tea-baggers, she nucking futs!

Soundtrack of Soccer and several composers have been added to the VGMPF Wiki.

The top 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in the US, and Flint doesn't make it on the list! Michigan doesn't seem so bad anymore, does it?

Jacob wrestles with God in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Cops tend to be jerks. Especially Canadian Officer Bubbles. Basically, he was a huge asshole to a girl by threatening to arrest her for blowing bubbles. Of course, the Internet got a hold of that and made a series of cartoons lampooning his overbearing overreacting dick move. I'm not sure what Canada's free speech laws are like, but Officer Bubbles is now suing YouTube to find out who made the cartoons which show him acting like the douche bag that he is. Here's a full report on the event.

Minutes after receiving his driver's license, this man drove his car right into the DMV!

Why does God tell me how to raise my children when he had to drown his?

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Roy Zimmerman makes me want to vote Republican.

Parachuting onto a small X in the middle of a football field is damned impressive.

I updated the game listings in the format pages of the VGMPF Wiki.

97% of climate experts agree than humans are causing global warming, but nearly every Republican says that we're not. I guess the ultimate question is, will global warming go away if we simply vote that it doesn't exist?

Jacob is almost home free in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Science makes me nerdgasm.

There is a new term, "hitchslap," which means to put someone in their place by eloquent, yet piercing dialog, especially when spoken by Christopher Hitchens.

This is going to be a busy weekend for me, though I think I'll have to cancel some of it I this sinus infection doesn't clear up post haste.

Way cool, gnarly, tubular, radical, awesome

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Canabalt is a pretty cool game where you're running over rooftops and jumping between the gaps of the buildings.

The Kid Icarus soundtrack has been added to the VGMPF Wiki, along with some more composers.

Just because a person is foreign, doesn't mean they're magical.

Jacob makes his daring escape in the Blasphemer's Bible.

The US patent system is utter bullshit. The whole point of the patent system is to protect innovators from having their unique ideas stolen (key word here is unique). You're not supposed to be able to get a patent for something that already exists or something that is merely a simple modification of something that already exists because that cripples the market by eliminating competition. But Apple (of course Apple), has just received a patent on text message censoring. The obvious use of this censorship is to prevent teenagers from sending sexually-themed text messages between each other. So now I ask, is this a major invention that needs protection? Hardly. So-called smart phones are nothing more than hand-held computers, and texting is a chatting program that uses cell towers. Chatting programs have had censoring options for years now, this is not innovative and there is no reason why a patent should have been issued.

A mother was savagely beaten to death by her Muslim husband when she tried to prevent their daughter's arranged marriage. The daughter was also harshly beaten by her brother and had to be hospitalized. This didn't happen in the family's native Pakistan, but where they were living in Italy.

Dinner from my honey!

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OK Cupid has posted some interesting figures comparing their homosexual users with heterosexual users. It turns out that straight and gay people are about equally promiscuous and that heteros seek out relationships with homos far more than homos seek out heteros.

The Metroid soundtrack has been added to the VGMPF Wiki.

Sharia Islamists in the UK maintain that if a husband forces his non-consenting wife to have sex with him, it should not be considered rape. Sounds fair to me.

Esau is coming in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Anata to atta hi kara

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New York Republican governor candidate Carl Paladino wants everyone to know that he his not homophobic and in no way wants to harm any gay people. He does, however, think that homosexuality is wrong and that we should teach our children that it is wrong, that gays shouldn't be allowed to get married, that it's wrong to approve of gay relationships, and that gay people would be much better off if they married someone of the opposite sex and raised children. But he's not homophobic.

Added Ace 2 soundtrack, partial Mega Man III soundtrack, and the complete Ultima: Exodus and Paperboy soundtracks to the VGMPF Wiki.

Jacob prepares to meet his brother Esau in the Blasphemer's Bible.

A 13-year-old girl in Peru was raped and impregnated. This caused her so much grief that she tried and kill herself, but after jumping off a building, she didn't die, but she did damage her spinal cord. The Peruvian doctors didn't do everything they could to fix her spine because they were too concerned about harming the fetus. Rather than abort the fetus in order to fix her spine, the doctors just let her remain paralyzed and pregnant with the child of the man who raped her.

