October, 2011

Happy Halloween boils and ghouls!

Feeling: Festive


I had a pretty fun weekend at Sarah's Halloween/Birthday party. I also spent about 10 hours playing Final Fantasy IV.

A brief synopsis of everyone's 2-hour commercial, The Wizard.

North Korea's happiest place on Earth.

TSA dropped the ball again when they failed to stop a man from taking 500 rounds of live ammunition as his carry-on luggage.

God makes up new rules in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Scaring the crap out of kind people handing out candy is all part of the Halloween spirit!

Protesters protest back. Poor Brother Jed, he needs a hug!

Ever heard of the disgusting purity vows that Christian parents sometimes force on their daughters?

The SIM City 2000 monster hates your city.

I'm just shy of 3,350 lyrics in my database now.

I know the game, you'll forget my name, and I won't be here in another year

Feeling: Happy


I'm posting the unfinished results of my first HTML 5 Canvas game Diver, (only works in updated browsers) because I don't plan on finishing it. It was basically a test to see if I could make a simple game using the canvas object. The test was successful, and the main game engine is working. It's a simple game based off of John Romero's old Apple II game, Twilight Treasures. My version is two-player, features better graphics, and a bit more gameplay. It's nice to see I can do this, and I plan on using the skills I learned from this to make a more interesting game.

Life imitating art. Blinky, the three-eyed fish is real.

James Van Praagh claims to be able to talk to dead people, but he can't even speak to zombies!

Gay and lesbian soldiers are suing because of the Defense of Marriage Act. I sure hope the win!

God tells Moses to head to Canaan in The Blasphemer's Bible.

According to the BBC, I'm the 4,435,374,866th person to have ever existed.

You know that fake Jesus money which is meant to trick people into picking up Christian tracts? What would happen if church goers paid their tithes with that stuff? The church would soon fide out how important money really is!

I'm emceeing Skeptics In the Pub tonight, then possibly watching some Bollywood movies!

Nothing compares, nothing compares, nothing compares... to me!

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The police continue keep sending letters to Google to try and get videos removed from YouTube. Apparently, they don't like seeing videos of themselves over-stepping their authority by beating senseless peaceful protesters.

The Oakland, CA police decided it would be a good idea to throw a flash grenade at protesters trying to help an injured man.

The state of Mississippi has the highest infant mortality rate of any state, the highest child poverty rate of any state. Rather than make an attempt to lower the number of children that die in their care, or even help their single mothers give their children a decent quality of life, they're trying to pass a law that will define "person" as any fertilized embryo. It's not about life, it's not about quality of life, it's about what their religion says.

God comes up with new Passover rules in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Speaking of the Exodus, this is what life would have been like if TV existed in the bible.

In case you were too busy preparing for the rapture and missed it.

Smurfs and My Little Pony are EVIL!

Making the world safe for more conventional weapons

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The USA still has about 1,500 nukes, but the last of the severely massive monster nukes has just been dismantled.

The CDC now recommends that boys get vaccinated for HPV. It will be nice to rid the world of another disease, but you know those antivaxers are going to cry foul with their lack of evidence.

Dammit David Bowie! Stop screwing up the space mission!

The Exodus begins in The Blasphemer's Bible.

After making several failed attempts to predict the rapture, and wasting millions dollars of other people's money, Harold Camping is retiring.

Seriously creepy videogame glitches.

As Daylight Saving Time approaches, you might be asking yourself, why the heck do we do this?

The Friendly Atheist talks about skepticism in mathematics.

The advertisement for Herman Cain is really... really creepy!

Super Mario Music in detail.

Too much music!

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WikiLeaks took a big hit after several financial organizations refused to allow donation transactions to take place, effectively removing 95% of the site's income. This shows how incredibly powerful financial institutions are--they can basically crush any organization they don't like. Julian Assange said, "If publishing the truth about war is enough to warrant such action, all newspapers who have published WikiLeaks cables are on the verge of having their readers and advertiser payments blocked entirely."

A full spherical panoramic camera? Yes please.

Moses robs the Egyptians, and I get another troll in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Herman Cain can't seem to make up his mind. He thinks abortion should be illegal, but he thinks if woman choose to have abortions, it's their choice. Is that clear enough for you?

Want another reason not to trust the TSA? They recently left a preverted note in a woman's bag.

We have the anti vaccine movement to thank for the largest measels outbreak in over 15 years.

If you plan on circumcising your children, you should watch this documentary.

Mario meets his agent, and things don't go so well.

The rapture didn't happen, so you can listen to this song.

