September, 2011

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We Got Scared is a moving and motivational video about the human race.

Today is officially Blasphemy Day International! So, just for the record: there is no god.

Oh crap! Locusts in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Here is a lecture targeted for public school science teachers who have to deal with young-Earth Creationists. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

"Doctor" Fox was just an actor who received a couple hours of training on a technical subject and then gave a lecture to experts on the subject, and was able to fool them all into thinking he was a genius about the topic.

This thug is a serious gangster.

Push it to the limit!

Maryam Namazie gave a nice talk at the Rally for Secular Europe.

Almost October

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Want to be forced into a religious denomination you don't agree with? Join the US Marines, where they'll try to arrest you for not attending church!

Locusts are being discussed in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Cracked has an interesting article of the top 6 most raunchy sex scenes from the bible, although, I think they're missing quite a few.

My office is currently in the process of moving buildings. This means that there are a lot of empty nails on the walls where pictures once hung. This is especially annoying, because I keep seeing spiders on the walls out of the corner of my eye, only to look and see the same nail I saw five minutes ago.

Scientists have been able to replace a rat's brain with a computer. So far, all the brain can do is blink the rat's eyes, but it's the first step in reading sensory input and making the body respond.

A man has recently been arrested for shining a laser pointer into a the cockpit of an airplane. This is incredibly dangerous and stupid as it temporarily blinds the entire cockpit. He's looking at a fine that maxes out at $261,000, and 20 years in prison!

Here's a round up of the New York City police brutality going on at Wall Street.

A new HIV/AIDS vaccination is testing very effectively, up to 90% in some tests!

Christian pastor Philip Livingston, of Willow Creek Community Church has been giving "religious therapy" session to several of his female members that involved them getting naked, and touching each others genitals. Livingston even did this with girls aged 10 and 13.

Kainat Soomro is a 17-year-old Pakistani girl who was kidnapped and gang-raped. The local police haven't done much to help her because in Pakistan, getting raped is a terrible dishonor to a woman's family. In fact, rape victims are often murdered by their own family for bringing dishonor to them. However, rather than stay quiet about her attack, Soomro has the courage to speak out and demand justice, even though it means she is in serious danger of being murdered.

Work is progressing in the Secular Music Wiki. I'm almost to the point where I'm going to start advertising it on more than just my blog.

We're all made of star stuff

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Dick Cheney is hated in Vancouver even more than Donald Rumsfeld is hated in Boston.

God explains why he's been hardening Pharaoh's heart in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Anonymous didn't take too kindly to a police officer pepper spraying a bunch of peaceful protesters and posted all of his personal information online.

The effectiveness of the crime and punishment system in the US is so out of date.

A Japanese father suffocated his 13-year-old daughter when he and a monk tried to exorcise an evil spirit from her by pouring water over her face while she was tied down on her back. Just another example of the harm that can come from superstitious thought.

How far away is the moon? Here's a scale representation.

Patton Oswalt has a hilarious way to phrase the argument against gay marriage.

Some info about Richard Dawkin's new book The Magic of Reality.

The universe just got a little bit more exciting. Data from the Kepler mission is being analyzed and it looks like that for stars similar to the Sun, there is a 33% chance of having an Earth-like planet in the hospitable zone!

I hate bad code!

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Really big invertebrates.

While the Fox crowd boos the gay soldier who protects them, they also cheer as Republican Rick fecal foam Santorum explains how he is trying to reinstate Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

The hail is a go in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Every morning, Sturgeon Heights public school in Alberta, Canada recites the Lord's Prayer over the intercom so that every student must hear it. An atheist father who didn't want his tax dollars to be spent on a governmental institution that was trying to push a religious agenda on his child brought this up to the school. The school responded the way most ignorant people respond, "this is the way we've always done it, and nobody's complained." Arguing that something is acceptable because it's a tradition, is a poor argument indeed. Traditions should be rated on their own merit, not how long they've been practiced. Take slavery for example. Slavery had a long-standing tradition in the US for over 200 years before it was declared illegal. Should we have kept it legal just because it was a tradition?

An amateur Christian rapper has gotten himself and a South Carolina public school in trouble when he revealed in a YouTube video that, not only did he enter a public school in order to preach about Jesus and try and convert non-Christian teens to Christianity, but he did it with the approval and blessing of the school's administrator! He tried to remove the video shortly after posting it, but nothing dies on the Internet.

These little scene kids made a pretty cool medley of cartoon theme songs.