Christians are not persecuted. Here's an example. The jail in Berkeley County, SC will not allow its inmates to read anything... except the bible. No other holy books, not even books on learning trade skills (i.e., books that could actually help them).

Three different religious groups are claiming victory for their gods for saving the miners who have been trapped for two months in a collapsed mine. Oddly, none of them are claiming that their god caused the collapse, and none of them are claiming their god kills off miners killed in the multitude of collapsed mines throughout history. Furthermore, the miners haven't even been rescued yet. There are crews of people actually doing something to rescue the trapped miners, but there don't appear to be any gods out there with shovels. Now, who should we praise?

Airplane! is a comedic spoof on the movie Zero Hour! However, if you remove all the jokes, the movie suddenly becomes really dull (and really short).

It's not a habit, it's cool, I feel alive

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Had a wonderful weekend with my sweetie. We went to a cider mill (I now have a refrigerator full of about ten different types of apples). We also enjoyed the amazing global warming weather with various walks through the woods and city. It was even convertible weather all this time!

Robot Wants Ice Cream is an awesome game.

If you've ever heard someone say that the eye is far too complex to have evolved, then you should watch this video.

Two Sesame Street soundtracks have been added to the VGMPF Wiki.

Best Simpsons couch gag ever!

Laban and Jacob finally make peace in the Blasphemer's Bible.

The name of the first man who walked on the moon might have to be changed to Buzz Lightyear after some very poor test scores.

There is a political group in Canada called Christian Governance who doesn't understand the concept of irony. In particular, they say, "Judeo-Christian political theory is unique in its hostility to totalitarianism. Christian governance, and Christian governance alone, is anti-tyrannical." Get that? They're unique in their views. Nobody else can be anti-totalitarian the way they are. They have a totalitarianism approach to being anti-totalitarianism!

I'll bet you didn't do anything as cool as this today.

If you're in the military, it's probably not a very good idea to out yourself as an atheist, because you might find that your fellow soldiers and superior officers threatening to kill you.

...and another reason to never trust the government.

Ready for a Halloween tree.

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Balls. This man has them.

The soundtrack of Duke Nukem 3D has been added to the VGMPF Wiki.

Despite what your Sunday School teacher told you, masturbation is in fact healthy, and years of scientific papers prove it. Christine O'Donnell can go fuck herself. No, really, maybe she wouldn't be such a witch if she gave herself the occasional rubdown. Oh wait, she's not a witch, she's just like you! Of course, if you're a witch, than she's not you. In fact, she's marginalizing your entire religion. Damn, what a cold hard bitch!

Laban turns into a psycho baby-killer in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Ape, Not Monkey is a funny comic.

A Mississippi judge recently jailed a lawyer for not saying the Pledge of Allegiance with the rest of the court. In a move that can best be described as "being an ignorant dick," Judge Talmadge Littlejohn placed attorney Danny Lampley in jail when he exercised his American freedoms by refusing to take part in a religious and fascist oath. This isn't a issue without precedence either, students have been expelled from school for not reciting the Pledge. People have been attacked and beaten for refusing to say the Pledge. Furthermore, the Supreme Court has ruled that it is unconstitutional to force anyone to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Yet, Judge Littlejohn, or as I like to call him, Judge Littledick, is far too back-water and bumpkin to worry about something as trivial as a Supreme Court ruling.

Simon's Cat is amazing.

The debate last night was a little predictable. The Christian side made several points, the atheist side responded to those points and then posed points to the Christian side, the Christian side didn't address any of those points, and instead moved on to a different topic. Pretty standard when debating with a Christian. However, it was a lot of fun, I met several people from CFI Grand Rapids, and learned more about debate in general. There should be a video of it online before too long.

Heading to a cider mill this weekend!

Almost done!

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The US government is evil and should not be trusted.

Flock Together is a pretty awesome game. You catch birds with rope and they will fly you up higher and higher until you can find your lost sheep on a balloon.

The soundtrack of Monster Bash has been added to the VGMPF Wiki.

Laban is afraid of blood in the Blasphemer's Bible.

I'm almost finished with the program I've been writing. It is a command line executable that can extract embedded SysEx data from MIDI files. The program is mostly finished, I'm just adding a couple more command line parameter functions right now to give it a bit more versatility.