Dean is kinda nifty

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Emily and I did a whole bunch of stuff this weekend. On Friday we went to the Rocky Horror Burlesque Show. Saturday we went to the 4th annual Flint Vampire Ball. Sunday we had some friends over and did the Invisible College.

Climate change has been confirmed by an independent group of scientists with have no political affiliation. Nobody realizes this more right now than Thailand who is experiencing the worst flooding in 50 years.

God goes on a massive spree of murder in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Sexual segregation occurs on a New York bus. No this isn't the 1800s, this is the result of Judaism.

Teresa Culpepper phoned the Atlanta police after her truck was stolen, so the Atlanta police came to her house and immediately arrested her for the crime of aggravated assault! It was a case of mistaken identity, in which the Atlanta police didn't bother to do any in-depth investigative work, you know, like checking to see if the last names match. It turns out that the police were looking for someone named Teresa Gilbert, a woman who threw boiling water in the face of her boyfriend. Rather than confirm the identity with the victim, Culpepper was simply booked and thrown in jail. Compared to the actual perpetrator, she was a different height and weight, had a different date of birth, lived at a different address, and, oh yeah, had a different last name! Culpepper was in jail for 53 days until the court date where the victim told the the police they had apprehended the wrong person. While Teresa was in jail, she lost her disability benefits and her house. Oh yeah, and the police never even filed the report for her stolen truck. That's good work boys!

Larry Davis, principal at Clay Hill Elementary, FL, is trying to get Christianity back in public school by bringing in the bible and school-led prayer. He even went as far as to say that the Free Exercise Clause of the first amendment, which states, "Congress shall make no law ... prohibiting the free exercise [of religion]" was only for Christianity. He offered no comment on why the founding fathers didn't actually use the word Christianity if they only meant Christianity, or why they would include the Establishment Clause which states that, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..." Principal Davis obviously needs to take a refresher in elementary-level history class.

3, 3 visits to the Vampire Ball, ah ah ah!

Feeling: Festive


I ordered a Coke, popped the straw in, and took a sip. My immediate thought was blech, what's this crap? After a second my taste buds informed me that it was root beer. Then my brain reminded me that I love root beer. So why was my immediate response disgust to something I love? Why is it that my brain tells me that something is gross, not because I think it's gross, but because it doesn't taste like I expect it to taste? I wonder if the same is true for all of my senses? If I smell what appears to be a lemon, but it has the pleasant scent of roses, will I have a reflex thought that it stinks? What I play a song labeled as Azure Ray, and suddenly Gamma Ray plays? I'll have to test this out.

For the first time ever, astronomers have been able to witness the birth of a new planet.

The world didn't end today in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Here's an interesting fact. About 1% of people in America are millionaires. However, when only take into account congress members, suddenly, 50% are millionaires. Question, should we really trust congress to give us accurate statements about whether we should raise taxes on the wealthy.

The Shelby County Commission in Tennessee has just pulled the funding to Planned Parenthood and given it to the Christ Community Health Center. A group so conservative they won't even provide the morning-after pill.

Heading to the Vampire's Ball in Flint tomorrow!

The weather changes, not halfway between your house and mine

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If a cheerleader was caught kissing a football player in the hallway, do you think she would get suspended and kicked off the squad? So why does it happen to a gay student?

Tehching Hsieh has done something both awesome and crazy. He took a picture of himself every hour, on the hour, for an entire year. I wonder what that did to his circadian rhythm.

God is a homicidal Santa in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Which Republican candidate is a bigger sissy when it comes to illegal immigrants? Both of them!

The future of humanity in space according to several experts including Phil Plait, Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Pamela Gay, and Lawrence Krauss. This is a wonderfully spirited talk!

God can't lose!

Is it fall yet?

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This guy just doesn't get the irony?

More awesomeness from Mrs. Betty Bowers.

The new Malaria vaccine is looking promising.

Moses talks to his peeps in The Blasphemer's Bible.

After Rush Limbaugh defended the Lord's Resistance Army, a group suspected of serious human rights violations, a young woman made a video especially for him explaining just what the Lord's Resistance Army is all about.

Mr. Deity talks about your naughty bits.

Miss Representation, the trailer.

If you haven't yet seen this awesome tribute video to 30 years of Super Mario Bros., you're missing out.

Black sheep, come home

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After double checking, it turns out that neutrinos probably don't move faster than the speed of light after all.

Some popular inventions made by women.

God keeps blabbering on about food in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Drop tests between the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S II.

The counter protesters of Occupy Wall Street stoop to photo editing.

Some embarrassing quotes from celebrities and politicians which show us how incredibly ignorant they are towards science.

