December, 2011

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Here's a retrospective of the ridiculous anti-science claims made by celebrities over 2011. It shouldn't matter how dumb they are, but people always listen to them and repeat the stupid things they say.

When a person tries to destroy evidence, it's a good indication that they know what they did was wrong. Here is a teacher who bragged about how she has been praying openly with her students for the past 30 years in order to lead children to Christ, and then deleted her comments when lots of people started seeing it. This is a common practice among Christians. They know proselytizing in public school is illegal, but they do it anyway because they believe they're being righteous. I wonder how all the non-Christian students felt in her class? Mary Mattheiss knows she was breaking the law, and now that she has outed herself, she's trying to cover up her crime.

But then, believers are notorious for sticking their foots in their mouths. They say what they really think, and we see them for the bigots they are. Take Cardinal Francis George, who likened the LGBT community to the KKK! Yes, a group of people that want to expand the rights for a minority are just like a group of white people who want to murder all non-whites.

I'm off until Tuesday folks. Have a nice New Years.

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Emily has officially moved in with me. Bachelor life is on its way out, so I guess I'm going to have to start getting used to pictures of kittens and lace doilies.

Verizon users will soon see a $2 charge for paying a bill online. It's interesting that buying envelopes, printing out bills, mailing them across the country, and paying people to collect, sort, open, and file said bills is somehow cheaper than a single online transaction. Either credit card companies have really increased their transaction fees, or Verizon is screwing over its customers.

Speaking of screwing over customers... Apple.

GoDaddy continues to feel the sting of website owners pissed off for their support of SOPA. Even though they have distanced themselves from SOPA, they've lost Wikipedia, Reddit, and now Imgur. Don't mess with Internet freedom. The real hypocritical thing, is that SOPA is being decided upon by the House of Representatives, while at the same time pirating porn.

This pretty much sums up modern pop music.

You may think that only Muslims want to segregate and chastise women, but these Jews haven't forgotten what the bible says.

The new year is closing in fast

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Nature has put together a nice time line of science for 2011.

The world is becoming a more humane place to live, not because of religion, but in spite of religion.

Nativities are being erected on governmental land in Texas by Christians who are demanding preferential treatment, all the while complaining that they "are tired of the persecution and suppression." Sorry, but when you're the largest majority in the US, you are hardly being persecuted or suppressed. Also, when you refuse to put non-Christian displays up, it is the non-Christians who are being suppressed by you.

Oh Comic Sans, you're such a funny font.

Worf isn't the bad-ass Klingon everyone thinks he is.

I miss the 80s when you could make an AIDS joke in daytime television.

Aron Ra helps explain how we catergorize humans.

Christopher Hitchens sings Monty Python's Philosopher's Drinking Song.

Always trust the military to keep you safe. Just watch this 1950s video about nuclear radiation, and how it's almost harmless.

Happy Belated Sol Invictus

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When GoDaddy's customers found out it supported the Internet freedom killing bill SOPA, they threatened a boycott. This forced them to quickly change their stance and now they claim to be against SOPA, but the damage was done. Over 70,000 customers have jumped ship to competing domain hosts. However, GoDaddy isn't taking the loss so well. Rather than allow their customers to leave, NameCheap says they've been purposely screwing up the transferring process making it that much harder for their customers to leave! I guess they want to ensure that the leaving customers will never -ever- return.

It is essential that these anti-Internet-freedom bills do not pass, otherwise we'll start seeing lawsuits like in Germany where a woman who didn't even own a computer, router, or Internet connection, was found guilty of Internet pirating.

$1.4 billion has been pissed away thanks to idiotic Senator Tom Harkin of Indiana. He dumped all this money into testing alternative medicines only to find what science has known for decades, they don't work.

Finally got my new SATA DVD burner working, but not in my TV computer. I had to swap out the IDE DVD player from my bedroom computer because, even after a BIOS upgrade and IDE driver upgrade, my TV computer just can't seem to support SATA (despite having 2 SATA ports on the board). Oh well, my TV computer has a working DVD player again, and my bedroom computer now sports dual burners!

