February, 2012

Happy leap day!

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Virginia wasn't able to push through their mandatory invasive ultrasound before abortion bill, but they did pass a modified bill that requires external ultrasounds. The purpose of this bill is quite clear, Republicans are trying to guilt trip women so they won't get abortions. Notice that doctors don't think ultrasounds are necessary, only Republican politicians.

Yes, climate change is happening. Yes, we're most likely the cause of it. Yes, we can still do something about it.

The University of California Berkeley has released a study showing that rich people tend to be more unethical than the people of lower income.

More shit skeptics say, and even more shit skeptics say.

Jessica Alquist was on CNN to talk about the school prayer banner lawsuit.

Damn women and their orgasms!

You know Fox News, it's probably not a good idea to call women bitches.

In order to raise awareness, the atheist community has been putting up billboards around the world so that people are aware they exist and where they can meet. However, they've been dealing with a lot of discrimination. Some advertising companies are owned by religious people who don't want atheists to have a voice, but the majority of them are afraid of the backlash from religious people if they show advertisements that are too controversial. While Christians can place billboards that threaten people with eternal damnation in Hell, atheists are having a hard time getting up billboards with slogans as innocuous as "Don't believe in God? Neither do we!" and "Millions of Americans are good without God!". In fact, there has been a bit of a running joke in the atheist community that even a slogan like "Some people are atheists." would get rejected. Well, sure enough, a sign targeted for busses in Lackawanna, Pennsylvania was rejected as being too offensive. Want to know what the ad said? " Atheists." That's it! This coming from the bus system that puts the slogan "God bless America," on it's main display system!

With Eve 6 on the brink of putting out a new album, this short documentary will inform you about the history of the band.

After the hearings on women's sexual health by an all-male panel, we get a hearing on men's sexual heath by an all-female panel.

God demands animal sacrifice in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Always trust a 17-year-old to tell you what life is like

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Santorum says Obama is a "snob" for wanting everyone to have a college education.

Purity Bear... from a reasonable point of view. With bloopers!

New world record for solving a Rubik's Cube... blindfolded!

Everyone knows that a woman is born with all of the ova that she will ever have, and when they're used up, they're used up, right? Not so fast! Stem cell research now allows scientists to convert stem cells into ova!

A USA Today poll puts Santorum on the top! Yes, the man who wants church to be part of the government. How utterly horrifying. Luckily, the Politico Poll puts Obama on top.

God tries his hand at farming and fails in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Reposting some of Thunderf00t's videos that were banned on YouTube because of their blasphemous content. These are worth seeing.

Republican Dave Albo is upset and demands an apology because his wife won't sleep with him because of he co-authored a bill that would force pregnant women to undergo an unnecessary invasive procedure to try and guilt-trip them out of having an abortion. He says it in jest, but I'm not laughing.

What if Star Wars: Episode I was good? Speaking of Lucas franchises, here's an entire documentary/commentary of Raiders of the Lost Ark with tons of behind the scenes footage.

Many different people believe in a secular America.

You took the words right out of my mouth

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Wow, even politicians in Texas are working toward getting same-sex marriage recognized!

A little girl draw a picture of a toy gun, and her father is arrested.

Pray for Obama, because he has a reptilian alien implanted into his brain!

Standing up for your right not to be preached to by the government is even working in the military now!

Santorum goes on the record being even more conservative than Conservatives!

Fox News exposes the truth behind Dr. Seuss. The Lorax movie makes children groovy hippies! The Muppets makes them into puppets!

YouTube has started banning atheist videos because religious people are claiming to be offended by people having their own thoughts.

Want to test a bulletproof vest? You could put it on a dummy and shoot it, but that's not nearly as wise as shooting yourself in the abdomen!

What does poison control have to say about homeopathy?

Utah's Republican House just passed a bill that bans the teaching of all forms of sexual education in the state except saying "don't have sex".

Italy's financial woes have convinced the country to start charging the Vatican 600 million-a-year in taxes!

The news has gotten pretty risque these days thanks to Cassetteboy!

This is horrifying.

Repeating the repeats in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Be right back, I gotta chase my pet frog into a swamp filled with boxes of toxic waste.

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Fastest winds ever measured in the universe clock in at 20 million MPH!

Want a table made from the periodic table of elements?

The woman who wasn't allowed to testify at the Republican's all-man contraceptive hearing finally gets a chance to speak her mind.

Lions in the zoo may look unimpressive, but they still have the ability to pull a large bird out of the air!