At least three people are dead in the UK due to people like Christian Pastor T. B. Joshua telling them that God has cured their HIV and they can stop taking their anti-retroviral medication.

This party took a turn for the douche

Feeling: Cheery


The Richard Dawkins talk was great, Dawkins gave an overview of his new book, and particularly addressed the questions of children, which I was delighted to see were much more science oriented than the questions of the adults. I now have signed copies of The God Delusion and The Magic of Reality. I also helped my friend Cody reload his new computer. It took much longer than expected due to a sketchy hard drive which we ditched. Everything is working now, and Cody has all the basic information needed to play around with the hardware of his new computer.

Bishop Robert Finn is looking at a prison sentence for failing to report Reverend Shawn Ratigan, a priest under his authority who took pornographic pictures of girls. Bishop Finn knew about these pictures, but never reported Ratigan to the police and was unable to prevent Ratigan from working around little girls and taking even more photos. Well, for the first time in American history, a Catholic clergy member has been indicted for failing to report child abuse. It's awfully sad that it has taken this long to finally arrest one of these moronic clergy who think you can simply pray away child abuse.

God gets yeast happy in The Blasphemer's Bible.

The Republican House passed the Let Women Die Act because they care more about zygotes than adult women.

Starbucks reports that it might have to significantly raise the price of coffee in order to counteract the dwindling coffee bean production due to climate change.

This seems safe enough.

God really needs to cut down on the number of candidates he calls to run for president. Doesn't he know that only one can win?

Rick Perry appointed Texas politicians took a scientific report about how the rising sea-level is affecting the state and removed all occurrences of the rising sea-level and climate change in order to make it look like the scientists didn't support climate change. Once the scientists got wind of this they held a press conference and revealed the Texas Republicans' attempt to purposely mislead the public. Then, every single scientist who worked on the report demanded that their names be removed. It's sad that this is how science works in backward state of Texas.

I hope that you're doing swell

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Stephen Anderson, a NYPD narcotics detective who was arrested for planting drugs on innocent people, has admitted that it is quite common for the NYPD to plant drugs in order to meet their arrest quotas. Who knows how many innocent people have had their lives ruined from dirty cops like Anderson? I hope they punish him severely.

God tells Moses how to avoid death during passover in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Notre Dame University has an official Jewish group, as well as an official Muslim group. Recently, an atheist group tried to form, but the university wouldn't allow it because they said it didn't fit with their Catholic values. So Jews and Muslims do?

David Silverman gives an interesting interview on what it's like behind the scenes at Fox News. It was interesting to hear him talk about how Bill O'Reilly is a well-spoken intelligent man off camera, but as soon as he's on the air he becomes a buffoon for the audience.

Some of Richard Feynman's interviews put to video: Beauty, Honors, and Curiosity.

Going to see Richard Dawkins speak tomorrow morning!

It wears me out again.

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Let's say you're a pregnant woman, but your fetus has a terrible abnormality that is killing you. Several doctors look at your case and they're all in agreement--you and your fetus are going to die soon unless you have an abortion. Obviously, this is an horrible situation to be in, and nobody would ever want this. Thankfully, our current laws require hospitals that receive federal money to perform the life-saving abortion. Enter the Republicans. Their new, ironically titled, "Protect Life Act", will allow federally funded hospitals to deny abortions to women, even if they are expected to die from pregnancy complications. Once again, Republicans shown that the only life they care about is unborn life. Critics give their efforts a more apropos title, the "Let Women Die Act".

Scientists have sequenced the genome of the Black Plague from the teeth and bones of people who died from it. The bacteria from the plague appears to be the ancestor of numerous modern bacterias.

Reason number 225 not to call 9-1-1: Getting lost in a corn maze.

God explains his genocidal plans in The Blasphemer's Bible.

A few months ago, Linda Thompson, mayor of Harrisburg, PA, pulled a Rick Perry and prayed for an upturn in her city's economy. I guess working hard wasn't an option? Anyway, God responded to her prayers, and the city is now the richest in the world. Except that it's totally bankrupt. It's probably a good idea to elect someone who has a brain rather than a cross.

Once again, Fox News has altered reality by "quoting" someone with words they never said.