Minnesota Senate Republican Amy Koch, who unsuccessfully tried to define same-sex marriage out of existence in Minnesota has resigned her position as majority leader after it came to light that she had an extra-marital affair with one of her subordinates. I guess her message is that gays can't get married, but cheaters sure can. John Medeiros wrote a highly sarcastic letter apologizing on behalf of the LGBTQ community for causing her to have an affair, as it's obviously their fault.

I beat the awesome C64-esque game VVVVVV over the holiday weekend... like a boss.

Atheists donate more money to Second Harvest Food Bank than Christians and Muslims combined.

Yes North Carolina, handing out bibles to kids in a public school violates the first amendment.

The Blasphemer's Bible is on hold until next week.

Happy Saturnalia

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Lucifer isn't such a bad guy.

Well this is quite funny. The RIAA, the organization that sues people for pirating music, movies, and television shows was recently caught themselves pirating television shows. When the RIAA commented on the fact that the IP addresses they own were being used to pirate TV shows, they made the same argument that pirates use, "Someone must have used my IP address, because it surely wasn't me!" This is the exact same argument that they tried to make illegal to use.

Republicans pull some shady wheeling and dealing when they cut the cameras to C-Span in order to prevent Democratic talk from being shown on TV.

It's not just the straight couples who have someone they love to come home to now that the Iraqi war is over.

The Creationists are still trying to form a wedge to prevent the teaching of evolution and convert it to Christian indoctrination. New Hampshire is the latest state to see these anti-science bills, both setup by Republicans (big shock). The first would force teachers must also teach the political affiliation of those who support evolution (because, apparently, a fact is only a fact if you're a Republican). It would also force biology teachers to talk about atheism (what does that have to do with evolution?). The second bill would require teachers to tell students that good scientists never believe a single approach, no matter how much evidence there is for it (so don't take the theory of gravity and germ theory too seriously kids!).

Had a McRib today. My first one in about 10 years. Still not impressed.

And let's not forget Superintendent Jerry Nobel of Green County, Arkansas who put up a nativity in a public school and says he has no problem offending non-believers by celebrating Jesus' birthday, which, according to him, is totally not promoting religion. Here's how I expect this to go down: the ACLU and FFRF are going to make a lawsuit and point out to the local judge how this is a clear violation of the separation between church and state. They will show numerous cases as precedence which show nearly identical circumstances, where the judges ultimately rule that this is indeed a breech of church/state. However, the local judicial system, being highly indoctrinated in Christianity, will rule in favor of the school to try and push their religious agenda. The ACLU/FFRF will appeal to a higher court. The higher court, understanding that the first amendment isn't something that can be disregarded when it's not convenient, will agree with the hundreds of judges before them, and rule in favor of the ACLU/FFRF. The school will be forced to remove the nativity and pay the ACLU/FFRF court fees, which by this time will be in the hundreds of thousands to low millions. This money will come from the tax-payers who will be extremely pissed at the Superintendent and he will have to resign, but not after all of the students have lost years worth of school books due to poor leadership.

Such a problem like that could be avoided if the Superintendent wanted to put up a display for every religion, but when you do that, it tends to backfire like it did in Santa Monica, California. The city allowed 21 displays, on a first-come, first-serve basis, and the atheists took 18 of those display spots!

Today is the winter solstice. From here on out, the days just keep getting longer!

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Food poisoning isn't as funny as in the movies

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Left work a little early last night after some awful stomach issues. I spent most of the night moving between bed and the toilet. My body kept wanting me to throw up, but I successfully prevented it. Today I still have some cramping and pain, but I feel a lot better. Hopefully, I can fix the dehydration and finally eat something.

House Republicans fail to pass the Payroll Tax Cut that even the Senate Republicans were in favor of. These guys are such dead weight, they're like a gangrenous limb that needs to be amputated!

Sony is getting sued over its EULA that prevents people from suing.

Two Earth-sized exo-planets have been found!

2011, in pictures. Although, I prefer these pictures of nature more.

Proselytizing may be illegal in China, but that doesn't stop Americans from converting exchange students.

Google agrees that Universal overstepped their rights when they took down a video uploaded by Megaupload. The video is back online, and Megaupload is seeking damages from Universal. I sure hope they get them too, otherwise, Universal will continue to screw over people like this.

Even a Tea Party member should be smart enough to not try to carry a loaded gun on an airplane.