The Personhood bill in Virginia has been shelved. Lawmakers finally realized how much we would lose if personhood is defined to being at conception. In-vitro fertilization would be crippled, the abortion rate would sky rocket due to the millions of unimplated embryos, and several types of contraceptive would have to be made illegal.

At this point even most conservative people agree with the scientific consensus that the Earth is indeed warming. Even the tests performed by the right-wing group the Koch Brothers shows that not only is global warming happening, but it's happening faster than anyone predicted. However, Republican presidential candidates realize that their voters are sheep who believe Fox News, so they have to at least make it look like they're not selling out to facts. They argue that the science is still inconclusive that humans are the cause of global warming, even though nearly all of the most educated people on the planet say that the science is indeed conclusive. However, Rick Santorum takes it a step further. He says that he has never believe in global warming at all, and that it's a conspiracy created by Democrats to get more control over you! Now, you can alway trust a man who wants to use the government to outlaw contraceptive to tell you the government should stay out of your life, but Santorum says that environmentalism is a religion, and that having clean parks and smog-free air is a crime against your liberties! Although, what can you expect from a man who doesn't want kids going to college because it might turn them into atheists.

Don't worry, Obama won't be able to stay president anyway thanks to Alaska resident Gordon Warren Epperly who filed a lawsuit pointing out that our original Constitution doesn't allow black people to hold office, and therefore, Obama is ineligible. Never mind that whole 14th amendment crap.

High schooler Krystal Myers wrote an article for who school paper about how Christians are given privilege at her school and how atheists are being discriminated against. She pointed out the school-endorsed prayers at graduation and football matches, proselytising teachers, faculty who use bible verses as quotes of the day, and the youth ministers that are allowed to preach on campus, all of which are illegal. So what did her school do to help combat this discrimination? They refused to publish her article "because of the potential for disruption in the school."

Skeptics In the Pub tonight!

Wishing I had a SOPHIA to drive around

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Everyone hates these "Thank God for 9/11" Westboro Baptist Church assholes. They're extremely offensive and incendiary, and nothing but hate comes out of their mouths. Yet, despite our hatred for them, we tolerate their freedom of speech and expression. If someone were to run up and kill a bunch of them, we would throw the murder in prison without batting an eye. So why the hell is Obama apologizing to Muslims after they attacked and killed eight people who were desecrating Qurans. In another case of "violence is perfectly okay as long as you claim you were offended", Judge Mark Martin threw out a case in which Talaag Elbayomy choked another man for wearing a costume of Mohammad. In fact, Judge Martin even called the victim a "doofus".

Warf is denied... always and forever.

Well, the universe is safe from the faster-than-light neutrino. Turns out it was just a loose cable!

It's not every day that you find an underground 300 million year old forest.

Do you want the self-righteousness of wearing ashes on your face, but don't want to sit through the boredom of a church service? Get drive-through ashes!

Kate Smurthwaite and Richard Dawkins speak about freedom of expression.

Mormons believe that they can convert dead people into the Mormon faith. Well, good news! Now you can convert dead Mormons into homosexuals!

After Republican Governor Susana Martinez refused to allow same-sex couples to marry, her gay hairstylist refused to do her hair.

Virginia's bullshit mandatory internal ultrasound before women can get abortions bill is facing opposition in the state House.

Back in 2008, Rick Santorum said that Satan was trying to infiltrate the US government! Oh crap! He also said that the US was founded on a Protestant Judeo-Christian ethic. I don't think I've met too many Protestant Jews in my time.

Most Britons identify as Christian, but when you ask them questions about how often they go to church or what they know about their religion, suddenly that numbers drops well below half. Richard Dawkins explains.

Charles Darwin thought that boats turned into cars, and that's why evolution isn't true.

If you go to Mormon university Brigham Young in black-face, you would expect to turn some serious heads, but nobody there knows anything about black history anyway, so it's okay.

Videogame dog park.

Sorry Indiana, no Creationism in schools for you.

Almost there!

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I trashed the spoiler on Chloe, and after the body shop and the insurance agent looked at it, the repairs are going to run just over $1,000, and I'm have to pay my $500 deductible. Lame.

If God were a firefighter, this is what he'd be like.

San Luis Obispo, California purposely turns off it's parking meters Sunday morning so that church-goers don't have to pay to park. This causes a loss of revenue to the tune of around $77,000. This is yet another one of the privlidges that Christians receive and they still think they're being persecuted.

