April, 2011

Lesbians can't have children, it's just a fact!

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Pat Robertson says that lesbians want to make straight women have abortions because they're envious of their ability to have children. Apparently, Robertson has never heard of a sperm donor.

The idea that people are interested in the "Royal" wedding is quite revolting. The very idea of a monarchy in this modern age disgusts me because it proves that the masses are still willing to say, "These people are better than everyone else; they are special!" No, these people are not better than everyone else--in fact, they're actually quite plain. They are not great artists, they are not great scientists, they have accomplished nothing. The only reason they have such a high celebrity status is because of who their parents were. And that is one of the most pathetic reasons to respect a person. Leaders should not appointed by some imaginary god, they should not be appointed by their lineage. In order to have a civil and effective society, leaders -must- be voted into, and more importantly out of, power. This site sums up my feelings: www.WhyAmericansShouldCareAboutTheRoyalWedding.com.

Evolution has played some pretty bizarre games with our DNA over the millenniums.

Won't someone think of the children? Imagine if your English teacher had a side job of, heaven forbid, writing erotic novels. She uses a pen name, never writes anything about her teaching job, never writes about her students, and keeps everything separate from her teaching career. Most importantly, she's a fully qualified and effective English teacher. Would you be okay with having your children learn from her? Many over-protective parents sure wouldn't be. I wonder if these parents ever read erotic fiction or viewed pornography before? I wonder if they've ever watched a movie where characters have sex? Of course they have, and yet, I bet they teach their own children. As it turns out, you can have a healthy erotic mind and still not be a child molester.

I added some Ultima: Quest of the Avatar tunes to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Republicans are most certainly NOT about small government. Michigan Governor, Republican Rick Snyder, has been gobbling up local governments left and right, and stealing their right to govern their own local cities.

This is quite out of date, but Christopher Hitchens brings up tons of evidence about why the US is not a Christian nation, while his opponent just keeps screaming NO!

50 years of the Wilhelm Scream just isn't enough.

I received a nickel as change today and it was all grubby and worn. I couldn't even make out the date. I figured, it must really be old to accumulate this much tarnishing. After awhile of scrubbing at it, I was finally able to make out the year: 2000. I thought, wow, how could this get so dirty? It's was practically just minted. Then, I realized that the year 2000 was 11 years ago!

Who would actually wear an item called "Cursed Belt"?

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As expected, the Birthers didn't skip a beat when Obama released his long-form birth certificate. It was a waste of time to release it, as conspiracy theorists don't respond to evidence, they simply see it as more evidence of a cover up.

I added the minor tunes of Dragon Warrior to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. That soundtrack is officially complete!

Police officer Derek Colling is a huge dick. He assaulted this man, broke his camera, broke his nose, attempted to destroy the film which shows him attacking the man for no reason. Colling claims he arrested him for obstruction of justice (filming a cop obstructs him?) and battery on a police officer (getting your nose and property broken is battery?). The camera man was put in jail, but all charges have been dropped, as they should be. Colling is currently on suspension -with- pay pending the investigation. How much do you want to bet he won't even get a slap on the wrist?

Oh those silly Japanese girls! They're deadly, but still so cute!

Tina Fey was interviewed for Google's Authors.

If time went backward from my birth, the year would be 1949, Truman would be president, and George Orwell would have just published "Nineteen Eight-Four".

It's probably a bad idea to trust a psychic to remove a curse on your money.

Hey now, I'm an all-star

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Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is still being backed by the Syriac Orthodox Church even after ordering the death of his own citizens. Reminds me of Hitler receiving praise from the German Catholic churches.

Even though President Obama released his birth certificate years ago, the crazy Teabagger birthers have been bitching to see his long-form birth certificate. So, Obama released his long-form birth certificate. Will this satiate racist Teabaggers who can't believe a colored man is running the country? Of course not. If they don't like his politics, they would be attacking his politics, but they're not. They're attacking his country of origin, either because his politics are just that good (which they're not), or because they just really hate darkies.

Finished up the music of Dragon Warrior in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. The Dragon Warrior page has also seen some updates in the NES Hacker Database.

Speaking of Wikis, I would really like it if Media Wiki included some better built-in ways of dealing with spammers.

