March, 2012

I just remind you of yesterday
Places forgotten, and friends passed away

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People will pretty much do anything to feel younger, and that includes eating eggs that have been boiled in the urine of little boys.

Police respond to a man accidentally pressing his medical alert device by arriving to his home, shouting racial slurs, tazing him even though they knew he had a heart condition, breaking down his door, and shooting him to death. They claimed he threatened them with a knife, but there was a full audio recording of the incident and no mention of them ever telling him to put down a knife.

Sean Faircloth speaks about how religion is used to justify bullying.

Here is a debate between two young journalists liberal Chase Whiteside and conservative James O'Keefe. Whiteside gets in a lot of great shots at the unethical practices of O'Keefe.

These programs are a little dry but they explain how morality is not a product of religion, and how secular morals are superior to religious morals. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Richard Dawkins and Sean Faircloth at the American Atheists Convention.

Really getting tired of not having a car!

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Saab still hasn't sent my part to get my car fixed, and now I'm missing out on hearing a talk by Hemant Mehta. Quite ready to be done with GM's bankrupt company.

Some wonderful professional pictures at Reason Rally.

In the past ten years, Earth-like exoplantets have gone from being a rarity to being all too common. Speaking of planets, can they travel at near light speed? You bet!

Amazing Irony. When Democrat Bobby Rush wore a hoodie to the House of Representatives to explain how wearing a hoodie doesn't make you a criminal, Republican Gregg Harper cut him off and kicked him out for violating the dress code.

Republican Andy Holt is trying to allow students to openly preach their religion in Tennessee public schools during assemblies, sporting events, and ceremonies.

Since the state was founded back in 1907, Oklahoma's motto has been "Labor Omnia Vincit," Latin for "Labor Conquers All Things." However, thanks to Democrat Danny Morgan, Oklahoma has a new motto: "Oklahoma - In God We Trust." And you can bet someone is going to claim that because Oklahoma's state motto is "In God We Trust" that proves that the USA is a Christian nation, never understanding how secular our history is.

A recent Pew Forum poll asked Americans about their level of religiosity. They could choose, Very Religious, Moderately Religious, or Non Religious. The results were quite staggering, 32%, nearly a third of Americans, self-identified as Non Religious!

The TSA is, and remains, full of shit.

Penn Jillette's video for Reason Rally.

Code Name: Viper!

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Here's a wonderful talk between biologist Richard Dawkins and physicist Lawrence Krauss entitled, Something From Nothing.

Although the British government won't apologize for what they did to Alan Turing, the country may see him on their 10 pound note.

My uncle Don Tersigni doing some standup and impressions.

This computer model of the ocean currents is really cool.

Who would have guessed? The same people who want to prevent same-sex marriage are not above manipulating racists to get what they want.

New Hampshire Republicans are trying to pass a bill that would force doctors to lie to their patients about the make-up risks of abortion.

Are Christians being kidnapped, beaten, and held at gunpoint? Only when they make it up! Yes, there is religious bigotry in the world, but the Christians are the strong majority. It's like staging white people being abused by black people.

Capital One will let you customize your credit card. In fact, they have a huge pre-made set of pictures. One section is called "Spiritual" which contains all sorts of crosses, depictions of Jesus, bibles, nativities, the whole shebang. But if you try and get an atheist symbol, they'll tell you that you can't have religious or anti-religious symbols. This comes as news to the American Atheists who were able to get their atheist symbol on their cards without issue.

Atheist groups are putting up new billboards that say you can have a strong family life and not believe in God. Fox News reports this as targeting children!

For decades, the Catholic Church has been bullying single mothers to give up their children for adoption because without a husband, they're living in sin. Research has been going on for a long time regarding this topic, and it is estimated that Catholics have stolen away 1.5 MILLION children from their parents in the US alone.

The New York City Department of Education wants to ban 50 terms from standardized tests because they might upset children. Among the words on the chopping block are "sex", "evolution", "politics", "war", "slavery", and "cancer". This pretty much makes it impossible to teach kids about any form of history, biology, or government. But they even take a step further by removing innocuous terms like "computers in homes" and "birthdays".

