March, 2011

Outraged because I pay attention

Feeling: Annoyed


Usually, when I hear Republicans talk, I just laugh and laugh because the things they say are just so incredibly batshit crazy. Take for example, Montana Representative, Alan Hale. He wants to get rid of drunk driving laws because they're ruining the small businesses like bars. That's hilarious by itself, until you realize that he's also a bar owner, which means he doesn't even care about his voters, he only cares about making laws that help his business. I laugh and laugh, and then I realize that some people actually voted for him. Not only did some people vote for him, but the majority of people in Montana voted for him! Then, I stop laughing and become seriously afraid.

A day in the life of a woman *gasp* with a job *double-gasp* in Saudi Arabia.

Why should capital punishment be illegal? How would you like to be on Death Row for 14 years and be innocent?

Another day, another $166 million dollars awarded to children who were raped by Catholics.

500 days in the hospital means you've been blessed by God. It looks like he's wearing a Power Balance bracelet too. You know, the bracelets that have been clinically shown -not- to work, and even their own company has said they don't work? Maybe they should use this as their new ad campaign?

Tea Party Nation put out an email to its members claiming that Protestant white people aren't having enough children, but brown people are, and if that keeps happening, American will die. Because, to Tea Party Nation at least, America, and it's economy, is white and Protestant.

Creationism reworked to be Craterism. Sounds pretty much the same.

Chicks dig guys that can spell.

I've added Battle of Britain and Operation: Inner Space to the Videogame Music Preservation Wiki.

Joseph kicks the bucket in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Don't forget to pay rent!

Feeling: Pouty


I'm gonna have to return my fancy new portable media player. The touch screen is just impossible to use while driving or running. With only one hand, and a touch screen that occasionally miss-clicks, it takes me about 30 seconds to pick a song, and I have to be staring at the screen the entire time. I love the fact that it can play games and record and play videos and take pictures and whatever, but I got it to play music, and the music playback just isn't practical. I think I'm going to have to scale down to a player with actual buttons.

Gallon for gallon, nail polish costs more than Dom Perignon and a Starbucks latte costs eight times more than gasoline.

NASA just received it's first picture of the surface of Mercury.

Are you a professional exorcist seeking employment? The Catholic church is looking for a few good men.

The brothers finally cave to Joseph in the Blasphemer's Bible.

March is almost over? Already?

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Some of your favorite things were either stolen or scribbled down on a napkin to make money.

Thank you European Union for taking initiative. I only hope that the US passes legislation to get rid of internal combustion engines in their cities.

Death and dying in videogames to a suitable tune.

Tim Minchin is my hero.

The US is falling behind in science. China may soon overtake us. I only hope that it's enough to scare the Republicans into investing into the nation's education like they did back during the Red scare of the Cold War. It's sad that it takes fear of war to get Republicans interested in education.

Here's something that I would have a hard time making up: A woman got fired from TSA because another worker claimed she was casting a spell on her car heater. No religious prejudice there!

Putting radiation exposure in perspective.

Newt Gingrich is running for president so that America doesn't become an "atheist country...dominated by radical Islamists". How a country can be both atheistic and radically Islamic, he failed to explain.

The brothers return to Egypt in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Sleeping on a Monday night

Feeling: Okay


My weekend was fun an full. Emily and I hung out with some friends, went dancing, ate copious amounts of food, raced in Mario Kart 64, watched House, woke up to a wonderful leg cramp, got further in Chrono Trigger, and I got Chloe fixed up.

NES inside an NES cartridge. Awesome.

Robotic seagull is robotic.

It's amazing how much of our trash winds up in the belly of a sea turtle.

Jacob is finally laid to rest in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Dancing on a Friday night

Feeling: Happy


Remember those crappy old portable LCD games? Well, this site lets you play them online!

It turns out that if we got rid of all the tax cuts for the extremely wealthy, we'd be able to afford nearly all of our social programs.

Getting an abortion is most difficult in South Dakota, but it's been made even harder now by Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard.

Scientists grow sperm in a laboratory. It's about time.

There has been a victory for the freedom of speech! The Islamic nations have finally given up on trying to convince the UN to make it illegal to criticize religion.