Nobody became rich on their own. They've used and abused the social programs that taxpayers put money into. If you became rich, congratulations, but you couldn't have become rich without the police force, the highways, the schools, etc. Pay it forward.

Slinky's behave unexpectedly when you drop them.

Right next to the gym I go to there is a tanning salon. I've noticed that the people going into the tanning salon are often the ones who should be going into the gym. It doesn't matter how tan you are if you're 500 pounds.

The foot is a game

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Non-violent criminals in Bay Minette, Alabama don't have to worry about punishment anymore because the local judge and police force have decided that, rather than go to jail, criminals should attend church for a year. They call the program "Operation Restore Our Community", but it should really be called, "Operation Violate the First Amendment". While they claim to allow you to attend the church of your choice, -every- church in Bay Minette is a Christian church, and most of them are of the Evangelical persuasion. So, basically, the city is telling their incarcerated citizens that they can listen to Christian theology for a year, or pay fines and rot in jail. But even if Bay Minette had a church, temple, or mosque for every religion, this would still be a moronic idea. This judge and these cops may believe church attendance has had a positive influence on their lives, but the fact of the matter is that there is no evidence that forcing a criminal to attend a church will actually improve their behavior. These "law men" are well-meaning, but ignorant. You can tell for sure when you ask the question, what happens to criminals who already attend church? They won't be given any punishment at all! Robert Gates, one of the church leaders in the program, has an answer, "You show me someone who falls in love with Jesus and I'll show you a person who won't be a problem to society, but that will be a help and an influence to those around them." As far as he's concerned, Christians don't commit crimes. As I said, moronic. Although, I do have to admit that it's pretty funny when a religion's most intimate and important weekly ritual is made equivalent to a jail sentence.

The Earth's climate is changing, and it's changing even faster than we originally predicted. Meanwhile, Republicans continue to deny it because they don't want to have to recycle their aluminum cans.

Women are expected to be given the right to vote in Saudi Arabia.

Moses warns of fiery hail in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Michelle Bachmann had the chance to earn $10,000 by simply showing a causal link between the HPV vaccination and metal retardation, which, in a Republican debate, she claimed existed. She has since failed because there is no causal link between the HPV vaccination and mental retardation. Michelle Bachmann, like all politicians, is full of shit.

GUTS Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma was the site of a death during an illegal amateur boxing event. You're probably wondering why men were illegally boxing in a church. Me too. Maybe they were learning to be better Christians by beating each other to death. Sounds about right.

The game is afoot

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Happy first day of autumn!

Remember water rockets? Simply rockets that use air pressure and water for fuel? Well, you probably never played with this two-stage parachuted monstrositity.

We move on to the boils in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Ever see a science fiction movie where somebody is able to watch what a person sees by hacking into their brain? Well, scientists are already working on that, and the results are pretty amazing!

What happens when you confront annoying street preachers with equally annoying preaching?

Fans of Portal will probably take an interest in this game.

Get ready for the 24-hour podcast from The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe which starts at 8 PM tonight and ends at 8 PM Saturday.

Draw a stickman.

Ask and tell!

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Saw The Lion King in 3D last night, awesome!

Christian evangelist Gilbert Deya is being extradited to Kenya on child abduction charges. It turns out that the "miracle babies" he was bestowing on families were just kidnapped children from Africa. Turns out the Lord doesn't work in mysterious ways after all, but criminal ways.

Animals get diseased in The Blasphemer's Bible.

If you didn't make it to the Oklahoma Freethought Convention you can watch the lectures online. Here is the second part to Matt Dillahunty's talk Chaning Minds.

If you ever played any ZX Spectrum games, you probably got them confused with 70s pornos.

Don't be part of the bystander effect.

This video has a brief run down of some of the more popular atheist speakers out there.

Don't ask, don't tell, don't even care anymore!

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Went to the doctor this morning to freeze off a couple warts and get blood work done for my physical. Loads of fun!

Atheism is on the rise in America, and religious people are becoming less devout.

We all know that Fox News will lie to make a story more interesting, but surely Fox Sports is a bastion of justice, right? Sadly, it turns out that Fox can't even be trusted to talk about sports without making up headlines to slander an athlete.

The flies are gone in The Blasphemer's Bible.

If you didn't make it to the Oklahoma Freethought Convention you can watch the lectures online. The last speaker was Matt Dillahunty, host of The Atheist Experience, giving a talk called Changing Minds.