Fire ants refuse to sink!

The World of Religion by Mister Sharp.

Thy deeds have been recorded in the Imperial Scrolls of Honor.

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My right hand has been sore for several days now, which is annoying because it makes it painful to type or use a mouse, and that's basically all I ever do.

I added a new NES hacking video to my Youtube channel. Ever wanted to know what was in those unreachable chests behind the counter in Dragon Warrior?

Florida mayor Sonny Nobles has used his governmental position of power to tell non-Christians that they are going to burn in Hell, and that if it wasn't for atheists, we would have Heaven on Earth.

Doctor Cat! A comic about a cat who is also a doctor.

Some more Dragon Warrior tunes have been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

It's strange to see a church decide to stop signing marriage licenses of any kind until same-sex marriage becomes legal. Stranger still that said church is in Kentucky! Strange, but commendable.

A pretty awesome Google-sponsored talk with Christopher Hitchens.

Courage and wit have served thee well. Thou hast been promoted to the next level.

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Yesterday was Easter, so here are some videos about the true meaning of Easter, and a Jesus holiday dress up.

Tennessee Republicans are trying to ignore the elephant in the room by preventing its school teachers from discussing any sexual preference other than heterosexual until the students reach 9th grade, at which point they can finally be introduced to homosexuality.

Someone actually made the version of Tetris from XKCD.

This site is under construction.

Republican Senator Bruce Caswell wants to make it illegal for foster children to get new clothes. His plan would force wards of the state to buy all of their clothes from thrift stores. He remains true to his plan of reminding poor children just how poor they are, even though he claims it probably wouldn't save the state any money.

Some Dragon Warrior tunes have been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

All my base are belong to you

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At the same time scientists are teleporting packets of light, believers are running around shouting the sky is falling.

Republicans who are supposed to be all about small local government are taking over the local government in Michigan. They're usurping the locals and forcing them to turn their public park into a golf course and mansions that cost so much, the local residents can't afford them. In what I'm sure is just an odd coincidence, the guy who's spearheading this development used to work for the company that is building everything. I wonder how much kickback money he'll be getting out of this? Notice how Michigan's previous Democratic governor said that Benton Harbor is controlled by the local government, but the new Republican governor is forcing big government on them.

I've added Rocky Horror Show soundtracks to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation for both the C64 and ZXS.

Texas Republicans are looking to create an official state Day of Prayer for Rain. Wouldn't a shaman dance or a Voodoo curse be more effective?

In a graph that looks an awful lot like a penis, gay marriage opponents are now the minority.

New Simon's Cat!

If you commit a crime, it's probably wise to not tattoo it on your chest.

It's Good Friday, Friday. This Sunday is also Easter Sunday (AKA Zombie Jesus Sunday), which may have derived some of its origins from the Germanic goddess Eostre.

I'm a bad enough dude to rescue the president

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My trivia quiz has been updated with 50+ questions. I've also added a page that allows anyone to add their own questions. It's password protected, so if you want to add your own, email me for it.

I've added RoboCop to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

I wish I was too rich to know I was rich.

40% of Americans believe that Christ will return and the world will end by 2050. No wonder they're not too concerned about global climate change.

Want to violate the privacy of an iPhone user by finding every place they've been for the past couple months? There's a app for that!

God couldn't heal this amputee, but science sure could!

Real Water: it has what plant's crave. It has extra electrons!

Dungeons and Dragons makes you worship Satan.

Oregon cops are dangerously-close tail-gating assholes.

Yet another news show talks about homeopathy being pure bullshit.

Get back to bed Nemo!

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I've added song pages to all of the tracks of Little Nemo: The Dream Master in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Extreme close up!

48% of Republicans in Iowa don't believe that Obama was born in the USA. This means that at least 48% of Republicans in Iowa are retarded. The real number is probably a bit higher.

Should the first words out of your child's mouth be, "dear Jesus, thank you"? If you listen to John Piper, they should be!

Nerd sex tape is awfully nerdy! It's probably a bad idea to try and get your girlfriend to wear a Bobba Fett mask.

The tornado wants to play soccer too!

Rachel Maddow on the Planned Parenthood / Jon Kyl / Fox News / Pap Smears at Walgreen's fiasco.

