December, 2010

I'm all for compassion, just not on my dime

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One more post to sneak in before the new year. Enjoy the top scientific breakthroughs of 2010. Science has brought us some amazing things to wonder!

Lately has been censoring numerous titles by amateur authors whose work contains themes of rape or incest. Their work is simply removed from the servers without any explanation or notification, which led one censored author to bring up a valid point. Numerous works of literature are extremely graphic, yet because they are critically acclaimed, they are considered acceptable. For example, "American Psycho" depicts torture, rape, mutilation, cannibalism, and necrophilia. "Lolita" details the sexual relationship between a man and his 12-year-old step-daughter, as well as murder and rape. "A Clockwork Orange" includes the rape of underage girls, multiple murders, and huge amounts of violence. "Flowers In the Attic" depicts adult incest, under-aged incest, rape, and murder. You can find each of these three books on Amazon in various forms as well as scores of other thriller, horror, and romance novels that would make a prostitute blush. It seems the only real difference between the censored novels is the quality of writing; the amateurs aren't that great, but the books by the professionals are... well, except for "Flowers In the Attic".

Some comparisons between 2000 and 2010.

Muppets with People Eyes. Quite terrifying akshully.

Americans aren't as religious as we claim to be. If you compare studies of how often people -claim- to go to church with actual church attendance, you'll find that Americans claim they attend church twice as they actually do. If someone claims to attend church 20 times a year, it's probably more likely that they only show up 10 times a year.

They were like zebras, they had us confused

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Soldiers who opposed the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell are concerned they'll have to shower with one of dem queers. They don't know how they'll be able to get by if other people are ogling them. I think they'll be able to figure out a way to deal with it by learning from those who have been dealing with it all their lives. Just ask any woman on Earth, they'll tell you.

Someone found a working playable prototype of the FDS version of The Legend of Zelda! The prototype is missing several features found in the finished game and is considerably easier. It also has minor differences to the sound, music, graphics. While you're there, check out the rest of The Cutting Room Floor to see all of the things that never made it into your favorite videogames.

I've recently fell in love with the BNL song Bank Job.

Just one more quest

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This one happened in my own stomping grounds. A man in Rochester Michigan is facing five years in jail. Leon Walker suspected that his wife was cheating on him, so he read through some of her emails. Sure enough, he found out that she had been cheating on him with her ex. Only problem, it's against the law in Michigan to crack into someone else's email, and the wife charged him with doing just that! Now the man faces five years in jail because his wife cheated on him!

If you're wondering why there is so much snow when nearly every climatologist says the Earth is getting warmer, this article can explain it. Basically, warm air collects more moisture, more moisture in the air means more snow. While this means the winters will be more intense, the warmer weather means that they will be shorter. Climatologists not only predicted the warmer weather, but they also predicted the more extreme snow storms.

CNN is full of fail as James Randi demonstrates. They relayed the story of two highly-impressionable chumps who went to Brazil to be wowed by John of God. This is a man who claims to be able to channel the souls of famous doctors, but as investigators would unshockingly discover, he's just a scam artist relying on tricks used by stage magicians. Well, just like Oprah before them, CNN was swindled by his sleight of hand. CNN should really do some fact-checking before accepting surgical advice from a psychiatrist and a magazine editor. has released their Year in Crazy for 2010.

I have been spending my nights playing Arkandian Crusade. Due to it's mini adventures that only take a few minutes I constantly find myself saying, "just one more quest." Much sleep is being lost.

Heading to my friend Danielle's wedding reception tonight.

Need to go skiing

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I enjoyed my Christmas break, though it only consisted of a single day this year. I spent Christmas Eve seeing my family. Christmas Day was spent with my lady, we enjoyed Chinese food. I spent Boxing Day with Nichole and Noah's family before they headed back to snowy Virginia. I can't wait to go back to the mall without being run over by stressed out shoppers.

Christians are now the minority in Great Britain, giving way to the non-religious. I long for the day when I can say this about the US.