The Vatican is whining about being attacked for their position to demonize homosexuals. They aren't actually being attacked, they're being criticized, but shouldn't they? If a group is trying their damnedest to take away another group's basic human rights, don't they deserve to be attacked?

Here's Christopher Hitchens speaking about the Muhammed cartoons back at TAM5.

Pole dancing for Jesus!

Seven more days of crying in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Car partially fixed

Feeling: Okay


Car is getting better. The coolant leak has been fixed, and I'm scheduled for service on Saturday to fix the wiper and get my regular maintenance.

Yet another test shows that acupuncture with real needles that puncture the skin is no better than acupuncture with fake needles that don't puncture the skin.

Trolling Mormons.

Ron Schiller of NPR makes a heartfelt apology to the Teabaggers.

This is what passes for news on Fox: a Cheesus.

Joseph gets permission from Pharaoh in the Blasphemer's Bible.

More car troubles.

Feeling: Annoyed


The snow and ice of yesterday broke my passanger windshield wiper and prevented the needed car part from arriving at the dealer. Still another day to wait before a fix. Lame.

The US has entered our third war with Operation Odyssey Dawn. Our strategy seems to be, if we kill enough brown people we're bound to get lower gas prices eventually.

Though not even remotely drawn to scale, this is a pretty cool Orrery.

A 15-year-old girl became pregnant, and a DNA test revealed that the father is her married 38-year-old church pastor. He's got a big problem on his hands; a 25 year problem. In fact, the pastor, Michael Clare, is accused of repeatedly raping this poor girl since she was 12 and possibly other children as well. The defense asked for probation over a prison sentence, and can you believe the judge said no? The prosecutors even tried to offer a plea bargain of only three-years in prison, but Clare refused, insisting he is innocent. My questions isn't, why wouldn't he take the plea bargain since DNA testing proves he's the father, my question is, why on earth did the prosecution offer a child rapist such an amazing plea baring?

Record companies are trying to sue Lime Wire for $75 trillion, or more money than the entire recording industry has made since the invention of the phonograph, or more money than the world has.

Jacob receives 70 days of mourning in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Car troubles >:-(

Feeling: Annoyed


Chloe had been leaking coolant and an increasing rate. After a check at the dealer, it turns out to be the water pump. I have to go in tomorrow and have it replaced. It's covered under warranty and won't cost me a dime, but it's damned annoying.

In Pennsylvania, John Joe Thomas murdered a 70-year-old man by repeatedly bashing him with a rock. When Thomas was asked why he murdered the old man, he said the old man was gay, and he was just following the bible's command to stone gay people to death.

Jacob makes an rather secular demand in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Spring is here

Feeling: Happy


It's officially spring! Thank the axial tilt of the Earth! Although, I've just now realized that my car does indeed have a coolant leak. Hopefully it's nothing serious and my baby girl can be patched up in no time. Nobody wants an incontinent convertible.

50 Reasons you might be a Republican when compared to the reasons you might be a Democrat. Guess which one is crazier.

If given the choice, would you save the life of a single child who would never be able to get out of bed and would slowly and painfully die before reaching his teens, or would you save the lives of about 150 children who could grow up to be healthy, but probably live in third-world countries? Well, if you're Catholic, you would choose the former.

If you live in Minnesota, and receive assistance from the government, it may become a crime for you to have cash on your person at any time. Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Republicans.

Benjamin is courage wolf in the Blasphemer's Bible.

TFSMIF - Thank Flying Spaghetti Monster It's Friday

Feeling: Excited


Richard Dawkins spent an hour explaining the basics of evolution and atheism to a poorly educated Christian on a live Evangelical television program. After atheists called out all the host's bullshit lies in the comment's section, they disabled comments, but it's still fun to watch the infinite patience of Dawkins.

NASA's Messenger satellite has just begun orbitting Mercury. Quite a feat considering how close the to sun the planet is. I'm looking forward to seeing some high definition photos of the surface.

Should elected officials be allowed to use taxpayer money to have their offices blessed by a church official?