Anyway this cake is great, it's so deliciously moist!

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I finally got around to working on my trivia project. It's just a simple web game where you answer trivia questions. The objective is to also allow people to create their own questions, and rate other people's questions, until there is a massive database of verified trivia questions. Currently, the database is only about 20 questions, all about the space race and astronomy, asked at random, so you'll probably get a lot of repeats. Also, it can be cheated by skilled web users. However, this is just a template, not a finished product. Anyway, if you want to test your knowledge of the space race, check out my new Trivia Quiz.

Stephen Cobert loses it when he sums up the Republican's attempt to shut down Planned Parenthood, including Republican Senator Jon Kyl saying that 90% of Planned Parenthood's activity is abortion, when in fact, the real number is only 3%. When Jon Kyl's office was asked about his remark, they replied that what he said to the US Senate was not meant to be factual! Of course, as Fox likes to tell us, you can get your pap smears and mammograms at Walgreens, however, these women were unable to obtain them.

Sometimes people say that science can't appreciate the beauty of the world. I disagree.

More proof of evolution! Scientists have found a fossil of an early mammal with a transitional middle ear. In this animal, the reptilian jaw bones have moved more toward the ear like it is in modern mammals confirming their prediction.

The lying Republican liars of Tennessee are saying CFCs don't deplete the o-zone, Einstein was a Christian, and there is a scientific controversy about evolution. They're either lying or too stupid to know they're wrong.

Maybe Black Mesa. That was a joke, ha ha, fat chance!

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Started a new game + in Chrono Trigger over the weekend. I stopped when I reached the end of time after fixing Robo. Also got Emily to play Portal!

Teabaggers aren't racist.

When we allow a violent religion rule a country, we get something like Pakistan. There, even if you're exonerated of a blasphemy charge, you will still be murdered by angry mobs or religious zealots. Well, those zealots certainly won't appreciate the work of Thunderf00t, who burned 40,000 digital copies of the Qur'an.

California loses $600,000 because their politicians fired a woman because she was investigating some chiropractors who were chums with the politicians. I guess when science can't prove your medicine works, you have no choice but to use politics.

Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas wants to make the first weekend of May, National Ten Commandments weekend. This way, people of all faiths can gain wisdom and respect for a set of rules that begins by saying, you're not allowed to worship any god except a particular Jewish god from the Bronze Age. First Amendment be damned!

Maybe it's gone too far when the TSA has to feel the genitals of a 6-year-old girl.

David Christian gives a pretty interesting lecture on the history of the universe. He tends to anthropomorphize a bit too much, but it's still really entertaining.

Anyone who questions religion will inevitably come across the problem of evil. One of the easiest ways to state the problem is to repeat the quote attribute to Epicurus, "Either God wants to abolish evil, and cannot; or he can, but does not want to. If he wants to, but cannot, he is impotent. If he can, but does not want to, he is wicked. If God can abolish evil, and God really wants to do it, why is there evil in the world?" Religion has had over 2,250 years since this statement was made, and various believers have attempted to answer the quandary, but none to my satisfaction. An Evangelical preacher by the name of Voddie Baucham has preached his answer--have a listen. Notice how he begins by dodging the question entirely. Then, he uses the Christian view that humans are the scum of the Earth and deserve painful death and dismemberment by a vengeful god. He even says that God should murder us in our sleep. Well, if there is evil in this world, you can bet that Voddie Baucham's imaginative god is the cause of it, not the redeemer.

Crono... Crono! Good morning, Crono! Come on, sleepy head! Get up!

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It's not a full functioning car, but this vehicle gets nearly 2,500 MPG!

On my way to work this morning I was cutoff by a car sporting a Jesus Fish. WWJC. Who Would Jesus Cutoff?

Comic Scans is a blog that showcases hundreds of advertisements from old comic books. It's amazing how many I remember.

Who wants cake? Baby cake that is!

Even though the House Republicans tried to kill the health care bill, and cut Planned Parenthood's funding, the Senate killed both measures.

Leave it to the ignoramuses of South Carolina to ban every book in jail except the bible. Not the the Qur'an, not the Bhagavad Gita, just the bible. The man in charge of the jail, H. Wayne DeWitt, has said that these actions "are justified to preserve health and safety". By the way, he also bans a book specifically written for prisoners called, "Protecting Your Health and Safety".