The Occupation movement hits Heaven and Mr. Deity has to respond.

Religion is basically like emotional porn.

Georgia Democrats half-jokingly propose a bill that prevents men from gettinc vasectomies unless their health is at risk.

When it comes to the health of your child, don't trust doctors, trust celebrities. In fact, you should un-oculate your children!

This is the early stages of a documentary about James Randi.

Purity Bear strikes again! Note to Christians: whether you're a huge prude or not, if someone tells you they love you on the first date, GTFO!

First world problems.

18 and life to go

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I only had small amounts of phlegm in my throat this morning. Almost done being sick!

Scientists grow seeds that were buried in the snow by squirrels 30,000 years ago! And speaking of growing odd things, how about growing meat in the lab? Scientists are almost close enough to growing a hamburger worth of meat from bovine stem cells.

God is for idiots comedy routine.

Indiana Republican Rep. Bob Morris calls the Girl Scouts a radicalized organization promoting homosexual lifestyles after "web-based research" (i.e., ten seconds of Googling).

What are Internet trolls like in real life, when their anonymity has been removed? Still assholes.

Rick Santorum, the man who disagrees with pretty much everything that is said about physics, biology, archeology, climatology, cosmology, astronomy, and chemistry, has just accused the Obama Administration of being anti-science. Why? Because they won't rape the Earth of its natural resources, even though practically every scientist says that's a horrible idea.

Militant Muslims blow up buildings. Militant Christians shoot gynecologists. Militant secularist... want equal rights.

The Religious Antagonist takes on Planned Parenthood protesters by quoting some of God's pro-infanticide passages from the bible.

This is a little out of date, but it helps give you the scale of the universe from the very big, to the very small.

John Cleese gives some feedback on Monty Python comments.

Time has fled

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Special thanks to everyone who came to see me in the Rocky Horror Picture Show! It was a joy going through the show for the third year! The new cast members were amazing people whom I'm glad to have met, the after parties were a blast, and despite ruining the spoiler on my precious Chloe and needing a couple grand in repairs that my insurance had better cover, it was a blast. Also, my Samsung cell phone can survive being run over by a car. Yay!

Santorum doesn't want parents to have access to prenatal testing because if parents discover that a fetus has severe debilitating deformities, they might choose to abort it.

Maryland is working to pass a same-sex marriage bill, in the wake of Republican Chris Christie vetoing New Jersey's same-sex marriage bill. Christie said that the public should be allowed to vote on whether or not homosexuals should have the same rights as other humans, but for some strange reason he never demanded that people vote on whether or not he be allowed to get married.

Awhile back, the Highway Patrol Officers of Utah, a state-run organization paid for by tax-payers, were erecting 12 foot tall crosses in order to honor their fallen comrades, several of whom were not Christian. The highway patrol responded saying that they chose the cross because it's an international symbol of peace with no religious significance. This just shows their religious privilege; just try to picture a Jew saying something like that. Well, they refused to show equal treatment to religion, and American Atheists took them to court. The US court system agreed with the American Atheists and now Utah state has to pay legal fees of $388,000. If you don't see why this sort of thing is important, try looking at it from the other side. What if a public school was trying to get your child to sing a song that contained that lyric "there is no truth except for Allah"? Now that's the kind of story you'd see on Fox New!

The principal of Wasilla High School, Alaska covers up a piece of art outside her school because some people think it looks like a vulva. Principal Amy Spargo put a tarp over the art while at the same time saying her actions aren't censorship over pressure from moronic parents. This brings up the usual question when someone injects the image of female genitalia into art work... have you ever even seen a vulva?

Nice biking skills.

Taking a week off of the The Blasphemer's Bible.

It's astounding, time is fleeting!

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Rick Santorum doesn't think people should be allowed to have sex for pleasure. Seriously.

Even though Republican fat cat Chris Christie has threatened to veto it, the New Jersey assembly has passed their same-sex marriage bill.

Here are some movies where the villains were the good guys all along!

The Cranston, Rhode Island school district has decided not to repeal the judge's decision, and they are taking down the Christian prayer from their schools. A victory for equal rights.

Are the best movies of 2011 passing the Bechdel Test? That is, are there two named women having a conversation about something other than a man?

In California, a panel discussed contraception and whether it should be mandated by insurance providers at all businesses. Oddly, every person on the panel was a man, despite the fact that nearly all forms of contraception are made for and used by women. Meanwhile, Republican Jeanine Notter says that people shouldn't use birth control because it causes prostate cancer.

