April, 2012

Come on immune system, get the lead out!

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When I was younger, I thought that medication was a terrible thing. I wouldn't use drugs for when I was sick, and I instead relied on natural alternatives like eating foods rich in vitamins. I now know that gorging yourself on vitamin C doesn't actually do anything to help get over a cold, and pseudoephedrine is freaking awesome! I'm still sick, but a good portion of the symptoms are masked. That said, I still took Friday off and slept a good 12 hours to recuperate, though it was made more difficult due to having to attend two birthday parties. However, those parties were awesome, regardless. Still sick, but getting better.

CISPA not only passed the Republican controlled House, but the freedom hating Republicans were able to add a few more addendums to make it even worse than it already was.

Slavery was officially abolished in the entirety of the USA 147 years ago. So, why is America still so racist?

CFI makes good on its threat to sue the Wyndgate Country Club for discrimination.

It turns out that just getting people to think more analytically, even if the topic has nothing to do with religion, will make them less religious. Good to know.

Ireland is planning on introducing a law that would make it illegal to withhold information about people raping children, even if it was said during a confessional. Why this isn't already a law, is beyond me, but it's a step in the right direction. However, Bill Donahue of the Catholic League claims that this bill is a war on Catholics and some Catholic priests have publicly stated that they will violate this law if it passes! Send them to prison with the rapist!

It's probably a mixed message if a Christian school gives a talk on how bullying won't be tolerated, and then refuses to let a gay person speak.

Loudoun County, Virginia just can't seem to get it right. Last Christmas, in order to avoid lawsuits, they allowed any group who desired to do so to put up memorials on public property. They were expecting nothing but Christian displays, but what they got were mostly atheistic displays. So, to prevent that from happening again, they're trying to limit secular displays and only put up a basic manger scene. Who could have a problem with that? Well, everyone who pays taxes and values the separation of church and state. They're setting themselves up for a very expensive lawsuit which they will most certainly lose, all at the tax-payers expense.

It turns out that if the only thing you eat for several days is sunlight, you'll starve to death.

PZ Myers goes over yet another list of Creationist claims.

Multi-millionaire Joel Olsteen, who made his fortune by convincing his church attendees to hand over their hard-earned money for nothing in return, visited a public school. He claimed that the visit was purely secular, but he lied. I can tell you're shocked. A Christian lied? But they're not supposed to do that! Not only did he lie, but he even got the school's administration to lie for him. Joel Olsteen's wife read to children about Jesus from their Christian children's book and then left several boxes of the books for children to take home. Using a public institution to proselytize to children is illegal, and lying about it just makes it worse.

God hates people for breaking a rule he has yet to tell them about in The Blasphemer's Bible.

It's too soon to get sick again!

Feeling: Sick


A whole slew of yo momma jokes in deadpan.

Stuff getting shot!

More actors making their film debut.

Sluts Across America is a site where women advocate birth control in their own words.

Aron Ra explains why Islam and Christianity are ridiculous.

An explanation of presuppositional apologetics and how to debate them.

Egyptian Muslim men want to be allowed to have sex with their dead wives.

Here's a trailer for a documentary on how the Texas school board is revising history to fit their Conservative agenda.

Got my new Eve 6 album Speak In Code last night. Here's the video for the first single, Victoria. A rather different sound than their early stuff, but still looking forward to seeing them in concert again.

Boy oh boy, the Catholics were not pleased about this one! Fox News might have to have a war on it!

The Israelites ditch God yet again in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'll do the march of the black queen

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The guys over at The Atheist Experience know how to handle annoying emails from annoying Christians.

If Republicans were half as interested in upholding the Establishment Clause of the first amendment in schools as they are violating Roe v. Wade, are nation's youth would be a lot smarter, and we'd have fewer abortions.

Sorry Red Sox, you can't get out of jury duty that easily.

Once again, the a single secular student has to be voice for all the nonbelievers in his school and receive all the bullying that comes with wanting to be given fair treatment.

Thunderf00t covers the presuppositional apologetics of Eric Hovind.

A school teacher at a Catholic school was fired because she was using in vitro fertilization to have a baby, a common practice among normal people, but according to Pastor John Kuzmich, the teacher is a "grave, immoral sinner!"

Brian Greene answers the fine tuning argument.

The OUT campaign, explained by Dr. R. Elisabeth Cornwell.

The cast of We're Not Young makes a nice parody music video.

Coming out as an atheist is often social suicide.

Zelda Musical!

Dinner with my peeps tonight.

The stone tablets appear in The Blasphemer's Bible.

It's either sadness or euphoria

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What happens when a school in the bible-belt has a theme day where student are supposed to dress like their favorite fictional character, and one student dresses as Jesus?

Our sexual identity is so much a part of our brain that a stroke can change it.