George Hrab sings his song, God Is Not Great.

You don't fool me!

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Got my Reason Rally account written up.

You've probably already seen this lady freak out when her professor wouldn't answer her question about why evolution kills black people. But have you seen the followup video of her with the police?

This is the kind of hate speech your children are being exposed to in Iowa public schools.

That's some crazy biking.

Join the party of Mrs. Betty Bowers!

Hide your faith from the light of reason

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The Friendly Atheist gives his recount of Reason Rally. I'll have mine up, probably tomorrow.

This kid's bedroom is way cooler than yours!

Prohibition ended years ago, but don't tell that to a third of the US.

Unintentionally sexual sports photos are hilarious.

According to Geraldo Rivera, if you wear a hoodie, you should expect to be shot at.

Taking a week off from The Blasphemer's Bible, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still vote for it.

The best years of my life are like a supernova

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On my way to Reason Rally, the Woodstock for atheists.

Brian Green's four-part "The Fabric of the Cosmos" is freely available on YouTube. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Republican Terri Proud says, doesn't think women should be allowed to get abortions without first being forced to watch a video of an abortion. No word on whether she would force men to watch prostates being removed before being treated for cancer, or whether she would force babies to watch videos of circumcisions. No doubt she's all for these sexist ads from yesteryear.

87 years ago, Tennessee ruled against John Scopes for teaching evolution in public schools. This case demonstrates why lawyers should not be the ones to decide how science should be taught in school. It wasn't until 43 years later, possibly due to the fears of the US losing ground to Russia in the realm of science, that the US Supreme Court finally ruled that evolution may be taught in schools. Creationists fired back by requiring students to learn Creation Science, but Creation Science was declared to violate the first amendment ninteen years later. Creationists fired back with Intelligent Design, but this was also ruled a violation of the first amendment in 2005. As a country, the US is still far behind when it comes to science education, and especially behind on the teaching of evolution. And yet, rather than fight to get us back on top, politicians are still trying to undermine known science. We've come full circle back to Tennessee where politicians are trying to pass a new bill that would allow teachers to say that evolution, global warming, and other established scientific models are wrong. The bill is tauted under the guise of academic freedom, but high school is meant to give teens a basic level of general education to function in society and prepare for college, not to explain every possible fringe belief of the ignorant masses. Should we also allow teachers to give their evidence of the moon landing hoax? Maybe the zoology teachers should be allowed to give evidence for bigfoot or unicorns? Evolution and climate change are established sciences that nearly all scientists agree on, and have tons of evidence to support.

The US Senate passed the anti-insider trading bill that will prevent Congress from screwing over shareholders. Democrats have been trying for years to pass such a bill, but it seems it took the crash of the entire US banking industry before the Republicans would finally get off their asses.

Probably not the best advertising slogan unless you want over half of the world to boycott your product!

Real forbidden fruits, and other foods.

Dunkerton Public Community Schools in Iowa paid a Christian band $2,000 of taxpayer money to preach a gospel of hatred and self-loathing to the students, including telling women that they're dirty if they don't wait until marriage to have sex, saying that gay people tend to die by age 42, and the the US Constitution is all about God. The principal has resigned, but the damage has been done.

God's dresses up his priests in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Your time will come

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Planning out my trip to Reason Rally in Washington D.C. this weekend! It's a rally for free thinkers, skeptics, and atheists. It's going to be awesome!

The amount of voters who are getting sick of politicians rambling on and on about their religion has reached an all-time high. This came as a big shock to Rick Santorum who is still raving lunatics like Dennis Terry introduce him. Maybe candidates should stop bothering with their bible, and actually talk about their plans for the future?

