June, 2011

I'm outta here!

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It looks like Rhode Island will be the next state to approve same-sex civil unions. To which Pat Robertson says, THE END IS NIGH!

Added a couple Atari 800 games to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Little known fact about Lot from the bible... he liked to pinch his tits.

Eve Templeton can be my tutor any day.

Kansas finally pulled out all the stops and outlawed evolution. Not the teaching of it, but the entire practice of it! Thank you Onion.

Vacation this weekend! See you all on Tuesday! But be sure to check out The Blasphemer's Bible on Monday!

Dean uses garlic breath... It's super effective!

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Two judges have been found guilty of selling children to private prisons. Ugh! This sickens me. Hang 'em high!

Just a reminder, The Blasphemer's Bible will be returning on Monday!

Texas Governor Republican Rick Perry has invited people of all faiths to join together and worship his god. What a swell guy!

Same-sex marriage becomes a reality in Brazil. Brazil is beating us? Come on people, this isn't soccer, this is civil rights!

Michele Bachmann recently claimed that the founding fathers of the USA worked hard to eliminate slavery. This, of course came as a great shock to historians who assure us that all our founding fathers owned slaves. In an interview she declared herself right because our sixth president, John Quincy Adams, was very much anti-slavery. Of course, Quincy Adams was only nine years old when the country declared independence, but you can call him a "father" if you'd like.

Here's a list of endangered animals that are not only the last of their species, but are often the last of their entire genus or phylum!

Currently, in Europe, Halal and Kosher animal slaughter is illegal in four countries: Sweden, Luxembourg, Norway, and Switzerland. Well, Holland has just introduced a bill that will add them to the list. This is because Halal and Kosher forms of slaughter are unnecessarily painful and traumatic to animals. We have the technology to render animals unconscious before killing them, but Halal and Kosher rituals involved slitting the animal's throat and waiting for it to slowly bleed to death.

Prepping for a vacation this weekend.

Stupid people do stupid things

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Buying used videogames is not good for the game production companies because they don't receive any money from the resale. Well, Capcom has figured out a way to stop this, only let the game be played once! Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D has only one save slot, and you can't erase it to start the game over. Once you've played through the game, that's it. This means that there's no point in buying a used copy, because the game will already be beaten. But it also means you can't lend the game to a friend or even play it a second time. Every single time anyone wants to play it, they'll have to buy a new copy. That's wonderful for the game manufacturer! It's the equivalent of your Monopoly boardgame bursting into flames the first time someone wins. The funny thing about this business model is that it -highly- encourages pirating the game instead of buying it because using the ROM and an emulator will eliminate this restriction! You don't have to worry about the save game slot, because when finish the game you can simply delete the save game file on your hard drive and the game will function as if it were brand new again.

After the Miss USA candidates revealed their ignorance about evolution, they were asked some follow up questions. Should the theory of gravity be taught in schools? What about mathematics?

Michelle Bachmann inadvertently compares herself to serial killer John Wayne Gacy. You'd think she'd know more about her home town.

Kansas is on its way to be the first state with no clinics that provide abortion. Despite being a state that routinely murders doctors, it's also the state that has the most unnecessarily complex laws regarding women trying to get abortions and abortion clinics. The laws even mandate how large the janitorial closets must be in hopes that an existing building can't accommodate them, and will be forced to close. There are only three abortion clinics left in the entire state, and one of them is about to close. If you are a woman in Kansas, do everything in your power to move out of that state!

Among Christians, white Evangelicals are the most racist against interracial marriage while unaffiliated Christians are the least racist.

If you get piss-drunk and smash your car in Australia, just tell the magistrate that God has forgiven you, and you'll walk away without even having to pay a fine provided your magistrate is Wayne Evans, a man who is easily fleeced by charlatans.

The Blasphemer's Bible will be returning this Monday!

Our princess is in another underworld

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Somewhere at Saab there is an engineer who must know a lot more about headlight assemblies than I. And that engineer could probably explain to me why he thought it was a good idea to surround the headlight mount with jagged plastic and hot metal so close to the mount that only a child would have hands small enough to reach the light. Then, he could explain why the light attaches via a two-terminal plug, but the assembly attaches to the mount via a half-circle twist that can only be set properly at a specific angle and pressure that can only be made after removing the hose to the air filter. After he explains all of that, I'll know why Saab is going out of business. Long story short; how many computer programmers does it take to change a Saab headlight bulb? Just one, but it takes him three hours.