Obama doesn't seem to mind the US government using new technology to spy on its civilians, but he'll be damned if foreigners do it!

Rick Santorum wants to abort his campaign? Sorry, you have to see it to full term!

Those are some impressive pencil drawings.

Point out to a town that their publicly funded signs are against the law, and they take them down. It's as simple as that folks!

Bill Maher talks about how crazy the Republican Party has gotten over the years.

Final Fantasy meets metal.

Eugenie Scott talks about the latest Creationism bills found in the Florida legislature.

Listen to this man giving his account after the Ryan Commission Report shows that the Pope actively ignored child-raping priests.

More Sabbath crap in The Blasphemer's Bible.

What's new pussycat?

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At dinner last night an older man was talking to his server in a rather loud voice. He was made fun of my long hair, and the started drilling the server on which church she went to and talking about how awesome his bible was. I guess he thought a good Christian is one who conforms to the norms of society. Too bad he didn't know that Aryan Jesus has long hair!

Connecticut passed a bill that would make it illegal for cops to arrest people simply for filming them! I hope this catches on to the other 49.

The CIA wants easier access to shooting missiles at people in foreign countries. In fact, now they want to blow up possible terrorists even when they can't give any confirmation as to who they may be killing. I guess they are thinking that other countries love us too much!

Here's a way to get Muslim civilians on your side, change your military symbol to the Crusader's cross!

Yet another church leader tells his parishioners how to vote. Thankfully, another study shows that religion is on a decline.

God doesn't give gifts fairly in The Blasphemer's Bible.

It's more likely to a be an all-powerful magician, than the misdiagnosis of the initial condition

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Big news for NES gamers! I've added a huge cheat archive to my NES Hacker Wiki which includes a simple download to get all of the cheats on your emulator!

Most of my pixel art will now properly display if you're viewing my web site with a Mozilla browser. I've added tags to turn off bi-linear filtering.

DNA and RNA store the genetics of all known life on Earth, but those two molecules aren't the only possibilities available. Scientists have come up with six other molecules that could just as easily be used to store genetic information.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson gives us a fascinatingly disturbing thought.

Here's the tribute to Christopher Hitchens from the 2012 Global Atheist Convention.

Vidjagame music medley!

Now God loves incense in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Everything is shattering

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The latest CryEngine is pretty bad-ass.

The Vatican is cracking down on a group of nuns. Not because they're raping children, but because they're not focusing enough on abortion and euthanasia, and they might even be backing some of the things President Obama says, GASP! At least they have their priorities in order.

Belief in God is in decline all over the world.

Witch burning is alive and well in Africa, thanks to Christian influences.

Brad Seng is a die-hard Christian, anti-choice advocate, and suppressor of sex education. He goes to public schools and tells children that they are dirty and gross for engaging in sex before marriage. He doesn't tell them to practice safe sex, he doesn't tell them to explore their sexuality, he tells them to vilify everything to do with sex that isn't between a married man and woman. Tax money well spent.

Dawkins discusses the Clergy Project with a priest who left religion.

A lot of people seem to think that atheism is a modern concept, especially in America. However, as this documentary trailer shows, atheism has been popular in the USA since its foundation.

God loves perfume in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Can't believe a single word

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Couple wants their security deposit back because they're rented house turns out to be haunted!

Doctor Richard Dawkins debates Cardinal George Pell. The format is rather annoying, as the crowd claps through most of it, wasting a lot of time. Dawkins isn't the best debater of religion, but I still think he outdoes Pell, who is just awful. As for the science aspect, Pell is clearly out of his element, getting even basic scientific facts dead wrong. Dawkins has some followup in this radio program.

Sex in the natural world isn't as simple as human gender roles try to make it out to be, and here are some cartoons to demonstrate it.

The Thinking Atheist recounts his trip to Reason Rally.

Eugenie Scott talks about the Creationist legislation that's under way in Florida.

More useless purity in The Blasphemer's Bible.

We dooo, we doooooooo!

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Physicists rejoice at the verified discovery of a new particle, the Majorana fermion!

Fighting homeopathy works! Make some noise, demand a refund, fight back!

There is a popular thought experiment in philosophy called the brain in a vat. The idea is that it's possible that we're a brain in a vat which is being fed fed sensory stimuli of a simulated reality. While this seems highly unlikely, the fact that it is a possibility means that it's never safe to claim for certain that we can truly know the nature of reality. Everything that we believe to be real could simply be a computer feeding us false information. This thought experiment was explored in movies like The Matrix and to some extent, The Truman Show. Some people deny this possibility by simply stating as fact that they have absolute knowledge of reality. Young-earth creationist Eric Hovind, seen here arguing with Thunderf00t, is one of those people. His argument is seriously flawed due to his inability to grasp this basic thought experiment. It's also quite disconcerting how much he uses dishonest practices like trickery and telling the audience that Thuderf00t has changed his mind when he clearly has not, thereby violating his dear Commandments not to commit false testimony.