Enjoy the best fails of 2011.

A bible publisher almost succeeded in doing something nice. They published pink bibles in an effort to raise money to combat breast cancer. However, when they learned that some of that money was going to Planned Parenthood to screen for breast cancer, they recalled all their pink bibles.

Do you guys remember the hoopla around the communion wafer that turned red after it fell on the floor and was placed in water? Religious folk were saying that it was a miracle, and that it proved that a consecrated cracker becomes the body of Christ, complete with red blood. Skeptics said it was probably just red mold growing on the wafer. Well, as it turns out, it -was- red mold growing on the wafer. Big shock, right?

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Lots of jerks out there

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Newt Gingrich says that if a judge makes a ruling that go against the popular vote, they shouldn't be tolerated and should be forced to explain themselves before congress. Specifically, he was talking about a judge who ruled that a public school couldn't indoctrinate their students with religious banners. I guess he doesn't understand that one of the major reasons we appoint judges is to enforce fairness and protect minorities from the mob mentality of majority-rules.

Travis Air Force base put up a Nativity Scene to honor its Christians. This, of course, made everyone else feel left out, so they quickly threw up a cheap Menorah in order to seem more inclusive to the Jews. Of course, they were still failing to represent a few thousand other religions. Atheist Dan Rawlings asked if he could put a sign up to honor atheists in the Air Force. It was going to be perfectly benign, saying only "Have a safe holiday season! Travis AFB atheist community". But, of course, the Air Force wouldn't allow it.

The Catholic Action Group of Auckland, New Zealand have no problem destroying private property, and vow to do it again if anyone ever dares to put up a billboard that makes light of their crazy beliefs.

Polk County, Florida must have broken some sort of record by arresting four youth pastors in a single week on charges of raping children.

Lowe's pulls ads from All American Muslim after being scared by a Christian lobby, but Home Depot, in support of same-sex marriage, tells a different Christian lobby to piss off.

Stay classy Walmart.

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Back from Mizzuruh

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Emily and I had a wonderful time in Missouri. Illinois is still the most boring state I've ever driven through. The Nelson-Atkins museum is wonderful and worth visiting. Piropos is an expensive, but delicious Argentine restaurant. And I would be happy if TLC changed their name to "The Brain Cell Murdering Channel".

I'm playing catch up on all the amazing things that happened in the past week, so some of the stuff I'm posting about is old news by now.

One of my personal heroes, Christopher Hitchens died on the 15th. He was an amazing writer and speaker, and I'm saddened to see him go. I was really thinking from his recent appearances that he was going to beat his cancer, but alas, he did not. If you want to see him in perfect form, enjoy the Intelligence Squared debate he and Stephen Fry had with a couple of Catholics. Damn he was good!

Newt Gingrich has taken a No Adultery Pledge in order to assure his third wife that he won't cheat on her like he cheated on his first two wives. That's all the assurance I need!

An anti-vax group out of Australia has published a book called Melanie's Marvellous Measles where a little girl cheerfully contracts measles in order to gain a natural immunity, rather than getting a dangerous vaccination from an evil doctor. The book ends with Melanie happily enjoying her natural immunity and not with her dying an extremely painful and avoidable death, which can be the case with measles.

Fox News once again practices deceptive reporting by not showing the latest numbers on unemployment which shows the Obama administration getting the numbers down to their lowest in 2 years.

A high-speed camera that is fast enough to capture the movement of light? Yes please!

If only the iBle were real.

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Off to Mizzuruh

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I'm taking the next week off for vacation. Emily and I are driving down to Missouri to visit my friend Kimberly and her family. Don't expect posts until then, but there will be Blasphemer's Bible comics to tide you over. It's in the Ten Commandments now, so enjoy!

Rick Perry's hate speech has officially received more dislikes on YouTube than Rebecca Black's Friday video!

Catholics in Ontario, Canada say they are against bullying in principle, but they still want to be allowed to bully homosexuals.

I had no idea my local hospital was such a Christian organization. I suspect this is how they handle their medicine.

Coconuts, I have. Lovely bunch, they're in.

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Want to play games on XBox, PlayStation, or EA Games? The first thing you have to do is give up your right to sue them if they screw you over. Why is this even legal?