Let's say a biblical translator decided to modify their English translation so it was more inclusive. All the words mentioning God still refer to him as a he, but the generic words are now gender-neutral. For example, a passage that once read, "Even what he has will be taken from him," which is now worded as, "Even what they have will be taken from them." That's what the translators of the NIV bible were planning on doing, and you'd think that everybody would be on board. But then you'd fail to understand the sexism inherent in Christianity. There is an entire organization called the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood which is dedicated to keeping women's mouths shut and in the kitchen where they belong.

A Massachusetts women is accused of killing her 3-year-old daughter while giving her an exorcism.

For you non-Catholics out there who don't understand the importance of separation between church and state, most public school classrooms in Italy have a crucifix hanging in them, and their courts have ruled that this is perfectly acceptable. Great news if you support a church that protects child rapists.

Jacob play favorites with Joseph one last time in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Oh what a beautiful day!

Feeling: Excited


My new toy arrived. It's an Archos 43 palm computer. I can finally replace my decrepit Gigabeat. Also, today was the first day this year warm enough to drive with the top down. Score!

Sandman is going to become a TV series.

It's official, Republicans don't believe in Global Climate Change. Despite the overwhelming evidence and consensus in the scientific community, the Republicans just can't agree that the Earth is getting hotter. Of course, these are the same people who said that cigarettes don't cause cancer, so what did you expect? Leave it to this man to give a fittingly ridiculous reply.

Two Cardinals in North Dakota have condemned various charitable organizations saying that Catholics should not give them money or volunteer work. The charities include: The American Association of University Women, Amnesty International, Crop Walk, The March of Dimes, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Planned Parenthood, and UNICEF. Don't give support to organizations that try to feed the homeless or cure diseases, instead, give your money to an organization that rapes your children.

Up to 18 teenaged boys and adult men filmed themselves gang-raping an 11-year-old girl. This heinous crime should be dealt with in the most severe manner. Except that this occurred in Texas, where a lot of the community is claiming that the girl deserved what she got because she may have lied about her age and may have been dressed trashy. One man is even trying to raise funds for a high-priced lawyer to defend some of the boys.

Jacob predicts the future in the Blasphemer's Bible.

But brownies will always tell the truth

Feeling: Cheery


Here are some rather pathetic and uneducated Facebook quotes about how the tsunami in Japan relates to Pearl Harbor. Stupidity knows no bounds.

Obama is just another lying politician. Despite it being three years since Obama promised to close Gitmo's military prison, it's not only still open, but Obama is intending to keep it open indefinitely. Why? Because if we let the prisoners who we've been illegally detaining out, they might hate us and commit crimes. Apparently, it's okay now for the US to lock you up for crimes you haven't yet committed! Obama, I am a disappoint.

How is it that, following a natural disaster in Japan and Chile, there is no looting, but here in the US, there is massive looting? I would like to know the answer to this. Is it just not being reported?

George Hrab has made a wonderful music video featuring all your favorite atheists.


Dan is rewarded for attempted murder in the Blasphemer's Bible.

The cake is a lie!

Feeling: Happy


I've beaten Portal, including all 6 advanced levels. I've also updated my Games Biography page.

North Carolinian Republican Representative George Cleveland writes a letter to a woman in which he explains that the US Constitution prevents governmental involvement of religion, and then explains that the the US Constitution doesn't say anything to prevent governmental involvement of religion.

IE9's list of new features is all stuff that has existed in Firefox for years. If you're still using IE, download and install Firefox, and then never use IE again.

Now might be a good time to switch Internet service providers. AT&T has just announced that they are instituting a 250 GB cap on Uverse users and a 150 GB a month cap on the DSL Internet usage. 150 GB a month translates to 5 GB a day, which is the equivalent of 1 DVD quality movie or 7 CD quality albums a day. And if you go over the cap, they don't shut you down until next month, they charge you fees!

In other news, Glenn Beck claimed that the earthquake in Japan was God punishing the world because we don't follow the Ten Commandments, and because there are radical Islamists. Congratulations Glenn Beck, you're officially as bat-shit crazy as Pat Robertson.

Beware the Ides of March!