Remember Jessica Ahlquist? She's the high school student trying to get a Christian prayer banner removed from her school. She's claiming that the banner unfairly discriminates against non-Christians and makes them feel like outcasts. The school didn't listen to reason, so she had to resort to legal action. This is pretty much an open and shut case, there is plenty of precedence showing that prayer in public schools is illegal. The school is stubbornly wasting copious amounts of taxpayer money fighting this losing battle. However, the defense lawyers have come up with a particularly devious Catch-22. They're arguing that Ajlquist's claim that she is frightened of what her Christian classmates might do since she's expressed her disapproval of the prayer is a lie. Since she's been going public about her fear, she can't actually be afraid. Quote: "These are not the actions of a frightened student, but of a zealous advocate." I'm not even going to waste time pointing out the glaring logical fallacy in this one.

Jobs? Apparently, we don't need them

Feeling: Festive


Republicans in the Senate shot down Obama's Jobs plan because it would have meant more taxes for the obscenely wealthy.

Richard Dawkins was on Bill O'Reilly's awful show recently. O'Reilly was his usual boorish self, but Dawkins tolerated him well enough.

Pastor inadvertently claims that Christians aren't good moral people. To paraphrase, "Do you want a good moral person, or do you want a Christian?"

I converted my $135 worth of quarters sitting in my desk to an Amazon gift card at a Coinstar machine and purchased some new media. My new additions include: Richard Dawkins - The God Delusion, Azure Ray - Drawing Down the Moon, Azure Ray - Hold On Love, Eve 6 - Extended Version, The Postal Service - Give Up, The Sounds - Living In America, Tilly and the Wall - Wild Like Children, Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever to Tell, Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's a Blitz, and Youth Group - Casino Twilight Dogs.

God explains Passover in The Blasphemer's Bible.

How's this for an insult to Steve Jobs' family, the latest cover of The New Yorker has Steve Jobs, a self-identified Buddhist, talking with Peter at the Pearly Gates. When the pope dies, are they going to draw him being judged by Osiris in the Underworld?

Christopher Hitchens was recently awarded the Richard Dawkins at the Texas Freethought Convention. Hitchens is looking awful from the cancer treatment, but he's still sharp as a tack. Here are a couple of videos from it: Dawkins' speech, Hitchens' acceptance, Hitchens on religion.

My office recently moved from Flint, MI (a medium-size, but very poor city) to Grand Blanc (a small, but very rich suburb). While I certainly prefer my new office over the previous one, I'm a little disappointed by the lunch options. It's not just that there are fewer options in the smaller Grand Blanc, but the upper-class appearance of those options. The buildings are larger, cleaner, better lit. The workers are mostly well-off white teenagers with manicured nails and neatly dyed hair. In Flint they were poor adults and minorities. The cars in the parking lots are new BMWs compared to the rusted out Pontiacs. I guess I miss the realism of Flint--everything in Grand Blanc is just so fake comparatively.

Your children need Jesus ween... in their face

Feeling: Festive


Rather than have your children enjoy Halloween this year, why not have them enjoy Jesusween. That's right, nothing is more special than a bunch of children enjoying Jesus' ween. He'll even give them free candy if they're especially grateful of Jesus' ween. I'm sure a religion with a history of raping children could have come up with a less child-rapey sounding name. Teach your children proper etiquette for Halloween. If someone gives them bibles or religious tracts, cover their house in toilet paper and eggs.

The Presbyterian Church makes great strides by ordaining its first openly-gay pastor, and Britain tells the nations it's helping that they will be cut off if they don't drop their anti-gay policies.

God makes a new calendar while people suffer in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Orthodox Jews don't want girls to go to school because they don't want to have to look at them.

Dexter's take on religion.

Atheists win another debate against a trio of Christians who make personal attacks and deny that religion is responsible for misogyny.

Brother, can you spare a trillion dollars?

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Weekend full of crazy birthday parties was amazing! Glitter slip-n-slide is just as messy as it sounds.

This make me feel safe. The classified US military computers that handle the unmanned drones has been hit with a keylogger virus.

Prison and 90 lashes is what awaits anyone in Iran who dares question Islam.

Lurkers say "hi" in The Blasphemer's Bible.

After their May 21st prediction was wrong, the same Christians are calling for the end of the world on October 21st.

Free thinkers of the Rochester Hills, MI area should consider a boycott on the Wyndgate Country Club for their cancellation of Richard Dawkins' lecture. Every business should have the right to discriminate against people who they advertise, but consumers also have the right to boycott those businesses.

Republican Ritch Workman (perfect name!) is trying to repeal a ban on dwarf tossing. Your tax dollars at work!

Jerry Pittman, pastor of Grace Fellowship Church, convinced several of his church officials to attack his own son because he is gay.

Dangers in a loverless time

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New Simon's Cat.

Principal Maurice Moser has got some 'splainin to do after he forcibly removing a student from school for the dastardly crime of wearing a shirt advertising the Gay Straight Alliance.