For those of you keeping score, yes Emily and I broke up, but we're back together. Thus, the massive mood shifts you saw.

My credit card all of the sudden got charged for a several pizza sales in Washington state. It has since been cancelled, the charges are being investigated, and I'm waiting for my new one. I had that card for over 10 years before having the number stolen; not too shabby. Although, now I'm going to have to memorize a new 16-digit number, and someone, somewhere in Washington is going to be charged with a federal crime. I hope that pizza was damn good!

I'm playing through The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in an attempt to properly beat it. Over the weekend I finished up dungeon 4, got half-magic, tempered the Master Sword, got all four bottles, maxed out bombs and arrows, and 15 hearts... I just need the cape and both staves and I'll have full inventory.

The US Supreme Court shot down California's ban on selling mature rated videogames to minors. Private stores still have the right to create all the restrictions they want on the sale of mature rated games, but states no longer have the ability to force censorship down the throats of their citizens.

Got a close buzz from an asteroid today!

Terrorists don't hide bombs in the diapers of 95-year-old wheelchair-dependent leukemia patients. Any terrorist who really wanted to kill a lot of people would simply bring a bomb into any event with a lot of people that doesn't screen attendees. A sporting event, a wedding, a state fair, a bus, a subway terminal, etc. You can't police them all, it's stupid to think that you can. Give us back our dignity.

Rochester, NY cops are dicks. If you remember, Emily Good was arrested because she didn't break the law. She was filming a cop, but he didn't like being filmed, so he arrested her--he couldn't arrest her for filming him from her own property because it's perfectly legal, so he pretended that she was obstructing governmental administration, because he is a petty asshole. This prompted several community members to gather to talk about what should be done with police who abuse their authority and support Emily Good. Well, while they were having their meeting -several- cops showed up where they were parking and ticketed all of the cars that were a few inches beyond one foot from the curb (the legal limit). Apparently, there were no other crimes in Rochester for them to be spending their time on. No drunk drivers, no dangerous speeders, no drug runners, no burglars. Nope, all of the tax money goes to bullying law-abiding citizens.

As for those two reporters who were arrested in DC for filming a public talk, a journalist for the local radio station tried to get information from the cab commission, but he was thrown out of the office, locked out, and the lights were turned off just in case he thought they were still open. The Attorney General has decided not to pursue charges, probably because they know what the police did would be considered kidnapping in any competent court room.

Same-sex marriage is now legal in New York! I'm very happy that it has passed, but I'm disappointed in my own state for dragging its feet for so long.

It's so cute when Fox News tries to do news. They get caught, yet again, passing off a joke as real news. In this case, it's a joke that's almost 20-years-old!

Finally! Everything is back to normal!

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Some dudes are so desperate that they'll hide in the tank of a porta-potty!

This is precisely why it is very important to have a free and open Internet.

Cops exceed their jurisdiction again by arresting two people who have done absolutely nothing wrong. Some states have laws that forbid photographing police officers (because cops never do anything illegal, just ask Malice Green) but D.C. is not one of them. However, cops can be seen here arresting a man for taking a picture at a meeting, and later arresting the man who filmed the arrest. Again, neither person broke the law, but they were both arrested and detained. Arresting someone for no reason, or a false reason, is kidnapping. These police officers were not only jerks for what they did, they were criminals.

Single-celled organisms evolved into multi-celled organisms after only 2 months in a test tube at the University of Minnesota!

Oddly enough, there is strong correlation between how often a state searches for "God" on the Internet, and how often they search for "free gay sex".

PZ Myers gives a wonderful answer to a child corrupted into asking the "Were you there?" false question.

It may sound a little silly, but you only have to go back to 1893, just 118 years ago, to find a decent number of people trying to use the bible to prove that the Earth is flat. You may giggle and mock the ignorance of these people, living in a world that was now fully aware of the round Earth, but claiming that everyone else must be wrong because the bible says otherwise. Well, in our world today, millions of people claim that evolution and the big bang never happened, not because of any strong scientific evidence, but because they claim the bible says otherwise.

Not getting any easier

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If you're going to hit on a 12-year-old girl and try to pick her up on a date, it's probably best not to show up in a horse-drawn buggy.