Some other brothers get their inheritance in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Happy pi day!

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How good are you at multi-tasking on the keyboard?

Here's a recap of a couple's retreat at a Baptist church. Notice how only the men are allowed to speak.

Having financial troubles? It's nothing a good old fashioned bank exorcism can't fix.

The state of Oregon has removed the religious exception for child welfare. Now, if your kid has a life-threatening illness, parents can no longer try to pray the illness away in lieu of taking them to the hospital. Hopefully, this will spread to all 50 states.

Current Republican scheme: remove the EPA's ability to regulate pollution. Really! The Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011 actually prevents the EPA from making any decisions based on greenhouse gas emissions or global climate change.

God is not Great... the song!

Stephen Fry gets a rather candid proposition.

Judah gets his inheritance in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Chicken Cheese Cow

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Copyright law in the US is utter bullshit. Case in point: you know how when you start typing in a search box and results start showing up? Of course, programs have been doing that for decades. Well, now a company called MasterObjects is sueing Amazon because they claim they own a patent on updating a search list. The fact that this company isn't being counter-sued for making frivolous lawsuits is pathetic.

Want to instantly create a GeoCities quality website for your favorite band?

If you've been in a high school in the past fifteen years, you've probably heard about a pro-life protest where students cover their mouths with tape and write "Life" on them. The symbolism is that an abortion silences a child, and to drive the point home, the student refuses to talk all day. Well, this was going on at a public high school in Ontario, Canada, and one student decided to create a counter protest by putting tape over her mouth and writing "Choice" on it. Several other students joined her by placing tape over their mouths as well. Unfortunately, the Catholic administration didn't like that one bit and suspended all of the students with the "Choice" tape. Rather than own up to their obviously religious and biased actions, the school came up with a bullshit out by claiming that they suspended the students with the "Choice" tape because they hadn't asked for permission to wear it before hand like the "Life" tape kids had, and thus violated the school's dress code.

If you can't even put on a ski mask, maybe you shouldn't be robbing gas stations.

Eating celery is for homos.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder wants to tax the poor, seniors, and public school donors in order to give a tax break to Michigan businesses.

Who would have thought that a game where you play a gun-slinging cactus would be so cool?

Jacob punishes his genocidal sons by writing them out of his will in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Farewell Space Shuttle

Feeling: Sad


Space Shuttle Discovery lands in Florida for the last time, officially ending the Space Shuttle program.

21 priests from Philadelphia, PA have been suspended due to sexual assault charges. And here are their names.

Want a homemade pulse laser gun?

Nationwide, atheism is growing and becoming less of a stigma among American students. This comes despite the fact that parents are still trying to force religion on the kids. Case in point:

A high school in Cranston, Rhode Island is about to lose a lot of money in a lawsuit because they're trying to prevent the removal of a banner hanging in their auditorium which contains a Christian prayer. For years the United States has agreed that Christian propaganda can not be displayed in public schools because it advertises religion (something the Establishment Clause of the first amendment prevents), but the Cranston school officials have voted to keep it up. This means there will be a lawsuit, which Cranston will probably lose. The end result is that the Cranston School District will lose thousands of dollars trying to defend something that is illegal, thousands of dollars that could help educate their students, all because the Christians of Cranston can't keep their religion to themselves.

Illinois finally bans the death penalty. Kudos to you!

Jacob begins doling out his inheritance in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Finish Him!

Feeling: Happy


Creepy preachers throwing children down on the ground is pretty messed up, but when you add sound effects, it's hilarious!

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a pretty amazing speaker. Here he is at TAM6 talking about various topics.

More forced religion in the US military. If you don't go to Christian concerts, you are punished with cleanup duty.

This list claims to be the 50 most brilliant atheists of all time, though I think 50 most -popular- atheists would be a better title.

Jacob comes up with some interesting tales in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Time flies, and then no need to endure anymore, time dies.

Feeling: Happy


A couple new fonts have been added to the Game Font Database.