Repent and Reload, then join the Republican Party!

Arizona is going to be spending tax-payer money to teach the bible in public schools.

Mr. Deity and Lucy visit the therapist.

The secret life of plankton. Science gives me such a hard on! Even when it's terrifying.

God needs your money in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Who holds back the electric car? Who makes Steve Gutenberg a star?

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My girlie caught me off guard on Saturday with a huge surprise birthday party! She is clearly not to be trusted! It was entirely amazing, and about 30 of my friends were there to celebrate.

Sylvia Allen is a Republican senator of Arizona, who also believes that the Earth is only 6,000-years-old. Virginia Foxx is a Republican Rep of North Carolina, who thinks it's reckless for people to take out student loans to get an education.

Pat Robertson is a bit too loose on demons.

Much like the Catholic church covering up its members raping children, the US military has been covering up the rape of service women. Several women who have been reporting sexual assault have been diagnosed with personality disorders and discharged. The US army has also added tighter rules to its dress-code, possibly in reaction to the new law which allows homosexual service members. Because as we all know, if a male soldier has earring, the terrorists win.

SOPA and PIPA failed, so the government, lobbied by the entertainment industry, tries again with CISPA.

The religious antagonist trolls several atheists.

Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron, or CCOKC.

Christians have been advertising their "Get Over It" campaign which tries to fix homosexuals from the gay, but they been receiving a lot of deserved flack, and their ads are being pulled.

I'm disgusted by seeing a picture of a woman in a niqaab, because I don't think women should cover up their bodies to display their devotion for their husbands. Some faculty members at Thompson Rivers University in Canada are also disgusted at seeing a picture of a woman in a niqaab, but not because she is covering up her body because she is the property of someone else, but because she is also holding underwear! *GASP*

Myths about the Titanic.

The "It Gets Better" campaign tackles Mormon Brigham Young University.

God patents incense in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Who keeps Atlantis off the maps? Who keeps the Martians under wraps?

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Sanal Edamaruku exposes the truth behind a Crucifix dripping "holy" water as drainage from a local sewer grate. Rather than be rewarded for uncovering the truth, he is accused of blasphemy! Some people just prefer to believe in a lie.

To my unborn child.

By not stopping evil because of free will, God actually favors evil over good.

A lecture on evolution, specifically about what Darwin thought about human evolution.

Dust That Sings, a short film about the history of the universe, and what part humans take in it.

Voice actors are awesome, and here's a trailer about an upcoming documentary about them.

Another rich white male Republican treats a woman like crap. In other news, dog bites man.

God hates lambs in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Who robs cavefish of their sight? Who rigs every Oscar night?

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Sates who teach abstinence-only sex ed continue to have the highest rates of unwanted teen pregnancy.

Students of DeKalb High School, Georgia will be graduating, not in their school, not in an arena, but in the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. The same church where pastor Eddie Long had sexual relationships with five five of his young male parishioners.

Verizon charges their customers more money... because they can.

Poor Rick Santorum.

NASA is finally looking into solar to microwave power plants.

George Zimmerman was finally charged with second degree murder after shooting Trayvon Martin.

The American Life League, a crazy Christian group, says that kissing is a gateway to sex addiction!

Damn good advertising by TNT! If only their TV shows were this exciting!

God hates bulls in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Who controls the British crown, who keeps the metric system down?

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I'm 32-years-old now. Not very pleased.

Titanic in Super 3D might actually be worth watching.

Skate 3 has just a few minor glitches in it.

Graphene just keeps getting more and more awesome.

Saudi Arabia still won't allow women to compete in the Olympics.

Here is the early work being put into a movie that would go on to be The Emperor's New Groove.

God hates the poor in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Time to go to the gym

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Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker secretly signed three more anti-choice and anti-contraception bills into law, right after vetoing a bill that would prevent discrimination against women.

Here's a mash-up simply titled, Lock & Load.

No more Mister Nice Plumber. Also, Koopa gets a star.

Remember Dr. Katz? Well, the guy who did the voice of Dr. Katz also did the voice for Noah in this cartoon.

Dawkins' speech at Reason Rally.

God eschews competence in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Ready to do some outdoor gaming

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Why are Fox News viewers consistently ranked the least well informed? Mostly because they lie to their viewers.

For a long time in the US, people were only supposed to be strip-searched when they were suspected of carrying concealed contraband. This was due to the 4th amendment to the US Constitution which says that people are not to be subjected to unnecessary searches of their privacy. However, the US Supreme Court, ruling out of fear, decided that safety is more important than individual freedoms. Now, law enforcement may strip search -anyone- who is arrested, regardless of the crime, and regardless of whether they are suspected of having concealed contraband. Taken downtown for an outstanding parking ticket? Strip search. Got caught littering? Strip search. Little by little, all of our personal freedoms are being chipped away.