Shit Skeptics Say is pretty spot on.

The "What We Really Are" meme, a'la atheists.

Peer-reviewed journals are very important to science, but it's important to look at which peers are doing the reviewing. Pesudo-science journals pop up all the time, and the peers they accept are often people that don't even exist!

God commands you to be nice to your enemy...'s livestock in The Blasphemer's Bible.

It's astounding, time is fleeting!

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Remember a few years ago when some climate scientists had their emails hacked, and Fox News wrongly reported that the scientists were inflating the climate change problem, but when intelligent people analyzed the emails they found everything was on the up and up? Well, it turns out the shoe is on the other foot. Several emails have been leaked from climate change deniers the Koch Brothers which discuss them giving massive payouts to select scientists to manufacture evidence against climate change. I doubt the Koch Brothers will be exonerated like the scientists before them.

Bill Maher unbaptizes Mitt Romney's skeptical grandfather.

What happens if you enter a crowded pub waving a gun and demanding money... and everyone just ignores you?

Even some Republicans realize that same-sex marriage doesn't harm anyone.

Doctors are "firing" families who refuse to vaccinate their children because it may spread terrible illnesses in the waiting rooms.

Rick Santorum backer Foster Friess gives women cheap birth control advice, just put some aspirin between your legs.

Can you perform BMX tricks on a vintage street bike?

Last night of RHPS rehearsal tonight, after that, it's fo' realz!

God commands you not to lie... again... again, in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I believe in a thing called The Darkness

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The Darkness was freaking awesome, and I got to pat Justin Hawkins on the arm as his security team led him around the crowd! RHPS rehearsal is going well even though I've been ill since Sunday night. Valentine's Day was wonderful with Emily, though I was sniffling through it.

Two other things to point out. First, while Emily and I were eating breakfast Sunday morning, I overheard a man talking about his internship at a hospital. He talked about getting a bone marrow biopsy from a patient, and how it's an incredibly painful procedure and normally doctors use anesthetic, but he "didn't use a lick of it." Then, his patient cried, "Doctor, you're hurting me," and the man responded, "What do you think Purgatory is going to be like?" The man was purposely torturing a patient in order to scare them into being a Catholic. What a monster, he reminds me of this guy.

The other interesting thing I noticed yesterday was that Rite Aid sells 60 menthol eucalyptus cough drops for $1.00. They also sell Zicam homeopathic cough drops for $7.00 for a mere 16 drops. So, the menthol cough drops made by Big Pharma cost less than $0.02 each, are immediately and obviously effective, and are made from a plant extract. The homeopathic drops, on the other hand, cost $0.43 each, contain no ingredients at all, and are made from magical thinking, (i.e., don't work). Now who is conning you?

Religion continues to die out in England. In fact, some of their town council meetings are being stripped of their starting prayers.

U.S. District Judge Fred Biery ends a case of school-sponsored prayer with a hilarious note: Any American can pray, silently or verbally, seven days a week, twenty four hours a day, in private as Jesus taught or in large public events as Mohammad instructed.

Walla Walla University published some results about the level of education in the origin of the universe and life on Earth. The results are not something a school should advertise.

Psychics are still bullshit.

Remember Republican Pete Hoekstra's commercial which featured a Chinese woman on a bike, in a rice patty, with a reed hat, and speaking broken English? Turns out some people thought that was mildly racist, and it's hurt his polls.

God commands you not to lie... again, in The Blasphemer's Bible.

The road to nowhere leads to me

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Obama is making strides to remove the abysmal No Child Left Behind fiasco of the Bush Administration.

Congress is actually attempting to limit itself from performing insider trading! It's about damn time.

God will hear your problems, he just won't do anything about them in The Blasphemer's Bible.

The Android app Iris is powered by ChaCha, a racist, anti-abortion search engine.

This Sunday is Darwin Day!

Going to see The Darkness tonight with my friends! Because we're awesome.

God demands you respect Obama in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Times of Lore

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House, I am a disappoint.

Scientists have successfully sequenced the genome of an extinct humanoid called Denisovan. This is important research because it helps us understand the evolution of both Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalis.

Washington state has just voted to legalize same-sex marriage! Kudos to you!

If mommy watches the kids, it's parenting. If daddy watches the kids, it's child care. Thus says the US government. Speaking of parenting, that's some good parenting right there.