Slaughterhouse-Five and Twenty Boy Summer have been unbanned from the Missouri schools who said they were contrary to the teachings of the bible. The books are back in the library, but they're under lock and key. Only parents can check the books out for their children and the teachers can't make them required reading or read from them aloud in school.

Homophobic bigot Rick Santorum (the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex) is trying to make Google get rid of sites that connect his name Rick Santorum and the definition, the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex, because this page comes up as the first link in Google now. I didn't even know about this until after he made a fuss about it, so I'm helping him out by adding another hit to Google. Dear Mr. Anal Froth Santorum, you can't stop the Internet, and trying to only makes it worse. Listen to him try and defend his gay-hating rhetoric as not bigoted because it's a religious position. Religious or not, you're a bigot.

Rick Santorum is a coward, and it's because of assholes like him that this soldier had such a hard time grappling with the idea of telling his father he was gay.

A few days ago my server at Olive Garden showed me the generous tip a table had left her... a roll of nickels... Canadian nickels.

And it couldn't be that all these pious people are liars,
It couldn't be an artifact of confirmation bias,
A product of group think, a mass delusion,
An Emperor's-New-Clothes-style fear of exclusion

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Turns out Obama has a spine after all! His new economic plan is introducing tax hikes for the extremely wealthy! Of course, the Republicans are crying because those who make over a million dollars a year by exploiting the American worker will actually have to start paying for their abuse.

The flies are plague number four in The Blasphemer's Bible.

The headlines read "Islamic Sharia Law Court Opens In Belgium", and they seem to imply that the nation has turned over its legal system to Muslim barbarians, but this isn't the case. I'm not sure if this court has any actual power or if it's rulings are legally binding. Just because you call something a court doesn't mean it is a court. The "courtroom" in Judge Judy is totally staged, the audience consists of paid extras, both parties are paid to appear on the show, and the show's producers have to pay all of the actual fines. I don't know too much about the legal system in Belgium, but I highly doubt this Sharia court is a real court.

While Republican John Flemming complains about not being able to support his family on a measly $400,000 a year, The Daily Mail has redefined middle class to mean families who make over $250,000 a year. Those poor people! How will they ever survive?

Know your naughty hand gestures.

If you didn't make it to the Oklahoma Freethought Convention you can watch the lectures online. The fourth speaker was Aron Ra, an atheist video producer giving a talk called If You Only Believed the Way I Believe, Baby.

Pat Robertson says that people should divorce their spouses if they suffer from Alzheimer's.

No it couldn't be mistaken attribution of causation,
Born of a coincidental temporal correlation,
Exacerbated by a general lack of education,
Vis-a-vis physics in Sam's parish congregation.

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The Blasphemer's Bible is back with plague number 3.

Obama signed the new patent reform bill. It doesn't solve all of the problems, but it gives third parties the right to challenge prior art, help kill patent trolls, and increases funding, so it's a step in the right direction.

If you didn't make it to the Oklahoma Freethought Convention you can watch the lectures online. The third speaker was The Thinking Atheist, an atheist blogger, podcaster, and video producer talking about "Blind spots".

Canadians are slowly, but surely, becoming non-believers.

Dr. Keith Ablow says that if children watch a transsexual person on TV, it will make them want to be a transsexual too! Surprisingly, the Fox News correspondent calls out his bullshit.

I'd drink it.

Want a highly simplified explanation for how evolution works?

Time to run

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Dinosaur feathers trapped in amber? Maybe Jurassic Park was right all along!

A public elementary school in Kansas was trying to sell a bunch of Christian books to their students including "Heaven Is For Real", "Heaven: God's Promise For Me", and my favorite, "My Pretty Pink Bible Purse". No books from other religions were being sold of course.

One of Oprah's mademen, Dr. Oz, claimed that apple juice is bad for children because it has a dangerous level of arsenic. The FDA sent him a letter explaining why he is a poor scientist and a lousy doctor. Many fruit juices have a high arsenic content, but this comes from an -organic- form arsenic which is not nearly as dangerous as -inorganic- arsenic. This has been known for decades, and is why juices, fish, and mushrooms are still safe even with their higher arsenic content. Dr. Oz didn't bother listening to the FDA and went ahead and did his show anyway, so the FDA went public with his stupidity. Unfortunately, the people who trust daytime television doctors are not the same people who do their own research on medical topics. Hopefully the juice industry will sue him for defamation.

Fixed a bug in the RSS feed of the Blasphemer's Bible which was making it not function properly in some viewers. It's now fully W3C compliant!