Jon Banko, principal at Valley High School, PA seems to think he's above the Constitution. He has allowed the placement of a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of his public school. Legally, this is an open and shut case. Judges have ruled on numerous occasions that religious monuments on the land of public schools are illegal. If he doesn't remove the monument, the Freedom From Religion Foundation will bring a lawsuit, they will win that lawsuit, the school board will have to pay for that lawsuit, the school will lose thousands of dollars that could have been spent on books and teachers, and the monument will be taken down anyway.

VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer says that without God in Children's programming, children are crippled! See, that's why I'm an atheist, because Sesame Street didn't teach me about Jesus. It all makes sense now.

Yup, stealing bikes is still pretty damn easy in New York.

Creationists have some wild ideas about the Grand Canyon.

Now, you would expect God to have nothing bad terrible things to say about slavery, but the bible is chocked full of pro-slavery verses. Luckily, NonStampCollector has figured out why! NonStampCollector also gives a shockingly accurate talk between scientists and religious folk.

The Religious Antagonist prank calls an Christian pregnancy call center.

This is a great talk by Aron Ra about how the word faith is used by religious people and how incredibly ridiculous it is to follow.

God's sets up his priesthood in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Got a nasty habit called rock'n'roll

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Viewing the stars from the International Space Station is amazing.

Realm of the Mad God is still a lot of fun.

Former president Jimmy Carter is pro same-sex marriage.

When Rick Santorum was asked about Dan Savage, the man who made the anal lube and fecal matter joke about him, Santorum said he was praying for him because he has issues. Savage gives a hilarious response.

Republican Paul Ryan's budget plan will cut Medicare in order to give tax cuts to the wealthy. What a guy.

Songs you never knew the real meaning to.

Merely having the word "atheists" in an ad is enough to prevent advertisers from running your ads. Who is really being discriminated against?

You know how Catholic priests raping boys can be found in every country now? Well, The Netherlands has had a particularly horrible method of dealing with it. Rather than the priests admitting they were raping helpless boys, they accused the boys of being homosexuals, and sent them to institutions, where some of them were castrated!

God's still decorating in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I don't give a damn about my bad reputation

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Today is the vernal equinox, the first day of spring! Off to run with my sweetie!

Realm of the Mad God is a lot of fun.

Does pirating music and movies really hurt the entertainment industry? Perhaps, but not nearly as much as they claim!

Republicans are once again trying to declare an embryo as a fully fledged human person with all the rights and privileges as a human. Just be sure your embryo implants, or you're a murderer

The six main reasons young adults and teenagers are leaving the church.

This is the kind of stuff that Young-Earth Creationists teach their children.

Every Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, in order.

A talk about what we can learn from the horrible Miss USA evolution education answers.

Sean Faircloth talks about the war on contraception by the Catholic church.

Aron Ra gives a nice talk about pylogeny and evolution.

God designs a sacrificial oven for burning animals in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Hate lives in a small town

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Had a wonderful weekend. Friday Emily and I joined Matt and Danielle in Ann Arbor, Saturday night we joined the RHPS cast for a little reunion, and Sunday I hung with Nate and played videogames and talked about life, the universe, and everything. The topics, not the book.

The choreography for the fight scenes in Phantom Menace leave much to be desired.

And this is why I don't fly.

Although the Utah Senate was all set to remove all sexual education from the public school curriculum, Governor Gary Herbert wisely vetoed the bill, saying the existing system, where parents have to opt-in for their kids to get any education about sex was already good enough.

While the word renege may sound racist, it's etymology is not. However, when you purposely spell the word "re-nig" you're quite racist.

Oh Santorum! Rick Santorum says that pornography causes brain damage!

Dinosaurs, snakes, lizards, and turtles are all reptiles, but there is no particular animal called a reptile, "reptile" is a classification group. In a similar fashion, humans, dog, whales, and monkeys are all mammals, because "mammal" is a classification group, not a particular animal. "Ape" is also a classification group that includes gibbons, orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, and humans. There is no one animal called an ape. This is something that should be taught and understood in an elementary education, but it often eludes people who prefer religion over science. Recently, Richard Dawkins correctly referred to himself as an ape. He could have also called himself a mammal, a vertebrate, or an animal, because humans are also all of these things. However, Vasko Kohlmayer, a writer for the Washington Times, doesn't understand this simple classification system. He would probably agree that humans are mammals, but he won't accept the classification group of ape. His argument is that because humans can read books and do crossword puzzles, we are so fundamentally different that we can't possibly be related. This is what happens when you don't get a good education people, you publicly embarrass yourself.