Once again, the people who claim the moral high ground are hypocrites. Three members of India's Conservative party were forced to resign in disgrace after it was shown that they were watching pornography at work. Porn is fine, but Laxman Savadi, C.C. Patil, and Krishna Palemar all go around telling people that it's evil and they shouldn't watch it.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County recently purchased the Crystal Cathedral for a mere $57,500,000 from the previous Protestant owners who filed for bankruptcy back in 2010. Well, they're currently polling the public for proper names for their new tower. Here's my submission. Go and give your own.

The US Senate should not have any prayers at all, thus sayeth the first amendment, but some argue that prayers should be allowed as long as everyone gets their fair say. Well, these Christians sure don't like it when Hindus get their fair say.

God will hear your problems, he just won't do anything about them in The Blasphemer's Bible.

But in the morning, there'll be hell to pay, somewhere along the line

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My apartment is getting repainted in a couple of days, so Emily and I have to move all of the furniture to the center of each room. We spent two hours last night on the process, and today my body feel like a lead balloon. Good times.

This is a super awesome scale universe which lets you zoom from a Planck length to the observable universe!

A new record in the oldest human paintings ever. 42,000 years old.

Carlos Miller was arrested while filming the police evict Occupy Miami protesters. He was charged with resisting arrest and his camera was seized. When he was released, he discovered that the police had deleted the video of his arrest. Miller was able to recover the deleted video which proves he was not doing anything illegal and did not resist arrest, but the police lied about it and then tried to cover it up by destroying evidence. Kidnapping and destroying evidence would land a person in jail, but what will happen to the police? Probably nothing; they are above the law.

Speaking of people who are above the law, now that Cardinal Edward Egan has retired, he can speak his mind about the world-wide Catholic child-rape scandal. So what's his true opinion? He regrets apologizing for the way the Catholic Church handled the entire thing. He believes they handled everything properly by keeping child-raping priest out of jail.

California's prop 8, the same-sex marriage ban, has been ruled unconstitutional, as it should be.

An exciting example of orbiting and gravity in space using a knitting needle and some drops of water.

Anti-abortion activist, and Susan G. Komen executive Karen Handel is resigning from the charity after the huge backlash from Planned Parenthood supporters. Most likely she was forced to resign in response to videos like this. Even though she personally wants Planned Parenthood to shut down, and personally signed the order to cut funding for their breast cancer screening, she still claims that she was not politically motivated to do so. Riiiiight. Hopefully now, they will get someone who isn't a religious nut-case to run the charity.

Extra brief stories about when people came out of the closet to their family.

A quick bring-you-back-down-to-Earth talk about Jesus.

God hates bankers in The Blasphemer's Bible.

My beating heart belongs to you

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Alan Turing, was a genius mathematician who broke the Nazi's Enigma encryption which helped the Allies shave two years off of WWII, and created numerous terms and theories in the field of computer science. However, in 1952, the UK government arrested him for the crime of being homosexual and stripped him of all of his accolades. Rather than a prison sentence, they chemically castrated Turing by injecting him with female hormones. Turing, depressed and broken, commit suicide two years later. In 2009, the British Prime Minister apologized for the treatment of Turing, but just recently, the UK refused to offer Turing a postumous pardon, saying he was arrested and castrated according to the laws of the time. Personally, I think they should apologize and officially pardon EVERYONE they treated in this manner!

And that's why you don't put firecrackers down a manhole!

Republican John Fleming becomes the latest person to be stupid enough to fall for The Onion's abortionplex satire.

When a teenage girl shoots herself in the face with a rifle because she just can't stand being bullied in school for being gay, what you shouldn't do is respond by saying the bullies were just exercising their freedom of religion, and we can't take their right to bully away from them. However, if your name is Laurie Higgins and you work for the Illinois Family Institute, that's precisely what you do.

Atheists don't believe anything and should try and kill trees because Witches worship trees as God... it's true because The 700 Club said so.

Brain mapping is so freaking cool!

It's very important to please God with your mouth. Preferably with lots of slurping.

Well, this makes me feel better about the future of the country.

Some information about which big cats purr.

This probably isn't that safe.

Widows and orphans get super protection in The Blasphemer's Bible.

And if you want me, you better speak up, I won't wait!

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Yet another exoplanet, in the habitable zone, and only 22 light-years away!

Vermont state police had inmates put decals on the cruisers, which probably wasn't the best idea.

Not exactly the smartest kids in history.

That's a big crustacean.