Discontinued foods that you'll never be able to eat again, though there are only a few that I would actually want to.

Sadly, this will never be a TV show about videogames.

If you didn't make it to the Oklahoma Freethought Convention you can watch the lectures online. The second speaker was Abbie Smith, a microbiology doctor who talks about the evolution of viruses.

Apparently, crabs and scorpions and bulls all have medical training

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I beat Half-Life 2 last night. The game is really good, but -really- long!

Ah Texas, the only state left where it's okay to execute someone for the heinous crime of being black.

How would you feel if your child entered their math class and all over the walls the teacher had put up pro-Islamic propaganda? This person is a math teacher, they should be teaching your child math, not trying to indoctrinate them into their religion. Well, a teacher at Westview High, Washington D.C. decided that teaching math alone wasn't good enough. He also needed to plaster his classroom walls with posters teaching Christianity and point out historic Christian figures. The administration told him to take down the offending material and he filed a lawsuit against the school. Shockingly, the first judge ruled that he was within his rights to force all of his students to view Christian propaganda all day. Luckily, the judge at the appeal actually understood the first amendment and forced him to remove the posters. The teacher was very steadfast in his position, to point where he didn't care how uncomfortable or ostracized his students were, he said that, "sometimes that's necessary."

The science you know is waaaaay out of date.

What if an advertising firm had to make a sales pitch to try and ban all religion? Well they discussed that very thing on The Gruen Transfer.

If you didn't make it to the Oklahoma Freethought Convention you can watch the lectures online. The first speaker was Dr. William Morgan, a once faculty member at the Evangelical Oral Roberts University. He explains his deconversion from Christianity to agnosticism.

During my lunch break today I saw a couple at the I-75 on ramp trying to hitchhike to Detroit. They were both dressed in all black, and a guitar case was sitting on the ground next to them. I -really- wanted to pick them up, but unfortunately I had to get back to work. I would have even made the drive to Detroit even if I had no reason to go. I can only imagine the interesting conversations we'd have in our hour long trip south. Damn musicians, why can't they hitchhike when I'm out of work?

Nobody lies like a Christian.

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Want to get lied to and taken for a ride? I mean, really taken advantage of by people who know full well that they're being dishonest with you and manipulating you into doing what they want you to do? Well, if you do, go to a family planning organization run by Christians. Take a look at this illustration called What Every Woman Should Know. It explains how the First Resort pregnancy centers lie to every woman who walks in their doors or looks at their web site.

Trolling seagulls is hilariously cruel!

Michelle Bachmann needed to step up her game to close the popularity gap between her and Rick Perry. So what does she do? Become an antivaxer! While I applaud Rick Perry's decision to mandate the HPV vaccine, I still don't disagree with his vision of himself as a prophet.

And this is why you don't use alternative medicine.

Remember Michael Stahl, the Christian who compared atheists to child molesters and the KKK? He wanted to create a registry of atheists so that God-fearin' bigots of his ilk could boycott them. Well, TheThinkingAtheist made an nice video showing just how long and illustrious such a list would be.

Welfare cheats who take hundreds of dollars are small potatoes when you compare them to the big freeloaders of the US economy. How about mammoth corporations that shirk billions in taxes? GE, Exxon Mobile, Citigroup, yeah, you guys are the real cheats.

Science! It works bitches!

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50 more exoplanets have been discovered, including 16 super-Earths.

There really aren't that many mysteries left. Science tends to solve them pretty quickly, and people just don't their mysteries to be answered, so they disagree with science.

My Secular Music Wiki is up to 75 songs already!

Let's say you've reached 30-years-old. You're still healthy and full of life. The job you're working at doesn't offer health insurance, and you don't buy you're own because you don't have anything wrong with you. Then, the next morning, you suddenly pass out. You awake in the hospital with a doctor standing over you telling you that you have a brain tumor that is going to kill you unless it's removed. Unfortunately, you being young and naive, you don't have insurance so the procedure will cost $150,000 out-of-pocket. There is no way you could possibly afford this, and since it's a pre-existing condition, you won't be able to get insurance anywhere. Now, in an ideal society, your fellow humans will band together and help pay for your surgery. Sure it's pricey, but a human life is worth much more, and now you've learned the importance of insurance. Only a barbaric society would cast your uninsured body onto the streets to slowly suffer and die from the tumor. Such a barbaric society is the audience and candidates of the Republican Party. Listen to Ron Paul's answer and the response from the crowd. It's just a bunch of cavemen smashing their clubs and beating their chests.