The soundtracks of Abadox, Spy vs Spy, and The Dark Queen of Krynn have been added to the VGMPF.

Windows 7 has this annoying feature where taskbar items no longer have a right-click menu. Instead, when you right-click them you get a single Close button. If you want the proper context-menu, you have to hover over the taskbar item, wait for a second menu to open which just repeats the taskbar item, and then right-click on that to see the context-menu. What used to be done with a single right-click now takes a hover, reposition, then a right-click. Yes, that's much more efficient!

You can earn a passing grade in Mr. Eitmueller's class, not by studying the subject matter or working hard, but by simply reading the bible. Check out the last story in the Chicago Tribune's Letters to the Editor. Student Ed Leighton was failing, but his teacher said that he would give him a passing grade if he read the Gospel of John. Ed Leighton may not be able to claim a high school education, but he can claim to have read a book that is most often published with known forgeries.

For the longest time I've shunned LCD monitors because of their low field of vision and weak intensity. However, their slim and sleek design has always been a siren's call. Now that LCDs are effectively brighter than CRTs and their field of vision is almost as good, I've been forced to reconsider. However, there is still one especially annoying aspect of LCDs that prevents me from ditching my old CRTs. Here's the problem. In my life, I've had probably about 20 CRT monitors through my various computers, and 2 of them have gone bad, and that was after years of constant use (90% success rate). As for LCDs, I've had 2, and both of them developed a dead pixel after only a couple days of use (0% success rate).

Still hate Microsoft

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Merry Christmas hunters.

The same group that sequenced the genome of Neanderthal has just sequenced the genome of the recently discovered ancient humanoid, the Denisovian.

Speaking of evolution, state senator Josh Brecheen has decided to make a law that would add Christian Creationism into the science curriculum of the public schools in Oklahoma. You can tell he knows nothing of science right away because he refers to evolution as "Darwinism". Scientists don't call evolution "Darwinism" for the same reason the don't call gravity "Newtonianism". The only people who call evolution "Darwinism" are Creationists. They do this because they think that by discrediting the man, they can discredit the science. What they don't realize about science is that it continues even after the discoverer dies. Darwin may indeed have gotten some aspects of evolution wrong, but his errors were corrected by later scientists. In the same way, Newton got some things wrong with gravity, but these errors have been corrected by Einstein and many others. Senator Brecheen's primary argument against evolution hinges on his misunderstanding of the Cambrian Explosion, an argument that Creationists have been using for decades, but one that has been thoroughly explained by scientists. Plainly stated, a large number of fossils show up rather abruptly during the Cambrian period (around 530 million years ago). Many Creationists claim that this is best explained by the Christian god willing these organisms into existence. However, looking at the science will show otherwise. The first problem is with the word "abruptly". In a geological sense, the word "abrupt" means, happening with a few million years. These organisms didn't show up overnight like the bible depicts, instead they show up scattered over the course of 54 million years. Second, we have numerous fossils that predate the Cambrian period; discovered animal fossils date back to 665 million years ago and plant fossils go well further to 1.2 billion years ago. Third, the reason we see so many fossils showing up in the Cambrian period is because that was when animals were evolving hard shells which fossilize much better than soft tissue. Senator Brecheen is either lying to people to get his Christian Creationism law passed, or he's ignorant of the real science behind it. Considering that he has no scientific background, I'm assuming it's the latter, which is a perfect example of why we shouldn't have politicians telling science teachers how to teach science. And by the way, the article mentions that the university-level scientists disagree with senator Brecheen. If history is any guide, even if this law passes, it'll just get shot down by the Supreme Court like the Kitzmiller v Dover case of 2005, and several others before it. The end result will be millions of dollars of tax-payer money thrown down the drain, all because a politician doesn't understand science.

This squirrel has earned his meal.

The latest Gallup poll on evolution is in and while the amount of people in the US who believe that God created humans exactly as they are to day is still too high, it's actually in an all time low in American history! Also, the percentage of people who believe in evolution is at an all time high! Once again, a person's likely hood to believe in evolution is directly correlated to their education. The more education a person has, the more likely they are to believe in evolution.