Finished moving over the last of the NES soundtracks into the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

A list of moments from children's films that totally messed you up.

Another person was arrested for filming cops. They didn't interfere with with cops at all and they remained on their own property the entire time, yet the cop arrested her for obstructing governmental administration.

Geert Wilders, a man from The Netherlands who was brought up on charges for the many scathing things he had to say about the Qur'an (regardless of how true they may have been), has been acquitted. Furthermore, this case proves the legality of criticizing the Qur'an in The Netherlands, which is certainly a step in the right direction for free speech and for rational thought.

Another man, however, has lost his case. James A. Ray, a self-proclaimed self-help guru has been found guilty of three counts of negligent homicide after he refused to let people leave a sweat lodge and they died. The purpose of the sweat lodge was to push people to their limits, but three people were obviously pushed past their limits.

A new bill that has been introduced into Congress by senators Marco Rubio of Florida (male, rich, white, Republican, Catholic) and Orrin Hatch of Utah (male, rich, white, Republican, Mormon) that would make it illegal to help a minor cross state lines to get an abortion. Since many states make it near impossible for a woman to get an abortion, many of them are crossing state lines to get them, but these two rich white men, who will never be pregnant, but could easily afford to take care of ten babies even if they could get pregnant, don't like the idea that some women may still be able to have an abortion, so they're adding another hurdle that poor young women will have to jump over.

A victory for the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The mission statement for a public school in Ohio used to say that it valued "a belief in God". It no longer says that. This is great news to everyone at the school who didn't believe in God, because they can now be included in the group that is actually valued. Students protested by wearing shirts that say they still value a belief in God and even if you take it out of the mission statement, you can't take it out of their hearts. And that's exactly how it should be. Nobody is trying to take it out of their hearts (or, if you understand basic human anatomy, their brains).

Understanding why natural selection doesn't mean what people think of when they hear "survival of the fittest" with crickets!

This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do

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In the past five years scientists have become even more sure of global climate change, yet the public is less likely to believe in it than they were five years ago! Why are people so stupid? Quit watching Fox News you morons!

Linda Thompson, mayor of Harrisburg, PA, has decided that she is incapable of solving the city's massive debt woes. And, rather than resign and bring in someone who can, or even consult economists, she has decided to try praying and fasting. Dear Pennsylvania, if you have an elected official whose master plan is to hope that a magical invisible man in the sky will make everything all better... oust that elected official!

Here is a wonderful comic that explains evolution.

The National Center For Science Education has a wonderful update on how the religious rite is trying to combat the science of evolution and global climate change.

Hate this feeling of dread

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The City Connection and Devil World soundtracks have been added to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Jon Stewart was on Fox News again, but they edited out some of the dialogue, which later turned up on Comedy Central.

Oh you silly Christians. Getting "saved" doesn't actually change your DNA. Even if we assume that you're not just making up this story, don't you think a simple misplaced DNA result or botched test is a better explanation than God genetically mutating everyone who believes in him?

Michele Bachmann claims that hundreds and hundreds of biologists don't agree with evolution. She either is too stupid to know she's wrong, or she's lying. I wonder which one it is?

Luckily, nobody really cares what Miss USA thinks, they're only interested in what she looks like. When asked if they thought evolution should be taught in schools, only 2 of the 51 girls interviewed said yes without also saying it should be taught along side Creationism (which is against the law), and a couple, like the retard from Alabama (big shock, right?), said absolutely not.

Remember that Islamic group that debated PZ Myers about embryology in the Qur'an? Lots of quotes were thrown out by the Muslims, and nobody had time to verify them. This is precisely why debates about science are worthless. However, now that time has passed, we have a video that actually researched the claims made by the Muslims. It turns out that not only was PZ right in his rebuttals, but many of the claims made by the two Muslims were wrong or purposely misleading.

If God designed us, why does our genome contain more virus DNA than human?

Am I a coward for not leading you on?

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The Catholic Charities of Rockford in Illinois was issued an ultimatum--either allow same-sex couples the right to adopt, or shut down. They chose to shut down. This is going to cause the displacement of around 350 foster children. They're claiming the moral high-ground, but let's not forget that they are affiliated with the world's largest child sex abuse cartel, the Vatican. But let's assume that they don't agree with the Vatican on that issue. The fact of the matter is that they hate homosexuals more than they want to help children. Numerous studies have shown that same-sex couples are just as effective as different-sex couples when it comes to raising healthy well-adjusted children. So what is their argument? Homosexuality is bad, not because they raise bad children, but because the Good Book says it's bad. Along with shaving, eating pork, and growing two types of grain in the same field.