Climbing the steel ropes of a suspension bridge is wholesome entertainment for teenagers.

Fat man sues White Castle for not making booths large enough to fit his fat belly.

Yet another "psychic" reneges on the James Randi $1,000,000 challenge. Self-proclaimed "psychic" Nikki was on a major broadcast and offered the million dollars to prove her abilities. Of course she accepts the offer since she has nothing to hide (more importantly, she doesn't want to look like a fraud on TV). Then, after the cameras are off, she makes up a pitiful excuse and doesn't take the challenge. Nobody hears about this, and she continues to rake in the money from easily fooled rubes.

Titan Lunch Retaliation is a fun Flash game in the style of Learn to Fly.

Why intelligent women stop being Christian.

Bangladesh has instituted new television censorship laws. Some highlights include, no kissing, no criticism of the ruling political party, no news reporting on the abuse of women, and the ruling political party gets to override programming at any time. Sounds like Fox News.

The Catholic Pope, and several other members of the Vatican have been accused of crimes against humanity. They certainly should be investigated, though I doubt anything will come of it since most countries believe these people are above the law.

No finger-pointing justified by phantoms up above

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Republican Rick Perry has severely cut the budget of the Texas firemen during a series of devastating wildfires. They need protective gear, and Rick Perry is determined to give it to them, as long as they pay for it from their own pocket.

Some odd toys that will make any geek happy.

The Onion asks an important question. If Christians can have their way and get some steel girders that resemble a cross in the 9/11 Memorial, why can't the neo-Nazis get the Swastika of steel girders?

From the Vatican, "Governments do not have the authority to say what marriage is or to change its nature or to decree that people of the same sex can marry." That may be true in Vatican City, but in the United States, the only group that can actually define marriage is the government. You can have your wedding in a church and have it conducted by a priest, but it doesn't mean jack until the government grants you a marriage license. While the Catholics may believe they get to define marriage, the idea of marriage predates not just Catholicism, but recorded history entirely. They didn't create it, they don't own it, and they don't get to define it.

Oh the irony! A Kansas high school teacher was teaching her students about the controversy that comes from the free speech aspect of the first amendment. To ram the point home, she stood on an American flag to demonstrate to her students that if they want to exercise free speech that others might find offensive, they have to be willing to accept the fact that other people can say and do things that they will find offensive. Well, one student, who obviously didn't understand the lesson, told his parents, who didn't understand the lesson, who told the principal, who didn't understand the lesson, who forced the teacher to apologize and censored her from ever using that lesson again.

I'm taking the week off on The Blasphemer's Bible. But you can still vote for it!

Why is mercury dangerous? Because this is what you're breathing.

Pray the gay away? No thanks!

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Texas, the state that continues to call climate change a myth, has just had the hottest summer in US history. What do you expect from a state who elected a Young-Earth Creationist for Governor?

A man sues Facebook because his 12-year-old daughter posted racy pictures of herself. Yes, it's Facebook's fault that you're a terrible father. Why isn't he suing the camera company for allowing her to take photos? Why isn't he suing the hard drive manufacturer for allowing those photos to be stored? Why isn't he suing himself for having children?

Frogs disappear in The Blasphemer's Bible.

83% of Americans believe that a person who commits a terrible crime is not a Christian, even if they claim to be a Christian. However, if you replace the word Christian with Muslim, suddenly only 44% agree. What a wonderful double standard.

This Tea Party web site says that it is "un-American" to give poor people the right to vote. They poor people voting to "handing out burglary tools to criminals."

An interesting video about skepticism from the The Winnipeg Skeptics. Has a cameo by PZ Myers.

98% of welfare applicants pass the drug test, but Florida taxpayers still spend $178 million to screen them thanks to a law from Republican Governor Rick Scott. Typical money "saving" from Republicans.

Orange Julius sells something called called the Strawberry Delight smoothie, which, as expected, has strawberries in it. They also sell something called the Strawberry Xtreme smoothie. You know what makes it xtreme? Bananas... X-TREME BANANAS!!!

There is no God, so ring that victory bell!

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I've started a new web site called which is meant to be an database of secular-themed music. I gave a lecture on this very topic a couple months ago, and while reaching the topic, I noticed that there wasn't a single comprehensive site, so I made my own. Those of you who are Wiki savvy are asked to help update it.