For the first time, zoologists have found a reptile that has evolved to give live birth with a true placenta.

The mass-murder of the first born is explained in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Michael Shermer answers various questions about the skeptic movement.

This lecture is a bit dry, but it explains how Republicans and Christians use similar tactics to those they've made with evolution denialism when dealing with climate change denialism.

Friend's birthday party tonight, and another tomorrow!

Lovers in a dangerous time

Feeling: Happy


Stem cell progress continues no thanks to the religious wrong.

Telling his father he's gay wasn't easy, but telling his conservative mother was even harder.

An odd flashback occurs in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I remember doing skits like this when I went to church. These are meant to scare the literal Hell out of children.

Steve Jobs died last night, and while I'm certainly not pleased that he's dead, I'm very displeased by the way the media is making him out to be such a big deal. He was not an inventor, he was a CEO. He didn't create the Apple computer, he created the Apple company. He didn't make the Macintosh or the iPhone, he marketed them. He was very rich, he was very famous, but it wasn't because he was making the world a better place, he was making money. I love the fact that he pushed the computer market as far as he did, but he didn't work with competition, he attacked it. He didn't create open standards for everyone to enjoy, he forced his inferior closed standards. He didn't make inventions to benefit humankind, he created patents that only his company could benefit from. He wasn't a humanitarian, he was a businessman.

Citigroup made about $10,600,000,000 in profit last year. So why are they adding more fees to their banking?

John Freshwater, the public school teacher who burned th mark of a cross into the flesh of his students, was denied his appeal, and will stay fired. I prefer to know why he isn't in jail.

The kids are alright

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Want to see why Intelligent Design doesn't hold water? Check out giraffe autopsy where they show the extremely poorly placed laryngeal branch of the vagus nerve.

Want to live forever? All you have to do is become a noun.

Fighting words are said between Moses and Pharaoh in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Aw man, what if computer problems affected reality?

Learn about your senses thanks to the Animaniacs.

Here is an interview of Dawkins' latest book, The Magic of Reality.

Enjoy this history of lyrics that aren't lyrics.

Work is so dusty right now! They're finishing up the drywall mudding and sanding, so everything, including my lungs, has a nice coating of white. The fumes of everything are giving my a thorough headache.

Still convertible weather!

Mind readers needed, apply within.

Feeling: Okay


The Nobel Prize for physics was awarded today for the discovery of the expanding universe. You can follow along with the remaining prizes at the official Nobel Prize web site.

Denmark has an interesting solution to the expanding waistline of it's citizens--they've created a tax for foods that are high in saturated fats.

Egypt turns out the lights in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Some genius at Fox News decided that, rather than hear from someone actually qualified to comment on political matters, it was far more important to know what a washed up country music singer has to say about politics, so they interviewed Hank William's Jr. He began with a sexist remark toward his female interviewer, approved of widening the schism between Republicans and Democrats, and compared Obama to Hitler. ESPN responded to his incendiary remark by removing him from their opening Monday Night Football show.

A 12-step program for the non-religious.

A new classification of asteroid has been made called a contact binary. This occurs when two asteroids are large enough that their gravitational strength draws them together to the point where they touch, but isn't strong enough to crush them down into a sphere. They remain as two touching objects.

I would totally watch Aspberger's High.

Hair styles down through the ages.

October Moste Certain!

Feeling: Festive


My company switched offices into the new building over the weekend. There is still a lot of construction to be done, but the new place is really nice, and I have my own office now. Like a BOSS!

Sigh, Tevatron, a US particle accelerator we be shut down today. Science ruled.

Locusts are gone in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Religious people are nerds.

You've got to be kidding me! Arrested Development is actually going to get a new season and a movie! Obligatory chicken dance.

Another couple was arrested for letting their child die because they tried to pray its disease away rather than take it to the doctor.

Shut up.

Awhile back, a billboard was posted in Ohio with the message "I can be good without God". The billboard was promptly taken down by a church who claimed ownership of the billboard. While verifying that the church owned the billboard and had legal right to take down signs they didn't agree with, it was discovered that the church had been making plenty of money for years on the commercial use of their land, but they hadn't paid a dime in taxes! Once the IRS got hold of this, they informed the church that they would have to pay taxes on their commercial property from now on, and they would have to pay back taxes and fees around $20,000. The Christian Post put some wonderful spin on the story, and rather than lead with the headline, "Stingy Church Commits Tax Fraud", they converted it to "Ohio Church Under Attack by Atheist Group".

Welcome to October!