Recently, a group at the UN voted to change the status of minority execution. It used to be considered criminal persecute people based on their race, religion, or sexual orientation. However, several countries (mostly Arab and African) wanted to decriminalize persecuting homosexuals. Thankfully, a US proposal to reinstate the earlier wording passed and the UN continues to view it as criminal to persecute people based solely on their sexual orientation.

A convicted child rapist priest Tony Walsh was defrocked and sentenced to 12 years in prison. That in itself is terrible, but it doesn't speak to the religion, merely the person. What does speak to the religion is the fact that the Vatican tried their damnedest to keep the priest out of jail and working with children. State and private investigators uncovered Vatican documents which show that the Vatican has been aware of Walsh's child raping since 1975! In other Catholic news, the pope has said, straight-faced mind you, that Christians are the most persecuted religion in the world. So far no comment from all the Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust.

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2010 in pictures, part 3.

How to get help with your Comic Sans crimes.

Still battling with the bullshit of Windows 7. On the plus side, I've found a whole bunch of new free programs that replicate the functions of stuff removed by Microsoft. But I can't entirely dump on Microsoft when Apple continues to censor their customers. The latest censorship comes from their removal of the WikiLeaks app from their App Store. Apple claims to not allow any illegal apps, and as such, has removed the WikiLeaks app. However, just like all the governments who hate WikiLeaks, they have been unable to actually point to any illegal activity. This is just another case of "you're illegal because we don't like how you educate the masses about how we screw them over."

What do you want for your birthday? How about the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements etched into a single strand of your hair?

That's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.

I don't think I'll ever feel bad about pirating Microsoft programs

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To dictate my long weekend; Friday I had Chloe's wheels realigned, picked up some new boots, new CDs, and a new watch. Saturday, Emily and I went to a Christmas party with my friends. It involved lots of foods, laughs, videogame talk, karaoke, and dancing. However, Emily also suffered food poisoning, which meant that Sunday and Monday was spent looking after her. On Monday evening, Robin came over and we attempted to finish The Ten Commandments, but she couldn't stay awake through it. We also stayed up to watch the lunar eclipse, but the slightly warm weather created a bunch of fog completely hiding the moon. Bummer.

I arrived back to work to find that my work computer had been been "upgraded" to Windows 7. I put "upgraded" in quotes to articulate my sarcasm. Windows 7 is quite considerably a downgrade compared to Windows XP. I have already discovered several issues from minor annoyances to outright program errors that I'll now be forced to deal with. I'm also amazed at how many features of have been -removed- in Windows 7 without replacement. For example, here is a list of about 100 features that you will lose when "upgrading" from Vista, and about 200 more features you'll lose if you upgrade from XP. But golly, that Windows 7 sure comes with some pretty desktop backgrounds.

I could never get the hang of Thursdays

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Turns out your favorite Christmas songs may be pretty dark after all. Some of them include racism, adultery, BDSM, even date rape.

The Tiger-Heli soundtrack is now in the VGMPF Wiki.

The baker has a bad day in the Blasphemer's Bible.

More of 2010 in magnificent pictures.

So this just happened at the Vatican.

I'm taking a mini-vacation until next Tuesday. See you then.

Wednesday's here with the snow?

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The Rufus Wainwright's atheist Christmas spoof is hilarious.

The soundtracks of Rampage and Gun.Smoke are now in the VGMPF Wiki.

Joseph gives some bad news in the Blasphemer's Bible.

The Voyager 1 space probe is now 17.3 billion kilometers from the center of our solar system. It's now further away than even the solar winds.

Doctors in Germany are claiming to have cured a man's HIV using stem cells.

Scientists studying the cosmic background radiation may be one step closer to proving the multiverse theory.

Here are some beautiful and disturbing pictures of 2010.