"No religious affiliation" is a larger group than previously thought with the Hispanics in the United States.

Awhile back, Christopher Hitchens debated his more conservative brother on the topics of the Iraq war and God. Christopher is his clever and confrontational self, his brother Peter Hitchens has a few good shots, but over all his arguments are flawed and tired. For example, he's still using the "atheists can't have morals" argument, as well as "the Christian God exists because we can't explain where the universe came from" argument from ignorance.

SPOA and PIPA give birth to the latest bill that would allow corporations to control what parts of the Internet you have access to, this time with the added benefit of being able to spy on you as well.

Republican Senator Olympia Snowe says that there is no such thing as the Conservative's war on women. No, it's not on women, it's just on women's contraceptive, women's right to abortion, women's health, and women's freedoms. But not on women specifically.

You know you're a good Christian when your watch costs more than the average person's car. You know you're a great Christian when you try to cover it up!

Aron Ra went on some serious rants at Reason Rally.

Turns out hominids may have been cooking their food much earlier than we believed.

A Toronto, Ontario school has decided that it should stop handing out bibles to its students for fear of being sued. The Christians were as understanding as you'd expect.

Waving organs in the air in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Elusive Goblin Room!

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Happy Wheels is a highly disturbing, but awesome game.

Famous actors making their film debuts.

Sam Harris has a long talk about religion and politics with Joe Rogan.

Spherical robots are awesome!

Bionic Commando fans rejoice, there is now a fully functional in-depth level editor called Groen!

More killin' and grillin' in The Blasphemer's Bible.

We were waiting for our lives to start their endings

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Yesterday I received a hand-written letter for a Jehovah's Witness inviting me to a bible study. I'm tempted to go!

Sam Harris explains why free will is an illusion.

If your phone provider is AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, they are selling your tracking information to law enforcement. The really annoying part is, because the police is funded by the taxpayers, you're actually paying to have yourself tracked by the police, which means you're ultimately paying the phone company to sell you out to the police!

A talk about how religion is still trying to fight its way into public schools and the tactics of Creationists.

What would happen if we tried to inject the Young-Earth Creationist model into the standard Geological model? Speaking of a Young-Earth, have you ever seen that 101 evidences for a Young-Earth? Well, here is the rebuttal of all 101 bullshit claims.

Sadly, we knew climate change was a reality back in 1982, and as we've gained a better understanding of it, the evidence keeps agreeing that humans are the cause.

I wish my upstairs neighbors would make their apartment like this.

Dawkins has a chat about the Muslim Creationist book published by Harun Yahya.

Things get awfully bloody in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Finally back to driving around like an adult!

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I had my car a whole day before noticing the draining coolant. I got it back to the body shop and it turned out to be just clamp tat wasn't tightened down properly, but it was still annoying. Still, I'm glad to finally be driving like a big boy again!

This kind of thing needs to happen more often.

We're slowly, but surely learning more about dark energy.

Scott Pilgrim is going to be released in full color!

e-Paper is getting an upgrade! The new model is not only lighter, but it's also flexible!

Now THAT is a tornado!

South Carolina's Republican govenor, Nikki Haley says, "Women don't care about contraception," while on The View.

Felicia Day and her fellow Guild members are the ones that are cool.

Fox New reports on atheist billboards.

Laurence Krauss comments on Dawkin's call to ridicule foolish beliefs.

Cute fuzzy animals join Aaron in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Three weeks later... car is ready!

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It only took three weeks, but my car is finally repaired!

Canada beats the US to another first by eliminating pennies from their currency. They're leaving it to companies to decide how to round to the nearest nickel.

These are the kind of blocks I want!

Rock Beyond Belief went on over the weekend.

Martin McVeigh, a priest, accidentally showed 16 pornographic pictures of men to a group of children who were receiving their first communion. After the mistake, he still had the gall to ask them to give some of the money they received for their communion to the church.

Here is a wonderful infographic of common logical fallacies.

Thunderf00t comments on the fact that over 30% of the USA self-identifies as non-religious.

How to become the best psychic in the world.

Aaron must wear magic underwear in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Still no car.

Feeling: Angry


Plainfield, New Jersey mayor Sharon Robincon-Briggs is very upset that one of the city council members isn't taking part in the city-led, tax payer-funded prayers.

The source code for the Apple II version of Jordan Mechner's Prince of Persia has been found!

Vegans everywhere are ticked off that Starbucks switched over from using artificial dyes to natural dyes. Particularly because these dyes are made from crushed beetles.

Some of the awesome signs that were seen at Reason Rally.

Aaron gets some more bling in The Blasphemer's Bible.