Another company tries to take down BitTorrent through the frivolous abuse of the US patent system. A lawsuit was filed by Tranz-Send Broadcasting Network, a company so important they don't even have a Wikipedia page. Well, they claim to have invented something just like BitTorrent back in 1999, and even though their patent was granted in 2007, for some reason they waited until 2011 to file their lawsuit. I wonder if their legal fees are being paid for by a the MPAA or the RIAA? As usual, their patent is so vaguely worded that it can pretty much apply to most forms in Internet transmission, proving once again that the US patent system is horribly out of its league when it comes to technology patents.

Scandal! It turns out God has been backing multiple Republican candidates without even telling them he's backing the others as well.

Maru's new box doesn't quite hold him, but that won't stop him!

The New Life Baptist Church in Northallerton is worming its way into public schools by enticing children into a bouncy castle shaped like a church.

I've updated the Bad Dudes soundtrack in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

The people in charge of the most important decisions of this country say things like this?

Walmart has a long history of discrimination among women, and a massive class-action lawsuit was under way to punish them. However, when the lawsuit reached the US Supreme Court, they just ruled that there were just too many woman filing the lawsuit, and refused to hear the case. Their response was that if Walmart had to pay compensation to all of the women they discriminated against, they'd go out of business and ruin the economy. With this, the US Supreme Court sent an important message to US companies: If you're going to discriminate, do it big!

This study in Europe claims that it is Christians, not Muslims, who are more militant.

Friday, Friday... can't help that day

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Now this is a computer bug!

I've added the Legend of Zelda 2 and Double Dragon soundtracks into the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

A new wart remover has made headlines today, the secret formula is... a shotgun!

There's a new Simon's Cat.

A man pees into an 8 million gallon water reservoir, and the Portland Water Bureau drains the entire thing at a cost of $35,000 to the city. They argue that it was worth the cost because people will be too squeamish about drinking the water that contains a man's urine. First of all, this is 8 million gallons of water and a few fluid ounces of pee. Second, this is an uncovered outdoor reservoir. Birds poop in it, rats swim in it, insects die and rot in it... but no, it's the fear of sterile urine that causes people to freak out. Maybe you should clean the water -before- you drink it?

Virginian attorney general Ken Cuccinelli has been encouraging churches to push a political message to their sheep. As an attorney general, he should be fully knowledgeable that it is against the law for any nonprofit organization to endorse a political candidate. However, it seems that Cuccinelli has no qualms about telling people to break the law so long as they agree with his religious views.

Minus Brooke Shields, the 2011 Tony awards opening was amazing.

Reason #526 not to use Microsoft Word 2007: It appends a space character to ever line when you print a document, even if there isn't a space there. Normally this isn't even visible since a space character is usually void. However, some fonts have a glyph for their space character--for example: barcode fonts. If you use these fonts, Word will append a space barcode to the end of every barcode which prevents them from being able to be scanned. Quit telling me what my documents are supposed to look like Microsoft! If I wanted a trailing space on every line, I would have put one there!

Is it raining in there too?

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The Daily Beast has an interesting article on the crazy gay-bashing Evangelical ways of Michelle Bachmann.

I've added the Destination Earthstar soundtrack into the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

I've been doing a lot of work for my upcoming talk on secular music. I've been making slides, collecting songs and lyrics, and writing the speech. Looking forward to being in the spotlight again.

I replaced the tail light on my car today. I feel like a seasoned mechanic.

Almost officially summer!

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Just a reminder; if given the chance, a lion would eat your baby.

When it comes to trolling religious folk, there is humorous and there is criminal. Spray painting graffiti onto a church is not the way to get attention for a cause, and whoever did it should be caught and punished.

The Atheist Foundation of Australian was trying to put up billboards encouraging non-religious people to check the "non-religious" box in their upcoming census. The company, Billboards Australia, originally accepted their billboard design, but then reneged, claiming the billboard design was too political.