God designs the curtains in his tabernacle in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Need to pee!

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Heading down to Ann Arbor tonight with Danielle and Matt, looking for fun! Chloe's still in the shop. She needs a new part, so she's being held hostage by Saab's bankrupt shipping. No car for the weekend. :-(

More Republican bullshit: What if the Republican candidates were NES games? Santorum says that Puerto Rico can't become a state unless they learn English, because if English was good enough for the Native American tribes, it's good enough for us! Tom Corbett says the invasive vaginal ultrasound wasn't a big deal, because women could just close their eyes. When Kevin Garn was 30, he enjoyed a nude hot tub experience with an under-aged girl. This recently got out, even though he paid her to keep quiet. Rick Perry lost the state of Texas close to $39 million a year towards women's health. The federal government gives this money on the condition that the state share the money equally without discrimination. It's either everybody or nobody, and since Perry discriminates against Planned Parenthood, the federal government cut Texas off. This is especially damaging to low-income women who can't afford to pay for birth control, STD medication, or cancer screening, and now won't receive any of it.

Matt Dillahunty debates Abdu Murray about whether or not the US should be one nation under God. I think Matt was the obvious victor, as all of the relevant points he brought up were brushed aside by Murry, who clung to the idea of transcendent rights without offering any proof of them.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog, might get that sequel after all!

Former soldier and atheist, Jose Ramirez was shot twice by Justin Green back in 2005, for not believing in God. The sister and mother helped Green move and bury the body, but somebody finally came forward.

The history of the universe in 10 minutes. Does what it says on the tin.

Flying Spaghetti Monster. Ramen.

Thunderf00t unmasked. This guy is amazing.

New Simon's Cat.

God gets more gold crap in The Blasphemer's Bible.

There is grandeur in this view of life

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson's famous, We Stopped Dreaming, speech.

Unidentified human ancestors have been discovered in Southern China.

Why aren't birth control pills available over-the-counter? This article looks at the reasons.

Red Bull pulled this commercial because a bunch of Christians complained that Jesus most certainly did not walk on stones!

Mitt Romney's goal... get rid of Planned Parenthood.

Morocco is a horrible place to be if you're a woman, but a great place to be if you're a rapist.

Captain Chuck Williams, a chaplain in the US military, wants Rock Beyond Belief, an atheist concert at Fort Bragg, to be cancelled, because he's afraid the atheists will burn down churches. Muslims fly planes into buildings, Christians shoot doctors in the back, atheists write blogs.

Pennsylvania isn't satisfied with making 2012 the Year of the Bible, they also need a Day of Prayer. Tax money well spent.

Crafty chick tricks the angels out of Heaven.

A "moderate" Muslim speaks out about why we should abolish human rights and how he is using the American government to try and bring it down.

God's doesn't eat bread in The Blasphemer's Bible.


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The parts for Chloe finally arrived, a week and a half late, but the work is being done, and hopefully, I'll have her back by the weekend!

Republican Don Pridemore isn't winning any female voters by going on record saying that women who are being systematically beaten by their husbands should NOT seek divorce. But that's not nearly as bas as Republican Terry England who says that women shouldn't be allowed to have an abortion, even if the fetus is already dead! He compared pregnant women to cows and pigs! A real class act. Hillary Clinton has some choice words for assholes like these.

Over half of Mississippi voters still think Obama is a Muslim. Proof that the South is still really dumb.

The mammoth cloning project is still going strong! Also, we're still discovering new dinosaurs!

Jet pack travel still isn't quite as fast as a car, but it's still a hell of a lot more exciting!