Corrupt ex-Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich gets 14 years for trying to sell his Senate seat and accepting bribes. Progress.

Palm trees in Russia? Only on yet another fraudulent Fox News report.

Newt Gingrich doesn't care what religion the president is, just as long as he's religious, and he bases his decisions on whatever his ancient book says.

51 euphemisms for anal sex.

One day I hope to travel into space to visit Carl Sagan's fabled Meat Planet.

Some interviews with the actors of Star Wars before it sucked.

The Ten Commandments begin in The Blasphemer's Bible.

It's not even winter yet, but I'm ready for summer

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One of the best interviews I've ever seen, Stephen Colbert interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Photo retouching models probably isn't very good for our health. I know, big shock, right?

I heart the Skepticon 4 hula hoop chick.

Want to have a meaningful discussion with an atheist about religion? Check out Top 10 Tips For Reaching Out to Atheists. Want to talk to a religious person about atheism? Check out Top 10 Tips For Reaching Out to Religious Believers.

Here's some awesome commentary on Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Things are heating up in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Thou shalt not covet my ass! Oh, I guess you can covet it a little.

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Astronomers discover new supermassive black holes and a new extrasolar planet that's in the habitable zone.

By displaying a Nativity Scene in government property, Anthony Court, mayor of Ellwood City, PA, opened the floodgates for all religions to put displays on the same property. This year, the Municipal Building features Kwanzaa posters, a Hanukkah menorah, and the Nativity. However, when it came to a banner for non-believers, mayor Court wouldn't allow them to display it. Why? Because he claimed the secular banner was an endorsement of religion!

The Rationalizer explains the whole debate between PZ Myers and the Muslim apologists, and how embryology in the Quran is a Greek ripoff. He also interviewed William Hay, a man who is often quote mined, about what he said on the embryology found in the Quran.

Math education in the US, what's wrong with it, and how we can improve it.

What women think about during sex.

People raised by same-sex couples are just as normal as everyone else.

God speaks in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Thou shalt not take the name of The Almighty Guru in vain!

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I took Emily to see The Nutcracker on Saturday, we had front row seats which made it all the more amazing. Watching the full orchestra was unbelievable, and whole stage was perfectly in view!

PZ Myers gave a wonderful talk on junk DNA at Skepticon 4.

The Cain Train has derailed. Who would have thought that running for president would bring up your long past of infidelity and sexual harassment? With Cain out of the running we still have philanderer Gingrich, psychopath Bachmann, God-possessed Perry, and I-hire-illegals Romney. All fine candidates.

Saudi Arabia has an odd problem. It turns out, that if women are allowed to drive, they will cease to be virgins!

In other civil rights violations, Nigeria has halfway to making homosexuality illegal. With 98% of the population either Christian or Muslim, I'm surprised they held out this long. If the bill passes the House, being gay will land you 14 years in prison, and you'll get 10 years if you abet someone who's gay.

On the flip side, California recently passed a bill that would include the achievements of gay and transgendered people in public school education, while at the same time preventing teachers from making disparaging comments about the LGBT community. One Christian radio program said that this bill will turn children into lying, cheating, drug-addicted, violent sex fiends.

And, let's not forget about the rise in family members murdering their female relatives in the UK because they have the audacity to do such horrible things as divorcing their abusive husbands, dating men, or allowing themselves to be raped.

In order to see if they should change their copyright policy, the Swiss government conducted a test to see if online piracy affected media sales. Their conclusion, like others before them, was that pirating music and games does not take money away from the copyright holders. On average, people spend a percentage of their income on media, and those who pirate stuff online still spend the same as those who don't.

God's a volcano in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Turn around, look at what you see

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The Guardian offers a very informative report on Occupy Wall Street and how the US department of homeland security has been helping local police beat the shit out of protesters and lock up reporters so that nobody know just how much Congress is profiting on our misery.

If you're using a smart phone, (any recent iPhone and some Android or Blackberries) all of your personal data is probably being logged, probably illegally. The software in question comes from a rootkit by company, Carrier IQ. Carrier IQ denied that their program recorded your personal information, but shortly after a hacker posted a video that showed the program doing exactly what they denied. Carrier IQ sent the hacker a cease and desist letter, but later withdrew it and apologized. I guess they realized how deep they dug their hole.