I've added the Déjà Vu and Bad Dudes soundtracks into the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Governor Rick Snyder continues to cut the funds for public schools, while at the same time, the $20,000-a-year private school his daughter goes to begs for more money. If your kids go to public school, you can't afford to vote Republican (unless you're a rich white guy).

Need more sleep

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The Onion gives this country a pat on the back for all we've accomplished to make sure that public shootings will never happen again.

A couple new fonts have been added to the Game Fonts Database.

It is very important for any group to police itself and make sure its members aren't making it look bad. And when some members do make the group look bad, it's important that the leaders denounce those members rather than try and cover it up. You need look no further than the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church to see how bad things can turn out. One of the beautiful things about science, is that self-policing is built right into it because scientists are encouraged to disprove established claims. As such, I'd like to point out the claims of the Black Atheists of Atlanta group. They have recently been saying that homosexuality goes against nature. Such a claim is scientific, and scientists and atheists every where have been bashing their claims apart. This is the strength of having a world view that doesn't hold sacred ideals.

I always like coming across blogs that haven't been updated in years, and the last post says something like, "I'm not dead! Look for a big update in the near future!"

I was searching for "my top ten favorite games" and came across a list that was composed almost entirely of Madden and Call of Duty games right after a list that had every Half-Life game and expansion. I think I need to wipe away a tear.

Monday the 13th

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Unproductive weekend, just the way I like it. I played several hours of Metroid: Fusion, one of the best platform adventure games I've ever played. I also bought some new swimming trunks, experimented with Indian junk food, and worked on my upcoming talk about Humanism in music.

Pac-Man AI programming contest for both Pac-Man and the ghosts!

The school Edmonton school district in Alberta, Canada is trying to institute a new policy that says all faculty and students must respect the sexual identity of all other students. Well, the Christian rite, under the name Edmonton Logos Society doesn't like that one bit! They sent a letter to every family in the school district telling the parents, "All children should be free from bullying and everyone should be treated with dignity and respect..." a wonderful sentiment which gets smashed apart by the follow up, "[This] means that our Logos teachers and principals would no longer be able to express freely in their classrooms that the homosexual lifestyle is not in accord with their Christian beliefs..." Translation: We believe that we have the right to tell someone else's children that God hates them for being a fag while at the same time receiving funding from the government.

Finally, something nice to say about governor Rick Snyder! He's not attending the ridiculous, and totally useless, Pray-in being put in by Texas's governor.

A wonderful group called the Obedient Wives Club says that if you are subservient to your husband, and perform for him in bed, then he won't need to seek out prostitutes or hit you. Well that's just dandy.

Tennessee has just passed a law that makes it illegal to send or display an image that is meant to frighten, intimidate, or cause emotional distress. Isn't that the sole purpose of nearly every single great artist that has ever lived?

This video succinctly sums up the whole school-sponsered prayer debacle at Bastrop High School while pointing out to the Christians that even the bible condemns public prayer.

Friday I'm in love

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Iowa Senator Republican Shawn Hamerlinck doesn't want university students to bother themselves with getting involved with their future. He told them, "But actually spending your time worrying about what we're doing up here, I don't want you to do that. Go back home." Basically, I'm far too important to have to explain myself to you plebeians.

This woman is a cold hard foul ball stealing bitch.

What does every seven-year-old need? Breast implants, of course!

This isn't exactly how my first date went.

I added the Castlevania II: Simon's Quest soundtrack to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

I want you to reach deep into your pockets!

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Peter Popoff was outed as a fraud all the way back in 1987, so why is he still making several million dollars a year as an Evangelist preacher? Because he tells people to give him $1,000 dollars for his magic water.

Why isn't Pat Robertson claiming that God sent the Arizona wildfires to punish the people who passed the stringent immigration laws?

Ten words that are commonly misused. Glad to see decimate on there.

Does New York City respect bikers? Not so much.

It's a pretty stupid idea to challenge hackers to hack your web site, because you'll just look foolish.

David Barton is a history revisionist who likes to make up quotes for the US founding fathers. His most recent lie was to claim that the founding fathers (especially Thomas Paine) had a debate about Creationism vs evolution and decided that creation science must be taught in schools. Amazingly, the our founding fathers must have been time-travelers because Thomas Paine died in 1809, but Darwin didn't publish On the Origin of Species until fifty years later.

Support atheist veterans? Not in this country.