I'm heading to East Lansing tonight to watch the Is Christianity Rational debate.

How else could anybody weaponize a bubble?

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Sorry, your safety equipment actually makes you less safe.

The soundtrack of Insects In Space and Kong Strikes Back! have both been added to the VGMPF Wiki, along with more sheet music and album info.

Laban doesn't say anything bad at all in the Blasphemer's Bible.

This father and son sent a balloon into space and captured its rise and fall on camera!

Some scientists won a Nobel Prize for their creation of invetrio fertilization that has helped literally million of families have children. That doesn't impress the Christians who are criticizing the Nobel committee for awarding the prize to a man who, they claim, has led to the destruction of millions of embryos. Once again, the Christians show that they don't care about people, only about their fear of angering their wrathful god.

Enjoy the Jesus and Mo comic.

Programming is more fun when you're neck deep in hex.

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Holy progress Batman! The federal government is actually funding sexual education that isn't just abstinence only!

Religious people need to learn how not to feed the trolls.

Laban doesn't say anything bad at all in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Apparently, France has a law preventing freedom of expression.

Stayed up late last night figuring out how MIDI files are embedded with SysEx data. Currently working on a program that will separate the two so they can be played in normal MIDI players.

I forgot my locker combination?

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Astronomers have discovered a new exoplanet, which happens so often these days that it isn't even news. However, the latest exoplanet, seems to be rather Earth-like!

I added some Might and Magic music to the VGMPF Wiki and migrated the Seiklus soundtrack.

This is what makes designable videogames great.

Laban takes a nap in Blasphemer's Bible.

You know what's really messed up? I've been out of school now for 12 years, but I STILL have dreams about being late for school, not being able to find my classroom, and forgetting my locker combination. School has invaded my psyche so deep that it still haunts me, and I still can't shake it. It's like school molested me and I'm just now coming to grips with it.

But I'll be there for you, as the world falls down

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How did I forget about Blasphemy Day? No big deal really, for me, everyday is Blasphemy Day! Well, here is a video that explains the importance of being able to question the ideals of other people.

I really hate listening to politicians. Every time there is an interview with one I think to myself, "I should really listen to this because this person may be making decisions about my future." This morning, on NPR, there was an interview with a candidate for Michigan governor. The candidate said that he was going to make the Michigan government more efficient by taking money out of useless programs and putting them into effective programs. The interviewer asked which programs he would be taking money out of, and the politician started talking about programs that would get more money. The interviewer reminded him that he didn't answer the question, so the politician said that he would work hard to make sure he cleaned up the bad programs, never once giving a single example. Why can't we just beat the answers out of these rats?

I added some Labyrinth music to the VGMPF Wiki, migrated the Double Trouble soundtrack, and added some more sheet music.

If you've never marveled at satellite photos of human-made neighborhoods, have a look at this collection of images.

Well, the results of the Pew Forum which show that atheists know more about religion than religious people, especially Christians who did the worst, has certainly ruffled a few feathers. Take, for example, Mark Reynolds. He dismisses the issues by claiming that atheists merely memorize facts, but can't understand what religion is about. This is a pretty standard religious argument. To paraphrase, "Unless you fully agree with my religion, you're not capable of understand my religion." He goes on further by blaming the media and intellectuals for nor making a more friendly environment for Christians to learn. In particular, he says that intellectuals prevent the average person from learning about religion. However, he offers no evidence for his hypothesis, and fails to address how intellectuals are somehow capable of preventing Christians from even being able to answer the even the most basic questions about their religion. How does a university professor prevent someone from knowing what is the first book in the bible? I'm not sure, but a large amount of self-proclaimed Christians got that question wrong. He admits that the more educated a person is, the less likely they are to be religious, however instead of seeing the obvious answer (that religion thrives on ignorance), he blames society for making intelligent people skeptics. He just can't see why you must be a skeptic if you want to separate facts from fiction. While I agree with him that we should teach our children to spend less time watching television and more time learning, part of his solution requires replacing knowledge with faith, because, in his own words, "faith is intellectual." No, Mark Reynolds, faith is the exact opposite of intellectual. To quote Mark Twain, "Faith is believing what you know ain't so."

I've added some new casual games to my page.