Fox News. Just like The Onion, minus the kidding.

A couple in Texas murdered an infant girl by beating her to death with a hammer. They were performing an exorcism.

Former Bishop Roger Vangheluwe repeatedly raped his two nephews over a period of 13 years before finally being caught. His response is unbelievable, "Of course I know that this was not good," but, "It had nothing to do with sexuality," and, "The nephews slept with me. It began as a game with the boys. It was never a question of rape." He went on to say, "I don't have the impression at all that I am a paedophile." Finally, "It was really just a small relationship. I did not have the feeling that my nephew was against it, quite the contrary. It was not brutal sex." Obviously, this man has no idea how much damage is done by incestuously raping little boys.

Meet Braco, the faith healer who heals by staring at you. Seriously.

A quarter of the world's people are idiots

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While out getting lunch today, I saw a beggar on the side of the road, holding up a cardboard homeless sign, while talking on a cellphone. Awesome.

A tasteless joke has landed Evan Emory in jail and branded him a child molester. Emory performed a children's song in front of a class of first graders. Later, he edited the video with a new song with sexually explicit lyrics. In the final video, Emory appears to be singing an adult song in front of children, but in reality, the children never heard anything bad. This type of crude humor has existed for years, and many comedians have performed a gag like this in their past. However, the parents of the children were not amused and demanded Emory's arrest! Now, I can see him getting into trouble for recording the children under false pretense. So in that regard, maybe he should have received a fine or something. As it was, Emory was arrested for manufacturing child pornography! This is completely ridiculous! At no point were any of the children ever abused or assaulted, physically or even verbally. Emory was able to get his 20-year felony reduced to a 2 months thanks to a plea bargain, but he still received a restraining order demanding that he stay 500 feet away from anyone under the age of 17. If I ever have kids, I would be honored if they were included in a video like that! No only would it be completely harmless to them, but it would also be incredibly funny!

Dan Hodges of New Statesman has written an article saying that it should be illegal to burn a Qur'an. He says that calling Qur'an burning free speech is "missing the point". On the contrary, I would say that his article is missing the point. He beings by saying that it's not "free" because you have to buy a Qur'an in order to burn it. By that logic, writing a book isn't free speech either because you have to pay for the paper upon which it's printed. He goes on to say that burning a book isn't "speech". Again, by that logic, a book isn't speech because it's written, not spoken. Finally, he argues that the point of burning a Qur'an is to incite aggression in Muslims, which is dangerous because it causes them to become violent. In this he displays both his ignorance and cowardice for all to see. Terrorism works because people like him are too afraid to make strong political statements for fear of what people might do to him. Terrorism is using terror to make you comply. Hodges sees a person A burning their own personal property, and person B trying to murder the person A for burning their own personal property, and says that person A is the criminal. Hodges is a coward. He is not only cheerfully allowing terrorists to take away his rights, but he's demanding everyone else abandon their rights to terrorists as well.

The Friendly Atheist has a nice write up of a city putting up a sign that reads In God We Trust. A city council in Adrian, Missouri. Read the dialogue between the council members. Notice that Hess would not allow "Allahu Akbar" to be posted because, even though the phrase means "God is great", according to Hess, that's not the right God. This is clearly government endorsing one God over another, something that the first amendment to the US Constitution explicitly denies.

In Canada, public schools can be controlled by religious schoolboards. This means that the curriculum of public schools have a religious agenda. A group of concerned parents tried to get one Catholic schoolboard to include a secular alternative, but the Catholic schoolboard refused. So, these Canadian students will continue to be forced to learn, and be tested on, their understanding of a god as interpreted by a handful of Catholics. What about the Protestant children? What about the Jewish children? What about the Hindu, Muslim, or atheist children? Sorry, you all have to learn the Catholic view and none other. This clearly demonstrates how important it is to keep religion out of government-funded schools.

The evolutionary tree of dinosaurs has just become a bit more complete with the discovery of the Daemonosaurus chauliodus.