A nice interview with biblical scholar Bart Ehrman.

Want to learn how your hard drive works?

I don't believe just 'cos ideas are tenacious it means they are worthy

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It's official! Element with atomic numbers 114 and 115 have indeed been created!

A couple in Florida have been arrested for making their own porn. Granted, the couple aren't all that attractive, but they weren't jailed over their looks. They also weren't jailed for tax evasion or conducting commerce without a permit (they were only making $25 a day). Neither were they jailed for forcing the porn on the public or exposing it to children, the cops had to spend money to get the porn. Nobody was hurt, nobody was offended (who didn't pay money for it), no crime was committed. Except, this is Florida. And in Florida, you can get a -felony- if a judge decides what you do is obscene. This, of course, is absolute bullshit. The only reason these people were arrested is because the Christians of Florida can't abide other people enjoying their sex lives and they have to impose their Victorian view of the world on everyone else.

A self-proclaimed, but anonymous, "psychic" called the Liberty County Texas police officers and spoke of a mass grave of dismembered bodies. Needless to say, the "psychic" was wrong, and a lot of money was wasted in the investigation. I really hope the cops find the anonymous caller and arrest her.

Sarah Palin got smacked down by former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Palin wanted to meet the Conservative Party leader who she admires so much, but her staff responded, "Lady Thatcher will not be seeing Sarah Palin. That would be belittling for Margaret. Sarah Palin is nuts." Classic.

Accidents that made the game industry.

What happens when you buy everything in a convenience store?

One of my critiques of modern art is the fact that the paintings tend to be indistinguishable from the crap a 7-year-old pastes to the fridge. However, skilled art critics claim to be able to tell the difference between "real" art, and the scribblings of a child. It must be most embarrassing to them then to hear about little Leilah Poulain, a 7-year-old who painted a crappy picture of a penguin and won an art contest at the Saatchi Gallery, a prestigious modern art exhibition in the UK.

Once again, cops are dicks. Several cops fired over 100 rounds at a driver who they claim was driving on the sidewalk and striking other cars and people. The driver was hit multiple times and killed, and four bystanders were hit by stray police bullets. Several people filmed the crime scene on their phones and cameras. One cop in particular held his gun to the head of one of the filmers and demanded he hand over his phone. The cop then stole and smashed the phone, but the man secretly removed the memory chip and hid it in his mouth, so we can see the video.

The latest Pew Research poll on the Republican presidential candidates shows that, once again, atheists are the most hated group in America. Beyond just the candidates, the poll asked additional questions about how people would vote based on specific traits like being gay, black, female, divorced, etc. "Not believing in God" incurred the highest disapproval rating. This means that Americans would elect a pot-smoking adulterer with no experience before electing an atheist.

This Christian is OBSESSED with penises!

Would you be okay with a public school teacher preaching to your kid about his specific version of Christianity when he's supposed to be educating them? Well, a documentary about a teacher who was doing just that is about to be released.

So you're gonna live in Paradise, with a ten-foot cock and a few hundred virgins?

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Scientists are able to create and store antimatter for over 15 minutes! This gives me a nerdrection.

Threatening a lawsuit if people on the Internet don't take down a goofy picture is a surefire way to make sure that everyone on the Internet sees said goofy picture. For example, Kirk Cameron's attorney has recently threatened to sue the owners of theskepticarena.com because of their goofy picture of Kirk Cameron which is captioned "Look what Jesus taught Kirk Cameron: How to make fun of disabled people with a terminal disease." This is in reference to Cameron's slight toward Stephen Hawking, where Cameron said that "To say anything negative about Stephen Hawking is like bullying a blind man. He has an unfair disadvantage, and that gives him a free pass on some of his absurd ideas." So now, naturally, everyone on the Internet is linking to the photo.

Fox News reports that Sesame Street is turning your children into gay transvestites.

Eugenie Scott gives a lecture to a British audience about why it's difficult to teach evolution to Americans.

The coolest 8-year-old in the world.

I've linked to this lecture before, but here it is again. If you want to learn about the history of the New Testament, and understand what took place as it was compiled into what we read today, this lecture by Bart Erhman will give you a detailed explanation of it.

A rather humours explanation of atheist arrogance and why they self-label.