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Federal judge Henry E. Hudson of Virginia, has ruled the pending health care reform as unconstitutional. It should be noted that Hudson has tens of thousands of dollars invested in the Republican firm who faught against the health care bill, and was even paid money by Ken Cuccinelli, the same man who filed the lawsuit. Why this man is still allowed on the bench is beyond me. This does nothing to slow the reform, since his biased ruling was expected and planned for.

Joseph gets his "psychic" on in the Blasphemer's Bible.

The studies that correlate abortion and mental illness have taken a hit.

The US is a Christian nation? Hardly. Some of our most-loved Presidents were deists.

The so-called "war on Christmas" appears to have been going on since 1959. You'd think that if it were an actual war, someone would have won by now. It's almost as if there isn't a war and people are just making it up so they can bitch about being persecuted.

Pictures of solar system HR 8799 are pretty awesome.

Oh the life lessons you can learn from teen movies.

Off to wish my friend Meghan a happy birthday tonight.

No longer sick!

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I had a wonderful weekend. I took Friday off and did a bit of shopping, and got a little bit of cleaning done on my apartment that had gotten awfully dirty from my laziness whilst being sick. Friday evening was spent with Emily at Nate's birthday party. Saturday night was Rachel's birthday party which involved dancing and karaoke. On Sunday, Emily and I made a 6'6" snowman from the freshly fallen snow.

Joseph interprets dreams in the Blasphemer's Bible.

If the UK's anti-blasphemy laws continue the way they're going, they'll probably get to be like Pakistan. There, a man was arrested for throwing away another man's business card. The crime? The name on the card was Muhammad.

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On a rather strange turn of events, scientists have been able to make a baby mouse from two fathers! This is especially impressive since all cloning up until this point has been done with only females.

Joseph gets quite the promotion in the Blasphemer's Bible.

What would sex be like if it was on the SNES?

Ann Arbor, MI takes the number 2 spot for the Top 5 smartest American cities.

Homemade bungee cord jumping in Russia.

Dirk Gentley's Holistic Detective Agency is being turned into a BBC drama!

What happens to the toys you donate to Christian charities like the Salvation Army? Well, that depends. If it's an assault rifle, it's given to a 10-year-old boy; if it's a Harry Potter or Twilight themed toy, they're thrown away. That's right, they don't hand them off to a secular charity, they actually disposed of them. Their explanation is that they don't think toys having to do with witches, vampires, or werewolves fits with their Christian message. I call bullshit on that! You can bet they're handing out C.S. Lewis' Christian-themed Narnia toys, but the stories of Narnia include witches, ghouls, incubuses, and werewolves!

The Brothers Winn debunk the widely circulated myth that spelling doesn't matter.

On my lunch break a woman in her 80s approached me and asked me for help; she had accidentally tossed her car keys into the dumpster along with her garbage. Being raised properly, I hopped up into the dumpster, rooted around in the trash for awhile, and finally produced her keys. She was very thankful, and it made me feel like a Boyscout. Not in the won't-let-atheists-join sort of way, or the kick-out-anyone-who-admits-to-being-gay sort of way, but the help-an-old-lady-across-the-street sort of way.

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Blue Knight is a fun Flash game that appears to be Kyntt Stories (though not as impressive).

Joseph goes to jail in the Blasphemer's Bible.

In Bryan-College Station, Texas the 84th annual Christmas parade took place down the streets of the city. One group that stood out was the local atheist group who played "Jingle Bells" and shouted "Merry Christmas", "Happy Hanukkah", and "Merry Kwanzaa" to everyone as they passed. Their intent was to show that there is indeed diversity in the city, and every faith's holiday should be addressed. As expected, this drew their ire of many Christians who don't think that people with different views should be allowed to exist. One woman said she was "disgusted" by what she saw, that it should have been done somewhere else, and that she was upset that her children saw it. Yes, I can see how people wishing Jews a happy Hanukkah would be seen as disgusting. I can also see how wishing African Americans a happy Kwanzaa would be something you wouldn't want your children to see. Praise Jesus!