The lying liars of liedom are the Republican presidential hopefuls. Speaking of awful Republicans, Rick Perry, after slashing his state's fire department budget by 75%, is now unable to handle all of the wildfires that have been springing up in his state. These wildfires might be controlled if the state's Forest Service was given a bit more money to work with, so what do Texan Republicans plan to do to help them? Slash the Forest Service's budget! Yes, even though there are deadly fires burning out of control all over the state, Texas Republicans are trying to cut the funding of the very people whose job it is to stop the fire? But don't worry Rick Perry has come up with a sure fire solution to solve all of the states problems: demand that the Federal Government bail him out!

Frogs appear in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Do you know the names of the US residents who then became the presidents?

Jamie Kilstein does a hilarious rant on same-sex marriage.

God consults a philosopher.

Whether you want to conform or not, you probably will. Even when you know they crowd is wrong. Don't believe me? Take a look at the Asch Experiment.

There is no God, we're all in this together

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More behind the scenes Star Wars photos.

This time line of the Internet is pretty cool.

The Way of the Mister tries to remove the problematic "monosexual" lifestyle.

The river becomes blood in The Blasphemer's Bible.

17 misconceptions about evolution that you may have that need to be corrected.

New Simon's Cat. Need I say more?

Due to the massive drought in Texas, the state is experiencing dangerous wildfires. Luckily, Texas is being led by Presidential hopeful Rick Perry, who recently cut fire department funding by 75%, meaning the fire will go unstopped. To Perry's credit, he did pray for rain, so it's really God's fault.

There is no God, no Heaven and no Hell

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Wrist still sore from 5 games of bowling last night with Cody, Lindsay, June, and Emily. Nate had to retire home early and missed out; next time!

I'm starting to wonder if Obama has any backbone left in him at all. He just gave up on an EPA bill that would save thousands of lives each year by forcing heavy smog producing companies to clean up their acts. The idea was that it is good business sense to continue to let high pollution producing companies to dump into the air. That's good business for coal companies, lung cancer specialists, and companies who make money off of hurricane relief. What about businesses that actually try to make cleaner more efficient technology? Did you forget about those? Obama, you are disappointing.

The United States has had a long history of antisemitism, which is sad and embarrassing, but not as much as modern Christians talking about our country's Judeo-Christian heritage. This solidarity helps them band together to get the Ten Commandments in courthouses and state capitals in their continued fight against the scourge of faith... reason. However, as the number of secular people who use reason instead of superstition continues to grow, an even more unlikely union has arisen-- Catholics and Muslims! The Catholics are afraid they're losing too much ground to the non-child-raping secularists, and they're hoping that if they can rally all of the troops of ignorance together than maybe, just maybe, people will fall prey to the argument of popularity.

More heart-hardening going on in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Republican Rep. Michael Grimm, of New York wants the 9/11 cross to be declared a national monument. According to him, the cross is "not about Christianity". Really? I had no idea that the cross was a symbol for the Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and other creeds. I had no idea that Abraham, Muhammad, and Siddhartha Gautama were crucified. It's the ignorance of people like Michael Grimm that really piss me off. They're just so immersed in their beliefs that they don't even understand how anyone could possibly be offended by being told that the cross is a symbol that all people can rally behind.

Well that sucks. It turns out the Tazmanian tiger, an animal that was hunted to extinction by farmers who feared it would eat their sheep, probably didn't posses the jaw strength necessary to kill a sheep. Thus, it was made extinct out of fear and fear alone. How embarrassing for the human race.

In the past two years, the United States Army has spent around $231,000,000 of taxpayer money trying to convert soldiers to Christianity.

My man, Freddie Mercury is on Google's spotlight graphic today! Happy would-be 65th birthday Mr. Bad Guy.

There is no God, so clap your hands together

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Anonymous hacks Texas State Police emails and discovers something shocking! The Texas police are racist, homophobic, and bigoted. Shocking!

God destroys free will in The Blasphemer's Bible.

10 things you should really know about time, but probably don't.

What does a petite 22-year-old woman do when her dog is being attacked by a bear? Punch it in the nose, what else?

The Church of Scientology is likely to be dealt a death blow in Australia.

This video highlights some of the best science communicators and skeptics since the invention of video recording.

This whole place should be erased

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Michelle Bachmann doesn't seem to have any problem with drilling for oil in the Everglades.

Multiple gods in The Blasphemer's Bible?

Some before and after pictures of hurricane Irene.

Off to get more information on mortgage loans tonight.