PZ Myers was put on the spot by a groups of Muslims. While they were quite educated in their speech, they missed a few glaring points which allowed them to build up their faith on stupidity. PZ Myers and Aron Ra both point this out to them, but they fail to see the point. In a rather odd twist, PZ Myers defends the education of Muslims during Mohammad's time, but the Muslims try to claim they were far too stupid to possibly know anything about embryology. Two really funny parts are when PZ Myers says that they keep interrupting him, but can't finish because they interrupt him, and a second when one of the Muslims states that the Qur'an talks about bones forming before flesh. When PZ corrects him and says that they form at the same time, he claims the Qur'an is -still- right! This argument is seen from both their perspective, and that of Rebecca Watson.

Skin = Lobster

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Had a wonderful weekend with my lady, though her constant desire to be outside has left me quite sunburned.

I don't think cars should have seat belts, because I'm against 14-year-olds driving. What? That doesn't make sense? Neither does preventing all people from having condoms in order to stop teens from having sex. But David Monteith, the Christian county commissioner who doesn't think anyone in his generation had premarital sex, wants to prevent anyone (married or not) from knowing that condoms are available.

Picked up some more games for my collection.

Apple probably isn't to thrilled about this.

Fox News accidentally shows a picture of Tina Fey instead of Sarah Palin. Well, that's got to be embarrassing!

Speaking of Sarah Palin, she recently gave us a wonderful history lesson about Paul Revere that was entirely wrong. After having her ignorance pointed out to her again, she went on to say that she knows her history no matter what those liberal historians might claim.

Connecticut's senate has just voted for the decriminilization of marijuana. If the house passes it, it will no longer be illegal to posses small amounts of marijuana in Connecticut!

The banning of automatic circumcision is gaining momentum in California.

Banks shouldn't try to foreclose on houses that don't have mortgages.

The top 11 most contoversial topics in the USA are pretty interesting and a little unexpected.

Don't you even think about feeding the homeless in Orlando!

A public school's ceremony in Texas looks more like a religious revival than a graduation. I can't wait for for a student to troll one of these by praying to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Allah, Brahman, or Shiva. Otherwise, we're going to be like Canada, where all of the schools in an entire district teach a Catholic worldview to their public school students.

Is it summer yet?

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Fundamental Muslims don't believe in evolution because they never bother to learn about it. I wonder if you tell this to fundamental Christians if they'll start believing in evolution since they tend to have a knee-jerk contradiction to anything Muslims say.

Maybe those Muslims should read this article about the 10 things everyone should know about science.

50 state stereotypes in 2 minutes.

Comedian Jim Jefferies has a wonderful rant on religion and pandas.

Here's a mashup of 100 movie insults.

Even blasphemer's pray.

A time line of the fantastic inventions that have been imagined by science fiction authors.

Something for men who think they're treated equally with women in our society.

Fun in a nun?

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I had a dream that I had the flu and my computer died. What a way to start the morning!

DOOM in JavaScript!

Tens of thousands of religious people the world over have agreed that evolution and religion don't have to conflict with each other.

Catholics in Germany are trying to cure homosexuality with homeopathy and prayer. I wonder how that's going to pan out?

It's difficult to explain Euthyphro's Dilemma when your cat is interested in your camera.

Dawkins chats with Yan Wong about genetic ancestry.

Remember saying the Pledge of Allegiance in grade school? It went a little something like this.

Hey, why -don't- bees go to heaven?

Darryl Cunningham has made a wonderful comic that explains the problems with understanding climate change.

Fun on the bun

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A jury agrees; when you kill your child in an attempt to exorcise their demons, you are still a murderer.

Female Egyptian protesters can't possibly be sexually assaulted by the military, because the military performed tests to see if they were virgins and they weren't. And as every military man in Egypt knows, only virgins can be sexually assaulted.

The Arkansas Transit Authority will allow religious signs to be placed on their buses, but not secular signs.

When the abortion of an inviable fetus that is killing the mother is necessary, will doctors even know how to do it?

Yet another highly-Christian man intends to murder as many doctors as possible before being stopped by police. Luckily, this one was stopped before he could kill anyone.

Rocky Horror Picture Show... with bunnies.

Obama is a Muslim according to the prayers at Minnesota's House of Representatives.

This is an incredibly sad documentary about the state of dog breeds and how far people will go to have an abomination that they find attractive.

Here's why we hate Comic Sans.