Teabaggers rejoice! While many people think the current Teabagger movement is based off of the Boston Tea Party of 1773, it may surprise you to learn that the Teabagger movement is actually ordained by God himself in the bible! Yes, the Colorado Teabagger Party shows inconclusively that God and Jesus are big activists with the Teabagger party. Now, you'd think with Jesus backing your political agenda, you would win every single election, so I guess Christine O'Donnell really was a witch after all. Really, I have to wonder how this is any different than Manifest Destiny, when early Americans were convinced God wanted them to expand across North America murdering the natives and bringing nature to heel. Really, it's just a bunch of Americans, many of whom don't realize how wonderful their life is compared to the rest of the world, bitching about not wanting to pay taxes for the roads and police they use every day.

I know I complain a lot here, but I have some good news to share as well! The Louisiana State School Board has voted to get new textbooks that actually have something to do with modern biology (i.e., evolution).

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Feeling a little better, but not enough to warrant an emoticon change.

Joseph has the moves put on him by his slave master's wife in the Blasphemer's Bible.

A man from Oregon has legally changed his name to Captain Awesome.

Can't get enough Bill Watterson? Here is some of his pre-Calvin and Hobbes work.

This page has an encyclopedic explination of how Pac-Man works.

It sucks to be a duckling on a windy day.

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The weekend was pretty awesome. On Saturday, Emily, Gwen, Jesse, spent the day at the Cranbrook Institute of Science and enjoyed their dinosaur exhibit. I'm still just as awestruck when I stand under the skeleton of a T.Rex as I was when I was a little kid. Part of me still wants them to be alive and terrorizing the populace. Over the weekend my illness hasn't gotten any better. I'm not as dizzy as I was before, but I'm also blowing my nose ten times as much. I took a half day off today, hopefully that will help.

Want to impress your kids? Here's a list of 51 experiments that children can be involved in.

Joseph the slave becomes Joseph the head butler in the Blasphemer's Bible.

In Pakistan, a woman named Aasia Bibi is currently on trial for blaspheming Islam, a crime in the country which is punishable by death. In fact, the Muslims of Pakistan are so adamant her execution that they, even if she is acquitted of her charges by the government, they are expected to murder her. Imam Maulana Yousaf Qureshi has even offered a 500,000 rupee ($6,000) reward for her head. Any religion that responds to criticism with murder is vile and detestable, and any god who would allow such atrocities to be carried out in his name is either malevolent or impotent. Many Muslims (and Christians) like to claim their religion is one of peace and love, and yet people continue to murder and cause terror using the very scriptures of those religions.

Here's a list of the 30 reasons when it's okay to use Comic Sans.

I you live in the United States, and you object to having your government force a Christian prayer down your throat, expect to be beaten up. But on the plus side, after your wounds heal, expect to have the government finally acknowledge non-Christians.

Here's some more quality journalism from the Fox Network. The parents of a child who draws pretty crappy pictures of planes are convinced that he's remembering his past life as a WWII pilot. He even has vivid nightmares, which is totally unlike something an 11-year-old boy would have. Fox calls this proof of reincarnation. I mean, who could want better proof than an exploited child whose parents let him watch "Tora! Tora! Tora!" too young?

It turns out that religious folk all over the world overstate their church attendance on surveys. Each country overstates at varying rates, but the USA holds the record for the most overstated attendance.

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NASA discovered a life form that is arsenic based. This is a major paradigm shift for life as we know it, not only on our own planet, but also in our search for life on other planets because it means that other planets that we previously thought unable to support life, now potentially can.

Wikileaks was dropped by their host, EveryDNS, after it came under attack by cyber-terrorists. While cyber-terrorism is a real threat to the well-being of the Internet, I'm actually more disappointed by how EveryDNS handled the situation. They could have stood their ground and alerted authorities who could have went after the cyber-terrorists, but instead they simply cut Wikileaks loose and left them for dead. What happens when another one of EveryDNS's sites comes under attack? Will they kill that site too? Currently, Wikileaks is safe again under a Swiss domain, and is setting up mirror sites to ensure that its future. Surely, if the US government's web sites were attacked like this, there would be a full investigation, but due to the controversial nature of Wikileaks, I wonder if this matter will be swept under the rug.