The USA has a very strong hatred of atheists. This can be seen every time an atheist fights for equal rights by demanding the removal of a government endorsed prayer, because they always receive death threats. So, it's no surprise that a woman in Virginia wants to remain anonymous in her lawsuit against the Pittsylvania County Board which preaches Christianity at every meeting. The group originally tried to get the lawsuit dismissed, to no avail, however, now the judge is demanding that the Jane Doe come out to the public for the lawsuit to continue. It's sad that the country has such a climate of violence and hatred that she fears for her life.

Here's a look at the latest state-of-the-art Creationism laboratory.

The UK Advertising Standards Authority demands that if you're going to advertise your ability to heal fibromyalgia, paralysis, and multiple sclerosis, you'd better have something more substantial than prayer.

JT Eberhard gives a wonderful talk at the University of Alabama.

God loves foreigners in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Are we, we are, the waiting?

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In God We Trust is an amazing documentary about the first amendment, the US Constitution, the history of religion in this country, and the horrifying lengths people will go to. You do yourself a disservice if you don't watch it.

Lots of good news! New Jersey is making progress with a new same-sex marriage bill, and the Washington state Senate passed a same-sex marriage bill, and the House is also expected to pass it. Also, Oklahoma is getting close to preventing insider trading by politicians.

Sh*tuff Christian girls say.

Republican Alabama Sen. Shadrick McGill says that his 62% pay increase is necessary to prevent them from accepting bribes. But teachers should keep their measly pay rate otherwise teacher that weren't called by God to become teachers might apply for the jobs, and the quality of education would go down. According to McGill, it's a Biblical principle that only the best teachers will accept the measley pay they offer.

God hates when you believe in gods that don't exist in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Can't live with it, I'm gonna die without it!

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Here's a summary up of the Susan G Komen / Planned Parenthood controversy.

Mitt Romney isn't concerned with the poor, because they already have a safety net. That's right folks, the poor never have any problems.

This mold is actually kind of pretty.

One of the rather bizarre effects from the Islamification of Europe is the call to eliminate pet dogs.

Those people who shout that the US is the best country in the world must not be using science education as their metric.

Horace Turner's alter-ego is Bible Man, a superhero who teaches kids about the bible and how Jesus died for their sins. The problem is that he is being promoted by the public schools in Jackson County Alabama and he's preaching Christianity to elementary-level children. The Freedom From Religion Foundation made a complaint to the school board, and they recently voted to keep allowing Bible Man to preach to the children.

A court of appeals in France has upheld the fraud charge against the Church of Scientology for bullying its members to pay large prices for snake oil. The church must cough up 600,000, or $790,260.

Get money, turn gay. And don't forget to hire children into your sweatshops.

No sex with animals in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Get some of that prime jive!

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Women for Santorum.

The breast cancer charity, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, has decided to sever all ties with Planned Parenthood, probably because Christians have threatened to boycott them because they give money to a group that provides abortions. However, Komen says it's because the new policy they just put in place forbids them from dealing with groups that are under governmental investigation. Of course, the only reason Planned Parenthood is under investigation, is because of Republican Cliff Stearns, a man who wants to ban abortion, embryonic stem-cell research, euthanasia, and cloning. Why not leave Komen a message on their forum and express your disapproval.

After Fox News ran a story about how The Muppets are brainwashing children, The Muppets shot back.

There was plenty of legal precedence demonstrating the illegality of the Christian prayer banner at Cranston High School, but the school board refused to take it down, and decided to fight the numerous judges who have ruled on the interpretation of the US Constitution. Well, as expected, they lost their lawsuit, and the prayer banner cam down. As losers of the case, they are expected to pay the legal fees of Jessica Alquist and the ACLU. The final price tag: $173,000. This money won't come from the just the parents who voted to stand on religious principle, it will come from all of the tax-payers of Cranston. I guess they've learned an expensive lesson.

Indiana, on the other hand, doesn't seem to learn. Their state Senate passed the bill that allows Creationism to be taught in public schools. If this passes in the House, they can expect to lose a nice expensive lawsuit which their taxpayers will have to pay for. Dover Pennsylvania lost a million dollars of the taxpayer's money trying to inject Intelligent Design into their schools, but this is even more obviously religion in school, which means it's going to fail even bigger.

How to avoid the copyright on the song Happy Birthday.

Aperture science set to a possibly recognizable tune.

Witches must be executed in The Blasphemer's Bible.