Sign of the times: Encyclopedia Britannica will no longer be printed, it will only exist in online form.

PayPal's keeps shooting itself in the foot by freezing money for charities.

Another case of religious favoritism, in Indiana, a children's daycare must be licensed and submit to 192 rules to keep their license. However, if the Daycare calls itself religious, it only has to register itself and only submit to 21 rules, even though they're both providing the same service.

God's lost ark is raided in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I haven't slept for ten days, because that would be too long

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I need to upgrade my clocks to single ion movements.

There is nothing, like science!

An interesting story game about going through hormone therapy.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is such an amazing speaker.

More women politicians are fighting back by creating ridiculous laws around men's reproductive health.

Sweet! The Westboro Baptist Church is going to be at Reason Rally in D.C., which I will be at! Can't wait to finally meet them!

His magic still needs a little work, but this kid sure is funny.

That's what she said... in the news!

Aron Ra talks about cladism rather than the older forms of taxonomy.

God don't want no scrubs in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not impressed, with you

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I got to see plenty of my homies over the weekend, Friday night was Danielle, Matt, Wallee, and Allan at Avenue Q, which was hilarious by the way. We also played 4 player versus Pac-Man (I won every game I played, like a boss!) Saturday night I met up with Kristi, Emily, and Mark and caught up with the going-ons of our lives. Sunday, Emily and I met up with the younger crowd from Skeptics In the Pub and had a wonder series of conversations over dinner. Overall, a very successful weekend.

Here's a nice debate between some big-named secularists and religious folks about the religiosity of Great Britain. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Rather than fix the gaping security flaw with the TSA full body scanners, the TSA is trying to censor their error from being aired on the news. Typical.

Christianity once again shows it's true colors by cutting ties to charities that don't also push their message of fear and self-loathing. Now, this is their money, and they have every right to spend it on whomever they deem worthy, however, call it what it is, advertising, not charity.

The Oklahoma House of Representatives is basically a church. Tax money well spent.

This is long debate between Dan Barker and Republican Rick Saccone about naming 2012 the "Year of the Bible" in Pennsylvania. It's quite frustrating to listen to since Saccone continually dodges all of the questions posed to him, but he does make a lot of points that a good debater should be aware of.

Doonesbury targest abortion for the very first time.

This is an excerpt from a longer talk by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, but it's worth spotlighting.

God's a volcano again in The Blasphemer's Bible.

*Protoman Theme*

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Going to see Avenue Q tonight.

Anti-hydrogen behaves quite similar to regular hydrogen, possibly identical. Well, until it touches positive matter, that is!

Here's a list of seven common birth control and abortion myths.

Camille and Haley Harris are two girls who wrote this little ditty to back Rick Santorum. The two girls have been homeschooled and have obviously not had any education in American History. They seem to think the first amendment, which effectively contradicts the first four of the ten commandments, was written by God, and not by James Madison.

How ineffective are the nude body scanners the TSA uses? Extremely ineffective as it turns out.

Richard Dawkins has a chat with the Archbishop of Canterbury. It's a pretty typical talk with a well-educated religious person. He accepts evolution and the big bang, but still says the bible is good and useful, and asserts, as truth, things he can't possibly have knowledge of, like the existence of the soul or god. Dawkins merely shows that science finds answers in a testable and demonstrable way, and points out that religious folks have always been wrong about everything so far.

Bohemian Rhapsody using old computer hardware? I've never heard of such a thing!

God gets his 1% on in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Life is so much better with a portable digital audio player

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Republicans in the Arizona Senate have passed a bill that allows doctors to withhold critical health information from pregnant women, even if it means protecting their life, and they will be immune to lawsuits that may result in withholding this important information. To Arizona Republicans, it doesn't matter if the mother dies from complications, it doesn't matter if the fetus dies from complications, it doesn't even matter if they both die from complications, the only thing that matters, is that nobody gets an abortion.

Mitt Romney and Mr. Burns. Not that different akshualy.