Tamar gives birth to battling twins in the Blasphemer's Bible.

KKK snowman in Idaho has taken a lot of flack, as expected.

Customs in Germany mistakes canned unicorn meat for the real deal.

You know how you see athletes always praying for God to let them win at their little sports games? Well, Steve Johnson, a wide-receiver for the Buffalo Bills recently missed a game-winning pass, and then, on Twitter, blamed God for his failure. Personally, I find this rather refreshing. So many people are quick to thank God when things go right, its nice to finally hear about someone damning God when things go wrong. As it is, apparently God is a Steelers man.

Here's an interesting list of animals and the number of neurons in their brains.

From "blah" to "okay", we're making progress!

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Throat's still a little sore, but I'm almost to the point where I don't feel sick anymore!

Several B-list celebrities made a Twitter embargo for World AIDS day. They're declaring themselves dead, and are refusing to post any tweets until $1,000,000 is donated to their AIDS charity. The only problem is, they've only been able to raise one tenth of what they planned. I really hope they stay dead.

Judah doesn't learn a lesson in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Using telescopes of increasing power, astronomers have found that there may actually be about three times more stars in the universe than previously thought. This comes from us now being able to see many more of the small dim red dwarf type of stars. Life elsewhere in the universe has just increased its odds.

The Smithsonian has recently taken down an exhibit because a Catholic group, headed by Bill Donohue, complained about it. The piece is a video that contains a crucifix swarmed with ants. The argument of the Catholic group was that the video was hate speech against the Catholic church, and therefore should not be exhibited in a governmental institution. Well, if we're going to invoke the first amendment, then I'm afraid we will also have to remove any and all art from the Smithsonian that has any religious content at all! This is very embarrassing for the Smithsonian to the entire art community who views this as nothing short of religious censorship. Bill Donohue lauded Mel Gibson's "The Passion of Christ" which is viewed by many as a 2 hour long snuff film and hate speech towards Jews. Should a single group ever get to decide what is and is not art for the rest of us? Should the Smithsonian be controlled by whatever group bitches the loudest? Should our culture be dictated by an ultra-conservative faction? If they complain about Leonardo da Vinci or Rembrandt van Rijn, well they be removed as well? Part of the job of art is to engage and offend people, and if you can't handle that, maybe you should go home and look at your paintings of sad clowns and dogs playing poker.

I found a sphynx breeder in Michigan called Beeblebrox Sphynx. Love the wink to Douglas Adams. Anyway, their kittens range from $1000-$1500. I don't think I'll be getting one soon.

One of NPRs recent programs has been talking about all of the major changes that are occurring all over the world because of global warming. Sea levels are so high now that in Norfolk, VA, the city floods, not just from rain, but from high tide during a full moon. All the while Republican John "Boner" kills the Committee on Global Warming.

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It turns out that even most US soldiers don't mind serving with homosexuals. So, why do we still have such an embarrassing policy? Probably not until people like Virginian Republican lawmaker Eugene Delgaudio get voted out of office. This is a man who believes that the patdowns of TSA are part of the homosexual agenda. What an idiot.

What would happen if all the chemical elements hung out at a party?

Best goat picture ever in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Over the years Oprah has promoted Playboy centerfolds who give medical advice, plastic surgery junkies who give fitness advice, Eastern mystics who give advice on physics, and most recently, she's promoting a man who claims to be channeling the souls of deceased doctors and the power of God to heal the sick, this man calls himself John of God.

How well do you know your nursery rhymes? The Roud Folk Song Index will keep you busy with over 20,000 of them!

Once again, Fox News jumps the gun and runs a story without fact checking. This incident involves a woman claiming her school was so secular that they banned red and green clothing during the holidays. The only problem, the school never did anything of sort. This isn't the first time Fox News made a claim, back in 2005, Bill O'Reilly reported on a school that banned red and green, which was later found to be made up. This "War on Christmas" that they love to report about seems to be only in their deluded minds. Quality journalism at its best, folks!