Louisiana wouldn't give a mother her child's birth certificate unless the mother gave them all sorts of personal information including if she ever smoked, drank, or had an abortion in the past. The state wanted this information because it could be used to incriminate her. Thankfully, the ACLU gave them the smack down.

Dean = 1, Taxes = 0

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Beat Chrono Trigger Monday evening. Finished my taxes last night. Life is good.

How much would it bother you if a boy liked the color pink? If you're a guy, would it make you less of a man? If you're a woman, would it take away your sex's identity-color? What a mother painted her son's toes pink, and the son liked it. If you're upset by this, aren't you just upset because you aren't comfortable enough with your own sexuality? Do gender roles really matter that much? Will society really collapse if boys wear dresses and girls wear pants? Hardly. But "doctor" Keith Ablow and Fox News sure seem to think so.

God bless Bill Donahue, for without him, Catholics wouldn't look quite so crazy. Ole' Billy is still claiming that since most priests have only been fondling the genitals of their alter-boys, that technically, it's not rape. And since most of the children being fondled have started puberty, it's not even pedophilia. And since most of these cases happened decades ago, the victims don't even deserve compensation. Nope, the real enemy is homosexuality, not child-raping priests.

I should probably do my taxes today

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In another case of protesting too much, Arifinto, the Indonesian MP who worked to pass an anti-pornography bill was caught watching pornography during a parliamentary debate.

I updated all of the Top Gun song pages in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. And in the spirit of Top Gun, I leave you with the Top Gun Anthem.

This debate between Christopher Hitchens and Shmuley Boteach is a bit out of date, but it's well worth a watch. Hitchens makes the usual arguments about there being no proof of the supernatural, that religion is responsible for untold evils, it's unscientific, etc. The Rabbi dodges the bulk of his points, does plenty of quote mining, and asserts that you can't have morality without his religion.

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum compares health care to drug dealers trying to hook school children and says that having health care takes away from our Godliness.

Another year older, and closer to death

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I spent the weekend with Emily. We entertained some friends, saw my mother, and I annoyed her by playing Portal's end game music, "Still Alive", on repeat about twenty times. Sunday was in the 80s and I drove with Chloe's top down and got a mild sunburn. I also turned 31.

Oddly enough, the singing in the disgustingly Christian remake of "Friday" is actually better than Rebecca Black's original version.

It's official, Tim Minchin's animated version of STORM is a reality.

Want everyone alive to think you're a massively psychotic woman? Just follow the relationship advice of Cosmo.

France's ban on the burqa has just went into effect. 59 people protested the ban by wearing a burqas in public, and 59 people were arrested. I guess France is taking this seriously!

For those of you who want to see a tiger being born.

You may not know this, but whenever you try to access the Internet, the speed at which you access it, and the content which you're allowed to view, is completely dependent upon the whims of the company you're viewing the Internet through. For example, if you want to stream a movie from Amazon, but your ISP is a competitor of Amazon, they can slow down your connection to a crawl so you can't stream the movie. They can even prevent you from viewing Amazon entirely. The FCC has been gunning for a law that would force Net neutrality on the ISPs, that is, make it illegal for an ISP to do something like that. However, our good Republican buddies at the House of Representatives have voted against the FCC's attempt to keep the Internet neutral. The only groups that benefit from a lack of Net neutrality laws are the businesses that take away your communication rights, which is just more evidence that Republicans care much more about businesses than people.

Despite what ignorant red-necks will tell you, Planned Parenthood is a vital program for the US. Republicans are so narrow minded, that if they hear the word "abortion" and think EVIL! However, abortions only account for a measly 3% of Planned Parenthood's work--most of what they do includes testing an treating for STDs, screening for cancer, providing birth control, and various other women's health services.

Without Walls International Church has a wonderful way you can make a charitable donation to write off on your taxes. Simply give money to the church's pastor for her birthday. I'm sure most of you out there weren't able to write off your son's birthday card as a charitable donation, but if the recipient is a preacher, I guess you can. Either that, or it's tax fraud.

Keemonta Peterson decided that she would circumcise her son by herself, at home, just like the bible told her to do. Hilarity did not ensue.

What happens when you don't bother vaccinating your children? You get outbreaks of diseases larger than any than we've had in decades.