We're one step closer to finding the Higgs Boson thanks to the data from Fermilab!

A man, while downloading a music archive illegally, discovered that there was child pornography in the archive. Believing that he had to do the right thing and report the pictures so police could catch the criminals, even if it meant admitting to music theft, the man showed the archive to the police. Rather than thank the man for his troubles, the police told him that he can no longer be alone with his daughter and seized his laptop. So, if you ever feel the guilt of needing to report a crime, don't do it Humberside, England. Imagine if he witnessed a murder, they'd probably put him in jail for reporting it!

The last of the great ape genomes, the gorilla, has been published. It shows that while the majority of our DNA closely matches chimpanzees, about 15% of our genome is closer to gorillas. This means that humans and gorillas, though they branched off further back than humans and chimpanzees, they shared similar evolutionary developments.

Dungeons and Dragons makes you kill yourself. 60 minutes said so in 1985, so it must be true. Never mind that they don't show but 30 seconds of the game.

God's visible again in The Blasphemer's Bible.

It's awful quiet

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My new MP3 player arrived today, an Orange Sansa Clip Zip. Finally, real music again!

Burrito Bison Revenge is a pretty awesome game.

Not your ordinary food still life.

The state of Utah can expect a massive rise in the number of accidental teen pregnancies, and thus, a massive rise in welfare recipients thanks to the Republican's new bill which will ban all forms of sexual education in public schools. Teachers aren't even allowed to tell their students that condoms exist, and as an added measure, they also can't tell them that homosexuals exist.

Rush Limbaugh has lost 34 advertisers and 2 radio stations for calling a woman a slut for wanting her insurance to cover birth control, and then telling her to put video of herself having sex on the Internet so he could watch. Despite most advertisers jumping ship, a couple of them are sticking around and even buying up the empty space. Two of which are dating web sites that allow young women to hook up with older men as sugar daddies. It's a bit ironic that Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke when his largest advertisers are actually prostitution web sites.

Lots more allegations of rape from female service members in the US military. It seems the higher ups have a similar point of view as the Catholic Church when it comes to covering up case of rape.

No, having an abortion does not make you more susceptible to mental health issues, regardless of how much religious conservatives wish it would.

Vandals try to remove an atheist billboard that merely quotes the bible. The funny part is, they didn't remove the most grotesque part of the billboard... the bible passage!

Are Christians Satanist? Find out in The Blasphemer's Bible.

We'll eat your mum, and then if you feel guilty, we'll dig a grave, and you can throw up into it

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Ann Romney, Mitt Romney's wife, says she doesn't consider herself wealthy. Her family is worth a quarter BILLION, but she's not that wealthy. Out of touch? Oh yes.

Speaking of being out of touch, the Republican party of Laurens County, South Carolina has just come up with some new rules for those who want to run as Republicans. You must oppose all forms of abortion, you can't have premarital sex, you must be pro-gun, you must oppose same-sex marriage, you're never allowed to view pornography, etc. There are 28 points in all, and if you don't sign the agreement, you won't be able to run on the Republican ballot, just like Lincoln would have wanted. This is most likely a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Kirk Cameron's Growing Pains co-stars, Tracey Gold and Alan Thicke, both condemn his anti-gay statements.

Dear Louisiana, a good portion of the smartest people in the world think you're stupid. Now, it could be that all those Nobel prize winners are all wrong, or, it could be that teaching Creationism in school really is stupid. What do you think?

Why did those tornadoes ravage the United States and kill a bunch of people? Because God. That's why.

Rich assholes need to learn to stop saying these phrases, because they only make us hate them more.

Republican state senator Glenn Grothman introduced a bill in Wisconsin that says singles mothers are contributing to child abuse because they don't have a man around.

God still won't allow people to see him in The Blasphemer's Bible.

What's this one? The Ark of the Covenant. Are you sure? Pretty sure!