The National Health Service of England has conducted a study which shows no correlation between the money they spend on chaplains and patient well-being. This is really disturbing because in England, tax money is actually diverted from patient care to the pockets of the chaplains. From 2009-2010, English chaplains received 29,000,000 or about $46,800,000 which could have been spent on life-saving treatment for patients.

Christopher Hitchens did an interview on 60 minutes.

California may have a lot of hippies, but it also has a lot of hate-spewing Republican racist Tea-bagger douches. They protested an American Muslim group for having a dinner to raise money for women's shelters and the homeless. The Tea Party claims to care about freedom, but really, they only want freedom for Christians with have similar political views. Even Republican Congressman Ed Royce showed up to support the protesters. Although he is supposed to represent all of the people in the state of California, including the citizens with Arab ancestry, he backs the racist Tea-bagger group and claims that multiculturalism is paralyzing America. Royce, by the way has European ancestry, not American, but who's counting?

New Hampshire Republican House speaker, William O'Brien, is trying to prevent college students from voting, because in his words, they're "foolish," and "Voting as a liberal. That's what kids do... they just vote their feelings." I guess anyone who doesn't vote the way he wants them to vote is foolish.

Down in Giles, Virginia, 200 high school students walked out of school to protest the ten commandments being removed from their public school. While some of the students took initiative, most of them probably left because their parents told them to and were waiting outside to picket with them. Many of the protesters shouted that wonderful American credo, to paraphrase: "If you don't agree with me, get out of my country which I own and you don't."

A blind Jacob blesses the wrong child in a repeat of an earlier story in the Blasphemer's Bible.

You're hideous, and sexy!

Feeling: Okay


Nice weekend with the misses, cooking, entertaining, and whatnots.

What's better than a creepy girl in a hotel hallway?

As a long time critic of modern art, I was pleased to see the results of this study. It turns out that 33% of art students will assign greater quality to the clunky work of a child or animal over the work of a famous modern artist in a blind study.

Want to have your childhood ruined? Take a look at these photos.

What would you do if your five-year-old came home from school one day, announced that they had converted to Catholicism and asked if you were going to Hell? Well, this is the kind of thing that's going on in Canada right now. So many Americans don't see the problem with religion in school, but Catholicism is a minority religion in the States. I wonder how those Lutherans or Baptists would feel if their children were being taught to revere Mary?

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you quit praying and start doing. For example: artificial nerve grafts made from spider silk!

Jacob's not very blind in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Weekend FTW!

Feeling: Excited


The Pew Research Center found some rather shocking news regarding the Teabagger Party. Well, not quite so shocking really. Despite an overwhelming majority of Tea Party followers being Christian, very few of them would put money toward ideals associated with Jesus. The bible depicts Jesus as a poor man who told rich men to sell their possessions and give the money to the poor, but Tea Partiers surveyed said they would decrease spending in the following areas: Medicare, Social Security, combating crime, health care, unemployment, aid to the needy in the US, and especially aid to the needy outside the US. Actually, out of the 18 questions asked to the Tea Partiers, they only ones they wanted to increase spending on were the three issues that dealt with the military. They also wanted to decrease every aspect of education including scientific research, public schools, and financial aid. What more proof do you need that Tea Baggers are xenophobic warmongering ignoramuses?

The college man who found a GPS tracking device on his car, and was later assaulted by the FBI to get it back, has thankfully decided the sue the FBI. I sure hope he wins. If we don't punish the government, the US could easily become a police state.

News Flash: Mike Huckabee is still a dick-head who thinks he knows all about single mothers.

If Republican Bobby Franklin gets his way, miscarriages will be considered murder and the would-be mother could be executed if she can't prove the miscarriage happened without any human involvement. Currently, about -half- of all fertilized embryos are miscarried (not including abortions), and most of the time, doctors can't figure out why they were miscarried. Bobby Franklin obviously is too stupid to realize that his bill will basically turn half of all pregnant women into felons. This is the same Bobby Franklin who wanted to change the legal wording of rape "victims" into rape "accusers" for women who were sexually assaulted.

Religious majorities often claim to be persecuted, but it's the Humanist groups who still have to kowtow to religious rules. The British Humanist Association can't even put up ads with very mild language in British railways because the owners are afraid of how the Christians might react.