Top Gun has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Considering how much the Internet has desensitized our ideals on weirdness, I wonder if he should be called merely "Unusual Al"

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Saw Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Flint Institute of Arts last night. It was a tiny crowd, and I ended up doing about 95% of the callbacks, but the people seemed to love them. After that I headed to the Starlite diner to see my homies: June, Rob, Britt, Emily, Patrick, Conner, Rachel, Cody, and Lindsay. I didn't get home until about 1:30 AM; good times!

The House of Representatives of Tennessee has passed a bill that will allow teachers to criticize evolution, abiogenesis, global warming, and human cloning. The Senate has yet to rule on it. This is the latest attempt at religious folk trying to force their way into public schools. They can't teach Creationism, they can't teach Intelligent Design, they can't give equal time, so now, they want to teach the controversy. It's all bullshit, of course. Nearly every scientist in their respective field believes in evolution, abiogenesis, and global climate change.

Speaking of back-water hick states, a random polling of 400 Republicans registered in the state of Mississippi concludes that a whopping 46% think interracial marriage should be illegal, and 14% were undecided! Only 40% of the Republicans believe that people should actually have the right to marry people with a different skin color! And this poll didn't take place in the 50s, it took place in 2011! By the way, 74% of the people who want to ban interracial marriage also favor Sarah Palin. Remember folks, the Tea Party isn't racist.

I've added a lot of PlayChoice-10 information to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

I'll be seeing bar codes in my dreams

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Dear woman who bathes in perfume before going to the gym. Perhaps you don't realize that body heat causes perfume to become even stronger. I would rather smell your BO while running on the treadmill next to you than become nauseated from your perfume.

The Unreal 3 engine is looking particularly gorgeous.

Gauntlet has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Seriously republicans, couldn't you have picked a leader who doesn't constantly cry like a school girl? Speaking of Republicans, is this really the best they have to offer for presidential candidates?

Who do you think will win a one mile race, the New York city bus, or a man on a Big Wheel?

The state of Illinois has just ruled in favor of ignorance by allowing their pharmacists to refuse to fill doctor-prescribed medicine if they morally object to it--especially birth control pills and morning after pills (which do not cause abortions). Pharmacists have had the right to refuse to fill a prescription if there was a medical reason, but now they are allowed to undercut real doctors if their preacher tells them to. This opens the floodgates for Illinois citizens being denied their basic human rights to health-care. Any religious pharmacist has been given legal right to force their religious beliefs onto the public. Is the state of Illinois prepared to take responsibility for the people who die when their Mormon pharmacist refused to fill their prescriptions for blood-thinners or organ transplant medication because the Mormon religion forbids them? What about women who can no longer get birth control pills to treat endometriosis because their Catholic pharmacist morally objects to preventing her from bleeding?

Tommy Pitts has just been arrested for 70 counts of sexual assault, and yes, he is a church pastor.

Alabama's making another mad grab to criminalize abortion. This time they're trying to give full human rights to a fertilized ovum by trying to pass three new laws. Granting a fertilized ovum human status does create some very unusual conundrums. For example, do we include zygotes in the census? Should we give blastocyts the right to vote? Should diploids be forced to wear clothes to cover up their not-yet-existent genitals? Can a single cell file a discrimination lawsuit when it isn't hired for factory work? When the zygote fails to attach to the uterine lining and miscarries, will we be forced to put a woman's tampon it in a little casket before burying it at its funeral?

Baby, you have the cutest face I've ever come across

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Speaking of gurus, the BBC sends Indian gurus to visit towns and perform fake miracles in order to protect villagers from being scammed by real charlatans.

Andreas Lösch has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Have a listen to this Christian sermon about female modesty from a man's perspective. Notice how it vilifies male arousal, while at the same time criminalizing female attractiveness. The college man who wrote the letter is so terrified by his own sexuality that he is afraid to even talk to women. He pleads with them, through a letter, to have their fathers pick out their wardrobe. He begs them to dress in the equivalent of burlap sacks so that his, what he calls weakness, can be eased. This is precisely the sort of thinking that leads to the extreme modesty laws of the Middle East. Men, are told by their preachers that having sexual feelings make you an evil person, and their only recourse is to attack anything that causes these feelings. I don't entirely fault the author's perspective. He is, after all, another person broken and abused by religion. However, it's not like he's a child anymore either. By the time you're in college you should really start learning to think for yourself. If he continues to blame women for this problem instead his religion, I have no sympathy for him.