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I got relatively inebriated for the first time. I wasn't nauseated or slurring my words, but I was quite dizzy to the point where I couldn't walk straight. I was with friends and safely at home, so I went for it. I also drank lots of water, so I didn't have a hang over. Things were funnier than usual, but I didn't act like an obnoxious jerk, and as studies using fake non-alcoholic beer have shown, the obnoxious behavior is all in your head. I don't mind getting a little intoxicated, but I do mind being an asshole to my friends.

My MP3 player broke a few days ago and I'm going through serious withdrawals. How does one cope when one has to listen to commercials and DJs on the radio?

To prove just how vulnerable electronic voting machines are, a team from the University of Michigan rigged a Washington D.C. vote and made a landslide victory for Futurama's alcoholic gambling robot, Bender.

After a the progress has been made making same-sex marriage legal, Santorum says that if he becomes president, he will make them all null and void. Never mind that he pretends that states should have more power than the Federal government.

Big cats reacting to mirrors.

Thanks to liberal groups creating a boycott, Rush Limbaugh's started losing sponsors after his going off on another one of his rants about how he hates women. Even Republican House leader and sympathizing misogynist, John Boehner said calling a woman a slut and a prostitute for wanting contraceptive to be covered by insurance providers was inappropriate. So, after noticing his pocketbook was hurting, Rush gave one of his insincere apologies, but the damage is done for a lot of people.

Oprah disciple, Dr. Oz, who used to be a respected doctor, keeps flushing his credibility down the toilet. Some of his shows include using eggplant to cure cancer, having exposed fraud John Edwards talk to the dead, algae can cure "brain fog" caused by tooth amalgams, and walking barefoot will significantly improve your health.

Dress-wearing 73 year-old unmarried celibate man vehemently supports thing he has no experience of.

What are the psychological issues behind the purity doctrine? Read how this woman used to think about men, relationships, and marriage.

Yes, Kirk Cameron is a very hateful person, and yes, he pushes his hate on his children.

The Netherlands have instituted a new policy that allows euthanasia for infants born with painful terminal diseases with no hope of treatment. Many Americans respond quite negatively to this, but it's hard to value their opinion when you consider that even with the euthanasia, The Netherlands still has a higher infant mortality rating than the USA, which is currently worse than Cuba.

Here's another panel of men who want to decide women's birth control rights.

God babbles out hate speech in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Welcome to the splatterhouse!

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What do you do when the biggest bully of gay students in your school is the principal? I'll bet that principal isn't too thrilled that same-sex marriage is now legal in Maryland. It's only a time before the rest of the country follows suit and then these assholes in Mississippi are going to be soooo pissed!

One of Christopher Hitchen's last public appearances.

In order to celebrate Pennsylvania deciding that 2012 is the "Year of the Bible", one group has been putting up billboards with biblical quotes.

Rush Limbaugh is a terrible person, and so is anyone who agrees with him.

More information behind climate change. Part 1, Part 2.

Oh crap! Computer viruses... from 1988!

The massive stick insects of Lord Howe Island have been filmed hatching for the first time ever. These things grow to a frightful size.

Another example of religious privilege: Mansfield, Ohio is planning on paying it's employees to go to church on Good Friday.

Dawkins tries his hand at refuting Creationism with a single fact.

Bulletproof glass saves a soldier.

Christian parody videos are just hilarious!

God's angels are quite horrifying in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Happy non leap day!

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Hasidic Jews are right up there with the Taliban when it comes to women. Luckily, there is a new camera for them, the Kosher Camera!

Louis CK has changed quite a bit since his first days.

If you haven't been over to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation in awhile, check it out, there are tons of new soundtracks and articles.

There was a wonderful question and answer with JT Eberhard, Jessica Ahlquist, and Duncan Henderson at an SSA meeting in Alabama.

A rather elegant response to Pascal's Wager.

Anyone can walk a tightrope. It takes a special kind of weirdo to dance on a tightrope.

Religions aren't much different than worshipping a watercan.

The infamous "Don't boil a goat in its mother's milk" finally arrives in The Blasphemer's Bible.