How many of these discontinuted cereals do you remember?

Biologist have found one of the most basic types of eyes--simple photo-receptive spots on the head. This is a look back down evolutionary lane to the type of eyes our ancestors would have first evolved.

Jacob takes custody of his grandchildren in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Lousy Smarch weather!

Feeling: Happy


The fetus on the witness stand in Ohio was a flop. They weren't able to find a mother willing to do it who was 5 weeks pregnant, so they went with a woman who was 9 weeks pregnant. But that didn't work either, because they were unable to find the heartbeat of 9 week old fetus. They ended up having to use a 15 week old fetus for the test, or close to 4 months old.

A Blade Runner prequel is in the works!

Ohio votes to end public sector unions. Their blue collars are about to turn brown.

What happens when you install every version of Windows on the same machine, in order?

The Supreme Court upheld the right for the Westboro Baptists to picket funerals. Despite my ire toward these loathsome people, I agree with the Supreme Court; freedom of speech is far more important than anyone's personal disgust. Rather than try and ban these people, we should be trying to educate them.

What if cats had thumbs?

Jacob demands to be buried in his home country in the Blasphemer's Bible.

I would still find my way

Feeling: Happy


A bug has been fixed in the Game Font Database and High-Resolution Flag Database that prevented it from being displayed to users of the latest version of Firefox. Thanks to Joshua for the heads up.

An anti-abortion group in Ohio wants to put a fetus on the witness stand. If we're going to pretend a fetus is a person, the first thing we should do is ticket it for indecent exposure since it's nude in public. The Ohio group is putting on this media circus in hopes that people will see what a fetus looks like in order to cause an emotional response so they won't think rationally when it comes to voting time. Want to know what a fetus looks like a 5 weeks? Take a look. It's looks like a parasitic alien scorpion. I could totally abort that thing, no problem.

Another man in Pakistan was murdered for having the audacity to say that murdering people who don't agree with Islam might be a bad thing. This is what happens when a violent religion like Islam, Judaism, or Christianity rises to power.

NASA finally completes its mission, which has taken 52 years to complete: to find and kill God.

Joseph enslaves the poor in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Scientists discover an interesting link people trying to identify gender and tactile stimuli. It turns out, if you are asked to look at a picture of a sexually ambiguous person, you're more willing to say she person is female if you're holding something soft, but male if you're holding something solid.

Fill my soul with vomit, then ask me for a piece of gum. Bitter and dumb, you're my sugarplum.

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Sure, first-person shooters are really popular, and third-person shooters are a dime a dozen, but what about a second-person shooter?

Think local drilling will solve all our oil woes? Think again! Just another reason to expedite our move to electric vehicles.

Lots of breaking homosexual news. Obama told congress that the White House would no longer back the Constitutionality of the act that would ban same-sex marriage. This, of course, has caused marauding hordes of gay people to drag heterosexuals out into the streets to be murdered.

The UK rules that there is no place in the law for Christianity as it refuses to let a anti-homosexual family adopt a child. I'm kind of torn on this decision. On one side, I think it's a great idea to prevent children from being brought up by a family who is going to teach them to hate people based on their sexual preference. On the other hand, this couple will probably provide a better environment for a child than a government-run foster home.

Finally, gay-bashing Reverend Grant Stroms was caught jerking off to children who were playing at the park while sitting in his van. This kind of behavior has become so widespread in the news these days that it's hardly newsworty. But his excuse is certainly newsworthy! The good reverend claimed he just had to pee so bad that he couldn't wait to get to the bathroom, and was using a bottle, and that's why his dick was in his hands... for several minutes.

The letter W in the English alphabet is an oddity. Every other letter, when spoken, is a single syllable. Aay, Bee, See... ...Ecks, Why, Zee. However, W is spoken as "double-you". Why can't we just start saying Wee for W. Not only is it more descriptive, but it's also more efficient. "World Wide Web" is three syllables, however, when you shorten it to WWW, suddenly it becomes nine syllables! That doesn't make any sense at all!

Now Joseph becomes the owner of millions of farms in the Blasphemer's Bible.