In a couple cases of "You just don't get it, do you?", the Republican candidates made a mess of themselves. Michelle Bachmann told high school students that gay people are, and have always been, able to get married... they can marry straight people! Her argument is that we all have the same civil rights, and those civil rights allow a man to marry a woman, and vice-versa. Is she so dense that she doesn't realize that the argument is not about marrying who you are -allowed-, but marrying people you -love-? I doubt that--I think she's just avoiding the issue. However, she raises a good point: currently, our civil rights do not allow same-sex couples to get married, and she is trying to enforce the status quo. The problem, is that our civil rights are flawed. She can't see this because the flaw doesn't affect her. Next, Newt Cheat-On-My-Three-Wives Gingrich also doesn't get it. He cleared up his earlier child-labor gaff with another by saying that poor people have no work ethic.

The Afghani woman who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the crime of being raped by an inlaw, has just been pardoned by the Afghan president. No, he didn't pardon her because he realized how incredibly stupid his laws are, he pardoned her because she agreed to marry the man who raped her. Again, I must point out that this bullshit is also in the bible.

Mike Beaudet, the asshole reporter who outed a grade school teacher's past of pornography, has received an awful lot of deserved hatemail for his "news" story. This doesn't stop him from trying to act all sweet and innocent. What a douchebag!

The Freedom From Religion Foundation exercises its right to put up a sign in the Wisconsin Capitol.

More strange orders in The Blasphemer's Bible.

And they will wake to bright new mornings and then wordlessly they'll know, that I remain

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In a rather scary lawsuit, a Federal judge in Nevada has made a sweeping ruling that seriously affects the entire Internet. The company Chanel requested that 228 web sites be taken off the Internet and give to them because they were selling counterfeit Chanel products. The judge agreed with Chanel and made an order to shutdown all of the web sites. That by itself isn't too unsettling, but when you look into the case further you realize how much this judge abused his authority. First of all, Chanel never actually checked to see if all these web sites were selling counterfeit products, in fact, they only checked three. From that they assumed the rest were also counterfeiters. Second, no legal group ever backed up Chanel's findings. The judge just took their word for it. Third, none of these web site owners were ever given a chance to defend themselves in court. As far as I know, they weren't even contacted about the seizure of their web sites. Fourth, some of these web sites aren't even based in the USA, and therefore can't be so simply shut down. It seems like the judge just assumed he has control over the foreign market as well. Fifth, the judge demanded that major web searching sites remove all of these sites from their indexes. This is a horrific display of abuse. I can only imagine how much of a bribe the judge received. Imagine if you worked hard to create an awesome web site and a corporation decided they didn't like you. All they'd have to do claim that you're a counterfeiter, and boom, you're gone. Nobody tells you, nobody gives you a chance to prove your innocence, all your hard work just disappears from the Internet. This is exactly the kind of thing that the entertainment industry is trying to do with their new legislation, they will have more power over the Internet than the people who actually make it.

Just in time for Christmas, a Kentucky church bans interracial marriage among its congregation.

Fox News outs an exceptional grade school educator because he had a past in the adult film industry. He's now been suspended, and will probably be fired because Americans are pathetic hypocrites.

I find this to be really cool, but apparently there are fully formed insects that are even smaller than amoebas!

Obama singed a bill that gives more funding to the NSF, NOAA, NIST, and the FDA. Well done sir!

It turns out God is all about the 1%. If you don't believe a person who makes billions each year by exploiting their workers and the government, then you're guilty of coveting! I wonder if God has been talking to this guy who believes that only the people in the 1% ever amount to anything.

US law states that government can't favor a particular religion. As a result, a government institution can either have no religious displays, or display all religions equally. This has led most governmental institutions to simply forgo religion altogether and remain unbiased. However, some cities just can't do without a Nativity display, so they allow other religions as well. This severely backfired for the people of Loudoun County, Virginia. After allowing religious displays, it turns out that seven of their ten displays are secular and blasphemous. Right next to baby Jesus will be a display for the church of the Spaghetti Monster, and a tree of knowledge, and a religion/state separation banner, and a banner promoting reason.

Moses gets some serious exercise in The Blasphemer's Bible.