Republican senator Rick Santorum went on a Christian talk program to explain how it is his duty as a Christian to change America's laws to match the laws of the bible. I wonder if he will include the laws that force women to exile themselves while their on their periods, and then sacrifice birds when they're done (Leviticus 15:19-30)? This, of course, is a man who tried to make it illegal for the National Weather Service to publish climate data to the public, agrees that sodomy laws should continue to be enforced to prevent homosexual sex, said the liberal culture that priests live in was to blame for them raping children, and claimed we found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Seriously.

Who needs an ozone layer anyway? Hopefully, not the Arctic.

While Bristol Palin was working for an abstinence-only group, she was paid $262,500--over seven times more than the group actually spent on trying to prevent teens from having sex!

If you're going to rob a place, don't leave behind your custom-made T-shirt with a picture of your mugshot on it.

Baby, you're the best magazine advice

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It's rare that I side with Apple when it comes to a patent lawsuit, but in this case, I must. Apple just won their repeal on a pathetic patent lawsuit. Dave Gelertner made a patent back in 1999 which described a stream of documents being sorted chronologically. That's an invention? Sorting documents by date? Gelertner asserted that Apple software, which displays album covers, infringed on his patent of displaying documents. Well, yes, I suppose -everything- that displays documents would violate such a patent. Apple lost their first lawsuit, but won their appeal. However, it cost them a whole lot of money that they shouldn't have had to waste. Gelertner should never have been issued such a generic uninventive patent. The US patent system is horribly broken and is in great need of a massive overhaul.

Biolab Disaster has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation, and the Excitebike soundtrack has been updated properly.

Albert Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking. Who is the best... rapper?

The average pay of CEOs continue to raise in spite of the recession while everyone's income remains stagnant. Maybe if we keep voting Republican their income will trickle down to us!

Mike Huckabee wants people to be forced to listen to Christian David Barton at gunpoint. Three cheers for religious freedom!

Looking for a private bible tutor for your kids?

Damn Internet, changing everyone into Satanists!

Religious schools that won't hire homosexuals, atheists, or sometimes even women are given government subsidies. This is wrong. However, our Supreme Court has just decided tax-payers can't do anything about it. To be specific, each of the Conservative judges voted in favor of allowing religious schools to receive these advantages, pushing their agenda from the bench. In order to get around the obvious violation of the Establishment Clause, they claimed that a "tax credit" isn't the same as money, and therefore is allowed. Granted, a credit isn't the same as money, but it does give religious schools an unfair advantage, which is what the first amendment is supposed to prevent.

Your political views aren't worth having unless they can be summed up in a single-panel comic

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I've added three new albums to my collection. Jenny Lewis's "Acid Tongue", Liz Phair's "Funstyle", and The Sounds's "Something to Die For".

Yet another study shows that acupuncture is just as effective as a placebo.

Every single church in Belgium that was investigated turned up child-molesting priests.

Excitebike has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Poor Sean Duffy. He's a Republican in Wisconsin who claiming that he's really struggling to make ends meet on his meager $174,000-a-year salary.

Should you really be allowed to have a copyright on the mathematical constant pi?

A recap and the Exodus teaser has been added to the Blasphemer's Bible. No more updates for awhile.

I'm just a fool waiting on the wrong block, oh yeah

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The JREF has released their 2011 Pigasus awards.

Ohioans just lost their right to strike.

UTERUS. There, I said it. And I don't care if little kids read it. It's a cold clinical word. There is nothing shameful about it. However, Republicans will be damned if you talk about it in mixed company.

Speaking of Republicans, Indiana Representative Eric Turner is concerned that women might be pretending to have been raped so that they can get Federally funded abortions. Thankfully, Representative Linda Lawson stands up to him.

Skeptoid has created the musical history of knowledge.

Steven Novella gave a great talk at TAM 6 on the topic of consciousness.

Little Nemo: The Dream Master has been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Reached the end of Genesis in the Blasphemer's Bible.